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Please find on this page 
details about special crystal
skull events for this year!!

The Year of '2012 
is the year of many
changes and miracles.
This year, the events we
will see will forever change our lives.  Now more then ever it is time
to work together and to co-create new activities -
for the crystal skull guardians to become fully and completely united!!



The Crystal Skull
the assistance of many friends
around the world
will continue to bring for you new
and special events into 2012 with
hopefully other crystal skull caretakers joining us plus we also will be offering an amazing spiritual tour to Peru linked with the
crystal skulls.

Portal de Luz
(Brazilian Smoky Quartz
Crystal Skull that we use in
our crystal skull research)

Geronimo Golden Eagle-Eye
(Dark Smoky Quartz Crystal Skull created in Brazil which contains the energy of the
Native Americans and ETs.)

Anton (Clear Quartz Crystal Skull created in Brazil for Katrina which contains Egyptain and UFO linked energies ...)

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Crystal Skull Lectures, Workshops, Private Sessions with our crystal skulls & Meditations


What is a Crystal Skull Event?


Scheduled Crystal Skull Events
for '2012' and beyond!!


Spiritual Tours in 2013 to Peru


How to Setup a Crystal Skull Event in Your Location


How to contact the Explorers

What is a Crystal Skull Event?

Our goal is to offer to the general public the best information we can about the crystal skulls and the role they will play in assisting humanity to create a positive future.  In order to do so, we have create a sequence of different activities which comprise our Crystal Skull Events. Additionally, we have a personal circle of nine crystal skulls (made recently) that we use in our work which we believe have been activated in their energy through our travels (by exposing them to other ancient and old skulls, visiting special energy or sacred sites, contact with numerous people, used in many meditations for world peace, etc ...).

Also we are the coordinators for the World Mystery Research Center (, a non-profit organization setup within the U.S.  Our goal is to conduct various paranormal and scientific studies of important world mysteries that appear on our planet.  Sometimes, we are able to facilitate various tests and experiments with the crystal skulls (reported in our new book). 

Please find listed below a brief description of the various types of activities included in our Crystal Skull Events:

Crystal Skull Presentation: Generally a 2-1/2 to 3 hour talk with a slide show that discusses the history of the crystal skulls and which ones are known throughout our world.  We delve into various theories that have been postulated by various researchers or spiritual channels about the origins of the crystal skulls and their ultimate purpose.  We discuss our search for a Blue Crystal Skull in Peru as well as the type of research we have been conducting with the skulls for three years.  We always present, our personal crystal skulls, to provide for the attendees an opportunity to experience one.
Crystal Skull Private Sessions: An opportunity for an individual who desires to spend private time with the energy of one or more of our personal skulls.  In addition, when it is possible, we include a sensitive person who is a universal channel for healing energy and can offer a personal healing for any physical, emotional, mental and/or karmic blocks or distress.  Joshua is able to hear his spiritual guides and reads the energy of the person in order to answer specific questions that are asked about a person's life and he does receive many times messages for our clients.  Each client may select one or all of these options for their session.
Expanded Crystal Skull Workshop: (Includes the "Lightworker's Toolbox) -- This workshop expands upon the information given in the lecture to delve more into the mysteries connected with the crystal skulls.  We also talk about how a person can activated the energy or their own crystal skull and do some hands-on group work with our own skulls present.  The Lightworker's Toolbox focuses on how to work with ones inner gifts to make a difference in the world and use ones spiritual or created gifts in a more effective and powerful manner.
New Presentation -- The Manifestation of the Aquarian Age:  Starting this year, we will be offering a new full day lecture discussing what is the Aquarian or Golden Age and how our world will eventually see a complete transformation for peace by the year 2013.  Such topics to be included in this talk include UFOs, the Bible Code, Prophecy, Crop Circles, the Hollow Earth and much much more.  We will look at these areas of study as visible proof that the prophecies given are true.

