The Blue Crystal Skull

For my last personal overview, I wish to discuss a new crystal skull that has yet to surface publicly. Over the last six years I have a strong vision of this crystal skull standing in front of me off of my left shoulder, slightly higher than my head. Anytime I think about this blue quartz skull, I always see it in this position around me. Recently I have repeatedly received details about the appearance of this skull from others which matches almost perfectly my vision. This experience has been too powerful to discount and for individuals involved in investigating the mysterious crystal skulls, many of us feel more are yet to be revealed perhaps even more powerful than the crystal skulls we are presently aware of. So let me take this part of the introduction to share some background about this special artifact as you will definitely be reading about it in the Crystal Skull Chronicles .............

At this precise moment in time, as I am sitting here happily typing away on the old notebook computer (waiting for my next break at 5:39 AM - gee I wonder why I am getting up so early today?), officially and publicly, no one has ever seen such a quartz crystal skull. First of all the color blue in quartz, found naturally is very rare although there are some reports of natural blue quartz being discovered in Russia. Blue quartz can be synthetically grown in a lab by controlling the temperature and pressure (which can be used to create just about any color of quartz) applied to the crystal.

Then I think back to a very interesting conversation I had with David Hudson, in 1992. At this time, my wife and I had our first vacation together in the United States as we decided to travel throughout the American Southwest. I had a strong feeling Vera would love the Native Americans and especially Arizona (where we have thought about moving but just haven't had the finances to swing it) … I spoke with Mr. Hudson in Phoenix on the phone. David is known for his research into creating alchemical Gold. David shared with me over the phone many incredible theories and ideas about the true medicinal and spiritual value of God. However a few of his comments remain vividly in mind. For example he claimed that through his process he could create a gold powder that would be edible. Gold in its natural metallic state is poisonous to our human system. He believed that the Manna that came from Heaven to feed the Hebrews during their 40 years of wandering in the desert as is depicted in the Old Testament of the Bible, was possibly this refined Gold powder. If a person is able ingest this powder it will completely rejuvenate that individual and activate all of their spiritual gifts …. Additionally David suggested that the crystal skulls which are known today, may not be composed of clear quartz but could be a solid clear gold - again, another form of Gold that can be constituted from the alchemical processes that David was researching. So sometimes I think to myself that maybe this Blue Skull may not be from quartz. All I see is a blue colored skull, more like a sky blue that is very transparent. I also feel that this skull is similar in shape and size to the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull and has a separate jaw piece.

Spirit has a funny way of getting us to pay attention. This of course has been true with me and this purportedly blue quartz skull. I don't know, maybe I am just fantasizing about this, but it just so happens that sky blue is my favorite color (I wonder why this is?). The awareness of the possibility of a blue skull began in 1990. So lets imagine the following scene:

You find yourself in Lima, Peru, as you a member of a spiritual journey exploring this sacred land. Your wife happens to be the Tour Conductor and you are the only American with 50 other Brazilians (and of course you don't speak much Spanish, the language of Peru or Portuguese). So you are just minding your own business, sitting at the hotel, having your breakfast, preparing for the days activities. Included in the group is an archaeologist, who lives in Lima and is considered to be an expert about Machu Picchu, which is where you happen to be going this day (Cusco first). So the archaeologist has been invited to accompany the group to share his insights about the mysteries of Macchu Pichu and talk about some of his ideas for the origins of this ancient city. But before you leave, a strange event takes place … the archaeologist all of sudden stamps up, points at you and speaking loudly in Spanish says you know where a crystal skull is in Peru.

Well this scene actually happened to me in 1990 when I participated with my wife's group to Peru. I met the archaeologist, Marino Sanchez in 1989, when I came to Peru for my first time in December (thanks to the help of Peter Schneider, who was the owner of Peru Mystic Tours and who I had met in the US earlier that year). Marino told me, at that time (1989), about reading some old Spanish report written by a missionary during the Spanish invasion and conquest of Peru in the 1500's. In this report, the Spanish discovered among the Peruvian (Inca) people a green stone skull but it was so hideous they destroyed it. Of course there are many rumors that crystal skulls have been found in Peru, but no conclusive proof has been presented to substantiate such claims.

