Crystal Skull Tour of the Midwest, U.S.
(March 26th - 29th, 2009 )

Bluff Trail Labyrinth
( a "Peace" labyrinth near

Prairie du Sac, Wisconsin
with Melanie & Jerry

Photos from our Public Talks
( intro lecture, all day workshop )

Part III - Photo Page, Part 1

(The "Crystal Kids" with Joshua and Katrina visiting the
U.S. Midwest stopped near Indianapolis, but this report
focuses on our visit to this "Peace" Labyrinth in Wisconsin)


(Photo Credit: The pictures shown here were taken by Melanie & Katrina Head.)

Friday Night Crystal Skull Intro Talk
(March 26th, 2010, evening)

( Here we see a room fill of people attending the introduction talk given by Joshua
on the Friday evening.  This is the first big lecture that Melanie has offered through
their center and see was very surprised by the turnout of people ............. )

( Another view of the crowd on our Friday talk - we met a lot of people who were
surprisingly quite aware spiritually for an area in the country not so populated.)

( Here are the collection of crystal skulls that were observing the talk on Friday, again you can
see that many of guest had their own crystal skulls too, not all of the guest skulls were from Melanie and Jerry.  So we see the popularity is growing greatly with crystal skulls. )

( "Ta'chu'la - possibly an old crystal skull which is now the "Protector" of the
"Crystal Kids", which we received in Sedona in December of 2009.  This clear
obsidian skull was calling out to Katrina wildly as we believe she worked with this
skull in another lifetime.  It was stated the skull was found in Mongolia when they
will digging into the ground to build a dam, many non-quartz skulls came out!! )

( Finally we have here Joshua, a crystal skull explorer - who loves the opportunity
to travel to new places with Katrina and the "kids" to share about the crystal skulls.)


Saturday Workshop
(March 27th, 2010, morning - afternoon)

( Melanie begins the workshop by welcoming our guests to her home and sharing
a bit about how she became connected with the crystal skulls .... )

( You have heard about Melanie's husband Jerry - but generally he works
in the background, however as you read in Melanie's interview, Jerry was
instrumental in the creation of the labyrinth.  Anyway here is one of the
few pictures we have our Jerry so at least you can meet him. )

( A Photo of Katrina and Melanie at the workshop, two newly rediscovered soul sisters!!)

( Well for those of you who have attended one of our public talks or read our online reports
of the other places we have visited - know that Joshua always shares his music, the
"Crystal Skull Theme Song" (from the prior Crystal Skull Festivals) and an adlib song where
the participants give the subjects he sings about.  So here we are with two photos of
Joshua playing on his travel string guitar and a view of the setup for the workshop. )

( A few audience photos taken during our breaks - we had about 18 people attend the
workshop.  Also finally we were able to show both slides and video { we show the
Wisconsin group a special interview with Bill Homann and the Mitchell-Hedges
Crystal Skull of Love that Joshua did plus some special live film taken by one
of our passengers on our 2009 Peru trip } due to the LCD projector we had.
Notice in the last photo we see Jerry again hanging out in the background. )

( We have to acknowledge the special care and help from Melanie and Jerry we received.
They prepared everything for us so we could focus on our presentations and sessions.
Here we see a delicious lunch that Melanie prepared for all the workshop participants,
which was included in the price of the workshop - a fantastic vegetarian lunch!! )


Some Photos of our Workshop Guests
having a chance to visit with two of our "Kids"

(Interesting photo of a niece with her aunt, who is a twin of her mother)

( Here we met Melanie's daughter on top with Melanie's Mom on
the bottom, both of Melanie's parents came to the Friday talk
and also served as the most wonderful and friendly host for
us to stay in their home during our stay in the area. )

It is very important that people have a chance to touch and hold the crystal skulls.  A direct
personal contact with a skull can be very powerful.  This is why we allow the partipants
in our workshop to also work with our skulls.  Besides giving people a chance to feel
the skulls personally we also do some hands-on work with the skulls with groups at the
end of the workshop.  Thus the people learn and have an experience during this day.


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Bluff Trail Labyrinth, with our first photos
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