Crystal Skull Tour of U.S. Southwest
(November 27th - December 11th, 2009 )

Day 5 - December 1st
Floyd Petri & Windsong
(Part III)

(An hour and a half north of Houston, TX )

(The "Crystal Kids" with Joshua and Katrina visiting the
U.S. Southwest through Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Oklahoma)


(Photo Credit: The pictures shown here were taken by Joshua Shapiro and Katrina Head
along with permission to share a few photos by Floyd Petri)

Floyd Petri & Windsong
(an introduction)

In 1996, Floyd Petri contacted Joshua to discuss with him about the crystal skull he had in his possession which is known as "Windsong".  These discussions led Joshua to visit with Floyd and his wife Barbara in February of 1997.  If you would be interested to read these early emails or what happened to Joshua in his visit, please visit the following webpage at:

Now lets briefly summarize the story of how Mr. Petri made contact with the crystal skull called "Windsong".  In 1993, while working in Austin, Texas as a CID Special Agent for the military, Floyd started to have an intuitive compulsion that he had to find a specific place, but he didn't know where this place was located or what kind of place he was seeking or why.  This went on for weeks and started to interfere with his concentration on the job. Finally one day he knew he was looking for a rock shop, but did not know where it was or even why.  He was being drawn to a location and drove to where he thought it was, but nothing was there.  A search of several blocks and suddenly he knew that he had arrived.  Although he didn't know the exact address, he was drawn to the correct location.  When he arrived at the shop, he saw that it was a video rental store and after going inside he found a rock shop in the back.  When he met the owner, he didn't know why he said this but out of his mouth came the question, "Do you have a crystal skull for sale?". The owner said yes he did and showed Floyd some marble size skulls he had for sale. But Floyd wanted to know if he had a human sized crystal skull for sale. The owner said no, these were the only crystal skulls he had.  So Floyd thought that was that.

However, Floyd kept feeling himself being pulled back to the rock shop time after time.  Each time he visited he would ask the owner the very same question if he had a large crystal skull and the owner will always say, no he did not.  This went on for a number of weeks and Floyd was concerned the owner would eventually call the police to arrest him which would be quiet embarrassing considering the type of work he did. So one day he brought a friend with him to the store to act as a witness.   After Floyd asked his same question again of the owner, the owner went over to Floyd's friend to ask him what was wrong with Floyd.  During their conversation, Floyd's friend mentioned to the owner that Floyd was a Federal Agent and the director of CIUFOPR which is a UFO Research Group (Floyd is a nuts and bolts guy and use to believe in the past that anyone involved with the paranormal was in fantasy land but of course after "Windsong" came into his life this all changed).  Then the owner all of a sudden changed and invited Floyd to go into his office with him. 

As they entered the office, Floyd watched the shop owner go into a corner of the room where there was a pile of boxes and the owner pulled out a box from the bottom. This box was quite dusty and dirty but the owner reached inside and pulled out a human sized crystal skull. He preceded to ask Floyd "is this what you are looking for?"  Floyd was completely surprised and said "YES" and then asked the owner how much it was.  But the owner stated that this crystal skull was not for sale for any price.  Floyd took this opportunity then to examine and touch the skull as he thought he would never have a chance to have such an experience like this again.  Anyway, Floyd was glad for the experience and happily left the rock shop as he thought his ordeal was over but boy was he wrong.

