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Portal de Luz
(Brazilian Smoky Quartz
Crystal Skull that we use in
our crystal skull research)

Moses of Peace
(Clear Quartz Crystal Skull crafted also in Brazil that we use for Healing)


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What is a Crystal Skull Event?


Scheduled Crystal Skull Events
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What is a Crystal Skull Event?

Our goal is to offer to the general public the best information we can about the crystal skulls and the role they will play in assisting humanity to create a positive future.  In order to do so, we have create a sequence of different activities which comprise our Crystal Skull Events. Additionally, we have a personal circle of nine crystal skulls (made recently) that we use in our work which we believe have been activated in their energy through our travels (by exposing them to other ancient and old skulls, visiting special energy or sacred sites, contact with numerous people, used in many meditations for world peace, etc ...).

Also Joshua is the director of the newly formed Crystal Skull WorldFoundation, a non-profit research foundation ( established in the Netherlands for conducting paranormal and scientific studies of various mysteries in our world.  Sometimes, we are able to facilitate various tests and experiments with the crystal skulls (reported in our new book). 

Please find listed below a brief description of the various types of activities included in our Crystal Skull Events:
Crystal Skull Presentation: Generally a 2-1/2 to 3 hour talk with a slide show that discusses the history of the crystal skulls and which ones are known throughout our world.  We delve into various theories that have been postulated by various researchers or spiritual channels about the origins of the crystal skulls and their ultimate purpose.  We discuss our search for a Blue Crystal Skull in Peru as well as the type of research we have been conducting with the skulls for three years.  We always present, our personal crystal skulls, to provide for the attendees an opportunity to experience one.
Crystal Skull Private Sessions: An opportunity for an individual who desires to spend private time with the energy of one or more of our personal skulls.  In addition, Desy is a universal channel for healing energy and can offer a personal healing for any physical, emotional, mental and/or karmic blocks or distress.  Joshua is able to hear his spiritual guides and reads the energy of the person in order to answer specific questions that are asked about a person's life and he does receive many times messages for our clients.  Each client may select one or all of these options for their session.
Expanded Crystal Skull Workshop: (Includes the "Lightworker's Toolbox) -- This workshop expands upon the information given in the lecture to delve more into the mysteries connected with the crystal skulls.  We also talk about how a person can activated the energy or their own crystal skull and do some hands-on group work with our own skulls present.  The Lightworker's Toolbox focuses on how to work with ones inner gifts to make a difference in the world and use ones spiritual or created gifts in a more effective and powerful manner.
New Presentation -- The Manifestation of the Aquarian Age:  Starting in 2005, we began to offer a new full day lecture discussing what is the Aquarian or Golden Age and how our world will eventually see a complete transformation for peace by the year 2013.  Such topics to be included in this talk include UFOs, the Bible Code, Prophecy, Crop Circles, the Hollow Earth and much much more.  We will look at these areas of study as visible proof that the prophecies given are true.

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Scheduled Crystal Skull Events in '2006'

Courtemaîche, Switzerland -- July 27th - 31st,
Crystal Skull World Mission Conference, Edition #3
hosted by the Heyyanka Foundation Switzerland

Attn: Jan Ackermann, accomodations/travel
phone: 032 – 466 76 61

Conf. Coordinator, Sue Kitts


A private crystal skull conference in Switzerland for people involved with the crystal skulls or who would like to learn more.  This is the third edition of this conference which provides a quiet space for people to share their knowledge and experiences about the crystal skulls.  It also, in a way initiated the energy for the large International Crystal Skull Festival which will be held in Holland later this year.  It is hoped that we will be able to continue to offer many new crystal skull conferences and similar type of events in the future, all over the world.  The co-sponsors of this event with the Hyyankah Foundation are the World Mystery Research Center (Holland/U.S. -- part of the Crystal Skull World Foundation) and IKA International (Germany).  There is still space for people to attend, and the Heyyanka Foundation can offer accomodation at their quest house. For the 2006 Conference, we will have special guest, Apolonario Chile Pixtun, a Mayan Priest from Guatemala joining us to discuss the Mayan Calendar, Prophecies and the spirituality of the Maya.

(Note: If you missed this conference, please feel free to contact us about the 4th Annual Meeting in Switzerland for 2007)
(near) Haarlem, Holland -- September 13th, 2006
Meet the Crystal Skulls

Organization: CASCA
attn: Wil Trossel
e-mail: WTrossel@CASCA.NL

A special evening presentation with Joshua & DesyRainbow Shapiro to discuss the mysterious crystal skulls.  The presentation will include slides of various crystal skulls known in the world, a sharing of the Shapiro's personal experiences with the skulls and a hand-on session working with the crystal skulls in their crystal circle.  Its a sneak preview about the International Crystal Skull Festival coming up in October.
Rilland, The Netherlands  - October 13th-15th, 2006

Kristallen Schedels komen "samen"
naar jou toe!!

( An International Gathering of Crystal Skulls ---
  The Crystal Skulls come together to meet with you!!)

Sponsors: Heart Events, Crystal Skull WorldFoundation, Healing Arts, baRJis Connection, Cosmic & Flower Remedies, Frontier Sciences Foundation


This is a 3-day International Festival features some of the leadings speakers about the crystal skulls from Europe and North America.  It could be, one of the largest conferences ever organized for crystal skulls.  This gathering is a continuation of the energy that has been started through the World Mission Crystal Skull Conferences held in Switzerland yearly since 2004. 

The Festival will consist of a full day of lectures and workshops; the opportunity to have a private session with the crystal skulls that are present, live entertainment and a movie room.  All information about the conference such as the program, travel directions, where to stay and registration can be found on the website.

If you would like to be put on a mailing list for this event, please just send us an email to the one listed above.  Or if you wish to join our mailing list, please click here which will take you to our webpage that discusses a bit more about the conference.

See you in the Netherlands, October of 2006!!

Interested to Create Your Own
Crystal Skull Event for your Area?

If you would like to bring one of our Crystal Skull Events to your area, please feel free to contact us.  The best way to contact with us is by email:  

The requirements to bring a crystal skull event to your area are:

help with our transportation costs,
hospitality for us during the event and
a guarantee to be compensated for each presentation (which is negotiable).  We pride ourselves to do everything possible to accommodate all potential sponsors to create a win-win situation as our primary goal is to offer the best events we can for your community. 

We also understand that sometimes the financial requirement to create such an event can be difficult but write to us anyway, as sometimes we have some creative thoughts how it can be done with limited resources (such as splitting the cost amongst multiple local co-sponsors as we have done a few times in the past).

Our goal for the year of '2006' and beyond is to begin to organize join events with other crystal skull teachers, caretakers and related organizations as we are doing for the International Festival in Holland this year.   We feel with the current situations occurring in our world today, now more then ever it is important to share about the return of these sacred tools that are returning to our attention after a long time of sleeping.


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