Crystal Skull Tour of U.S. Southwest
(November 27th - December 11th, 2009 )

Day 7 - December 3rd
Deb in New Mexico
(Part IV)

(half an hour south of Albuquerque, NM,
we returned for a night on December 8th )

(The "Crystal Kids" with Joshua and Katrina visiting the
U.S. Southwest through Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Oklahoma)


(Photo Credit: The pictures shown here were taken by Joshua Shapiro and Katrina Head)

New Mexico
(a visit with Deb and her special land)

Above in the first photo you see Deb with Katrina by the "kids".  Deb has a great affinity
for "Portal de Luz" and slept with him, our Native Indian Skull "Geronimo" and a small
pink skull we have called "Little Indian Princess".  Deb has had many adventures and
travels in her life and has taken all kind of courses.  She also is a very talented spiritual
channel in her own right and was speaking in other languages as she held and blessed
each of the kids.  These photos are a bit out of order, as they come from our evening
when Deb made us an amazing meal and also invited her friend Gary to come over as he
had his own crystal skull as you can see in the last two photos.  Actually Joshua had
spoken to Gary when he lived in the San Francisco area in the late 1980's and Gary
was listed in the directory of his first book on the crystal skulls.  Gary's skull (again
we forget the name) was already quite charged as Gary is a dowsing consultant and
has traveled to many sacred places all over the world - also a kind of an engineer in
his own right.  Gary also owned some land in the same area as Deb which we will
give an explanation in the next series of photos ...........................


The Special Land that Deb has
(a ceremony with the skulls and surprise guests)

This series of photos shows the land which Deb is the guardian of in New Mexico.  Naturally
New Mexico is basically a desert area so this land may not look like too much but as Katrina
and I went with Deb in her car through the area we felt a strong energy.  Deb definitely
feels there were Native American tribes who lived on this land at one time and she felt
guided to purchase it.  The people who have been drawn to buy the land in this area
most of them are spiritual and there are a few structures which have been built by
the owners but not much.  Tom Canyon who works with the Hathors also has built
on the land next to Deb a special temple or sanctuary which links with their energies.

When we met Deb in Arkansas, and she told us about the land, we felt inspired to
visit her and see it for ourselves.  As a matter of fact, don't be too surprised if you
hear news from us next year we are headed to New Mexico.  Anyway here is the
amazing story about this land.  You will never believe who purchased it.  It was
purchased (perhaps 40-50 years ago) by General Nathan Twining. This was the
general who was involved in suppressing the truth about the Roswell Crash in 1947.
After he passed away, his son inherited the land and this is who Deb bought it
from but Mr. Twining son would only sell the land to people who he felt were
meant to have it and not just anyone.  Also Deb said General Twining son told
her that when his father was about to die, he told his son he was going home,
and pointed to the stars in the sky - such true interesting stories in life.

Anyway if you feel some affinity for the land or want to visit, or might be
headed through New Mexico, feel free to email us privately at our email at: and we will pass on your request to Deb.
There was a special white stone which seems to be the center of her property
and she took us here to do a ceremony with the "crystal kids", see below.

So we took out the "crystal kids" and put them on the Peruvian cloth that Karina bought
while on a reed Island in Lake Titicaca and Deb also took out her ceremonial tools.
She performed a kind of Native America ceremony, speaking in some Native tongues
and honoring the six directions (North, South, East, West, Up, Down).  Then Joshua
felt inspired to listen to two songs on his MP3 player - one is called Montezuma by
the band Cusco which was a music he used a lot in Peru to dance with spontaneously
working either with "Portal de Luz" or the new clear skull, purchase for Peru called
"Atahualpa" (the name of the last Inca Emperor before the Spanish invated).  So
Joshua honored the land with this song and dance and then finished by singing outloud
the Crystal Skull theme song.  After the song was finished, we noticed some strange
clouds in the sky in front of us - we did our best to take pictures but they didn't come
out too good (the last two photos here).  The main cloud looked like a wavely line and
then to your right was another cloud almost touching.  We noticed while we were in
New Mexico that we saw amazing formation of clouds - it felt like this area could be
an energy vortex and we were only 45 or so miles away from Socorro, NM. where
also was reported of a crashed UFO around the same time as Roswell.  Also Deb told
us, as this area is surrounded by mountains - that also linked to the mountains
are special energies too - and strange clouds which appear above them.


More Clouds as we are Headed Home

Deb allowed us to stay in her home the evening of December 8th, as we were driving
back from Sedona, Arizona to head home.  We were lucky to get there as the day
before a snow blizzard hit Flagstaff, which we had to go through to get to New Mexico.
On the morning of December 9th as we were preparing to drive to Oklahoma, we saw
these clouds outside of Deb's door.  Again its hard to get the camera to always photograph
clearly the clouds but the first photo we saw this very long thin cloud that exteneded
much more then we could take a photo of.  We wondered if some of the UFOs
we encountered in Peru (like by Lake Titicaca) were following us - the energy here
in this part of New Mexico felt to Katrina a lot like Peru .................


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