Meanwhile, Floyd continued to periodically visit the rock shop in the weeks following and each time he was there he would inquire of the owner if the skull was for sale which of course he was told it was not.  Then one day Floyd did his usual visit and the owner told him that it was Floyd's "lucky day" because the lady in the skull named "Windsong" had told the owner, "she" wanted to go home with Floyd.  Floyd thought the owner was quite crazy making this comment, but then again was Floyd any more sane for having his strong compulsions to visit the store actually being drawn to do so by a crystal skull.  Next, the owner said before he would sell the skull to Floyd, he wanted to check and make sure the skull still wanted to go home with him.  Floyd asked how he could do this and all of a sudden the owner happened to see a woman walking towards his store who he knew personally was a local psychic who had talked with "Windsong" before and could validate "Windsong's" request.  So the owner went outside the shop with "Windsong" in his hands and gave the skull to this woman.  Floyd had no desire to watch this activity which he thought at this time was quite unusual due to his line of work as he had no curiosity at all.  Anyway, the owner of the skull returned inside and said she confirmed that "Windsong" truly desired to go with Floyd.  A price was offered and the owner said OK.  Floyd was shocked as he was prepared to make counter offers several times.  When it came to the price to purchase the skull, the owner stated that "Windsong" had already told him the price Floyd could afford and would offer and that he couldn't take a penny more.  Floyd has never revealed the price he paid for "Windsong" but indeed he did have just enough money in his bank to make the purchase.

Then he took "Windsong" home but strangely he felt he should just leave the skull in his car which ended up being for weeks. This was during the summer and whenever he would reach back and touch "Windsong" in the back seat, she was always very cool which was a complete puzzlement to Floyd.  This  was due to the fact that the car would get very hot inside when it was parked in a parking lot  exposed to the sun with the windows up all day.  Floyd's next challenge was his wife - would she accept having a crystal skull in their home as he thought she would find all of this very strange.  So one day, Floyd rented a video of a TV segment of Arthur C. Clarke's Mysterious World which featured the famous Mitchell-Hedges Skull. Then, while watching this program with his wife, he asked her, "Wouldn't you like to have one of those?" And his wife Barbara replied, "Ok, where is it?".  Its apparent that Floyd’s wife knows him pretty well as you can tell from this comment.  Barbara said the skull could not be brought into the house until she held the skull and sensed that it wasn't evil.  So Barbara went ahead and held "Windsong" outside for some time and upon feeling a good energy from the skull told Floyd he could keep it in the house and actually helped Floyd create a special place for the skull to sit.  So this is how the Petri family came to have "Windsong".

Next Floyd wanted to know more about "Windsong" and who this lady was in the skull so he went back to the rock shop to ask some questions. To make a long story short, Floyd met with the psychic lady (who had spoken to "Windsong") in person, who shared the following story:

"Windsong" is an "Energy of Light Being" who comes from another planet.  The name of "Windsong" is the closest we can come to speaking "her" name as it can not be pronounced in our reality and sounds like the wind blowing through the trees.  "Windsong's home planet is so far away from Earth we as humans can not comprehend the distance. On "her" world they do not know death.  Anyway, "Windsong" traveled with all of her kind from her home planet to experience a region of space which is a physical location known as "The Dark". They felt that they had to travel there to experience "The Dark" so they can know the difference between "The Dark" and "The Light" and make a decision to choose to stay in "The Dark" or return to "The Light".  However, halfway they stopped at Earth and deposited "Windsong" in the largest vein of quartz on Earth after giving her all the knowledge of the universe.  She will wait for her fellow beings from her planet to pick her up on their return voyage.  However, for "Windsong" to exist here, "she" needed a spatial energetic place that resonates with "her" being so "she" could exist for a very long time and this is why she initially picked to stay in a large quartz crystal vein in South America.  She was able to move herself anywhere within this vein or leave it for short periods of time.  “Windsong” said to the psychic that in the 1700's, a blind Shaman felt her presence in the vein of quartz and over many years created a crystal skull from the quartz of this vein. Then “Windsong” decided to vacate the vein and located herself within the skull.  She wanted Floyd to be her keeper because Floyd's true soul essence also comes from another planet she sensed and "Windsong" wanted to be with someone who would better understand her.

