Purple Love or Zippy One-Eye

This amethyst crystal skull is slightly over 2 lbs.  Joshua acquired this skull from a friend in Chicago, Steve Rosely, who sells crystal skulls and many gemstones in his store on the North Side of Chicago.  Steve had a booth at a conference in Chicago where Joshua and Bill Homann (the guardian of the “Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull of Love”) both spoke and Bill gave people a chance to see his wondrous crystal skull.  Steve granted us permission to show the “Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull” at his booth.  Well, Joshua had a strong feeling that the “3 Musketeers” (Portal, Geronimo & Indian Princess) they wanted to have an amethyst brother/sister.  So when Joshua wasn’t busy with the interviews for the TV show that was filming there, or helping Bill with the “Skull of Love”, he walked over to see what skulls Steve had for sale.

There were a few amethyst skulls present but there was one which kind of was speaking to Joshua (this one) so he traded about 12 of his old crystal skull books to acquire this crystal skull.  Now it was taking a while for a name to come, but Joshua was drawn to the skull’s eyes and it appeared as if one eye was open (the right) and the other eye was closed, so the name started at “One-Eye”.  But then one day as Joshua was driving his car to do some errands, he heard the spirit of the skull come to him and “she” said: ‘My name is not “One-Eye” its “Zippy One-Eye”, so Joshua thought who am I to argue if my skull wishes this name.  “Purple Love”, the skull’s other name, is a new name requested by our skull that Katrina received while traveling in Salt Lake City in August of 2011.

“She” works with the feminine energies of a person and opens one up to their intuitive side for balance with one’s masculine side regardless whether you are man or woman.  “Zippy” shows you that once you are lead intuitively by your inner guidance, the perfect life direction for you to take will be the balance of your masculine/feminine energy.

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