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Inca Sacred Valley

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(This page is the beginning of our Peruvian Report including photos, from our recent tour to Peru which occurred in November of 2009. First we share a bit about Peru and then discuss how our tour came together and then we moved into the daily reports.  At the end of each page is a link to the next page to view:  Note - we have not finished our report completely but we do have a free mailing list where we will announce when the next pages are ready or the latest developments with our next tours to Peru - Joshua Shapiro

Here is a perspective about the country of Peru from an American who has visited several times.  Like most South American countries the Spanish influence is everywhere along with Christianity.  However, many Peruvian still keep their roots to their ancient cultures which is not only the Incas but many pre-Inca cultures that existed as well.  Quenchua and Amara are two ancient languages still spoken that have their roots to the Incas and other pre-Inca cultures and while you are in Peru, you can hear the people and shamans talk in these languages.  However in speaking to the true Peruvian people, they really detest the Spanish influence.

Now if you know some Spanish this will come in very handy when speaking to the local people however there are a number of people who understand English due to the large tourist industry in Peru.  In the case of our group that traveled to Peru, between our hired tour conductor Renato Longato (a Peruvian living in America) along with the guides supplied to us by our Peruvian Tour Agency, Kontiki Tours, we were always able to communicate in English and receive explanations of each place we visited in English.  If you are going to visit Peru and you speak English, it is important to make sure your guide(s) can speak this language too or you won't understand the wonders of this country.
The first part of Peru you will travel to is Lima, due to its international airport.  Lima is like any big city in any other country in the world.  It has a large population, is the best city for commerce and basically has all of the modern convenience we are accustomed to.  However, due to all the cars within the city, it has massive traffic jams and a high level of pollution.  Lima is toward the central to southern part of Peru on the Pacific Ocean and there is also evidence near Lima (in the city and outside) of ancient civilizations via the ruins which have been uncovered and exist. 

Once you leave Lima though, then you move into another world. The people live very simply and many wear all kinds of colorful clothes and customs which are linked to the ancient past of the native people.  Peru is like no other place in the world, it has its own unique culture and the various lifestyles of the people.  But there is a lot of poverty in Peru which can easily be seen in the structure of the Peruvian homes (shacks made from simple materials). And for a western orientated person, this can be quite amazing because when you meet the Peruvians in general, you find they are a very happy, warm hearted and friendly people.  So obviously when one grows up and is accustomed to this level of life (perhaps with not the pressures and fast pace of modern life with all our technologies), one can still living a rewarding life - the Peruvian people just live and help each other is all there is to it.

One of the biggest challenges you will face when visiting Peru is that you will be approached constantly by people trying to sell you items (whether it is food or a souvenir or even clothing).  A lot of the items you can buy in Peru are very inexpensive but sometimes it can a big irritation to be solicited all the time.  Its hard to say "no" to these people when you know they are struggling for their very survival.  The local people also told us that their government really doesn't give the proper attention to take care of their population and is usually very corrupt. However, the Peruvian people are a very proud people who will do what they must for work to live and they don't mind doing work.  To handle this situation with the people who will solicit you,  I have found first say in Spanish, "no gracias senior or seniorita" which is a polite way to say no thank you for their solicitation.  Then, and this is very important (and it will earn you brownie points upstairs), if you can speak a bit of spanish, once these individuals understand you really are not interested to buy anything, if you just have a friendly conversation with the people, they like this.  The Peruvian people love to make new friends and are very curious to know what life is like in the outer world.  We also recommended to the members of our tour to bring small gifts (like from the $1 store).  The people are very appreciative of gifts especially for the children - you could bring great joy to a whole family with one small gifts.  Toys or candy (pens or pencils) for the children are very much appreciated or food or used clothing for the families.

( The famous Inca City of Machu Picchu )

The Peruvian people also seem to be very open to paranormal activities (which due to the high energies in different parts of their country can in these part literally happen daily which means its normal for them) and to sightings of UFOs.  We did hear from a number of Peruvian people we met during our tour that they have seen UFOs.  The Peruvian music which utilizes drums, guitars and the Peruvian Flute is very distinctive and we were gifted in various hotels and restaurants to this music.  Amazing for one to think about, what is the origins of this joyous music but we are sure you will enjoy it too.  I had to stop myself sometimes not to dance to it in public even. 

