Crystal Skull Research with Orbs
(June 2010, south of Asheville, NC, USA )

Photos of Orbs
at night in the backyard
of our current homebase

(or somethin' else?)

(The "Crystal Kids" with Joshua and Katrina exploring the
world now have residence just south of Asheville, N.C., USA and
finding the Orbs are here - did they follow us from Wisconsin?)


(Photo Credit: The pictures shown here were taken by Katrina Head and Ron Hill)


(Brief Description of these photos:  The location of the home we are currently living in is
in the mountains south of Asheville.  The property is surrounded by many trees and there is almost a small forest behind the house.  The area where the photographs were taken is in the backyard - close to a line of trees in front of a fence which defines the property and also where stands a steel fenced garden and a small water pool with fish and running water.)


Near top right is a lighted object - we are not sure what this is - we could not see it
with the naked eye.  To the center is an orb appearing on top of a pole and just below this
orb is another one that seems to be touch the ground.  Let take a look at the strange light.
(Note: to get the best perspective on the photo, we had to brighten this picture.)

As we take a closer look at the bright light, this does not appear to be
the shape and form we have seen with Orbs.  What can it be?
Katrina feels this is either from the Fairy or Elemental Realm.

This photograph is taken in another part of the year, near the garden, we see the back
fence ahead.  To our left is a big orb, this one seems to show up a lot in the yard
but we again see a type of light being in the center which doesn't look like an orb. 

Here is a closeup of the Orb, it seems to be a typical Orb with
a kind of purplish-green color inside as we saw in Wisconsin

Again we have a very unusual light form, again
Katrina feels this is a light from the Elemental World.
( What do you think this light is?? ... )


Here we see a number of Orbs appearing throughout the photo and also a type of mist
that surrounds the Orbs and is of a similar color of the Orbs.  Again this photo is taken
from the very back of the years including trees we can see over the back fence.  On the
left we see three large orbs (with one over lapping another - closeup below) but do you
see a Skull Face just to the right of the top middle??  If not take a look at the images below.

Here is a blow-up of the previous photo - where the three large orbs were. The
orb in the center seems different then the other two - as if it has a form inside of it.

Here is the part of the top photo in this section where we see a skull face, toward the
middle can you see it.  But also as we were studying this image we saw other skull
faces that seemed to be appearing around it.  If you can't see the large face, look below:

We have highlighted the face we see in the red circle.  Can you see
the brow of the skull - the eyes and what appears to be a chin?
It is not so easy to see - but if you look carefully you may, yes?

Here we see another light appearing in the backyard close to the water pool
(which has stones behind the water, crystal skulls are sitting on the stones).
Again let us take a close-up of this light and see what is appearing.

According to Katrina, we have here definitely what appears to be a Fairy.  The head is the
bluish pulb with the wings behind the head.  Then we see the head and wings connected
to the Fairy's torso with her legs below and her arms upraised.  A pretty amazing photo.

Conclusion: If you have read our previous report linked to our visit to Wisconsin in March of this year, you will see that the Orbs we photographed here parralleled what we saw in Wisconsin, we just didn't have as many.  Now whether some Orbs followed us to North Carolina, we can't say as our friends Ron and Missy never had photos with Orbs before on their property and now almost every time we take pictures they are appearing.  But also we had appearing in this pictures light forms or beings.  It might be that this area, in the mountains south of Asheville have a special energy and maybe because we have been working with the energy of the crystal skulls outside and doing our peace meditations here, everything is kind of exploding.

But what we have also seen, which we don't have ready to share yet, from this property, but we have watched it, using some special equipment which Ron and Missy (night goggles and infa-red light) where we have watched Orbs floating or dancing in the sky - not with our physical eye but this equipment brings them out.  If you would like to see an example of such an experience, we did photograph some dancing Orbs near the labyrinth at the Light Center in Black Mountain, North Carolina.  To view this video go to: 

Again we thank everyone for joining us on these most interesting adventures.  The Orbs are truly an interesting new phenomena which is not going to go away.

In Peace and Light always,

Joshua & Katrina
the crystal skull explorers

PS - if you would like to know more about the work of Hill Nite Visions with Missy and Ron, feel free to contact them at their email at:  We express great gratitude to these special extended family for all their help on both a personal and professional level.

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