Suggestions for Performing this World Peace Meditation
conducting on the 13th of each Month for 2015
with the starting meditation on January 1st.

(Special Notes - This is a slightly revised edition of the Crystal Skull World
Peace Meditations we have offered since 2009.  We have not setup yet the
new meditation for 2015 but will continue with the meditation we did in
2012.  It had been difficult for us to develop a new form of this meditation
for the last few years and as we go into 2015 so far, due to some challenges.
However, we have felt the power of each meditation we have done since 2013
and feel it is vital and important to continue these meditations linked with the
crystal skulls as we go into 2015 and beyond. We are so grateful and thankful
for each of you who have joined us in these meditations which have been
taking place since we started them on January 1st, 2009. Each meditation adds
more loving energy and is enhanced by all those which took place before and
now we have done almost 100 meditations plus linked into the energy of the
new series of yearly world peace meditations known as Crystal Skull World Day.

Therefore, we will again do a series of thirteen meditations for 2015, with the first meditation taking place on January 1st  and then continuing the remainder of the meditations each month on the 13th day, at the 13th hour (1 PM or 13:00) for approximately 15-20 minutes. If it is  not possible to perform the meditations at these times we offer another option discussed later on this page - you can see below. So again we welcome you to join us for these next powerful meditations!)

{ Important Update - PLEASE READ - Crystal Skull World Day 2015
- the two main organizations which are guiding this world peace meditation
that includes the International Crystal Skull Network (ICSN) and the
Crystal Skull Explorers have made an agreement to help support what is
being called Crystal Skull World Day 2015 (CSWD 2015), to be held
possibly on November 22nd (or sometimes in October-November, 2015). 
This event is being guided by the Crystal Skull Hearts Council.  For
our meditations for the year of 2015 prior to CSWD 2015, we will
focus for a few moments at the end of this meditation, taking
the energies generated for peace and light and send those energies
forward to help to prepare an energy for CSWD2015, as we did
in 2014 ... please see below for more details ......}


The Crystal
Skull Explorers

(Joshua Shapiro &
Katrina Head  )

The Year of '2015' 
will take the energies of 2014 and greatly expand upon them. In 2015 we will continue to see more direct contact with spirit and our brother and sisters in other realms as they join us in these special meditations.
--  We expect to see some special doors to 'Spirit' to open and more miracles to take place. The true role of these meditations is to help bring the energy of Unity
to our world and unify the crystal skull guardians ability to all work together!!

The Crystal Skull
(representing many individuals all over the world in alignment with a special group the   Int'l Crystal Skull Network present the next series of special meditations to be held on the first of each month starting on
January 2015

This page will offer
various suggestions
how you can participate in
the new meditations we will offer throughout the entire year of 2015.

(old crystal found in Mongolia)

Katrina Head

Portal de Luz
(smoky quartz)

Joshua Shapiro

The Crystal Skull World Peace Meditation
January 1st, 2015 - through December 13th, 2015
(this special meditation held the thirteenth of
each month at 1 PM (13:00) locally your time)

Initial Instructions and Options

For this next series of world peace meditations that we once again are offering for 2015, this page provides all the information necessary for an individual to participate with us.  Again to summarize, here is the suggested method we use to perform this meditation but if you are guided to do so in some alternative manner, or inspired to do so, you should honor this way for you as well.

First, if you are a crystal skull guardian, you will select a crystal skull (of one of the skulls you take care of) which you will hold during the entire meditation for that specific day (Note: if you have multiple skulls, you might use different ones for each meditation during the year, your skulls will guide you).  The use of the crystal skull during this meditation will help to amplify the loving energies we will be sending out to the planet.  If you do not possess your own crystal skulls, you can substitute a piece of quartz crystal to hold.  Following below in the next section is a suggestion how to activate this quartz crystal prior to the meditation so it will be ready to be used during the meditation.


