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We are still working hard this year to release printed  editions of our book Journeys of a Crystal Skull Explorer in English in additional to the e-book versions that have been released so far.  Hopefully the English version will be ready by September/October (2006) and around September 18th, is when the Dutch edition of our book is being released through our publisher Akasha. 

The e-book reader version of our book is still available via the Filament BookClub (to get your copy now, click on this link).  This e-book version utilizes a light weight reading device -- just like holding a book in your hands.  Filament is the bookclub that is associated with the "Coast to Coast" radio show and a number of the people who have appeared on that programs are authors whose books are featured with Filament books. 

In any case, if you would like to be notified by email when the printed version of Journeys of the Crystal Skull Explorers is ready (English) or how to order our Dutch version (orders are now being taken), please click on the picture of the special crystal skull (called "Ami") below and fill out the on-line form that will be presented.  These new versions have a few additional sections that were not included in our original e-book.

The Amethyst Crystal Skull

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(October 13-15, 2006, the Netherlands)

Thanks to the support of several wonderful people and organizations in Holland we are happy to announce the forthcoming 3-day special crystal skull festival to occur in October of this year.  At this gathering we will bring together a group of very special people who are intimately involved with the crystal skulls and their crystalline friends.  We are not sure yet how many crystal skulls will be present but we know it will be a unique collection that has never been together before.  We will have presenters from North America and Europe and there are at least two very old crystal skulls that the caretakers have promised to bring to this conference. 

The name for the conference which is in Dutch is: Kristallen Schedels komen 'samen' naar jou toe!!  (In English this means -- The Crystal Skulls come towards You!!)

If you would like to learn more about this special event, feel free to visit our website which contains all the information you would ever wish to know about the Festival.  Just click on the link below:

More Info about the 2006 International Festival
(here you will find information about the presenters, which
crystal skulls will be joining us, the program, travel info, etc ...)

Or we have setup a mailing list that will share the latest news
about the conference that you can join now (hopefully it will be fully active by late September or early October).  See below:

Subscribe to Crystal Skull Festival
Holland -- October, 2006
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(to be able to view all the messages on the mailing list, it is helpful if you have or can sign-up for a free yahoo email)


(Conferences in Switzerland, 2004-2006)

The Crystal Skull World Mission conferences were started in 2004.  It is a pre-cursor conference to the large festival being held in Holland later this year.  The first conference was co-sponsored and organized by the Heyyanka Foundation, IKA international and the World Mystery Research Center.  Jan Ackermann of the Heyyanka Foundation graciously offered his facilities (a conference room and guest house) to allow us to gather there in August of 2004, as we had 35 people in attendance from six countries. About 20-25 people attended again, at Conference #2 (late August 2005) including the chance to meet some crystal skulls that were discovered in Guatemala.  For our 2006 Edition, we had a smaller turn out but we guided by Mayan High Priest Achi Ijatz from Guatemala and special energies were setup in preparation for the International Crystal Skull Festival in Holland in October.

The purpose of the Crystal Skull World Mission conference is to provide a more private space for individuals interested in the crystal skulls to meet and openly share their knowledge and information.  The fourth version of this event will again be held at the Heyyanka Foundation, sometime in the mid-late summer of 2007.  If you would like more information please contact by email either:

Jan Ackermann:  com-courtema@bluewin.ch 

Joshua Shapiro:  joshuashapiro@crystalskullevents.org

To give you a feeling about what happens at the World Mission Conferences, there is a link below of various pictures from our 2004 gathering.

Photo Gallery of
the 2004 Conference



Don't miss out on this early book
released in 1989 written by
Nocerino, Bowen & Shapiro.
It is currently out of print but there
are limited copies still available now.

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