Below, you will see some Kirlian aura photos that Floyd had taken with "Windsong", which is his main physical tangible proof that the Being of Light does live within and is linked to the crystal skull.  Take a look for yourself and see what you feel.  If anyone would like to speak to Floyd more about his experiences with "Windsong" or UFOs or other subjects which Floyd is knowledgeable about, you can contact him directly via email shown below:

Floyd Petri: email: 


Photos during our visit with Floyd and Windsong

In the two photos above, our "crystal kids" have a chance to visit with "Windsong"
to share their stories, energies and experiences as well as receive some positive
light energies from "her".  "Portal de Luz" (our large smoky quartz skull
has met "Windsong" before in 1999 at a conference in Sedona, where Joshua
received "Portal" and a few other times when Floyd and Joshua traveled together to
other conferences where the skulls were shared with the public jointly (1999-2000).

In the top photo we see old friends reconnected again - it has been over 12 years since Joshua last visited the Petri home.  Also Floyd and Joshua both share a passion for things
related to the Civil War.  Floyd is very geared to the South as he has a variety of
genuine artifacts from the Confederate side (two uniforms, dollar bills,
guns, etc ..) and Joshua distinctly remembers being a soldier on the side of the North,
so we have a damn Yankee standing with Johnnie Reb here .....

In the bottom photo you can see part of a confederate flag behind Floyd as
Joshua has a chance to hold Windsong again after all these years.  "She" remembered
him and seemed happy that Joshua brought Katrina to visit with her this day.

Katrina didn't know much about "Windsong" as Joshua only told her a little bit about
the skull and his friendship with Floyd in the car.  But Katrina was very happy to meet
"Windsong" and since she has a very strong gift to clearly hear the skulls speaking to her.
"Windsong" said that it was about time for Katrina to get here to see her and
recognized Katrina as a "Sister of Light".  "Windsong" really is a very gentle being
and "she" doesn't like at all any type of disharmony or violence around "her".

Photos of "Windsong"

The two photos above were our attempt to take some individual photos of
"Windsong" but as you can see, with a frontal view, it is very hard to see "her"
facial features. For Joshua, the face has always seemed to reflect that of
a blind person as the eye sockets are not well defined.  Therefore if you will
look at the photo directly below which is a very good image that Floyd has
taken from a side profile, you will have a much better feel of what "Windsong"
really looks like.  It is definitely a clear quartz skull and it is
a bit larger then a human bone skull, weighing 13 lbs, 14 ounces.

You can see in this side profile that the shape of the skull is more stylized
as it is not like a human bone skull - also on the underneath part of
the skull (which you can't see from this photo) is a kind of round nub which helps
to keep Windsong balanced when it is standing.  Also the teeth are quite large.

This is the first aura photo Floyd had taken of "Windsong" at a
conferences he attended once.  They didn't know if they put "Windsong" on
the metal plate of the kirlian aura device if anything would happen as
normally this plate is sensitive to bio-energy in the hand of a person.
Floyd states the pink light on the head of "Windsong" and the flying
pink comet to your right is "Windsong" make her presence visible.

Again, another aura photo of "Windsong" sitting on a kirilian box
this time showing an a purple blue aura - which would not be
expected to occur coming from just a piece of quartz crystal.

Finally another aura photo with Floyd holding "Windsong" with the
pink light appearing on his face. However, not sure what is the source of
the very bright green light to the left side of Windsong (on the photos right) -
could this be another manifestation of the energy of "Windsong".
(When Joshua spoke to Floyd a bit later, Floyd said this green light
is an energy release when "Windsong" left the skull on that side.
This would be similar to what happens when a person slides across
a car seat and touches the door handle and there is a spark from
static electricity - but what it is an energy release.)

To conclude, for Floyd, these aura photos are proof enough of the existence
of "Windsong", that "she" is definitely linked to the crystal skull.
Plus, think about this - one of the least likely people you would
expect to believe in an Alien Being of Light to exist within a
crystal skull would be a U.S. Government Agent and a retired Police Chief.
Therefore the evidence given via the Aura photos and the personal experiences
that Floyd and his family are having with "Windsong" must be very convincing.


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