The hardest challenges for the members of our tour were the physical exertions to visit some of the locations especially those which were at a high elevation.  For example Cusco is located at over 11,000 feet, Machu Picchu is nearly 8000 feet and Lake Titicaca is 12,500 feet.  So climbing up is not so easy and takes a lot of energy.  Therefore you don't want to have a heavy bag or backpack to carry as this will really wear you out if you are not used to the high elevation (the key is to travel lightly).  Of course, one of our personal challenges was how to carry our backpack with our crystal skulls in this high elevation.  We had with us 8 crystal skulls (the biggest challenge was Portal de Luz as he is 10 pounds with the rest of the skulls were from 1-3 pounds) plus we had two guest skulls we were charging for friends (later on the tour, we actually met a Peruvian friend who had us bring her own crystal skull with us for a few days).  We were fortunate that initially one of our few male passengers helped us to carry our backpack for the first few days and then our guides lent us a hand. Toward the end of the journey, after getting accustomed to the high elevation, we were able to do it ourselves. So if you go to Peru to this high elevation do not being carry too much or have items with rollers.
Another challenge can be the food.  Although we enjoyed being able to order fresh juice everywhere and have fresh vegetables, there is some type of bacteria in the food we are not use too.  So some people came down with diarrhea (including yours truly).  Undoubtedly, at least half of our members had some physical challenge (or at the end of the tour just were tired) that they couldn't participate in everything. So it does become important to rest each evening so you can be ready for the next day.  Our hats go off to our older passengers who for the most part were able to visit almost all of the places we visited.  The key is to not rush to get to your final destination but take your time.
And last but not least, is the spiritual connection to the sites and how one reacts to the energy in these places.  Each of the sacred sites or ruins we visited has its own special and unique energy.  Some people have had past lifetimes in these places and the experience of that life may not have been pleasant so there can be a cleansing that occurs by feeling and releasing strong emotions.  For others, the energy can be so high they need time to integrate this energy in their physical body.  Some of our passengers had contact with the spirits or felt an extra-terrestrial presence in the sites we saw.
So a visit to Peru is a complete experience on all levels.  But most importantly it is a chance for a person to experience a completely different way of life and to see the huge diversity that exists within our world.  Peru is definitely a land that is about transformation.  It seems that Peru calls to a person and when it is their right time to come all the circumstances work out so they can go. 

How did this Tour Happen? The Key Events:

There is no doubt whatsoever in our minds that this tour we led was meant to happen and that due the assistance we received from unseen forces that it would be a success.  Why do we say this? Well first of all, we only had 3 months to put the trip together (normally you want to have at least 6-9 months) and then we had to have a certain minimum amount of people (15) in order to be able to bring the three tour leaders (Renato, Katrina and myself). And indeed, we were able to have get these 15 passengers just in the nick of time.  Next, the tour agency we worked with Kontiki Tours, was very kind and lenient on our we could make our payment for the tour understanding our short timeframe.  Normally you have to come up with most of the tour fees far more quickly (which is needed to put all the reservations in place for the hotels and the internal Peruvian plane flights). So it truly was a miracle how everything just came into place at the proper time and that we were able to make this trip happen!!
Actually it was a conversation that I had with James Tiberonn (the founder of the group Earthkeepers in Texas), as we were discussing the 9-9-9 Conference in Arkansas (which we were invited to speak at), that the idea for doing tours to Peru and other sacred places was brought up. James intuitively felt that Katrina and I would be very good at doing such a spiritual tour and after a discussion with Katrina (who had told  friends last year she would be going to Peru sometime this year), we decided to go ahead with it (what did we have to lose?).

Prior to this time, I had traveled to Peru on a number of occasions but always going as a tourist or passenger.  So this would be our first time to ever be the organizer of such a tour.  Once the decision was reached we had a lot of work to do and we wanted to make sure this tour would different then any other spiritual tour ever offered to Peru.  The first key was to find a person who had led tours to Peru before and was knowledgeable about the esoteric history and significance of the places we wanted to visit.  This led us to Renato Longato, a Peruvian and UFO researcher and author who has lead tours before and was very connected to the UFO places and sites within Peru. Fortunately Renato lived in Atlanta so it was easy to meet with him and work with him as we planed our trip.
Renato was good friends with Jorge Luis Delgado, the owner of Kontiki Tours, so we began a dialogue with Senior Delgado's main office person and then came up with an itinerary that we felt would be of the most interesting for the perspective members of our tour.  We included other activities around the visiting of the sites to enhance the experience of our passengers.
At first we want to include Nasca and a visit to see the ICA Stones (these are the stones found in a cave which shows an advance race of people during the time of the dinosaurs) but when Konkiti explained it would take an extra 2 or 3 days to go to these areas we decided it would be too much for our passengers.  There we decided to develop a 9-10 day tour and another 13-14 day tour with an extension to Lake Titicaca.  So after arriving in Lima, we decided to spent our first full day there to become acquainted with Peru then on the second day we would fly to Cusco (the capital of the Inca), followed by Machu Picchu (the most famous ancient city in Peru) with a stop at Ollantytambo (another ancient city which hosts the Lemuria Temple of Love).  This part of our tour represented the 9 day trip with the extra four days to go south to the mystical Lake Titicaca.  All of the passengers who joined us decided to go with the full trip so we all traveled to Lake Titicaca by bus from Cusco and then took a flight from the nearby city of Juliaca to return to the Lima airport to catch our international flight home.