So I looked at Marino and wonder why he is getting so excited. Sometimes it is difficult to understand what the Peruvians are thinking or talking about. Not knowing Spanish very well, I ask my wife, what is this guy talking about and why the heck is he pointing at me. She explains that Marino is convinced I know where a crystal skull is located in Peru. So I have learned a long time ago that everything that happens around us has a reason or a purpose (or gives a message). So I checked inside of myself to see if this statement felt to be true and if it was true, could I sense a direction I would feel a pull, where this skull could be. Almost immediately I felt a strong connection with the northern part of Peru (an area I still today do not know very much about) with a sensing of a jungle environment and perhaps some type of natives guarding this skull. I made a mental note to remember this spontaneous impression but I wasn't sure how to deal with it … Upon returning to Lima from Macchu Pichu, Marino told my wife and I that in one of the Natural Museums in Lima, he heard they had a crystal skull being on display. So the three of us took a taxi over to the museum and asked everyone there if such a crystal skull existed. But no one seemed to know much about what we were inquiring or someone suggested that this crystal skull may have been sent on to another museum, possibly out of Peru. We even checked out a special room in the back of the museum where they stored a multitude of Inca and pre-Inca artifacts (we saw some pottery for example, and I took slides of this of course, that had some "ET" looking faces) to see if the museum had something of interest for our quest but unfortunately we didn't get any clear answers or leads.

The other joke I had with myself through this time and I would think, no it can't be possible but what if it happens to be my favorite color, sky blue? Nah, no way ... that would be too much, don't you think? As I think about this early time now, another possible clue comes to mind. Now this might sound crazy but I am trying to write this spontaneous, so you the reader must decide if this other point has any validity or not. In April of 1986, I was in Dallas, Texas to attend the First International Crystal Conference. Anna Mitchell-Hedges was a speaker and presenter along with her incredible crystal skull. Naturally I came because having one own experience with such an artifact is not an experience any Aries or Crystal Skull Explorer can turn down. During this conference I became friendly with a young woman (who's name I forget) and during the course of our conversation, she said a rather strange comment to me. As she was gazing intently on my face, in her inner mind she saw my face change into a crystal skull. She felt that perhaps one of the crystal skulls may have been made from my bone skull in some past time. It is not for me to make a judgment on such a comment, many people will tell you all kinds of stories when you start becoming involved with the crystal skull. However, this theory was later suggested in our crystal skull book by Michael Kant, a very cosmic channel. Michael said that the Mitchell-Hedges Skull was the actual skull of an Atlantean Priestess that was converted by the power of the mind of seven priest into a crystal skull. So I do not know if the blue skull could have such a link with my inner being, I will just have to see how I feel about the skull energy when I see it which I feel is coming pretty soon .......... Even today, after I have seen a number of different crystal skulls including some wonderful experiences in their presence, I can't really say I have found one in particular that I felt such a tremendous all encompassing link with … the closest so far has been the Mitchell-Hedges Skull.

What does this Blue Skull look like … well it seems to be quite a bit like the Mitchell-Hedges Skull in that it looks more like our modern human skull with a movable jaw. What distinguishes it is that it is absolutely a clear transparent blue. The closest example of an object I have found to accurately show this color is one of the bottled containers that is used to keep purified water in, which you can buy at a health food store. I also have in my photo album, an image of the Mitchell-Hedges Skull taken by my co-authors, when they worked with this skull for three weeks in 1985 in Canada, where they shined a blue-green color light upon the skull and this photo shows a somewhat similar appearance in color.

In 1994, I discussed with our friend Joke about writing a book together about the crystal skulls. At first we were thinking an update on what has happened in the crystal skull world beyond our first book. So I stayed in her home for about a week to go over information and documentation she had collected about her crystal skulls and discuss how we could write such a book. Then Joke felt that another research book would be too dull and we started to look at writing a novel. However, as most of you know, it is not always easy finding the right combination or approach for two people to do a creative work together. In any case, I remember Joke had told me that when she felt a new skull was coming, she would mediate with the ones she had and start to see what the next one would be like. At the time we got together in 1994, she had four skulls in her collection (more today), and she permitted me to work with the skulls each night before I went to sleep. So there I was sitting at her desk, with the four skulls position in front of me and I thought: "Why not ... lets meditate upon the blue skull and see what happens." Almost immediately, I saw in my mind's eye the blue skull floating in front of all these other skulls. Prior to my visit, there was a local psychic in Chicago I had been talking to, and she kept calling me to up to tell me she was seeing a blue skull appear to her and that it was getting to be time for it come out. Again, she described to me almost exactly where I saw this skull … being buried in a cave. The final confirmation, if it were, is that when my wife return from Peru, she was told by one of the Inca Shaman who worked with her as a guide for her spiritual journey, that he had seen a crystal skull in the north part of Peru that was clear, with a primitive tribe in the north and had a blue coloring in the eyes and on the top of the head. What the heck was going on here ........?

