Crystal Skull - UFO Tour of Peru
(November 2nd - 14th, 2009 )

Day 2 - Cusco, November 4th
(Part I)


(The "Crystal Kids" with Joshua and Katrina visiting
Lima, Cusco, Machu Picchu, Ollantytambo & Lake Titicaca
with a spiritual tour group of 17 people from 4 countries.)


Contact Information

Joshua & Katrina
Crystal Interdimensional Journeys & Explorations (CIJE)

phone: (+)1 678 779 0537 (Woodstock, GA)
skype nickname:  joshaushapiro17


(Photo Credit: The pictures shown here were taken by Katrina Head,
RA'vn and Marge Maycock)

Summary of Day 2 Travels

(On the second day we left Lima early in the morning to take a flight
to Cusco which takes about an hour.  Upon arriving in Cusco, we are met
by our guide for Cusco and Machu Picchu, her name is Beni.  Beni doesn't
speak a fluent English so she is assisted by our third Tour Conductor, Renato
Longato, who also comes to teach about UFOs in Peru and other sacred legends.

Cusco is a large city for the country of Peru - it is a combination of the old and
new and you can see the influence of the Spanish conquerors as well by the many
Christian churches that can be found in the downtown area.  There is much
evidence of the Incas too as this was their capitol city.  Whereas Lima was
a modern metropolitan city, Cusco has many people living there who wear
the traditional clothes of the people who still honor the sacred traditions of the
Inca and earlier civilizations and where you can hear people speaking in Quechua,
one of the native tongues.  You really feel the energy not only of the land but
of these past cultures - and it is where our members of our tour learned about the Peruvian economy as well as we were constantly approached to buy all sorts
of items by the local people who depend on these sales for their very survival

When you first arrive in Cusco, you are not used to the high elevation of over
11,000 feet so when we arrive at our hotel, we all drink cocoa leaf tea, which helps
you with the elevation.  Then after we checked into our rooms, we have a lunch
and go off to visit two key sites in the mountains above Cusco which is situated
in a valley.  The first place we visited was the Temple of the Monkeys (or
Monos in Spanish).  Many of the sacred places in Peru also have names in their
native language which for this area it is Quechua so in Quechua this sacred site is
known as "kusilluchayoc". This temple was next to a cave area that is known as
the Temple of the Moon.  Beni conducted a purification ceremony with us here
working with cocoa leaves (considered very holy to the Peruvians), an incense
with a Condor Feather.  The photos will explain more.  The Second area that we
visited on this day is a very famous site known as Sacsayhuaman - which some
say is a stone fortress consisting of 3 large stone walls in the shape of a serpent
with a stone astrological wheel on the top. We do not believe this area is a fortress
and will explain more in the photos.  There are stone blocks here that weigh tons
and tons but yet there is no space between the blocks.  We did an impromptu ceremony
dancing to music at the top above the stone walls and celebrating with
our crystal skulls (unfortunately it was dark and we couldn't take good photos).)


Temple of the Monkeys

In the top photo, we see some of the members of our traveling group have a cup of
cocoa leaf tea as we arrive at our hotel in Cusco.  On this day we arrived, it was
rainy and cold so everyone had to bundle up.  The second photo shows our group meeting as our tour guide Beni and Renato start to explain to us about this area and
what we will be doing next.  The third and fourth photo give an idea of the terrain
we are walking to get to the Temple of the Monkeys ........................

At The Temple of the Monkeys
(The Ceremony)

It is not considered a good thing in general to photograph or film a ceremony so for
the purification part of what Beni shared we have no photos.  So we will try to describe
that part as best as we can.  First, the top photo is the initiation part of the ceremony
being led by Beni and Renato to create a special energy to honor the Temple as we
linked with the energy in our heart.  The second photo shows that Beni gave to each
of us 3 cocoa leaves to hold during the ceremony that we put our future intentions, the energy into it.  Then this is the part we can't show, Beni moves to a stone wall in this area where she performs the purification ceremony on each person. 

First, she asks each person to sit for a short time in a small cave (see next series of photos).  Then she asks Joshua to stand over the cave with his crystal skull "Portal de Luz", and to work with the skull to send an energy to the person under his feet.  Then the person goes over to Beni - who smudges them with incense and the condor feather and the person then touches a stone wall with their hand and leaves their three cocoa leaves there.  Also Beni touches the person and shares an energy and for some of the people they became quite emotional during this cleansing process.

At The Temple of the Monkeys
(The Ceremony, continued)

The top two photos show Joshua as he was working in an altered state with "Portal de Luz" over the person sitting in the cave (see the 3rd photo - the person sitting in the cave asked not to have her private time shown so we had to remove her in order to give an image of what the cave actually did look like, thanks for your understanding).  Joshua has been to Peru several times and knows each time he comes the energy in Peru produces new experiences.  During this trip, he was soon to discover, that music and dance while working with his personal crystal skulls and listening to special music on his MP3 player would be the norm for this trip.  Music has always been important for Joshua when he travels to Peru but each time, it is a different style and type of music he works with. The Music he would use on this day and on the trip would consist of the following:

Pachelbel's Canon in D / The Crystal Skull Theme Song (personally written)
Various songs from the band Cusco which feature the Peruvian Flute
and in particular one song called "Montezuma" an Aztec song with Drums

So when Joshua started to work with "Portal" and the music, he felt
a connection with UFO people in the sky above them and an energy that
was spontaneously guiding him to do movements with the skull he was
holding - it became very powerful and once he allowed himself to go with
the energy coming and flowing through him, he couldn't stop.  Joshua didn't
understand why Beni asked him to do this, as Beni had not met Joshua ever
before but the spiritual people living in Peru trust when they receive the
inner insights to follow it.  You have to understand the energy here in this
land is not what you are use to, living in the modern world.  This is why
Joshua encouraged the members of the tour, to truly just let themselves
go with the flow and let the inner child come out during this special trip.

The last photo is our celebration after the ceremony was over.  We felt very
fortunate to have such a wondrous group of spiritual orientated people traveling
with us.  Our members quickly warmed up to each other and to their tour
guides and tour leaders.  This was a good sign which insured that the tour
would be wondrous success.  It is believed that when one goes on a spiritual
tour in most cases, there is a special group of people (souls who know each
other quite well) who are drawn to meet again.  This is how it felt with our group!!

After we finished the ceremony, Beni brought us to another area not too far from the
temple where we decided to put out all the crystal skulls on a stone and then Renato
led us in a special meditation.  As stated before, each of our members was gifted a
crystal skull (in order to work with during special meditations and ceremonies as well
as store the energies of the various places we visited).  This was our first time to
do a meditation in Peru with the skulls.  Finally we share a few other photos of
Beni, Renato and Joshua posing with the crystal skulls, who may have been
the real guides for our trip to Peru - who can say? ........................


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