( This is a shaman who lives in the Mountains of Peru,
Joshua was pleased the shaman would accept to hold
his crystal skull known as "Portal de Luz" {Portal of Light}

What is a kind of very synchronistic is that I also had become friends with Senior Delgado many years ago. He actually was my tour guide for Lake Titicaca when I went to Peru the very first time in 1989. The last time I visited Peru in 2002 we stayed in Senior Delgado's hotel in Lake Titicaca and had a chance to visit with him for a brief time as well.  Jorge Luis is also known as the man who made known to the modern world Amaru Muru, a huge stone door carved into the mountains near Lake Titicaca believed to be a Lemurian Gateway.  While staying at Jorge Luis' hotel on this tour, I saw a copy of a book he had written about various mysteries in Peru and he included quite a bit of information about this doorway.
Well then, very quickly then we had secured a person to act as our personal tour guide to go with us to Peru, we had found the Tour Company to help us setup the tour and make our reservations for our transport and hotels following our itinerary. Then our next step was to create some web pages to describe what the tour would be about and the price and how to pay while we setup a new company (an LLC limited corporation) so we could legal collect the tour money. Fortunately through Katrina regular job as a legal assistant, she knew exactly how to register our company in Georgia.  We setup a Paypal account too so we could also receive payment via a credit card and then we sent out the word through all of the list of people we have collected over the years.  Quite a lot of work but it all came together very easily and is just an example if you put your mind into doing something, it will definitely happen. Also we believed since is was a spiritual tour, that a special group of people would be drawn to accompany us on this journey but also it would be people who have a soul connection with each other. You know, it is really amazing sometimes just watching how activities and events happen and watch how they evolve once you initiate them. 
Anyway it took us over a month to get everything ready but it all worked out and we felt inspired to add a mailing list so we could keep everyone up to date with the latest information and to answer people's questions (please see below how you can sign up for this free mailing list). We only share this brief background just to give you an idea of what it takes to organize a tour if you should ever decide you want to do one of your own. Of course having traveled to Peru quite a few times, I already knew deep within how the energy at the locations we would visit would forever change and enhance the people who decided to join us.  My other key for this tour was to think like I was a passenger and try to make sure that we could take care of everything needed to ensure that this journey would be very pleasant and benefit each and every member of our traveling group. That this was not just about the money we could earn but that this would be a journey that none of our passengers would never forgot.  The service must come first.
Additionally, our voyage to Peru would be unique because during our journey we linked together three different energies as we traveled from place to place: the energies of the Crystal Skulls, the energies linked to the UFOs with the vibrational frequencies of the sacred Peruvian sites we visited.  Of course everyone has heard that UFOs show up in Peru constantly and that the people accept their appearance as an everyday thing. Thus a UFO sighting is nothing out of the normal and you are not crazy if you see one (actually people feel sad if they miss a sighting).  Having Mr. Longato traveling with us, our idea was to conduct as we could in the evenings some UFO Watches as he does in America.  Without spoiling the rest of this report, we will only say that we did see strange things in the sky - you will have to read on to see what we saw.  

Related to the crystal skulls, we came up with a unique idea. In order to ensure that every person in our tour group would have their own crystal skull, we decided to gift a small crystal skull to each passenger provided by our source and partner in Brazil.  Therefore, when we did our special group meditations or ceremonies at the different sacred sites, the crystal skulls could always be a part. Our group members were able to select a small skull made of rose, smoky or clear quartz which we presented to them directly when we saw them on our way to Peru or in Peru.  We asked for the size of a skull which a person could hold in the palm of their hand or in their pocket.  Also by having this crystal skull with them, it would record all the special energies of the places we would visit so they could work with these Peruvian energies when they went back home after our trip was over.
The final aspect of the tour we wanted to experiment with, was the idea for our group members to be able to have fun and feel free to be able to express themselves however they were inspired to do so.  Or in other words, to encourage them to allow the child within to come out and to be open to how spirit moved them.  For you see dear friends, there are very special energies and dimensional doors within Peru and if a person will allow him/herself to be open to such vibrational frequencies miracles can occur.  Now, I knew this to be true because I had experienced these special energies on each of my former trips to Peru.  It was amazing how liberating this energy, this land is and how joyful you can feel if you allow it. 