Crystal Skull World Day (CSWD 2015) is the name associated with a special event to bring together in unity and harmony Crystal Skull Guardians from all other world. The idea is on a special day designated for later in 2015, a special meditation will be offered for which all the  crystal skull guardians (plus a way will be provided for non-guardians to join us) in our world can link together at various times during this day, while they will be sitting and holding one of their personal crystal skulls and following, a yet to be decided ceremony or meditation, where we will share a loving and peaceful energy that will be spread all over the world. This day was successfully orchestrated on November 22/23 of 2014 with many guardians joining us during this day (see the website below to read the reports from people all over the world, what their experiences were like on CSWD 2014!!).

Therefore, we request from each person who participates in our world peace meditation starting from January 1st, 2015 through the mediation prior to CSWD 2015 (October or November of 2015), that before you return to your physical body to end your personal world peace meditation, feel a connection to Crystal Skull World Day 2015 and send out the positive loving energy that has been generated by today's meditation and anchor it for CSWD 2015 in order to help have a strong foundation of energy built for this special event. Thus, when the group of people link together on Crystal Skull World Day 2015, they will already have an energy waiting which will enhance all of our experiences and make CSWD 2015 even more powerful. We expect thousands upon thousands of people to join us for this day to celebrate the crystal skulls. If you would like to know more about CSWD 2015 feel free to visit the website at:


Next, some people have requested that we offer an MP3 file they can listen which will guide them through the meditation rather then try to memorize the mediation and perform it themselves.  Therefore, as we have done in prior meditations, we have a version of the meditation being read by Katrina Head. (Note: again please remember this meditation was used in 2012 and will reference 2012, but ignore this as this meditation will work perfectly fine for our meditations in 2015.)  We wish to also thank our spiritual brother George Bolger for helping in creating the MP3 version and to add his special music behind it.  (If you enjoyed the background music, to hear the various albums that have composed and created by George go to his website at:

MP3 Audio Version, Slightly Modified Version for Jan-March 2013
(Note - the link above is again for the 2012 version of the meditation, we did add
something new to the meditation for the early part of 2013, but again this info
can be ignored and focus just on the meditation itself, it still is powerful for 2015.)

(If you wish to hear how the meditation is conducted, the link above is for an mp3
audio which either you can download to your computer or just listen to via your
browser - to hear the mp3 audio just click on the link above and the proper
audio app for your browser will immediately begin to play this audio.
Note: - this audio file is about 23 minutes, which includes a 3 minute
introduction to 2013, and then the meditation that is about 20 minutes .)

This form of the meditation we are offering is a combination of a meditation which Joshua (working with various partners for the Crystal Skull Explorers) has lead during numerous public talks that have been given all over the world for many years.  It has been enhanced (in 2012) by Katrina to add other special frequencies and energies that will empower and assist the meditation. If you listen to the mp3, you will hear the meditation being spoken out loud by Katrina.

We have selected this version of the meditation because we believe that in each place that it has been performed previously in public during the Explorers world travels, a special energy has already been setup before which will be re-activated by the meditations we are doing and will do in 2015.  As more and more people perform this meditation in new locations throughout the world, the energy created previously is then linked and intensified with this new meditation in these former locations.  And then there is a kind of matrix of loving and peaceful energy being created in many parts of the world that is expanded and built up the more we do the meditations. Since 2009, there have been over 75 meditations performed.

Now our goal has been since we started there meditations to try to work with as many crystal skull caretakers in the world as possible at one time and on one day to concentrate together and collectively creating a geometric amplification of the healing energies enhanced by our personal crystal skulls.  But undoubtedly, we will have some people who wish to join us that do not have their own crystal skull, so below is a suggestion how such individuals can still participate and be a part of the meditation. 
Also we do offer a mailing list for updates about the meditation, see at the bottom of this page how to become a member!! Perhaps one day, every crystal skull guardian will join us and imagine the powerful energies we can share with all life on our planet?

Those Who do not have Access to a CRYSTAL SKULL

1)  If you have a picture of a crystal skull that you personally feel an affinity with, you can stare at the image of this skull during your meditation as you follow the visualization we will perform as stated below.

