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Hopefully by this part of the Introduction, you are much more comfortable with what the crystal skulls are about and who the heck is writing this story. Although I have felt in my life that I have had some truly incredible experiences, I feel the best is yet to come. And also I do not feel that I am some special person having such experiences either. Each of us has our own story to tell and tremendous things we can learn from each other. So I am giving myself permission now to use our web site as a vehicle to share through this story some of the images and inner visions I have been watching inside of me (like a movie almost) of what could lie ahead in our future, related to Prophecies, the UFO Question, the Crystal Skulls or other events that are signs for an ultimate transformation of our world into a Golden Age.

At the time of the writing of this Introduction and the supporting pages, I do not see clearly the whole story, I have bits and pieces only. However I know from past experience that until you take the first step and open the door, the rest will not come. So I certainly have enough ideas to get going. I also apologize if my informal writing style or grammar distracts you. I am not a polished writer but I certainly find it easy to write a lot of words and I strongly feel that when a person is inspired (or receives the perverbial universal electric shock), they must just go ahead and trust the process. I of course intend to interject information and insights that have come to me through my own personal experiences plus to get even to this beginning point in this project, I know I have received many suggestions from many many people. My hope is by making this an interactive story, we can make this into a fun project and I have always found it to be a more rewarding experience by inviting others to add their own creative pieces. So I expect whatever ideas I have for how this story is going to proceed will almost certainly be changing over time as others add their energy. Being an Aries, I always like to do new projects in a unique and very creative manner but foremost in my mind is to begin to share this story in some form. I can not hold it back any more nor do I feel I have the time to wait for the so-called normal channels to come into play to make this information available via a book publisher. Perhaps this is my Aries impatience, but a fire is growing inside of me and I must respond and follow the divine inspiration I received before. Thus I am doing the typical Aries movement and officially starting this process. I am excited to see what will happen next.

Although this story will be told in first person … I have no idea if anything that will be written is just fantasy and my imagination or if I will actually being sharing, at least symbolically about events that have happened in the past, are secretly going on in the present or what lies in store for us in the future. This is the beauty of writing fiction, people are more open to read new ideas is they are in story form. However I do believe that anything which a person can imagine must come from some reality .... So I would strongly urge you, the reader, to just see this as a fun tale, as a story sharing possibilities for a better world and decide for yourself if any part of it makes sense or has value for you. Maybe this story might trigger something deep inside of you, and help you with the discovery of self or maybe it can be a model to understand events that could or are about to unfold in our near future.

I intend to create a separate page that will list the help of any individual who works with us to make this story come alive. Remember we are doing this on the web and Web Pages are interactive now, so anything goes. It doesn't matter to what degree or level a person participates, each piece is valuable and must be recognized. So you are now officially invited to participate (again please see our page called "Guidelines for Story Helpers". Of course, I will be deciding which suggestions to follow, but whether we use such inspiration or help offered by others or not, should not be viewed as some sort of invalidation of the person who offered. There are many stories of challenges faced by creative people trying to find a middle ground to combine their talents into a congruent whole. Or maybe this slightly different approach to writing a story, might be a catalyst to others. We are grateful for any and all suggestions -- please know we mean this from our hearts ...

Through the story, one of my goals is to show how many indigenous cultures are receiving similar prophecies and warning about a change coming to our world which ultimately will move humanity to a new level of awareness so we are able to living together in harmony and cooperation Also I personally like the kind of story where we are presented with a mystery including many seemingly unrelated events that eventually sort themselves out at the end of the story providing a wonderful message and showing not only our interconnectivity but how magical life can be. This is an example of how the Infinite Universe we live in can enter our lives at the precise moment to reveal its secrets as well as a moment of profound self discovery. and reveals astounding revelations. It is now a time to trust more than ever in ourselves and the inner knowingness or feelings to guide us in the days ahead. It is truly a Great Time to Be Alive!

The story begins in the future … in the year 2037 … it is the 82nd birthday of our main character rJis … April 17th of course …. And he will be our guide and narrator. He was alive during the Time of Challenge and Transformation, a renewing of the human spirit, as our friends in the future reflect back upon the challenges we are currently living now. rJis will first introduce himself to us as well as the main character in Book No. 1 -- The Players Assemble, Michael Stanford, a famous author and world explorer, as through Michael eyes we see the events that unfold.

So dear friends, thanks for taking the time to read this introduction (sorry it was long but this is not easy task at hand) … I will be adding new sections over a period of time, so you will have to periodically check into our web site to see when the next part is up …. I will try to have road markers all over our site but the best place to check when a new section is added is by visiting the What New Pages (96 or 97) … or the Crystal Skull Chronicle Log/History Page.

A big hug to one and all and I am very excited to finally have the time and opportunity to share this story with you, let the games begin ....

Enjoy and God Bless ... see you on the other side of 2013,

Joshua "Illinois" Shapiro
Crystal Skull Explorer

November 20th, 1996
Des Plaines, IL, USA
(finished: 8:45 AM)

(final editing of the Introduction finished at: December 17th)

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