The Guardian

The “Guardian” is a small pink quartz crystal skull which weights less than 1 lb.  This is the first crystal skull that Katrina received which was gifted to her by a friend during Christmas, 2008.  Do not let the size fool you because it is an amazing tool.

When Katrina received this skull it immediately began to work with her in wondrous and powerful ways creating special manifestations.  The first manifestation was confirmation that she would soon meet her soul family and began a new and exiting job in the spiritual field.  At the time the “Guardian” arrived, Katrina was going through a major shift of the frequencies within her personal energy field as new spirit guides were coming to help her at the time. It was not long after that she was told that these energies (the guides) were “The Guardians” (see Katrina’s bio).

The “Guardian” has a very gentle and sweet energy. “She” brings in a frequency that gives to the person “she” is helping, a balance of harmony and a strong guidance to assist you to move forward in your personal path.  The “Guardian” offers to you an energy which helps you balance your feminine and masculine part as “she” shares with you privately how to use the power of both energies together.  A contact with the “Guardian” provides for you courage in your life as well as the ability to stand in the power of who you are.  When Katrina first received the “Guardian” it was very pink in color but as you can see in the photo, it has become almost totally white. The calming and flowing energies within the “Guardian” continue to change constantly in all of “her” travels due to her contact with the angelic kingdom.



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