2) You could also put another piece of quartz on top of the picture of this crystal skull you feeling such a strong connection with prior to our meditation for 24-48 hours, so the energy or part of the essence of this crystal skull is transferred into your personal quartz.  Then just follow the directions below, as if you are holding a crystal skull.

If you do not have any images of a crystal skull (from a book, photographs or via the internet, Joshua has made an accessory page for this meditation that has pictures of twelve different ancient, old and contemporary skulls.  You can print this page out and then select which skull speaks to you to use in the meditation and basically either focus upon the skull's image or once again place a personal crystal on top of it. Click here to go to this page which has various pictures of crystal skulls.

3) Another option is to once again find a personal quartz crystal in your home that you would like to use in the meditation and see if you can actually bring this crystal to a person who has and is working with their own crystal skull in your local area and put your crystal near their skull for 10 or 15 minutes.

4)  Some people have an amazing ability to visualize in their mind whatever they wish.  So for such an individual, using your clairvoyance, visualize a crystal skull which resonates for you and then work with the energy of this skull for the peace meditation.

Or maybe you have another idea of your own.  Of course we don't want discourage anyone from joining us in the meditation, if they feel it is important to participate.  All are welcome.  We believe that in working in tandem with the crystal skulls, this can help to empower this meditation for sending out a powerful loving and peacefully energy to all living beings on our planet.


It has been recommend by two members of the CS World Peace Meditation support team to consider the possibility to smudge the room you will be performing the meditation in. Smudging is a technique using natural plants to help clear the energy in the room as performed by the Native Americans.  If this method appeals to you, if you click here - this will take you to a page where you can read more about how to use smudging.

Other possibilities for creating a peaceful environment include playing a soft and beautiful music in the background (or listen with headphones); using incense; playing a Tibetan bowl with Tibetan bells; a crystal bowl; having candles lit; meditating with animals or children nearby; or even going outside into nature in a favorite or energized place for you.

The key is to have a peaceful environment so you can focus on the meditation to share the best loving energies you can with the world and feel comfortable.


Finally, before starting the meditation, we have found it helpful to do a simple breathing exercise which further relaxes a person, as they prepare for a powerful meditation.  So perhaps you might consider to do this exercise, or another that works for you.  However starting for the 2012 version (and beyond) of the world peace meditation, we have a new exercise which links a person into "The Crystalline Frequency and Light" that you may decide to pass on this exercise, the choice is always yours.  Here is how this exercise goes:

Be sitting in a comfortable position, with your feet firmly touching the ground or floor.  Then take in deeply a breath for a count of "6".  Hold this breath for a count of "6" and when you exhale, also for a count of "6", do so forcefully with almost a "whoosing" sound, to let out and release any anxiety or tension you might have.  And finally, hold your breath again for a count of "6".  We recommend to do this exercise perhaps 6-10 times or until you feel at ease and restful.  After you have completed this, it is time to begin the meditation.  But before we describe this meditation, lets first discuss when on January 1st, we recommend the meditation be performed.


For the 2015 version of the Crystal Skull World Peace Meditation, we will only be performing the mediation once each day as we will do the 13 meditations for 2015.  This will occur at 1 PM (13:00) your local time, which is the 13th hour of the day.  What this means is that we could conceivably have people performing this meditation at the 13th hour in every time zone on the planet for that day.  Now if for some reason (either the meditation occurs during the week and you are working or you have personal matters to attend to) you are unable to do the meditation at the exact time it will occur, there is another technique you can use below to do the meditation the evening or a few days before.

How to Program the Meditation Ahead:

If you are not able to join us at the time specified above on the day of the meditation there is a special technique known as "Programming your Meditation Ahead".  What this means is that you can plan to meditate with us at any time which is appropriate for you before the day of the meditation, but you set your intention that the energy of your meditation will move forward in time so that it will coincide with one of the time periods above -- thus, you will be able to join us!