Last year, at the Whole Life Expo in New York City, I gave a talk about the crystal skulls with caretaker and psychic Jane Doherty and during my private presentation at another location in the city, several people again described the skull and where they saw it. In Australia, I worked with a vision of the crystal skull to help my wife with an illness and fever she encountered (and she saw the skull speaking to her with the jaw moving) and I worked with the image of the blue skull to help reveal some pain of another women who was a local UFO researcher. Australia was the first time we worked with Joke and "ET" and we had some strange things happening to all of us to try to discourage our sharing but we did prevail.

This section finished at 5:39 AM … will continue again at 8:09 AM ….

(with Star Trek Music playing in the background ….. in preparation for tomorrow, the start of Star Trek: First Contact in the theaters ….. I will be there …..)

This year (1996) when I have spoken to others about the blue skulls' appearance (and I believe all the people who have seen the skull have been women, which could indicate it might be a feminine skull) they all agree with me on the color and shape. Recently another friend Doti who is quite psychic had a meditation with "ET" (the smoky quartz skull) in our home. I was surprised when she told me that during her meditation she saw this blue skull. This information just came up, I had not requested anything from her. While at the Universal Life Expo held in Columbus, Ohio (October, 1996), I met with a Native American woman, who was a speaker at the conference. Besides having a synchronicity around a powerful tree like symbol, as I was showing her where I see the blue skull around me, she saw it clearly in her mind and described to me exactly what it looked like. At this time, there is a specific part of Peru that I feel my body being pulled towards, whenever I put my hand over a map of Peru, my hand is always drawn to the same spot, an isolated area in the northern Part of Peru. An area in which I know nothing about.

Recently, my wife Vera has been working with an Amyra Inca Priest from Peru named Don Valerio. So I thought, maybe Don Valerio to help me to understand why I feel this strong connection with this part of Peru. So I started having some conversation with Don Valerio, to know more about the Peruvian people and the spiritual philosophy of the Inca, and how the people live in this part of the world. When I showed Don Valerio the part of Peru where I feel the skull is near, he said this area is a very high energy place and that they have felt a strong influence from Atlantis. Don Valerio said he can help me to go into this area, when I am ready and knows other people there who can help us.

When I meditate upon the mental image I have of the blue crystal skull, I feel that it has a very calming energy and that it has not been misused for a long time. It has always been respected and been protected by some simple native people. So my task for 1997 will be to take a trip to Peru and see if this skull exists, if I might be guided to the right place. I know my sharing of this crystal skull may sound crazy to some of you, but this is all part of the life of a Crystal Skull Explorer.

One other idea that came to me related to the Blue Skull is the following. Another "What If" Question!!! My brother has a friend who's company can manufacture and duplicate different type of props that have featured in motion pictures. For example, how would you like to have the Captain's chair from the U.S.S. Enterprise or the skeleton in T2, etc. …. So this gave me another off the wall idea --- what if I could have the skull that I see somehow constructed so that when I went to Peru, I could present this model to the local natives …. and they really did have such a crystal skull … wouldn't that be something? Well stay tuned dear friends, next year is going to be fascinated and I hope to find if any of these insights are truly real.

(Editor's Note: -- Update 1/1/2000 -- In September of 1997 and August of 1999, I personally took two trips to Peru searching for the blue skull.  To learn more about these excursions and the current status of the blue skull (as well to obtain our floppy diskette that contains the journals and pictures from these two journeys) please visit: Search for the Blue Skull page.

But now let us conclude this introduction with my personal goals for this story and how any reader who feels so inclined might wish to participate in its creation.

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