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    Prepared in cooperation with Esoteric Online Radio (Kendra Pinder, UK) and Ditranium Center (Frank Hoogerbeets, Netherlands). This documentary has only been shared at one crystal skull gathering near Sedona, AZ in 2007 and privately by Joshua with some groups at various times. But it is our hope that this documentary might be inspiration to help create some new documentaries which go beyond the ones shared in 2008 around the “Indiana Jones” film which are able to go much deeper into what the crystal skulls represent, their meaning and significance for our future.
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    For the first time of all the “Crystal Kids” and telling their individual stories
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Our door is always open and if we can answer any questions at all, doesn’t hesitate to contact us.

Of course as Crystal Skull Explorers we are always very interested to know about other people’s experiences with the crystal skulls or if you should have a personal encounter with a crystal skull you might like to share. We are also hearing from quite a number of people who are acquiring older crystal skulls and this is also of interest for us.

We live in very exciting times and many amazing events and phenomena are happening every day. The Crystal Skulls have a key role to play in all of this and your Crystal Skull Explorers are doing our very best to share the most important and exciting information with you.

Thank you for joining us and we look forward to our journey!

Peace and Light always

Joshua & Katrina
your Crystal Skull Explorers

email: cijelightwork@gmail.com
telephone: 1-678-687-5787


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