(Note: We recognize that this meditation we are proposing, may not be appropriate for everyone to follow or maybe you have a different and personal meditation you do which works better for yourself.  However, we believe that we can send out the most powerful loving energy when people are doing a meditation which has the same basic focus.  Such a mediation will project outwardly a geometric multiple of the power of each individual. The key is, as best as you can, is to link into the essence of your personal crystal skull (or quartz crystal) and combine this energy with a powerful visualization of a loving and peaceful energy being shared with our whole planet.

So feel free to choose what is the best form of the meditation to do for you.  We recommend to do the meditation
for at least 10-15 minutes but if you want to go longer, of course you may (in the spoken meditation we will try to have the mediation itself go for about 15-20 minutes or so).

With the new version of the meditation we are offering starting in 2012, we have created a new initial exercise that will assist you to link into what we call "The Crystalline Frequency".  This special frequency is linked to the universal heart - love energy that exists in the higher dimensions or planes of existence.  Thus by adding this energy to our meditation, it will take our collective group efforts to a more pure energy that we will share with "Mother Earth" and all the living beings upon (and within) "Her".

The basic meditation that follows the exercise is described below and is essentially the same meditation we have used before since 2009.  This mediation has worked very well for most of the people who have participated with us in prior world peace meditations and is easy to perform.  So, Thank you for joining with us  in this special event, we are very very grateful!)

Initial Exercise to connect with "The Crystalline Frequency and Light"

First, decide for yourself whether you wish to be in a sitting position to perform the meditation or if you prefer to lie down.  For this meditation, we will assume that you are holding in your hands either a crystal skull or quartz crystal.  Hold this piece of quartz in whatever way is comfortable for you.

Now close your eyes and begin to visualize the following:  [remember that your intention is as important as visualization if you are unable to inwardly see the following guided exercise or the meditation.]

(Definition - Crystalline Light: A type of fluid energy which looks more like a living clear liquid which is emanated from the crystal skull.  An example of this would be to imagine yourself submerged completely in water -- but the water is alive with a consciousness. Also Crystalline Light has the property and works like a quartz crystal.)

Feel the stillness from the core of your being. Allow your body to be fully relaxed. Allow a crystalline light to surround you which is emanating from the crystal skull that you are holding.

The goal of our group mediation for world peace for today is to focus together upon the "Unity Consciousness" which exists at the center of our being. That is, to link into the highest capacity of the Universe comprised of "Infinite Light", "Love" and "Power" in their Divine Right Order and Harmony.

As you are holding your crystal skull, visualize yourself and your skull being incased with this crystalline light. Then there appears within this light, four crystalline pillars (or columns of light) surrounding you in four corners or directions (North-East-South-West).  Now feel your entire body (all your cells and pores) totally energized by this crystalline light which is then linked with the consciousness of all living beings on this world including the Mother Earth.

Now spend a minute or so in the sensation of this crystalline light moving through your body.  Imagine the beautiful dance of the crystal light moving in and out as you feel yourself being sustained and nurtured by this liquid light. Take a deep breath in and let it out as you allow the frequency of a unity crystalline light to energize you and prepare you for our meditation.  As you breath in the "Crystalline Light" your being becomes open to the consciousness and energy from the Universe -- celestial fields of energy and light.  So enjoy your experience now as you link into these universal energies -- these energies which are a part of the inner-most part of each of our being.

Next, in order to bring forth the Eternal Infinite Light of the Universe which represents unity and oneness we must activate and firmly anchor the four crystalline pillars of light in the four directions. After this is done we continue to call forth the spirit of the "Mother Earth" and "Father Sky" and finally add the love energy from our heart chakra.  Our crystal mission for this day is work together with all the other people who are meditating at the highest level of unity as we can.  To become a channel for the Eternal Infinite Light so we can bring forth these universal energies to be more permanently anchored into the Earth or the physical density.

Before we begin our meditation next, take a minute or so to really feel the "Crystalline Light Frequency" you have evoked in this energy.  Feel it coursing throughout your body -- feel it moving within the crystal skull (or piece of quartz crystal) you are holding.  Give it a few minutes for this energy to integrate into your own personal energy field.  In a few moments then, we will start with the meditation . . .