Therefore, it was my greatest wish that when I became touched by this energies or spirit while in Peru for this trip and started to do my zany actions or tell the jewish jokes I know, this would not drive our members too insane but would be inspirational.  I guess as one of the tour leaders, I had an excuse or reason for being this way. So in this report you will see if I succeeded or  not. Also on this trip, I was going to explore a new experience for myself and that was how could I use my MP3 player which is filled with many great songs that resonate with my soul.  How would my meditations with the skulls be affected when working in tandem with the MP3 player.  Some of the pieces of music I listened to before we left for Peru was from the band Cusco who on a few of their albums played a style of Peruvian music using the Peruvian flute. I would always feel elevated while listening to this music as I  thought about Peru.  So what would happen to me when I meditated with music holding one or more crystal skulls at the various sacred sites we would be visiting?  Of course, we each have our own way to meditate but when I use this combination is when I my most profound and deepest meditations.

So November of 2009 finally came.  We had the necessary fifteen passengers all signed up.  Ten of our passengers had setup their plane flights to fly with us on November 2nd from Atlanta to Lima.  Our friend and fellow tour conductor Renato Longato had flown into Peru a few days before us to meet us at the airport and make sure we arrived safely at our hotel early the next morning on November 3rd.  The tour officially begins on November 1st as our passengers Des and Sylvia from Gurnsey Island in the UK arrived that night.  They did this because they wanted to break up their long travel time.  So then on November 2nd, Katrina and I arrived at the airport in Atlanta about 1:30 PM. We quickly checked in our bags then had the pleasure to go through security with our crystal skulls.  Now in this case, we not only had our own skulls, "the Crystal Kids" but we had the skulls to gift to our tour members as well.  This security check went ok but they did have to get a good look at our skull, "Portal de Luz" because of his size (10 lbs.). Then we stopped at a food mart just outside the hall we had to take for our departure gate, to get something to eat when who should we see also there but Des and Sylvia (who saw us first) and our Peruvian journey had begun.  We are happy to report that all our passengers destined to leave for Lima from Atlanta met us and the rest were waiting for us in Lima.  Unfortunately one of our passengers from Europe cancelled at the last minute so our group totaled17 people - but then I was born on April 17th and 17 has always been a lucky number for me.
Before we move on the real reports from our incredible trip, we would like to thank a few people for their help to make our report as complete and clear as possible.  For the use of photographs, we would like to thank our passengers Marge Maycock, RA'vn and Virginia.  Also we wish to acknowledge Renato Longato for use of a few photos as well as the fine job he did as one of the tour leaders and to share special information with our members as we traveled from location to location. And last but not least, we wish to thank Kontiki Tours for providing for our travel group a wonderful set of three special guides who were very friendly and helpful and all the members of our Peruvian group feel in love with them.  Kontiki Tours did a great job to make sure our passengers were comfortable and taken care of so they could enjoy their visit to Peru.

Finally, if any of our readers of this report have ever had a
desire to go to Peru - if Peru is calling you or you have been therefore and wish to return, our next journey is planned for mid-late May of this year (2010).  We already have a free mailing list you can join, where we give the latest news and important information to help our new passengers prepare for their journey to Peru.  We are working hard to keep the price as low as possible and we will probably make a few changes to the itinerary from this trip.  So either feel free to contact by our email listed below or to join our mailing list just send a free email to:



( We didn't go to the northern part of Peru, but
here is Joshua seeking the blue skull near the Laguan Negra)


Ok dear friends .. time to read our report from our exploration of Peru.  If you click on the link shown below this will take you to the first page of our experiences on Day 2 in Lima, as our group takes a city tour.  To read the next page, you will always find at the bottom of each page a link to the next photo page.  Enjoy and we hope you will be able to join us at some point in the future when we travel once again to the mystical land of Peru - who knows what will happen!

 (Lima City, Day 1 of the tour, a City Tour)

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