Instructions for the Meditation

(Continue holding the crystal skull or quartz crystal in your hand ...) Ok, we are ready to begin the actual meditation. First close your eyes and begin to visualize the following:  See in the very center of the space you find yourself in, a beautiful golden beam or rod of light, that extends upward to infinity and then downward to infinity.  You might feel the energy of this golden beam of light upon your body.  Now after about a minute, see a crystal skull appear within this beam of light in the center, it is floating.  This crystal skull will be different then the one you are holding.  It might be one you are familiar with or is known publicly, or it might be one you have never seen before.

(After a couple of minutes) The crystal skull which is floating in the beam begins to rotate in a counter clockwise motion.  At first it rotates slowly but after each revolution it begins to pick up speed.  Then when this skull is facing you directly, it stops and from its third eye chakra (between the brow of your eyes) a powerful, brilliant and loving pink ray of light emanates toward you.  First it completely covers and is absorbed by the crystal skull or piece of quartz you are holding. Then there is another part of the beam which connects with you in your heart. 

Next begin to feel this pink ray of light pulsating in your heart (which represents our true inner star situated at the core of our being). Place your inner focus upon the inner chamber of your heart.  Now feel yourself sinking deeply into the inner layers of your heart, moving deeper and deeper into this multi-dimensional organ and finally feel yourself arrive at the deepest layer of your heart complex. See a perfect diamond heart energy in the crystal skull flowing into your heart chamber.  Once again the crystal skull starts to rotate and forms a perfect cubed shape (which is part of sacred geometry) which is a result as the skull merges with each facet of the "Living Light".  Return your focus back to your inner heart and allow your heart to emanate a glowing light which is a part of the "Living Light" and beam this energy into the "Mother Earth's" and the "Universal" Hearts. Beloved "Mother Earth" and dear "Universe", we ask "YOU" to please ignite the power and glory of your essence within our hearts now.

Now the pink ray of light moves upwards in your body from your heart, through your chest, and neck and then stops in your head.  Once again focus on what you feel in your head - this very peaceful and loving energy.

Then after a few moments, the pink ray of light begins to move again, down through your neck and divides into two parts, to flow in your shoulders, comes down into your arms and stops in your hands.  It will stay here for a time, again bringing to these parts of your body this loving energy.

Again the pink ray of light moves up, back through your arms and shoulders and reconnects at your neck into one piece.  Then the pink ray of light goes back down your chest, past your heart and finally stops ands rests in your abdomen or stomach area for a time.  Once again feel this loving energy in this part of your body.

Finally the pink ray of light, travels down through your legs and rest in your feet.  So now, throughout your entire body inside, everywhere that you look, all you can see is the color of pink.  Pink which represent the color of love.  Stay with this feeling for a few moments now and enjoy.

Well the vibration of love can never be contained and now the pink ray of light begins to move outside of your body and is also being empowered by the energy of the crystal skull or crystal you are holding.  See this beautiful ray of light fill the entire room or space you are currently residing in.  Everywhere you look, all you can see now is the color of pink. Next, this vibration of love or pink ray of light continues to expand and is filling the entire building you are within.  Touching all the people who might be inside. Stay a moment and see how the pink ray of light is filling the building you are in.

... and then the  pink ray of light continues to expand and is now filling the entire city that you are currently located at - touching the plants, the animals, the people and the earth with this loving energy.

... further the pink ray of light then expands and is now filling the state, the province, or your district that you are presently located within -- from North to South, from East to West, all we can see is the color pink. 

... continuing in the expansion of this loving pink ray of light, you now see the entire country you reside is totally covered by this beautiful light -- no matter where you look all you can see is the color pink.  Really touching the hearts of all your fellow country men and women.  Take a moment to see how this beautiful energy is affect your country.

.... Now the pink ray of light continues to expand to fill the entire continent you reside in, whether it is North, Central or South America, Europe or Asia, Africa or Australia -all over the continent - everywhere you see is filled with the color of pink --

... and finally now see our entire planet, the Mother Earth, totally engulfed and covered with this wonderful loving pink ray of light - everywhere we look, for miles in all directions is the color pink touching all the living beings in our world on the surface, under the ground and on the inner surface.  Just sit with this for a moment, experience the beauty of this scene and embrace it.

... then, when you are ready, once again see the world covered by this loving energy -- and begin to slowly return back but before you do, if you feel drawn to a specific place on the Earth where the people could use some extra love and light, allow yourself to go there to help bring more clarity and hope to the people in that region.  Just focus upon this area for a few moments to send this wonderful loving energy to help inspire the people there - so they can begin to see a bright future and realize who they truly are as divine children of Creator - take your time.

-- then continue to return back to your continent of residence and see it covered by this pink ray of light ..... returning now, we see your country filled with this loving energy ..... coming back more -- we are now in your province, state or district ..... continuing to return we are back in your city ..... then moving to the building you are in ..... and now finally we return to the room or space where you presently ..... then feel yourself returning to your body, feeling refreshed and calm and when you are ready open your eyes - feel yourself wide awake and energized ..... 

After you are back and fully aware, see what you feel from the crystal skull or quartz crystal you are holding.  Perhaps its energy has changed or shifted.  We believe that quartz records everything that happens around it, so that the energy of the meditation you just performed is now a part of this crystal and can be shared with others.  Or if you do meditations with your skull or quartz crystal in the future, this new energy from the meditation will help you more and enhance the quality of future meditations.  Well then, we thank you for your participation today, our meditation has now ended.  Below is some additional information about this series of meditations and when we will be performing the next meditations.


As some of you know, there was a group of us who began to offer other world peace meditations from January 1st of 2009 through January 1st of 2011, a series of 27 meditations linked to the number 13 and the energy of the crystal skulls.  We then decided to join forces with Sharon Pitt of the UK for a series of 2011 meditations from August 1st through the end of 2011. We wish to acknowledge Sharon for continuing the energies we started throughout the year of 2011.  However, through the formation of the new International Crystal Skull Network (ICSN, April, 2011) these meditations since 2011 have become one of the first key projects for this new network which you may decide to join (see below).  Starting on January 1st, 2012, ICSN introduced a slightly new meditation which we performed on the 13th of each month at the 13th hour throughout 2012 and 2013. Now as we go into 2014, we will continue to perform this same meditation as we did in the prior two years until we have time or are inspired to make a new version (or perhaps someone else contact us with some new ideas that seem to be appropriate).

If you would like to know more about ICSN to decide if you wish to become a member, please feel free to visit the website at:

And finally to learn more about the Crystal Skull Explorers, and the large amount of information they share via their websites, feel free to visit either of these two sites (note: - the first site is there new site but we have not be able to move all the information over yet so you may wish to check the second website as well): (Crystal Skull Explorers - new website) (The original crystal skull explorers website)


The easiest way to let other people know about these meditations is to either send them to our main page: or to recommend they may wish to join the mailing list for these meditations.  To join the mailing list, here are some different ways you can become a member:

The public mailing list is where we will keep the members informed about all the new information and updates related to the meditations. To join the Crystal Skull World Peace Meditations mailing list you can enter your email address below and click the Join Now Button.

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All the information to describe the goals and ideas for this series of meditations is given on this page.  We also are seeking to create connections with other groups who offer peace meditations, to see if will join us.  The best way to support this project that we have found, is allow your inner inspiration to guide you. All help and support is very appreciated.

If you have any questions at all or would like to assist in helping us to share this meditation with others, please feel free to send us an at: (Crystal Skull Explorers)

In peace and light always,

To a great 2015 and beyond -- now it is time for us to find new ways to celebrate and come together to work together to achieve great events and activities to bring peace and harmony to our world.

It is our pleasure to continue to serve as your host for this new amazing serious of meditations. We are always open to receive any comments you have about the meditations, if you have suggestions how to improve or empower the mediations or wish to a share any special experiences you have had during the meditation.

The Crystal Skull Explorers
International Crystal Skull Network