To Schedule a Crystal Skull Event
in Your Area click

Scheduled Crystal Skull Events in '2012'

Crystal Skulls into 2012 and Beyond
(1st International On-Line Crystal Skull Conference)
December 1st & 2nd, 2012
(10:30 AM - 1:30/2 PM PST; 1:30 PM - 4:30/5 PM EST;
 5:30 PM - 8:30/9 PM GMT)

Sponsored by:
Awakening Truth Worldwide, Expanded Crystal Skull Explorers & International Crystal Skull Network

Co-sponsored by:
SEPIA Radio, Dreagus Productions, Bob Charles Radio Show, John Cappello, Spiritual Images Productions, Crystal Skull Sanctuary Network, Alasenmat Healing Center, A Portal to Enlightenment (Charlotte Szivak), Are You Self


To Register for our Conference (must register separately for both days)
please visit:

To read the schedule, speakers bio and their presentations
plus, enter our raffle, the photo gallery and more see:

(Please Note: since this is an on-line conference, after the
conferences ends Dec. 2nd, a recording is available to view
by going to our registration page shown above ... )

Description:  Two days filled with some of the most knowledgable speakers about crystal skulls covering everything from working with quartz crystals, to the history of the crystal skulls, to healing, various recommendations how to activate your personal crystals, to a special ceremony with the consciousness of the original 13 skulls to UFO and ancient civilization links to the Skulls.  Each day will also include a panel and chance to ask the speakers questions.  Also special presentations via audio and video and more.

We recommend to visit the conference website, which contains the full details including:

Speakers Bio - Activities for each Day - a free newsletter for receiving the latest news and updates - photo gallery of pictures of crystal skulls from around the world, how to enter the raffle of 10 Brazilian Skulls, registration and more.

Our speakers for the conference include Allayah (Founder of Crystal Skull Sanctuary); Ann and Rev. Dr. Phil DeLong (crystal skull guardians & teacher); Laurie Nielsen (Master of Crystalogy) - Rev. Marilee Ann Snyer-Nieciak (Healer & Author) plus the Crystal Skull Explorers (Joshua & Katrina).

PLEASE sign up for our free newsletter on the conference website which will always provide you with the latest news!!

This conference is being organized as a celebration for the "Crystal Skull Family" in the world and is a co-creation of a number of different individuals and groups.

Also to celebrate the crystal skull conference we have created a number of radio shows in November (2012) with all types of interviews about the crystal skulls, see list of shows in the next section.

Crystal Skull On-line Radio Shows for November 2012
(to help to celebrate our first on-line conference we have set a series of radio shows which include interviews with the crystal skull explorers, speakers of the conference and other guests. We have included the webpage to go to where you can listen to the show live or the archived version after.)

November 2nd - Teleconference
Title 2012: The Series with Nancy Wallace
Time: 8-9 PM PT, 11-12 PM ET

To hear the teleconference you must go to:

(when you go to this page you will receive the call in number, as this conference is through the phone)

(This is a Series of Interviews with different quests from Oct. 2012 through Dec. 21st, 2012 discussing key aspects about 2012 - Joshua Shapiro is interview at the time shown above)

November 3rd - On-Line Radio Show
Title: Investigations of the Unexplained w/ Hunter Joe & Sarge
Time: 7 PM PT, 9 PM CT, 10 PM ET, 2 AM GMT

To listen to the show live:

(Radio show which investigates the "Unexplained" - interview authors and researchers to find the truth - will be interviewing Joshua Shapiro about the crystal skulls during this show for 10-15 minutes.)

November 5th - On-Line Radio Show
Title: Alternative Perceptions with Brent Raynes & Chandra H.
Time: 6 PM PT, 8 PM CT, 9 PM ET (1 hour)

To listen to the show live:

(Brent is the publisher of the very popular online magazine Alternative Perceptions which will be featuring a very extensive article with Joshua Shapiro. There show and website covers everything paranormal as they interview Joshua about the Crystal Skulls.)

If you missed this show, you can listen to the archive by going to:
(select Liveparanormal Radio Show for Monday, November 5th)

Also Brent Raynes did an interview with Joshua on his magazine site talking about the crystal skulls and Peru, you can read this interview at:

November 7th - On-Line Radio Show
Title: John Cappello Radio Show with John Cappello
Time: 10 AM PT; 12 Noon CT; 1 PM ET

To listen to this radio show live go to:

(John Cappello is a psychic, spiritual medium and visionary. For his radio show he interviews interest people involved with spiritual studies and the paranormal. On this day he will chat with Joshua Shapiro about the crystal skulls, which have entered Mr. Cappello's life path recently.)

November 8th - On-Line Radio Show
Title: Late Night in the Midlands with Michael Vara
Time: 6 - 9 PM PT, 9 - 12 PM ET

To hear the show live go to:

(Michael Vara covers all types of paranormal phenomena and conspiracies and his show airs every night. On this evening he will speak with Joshua Shapiro about the crystal skulls.)

November 9th - On-Line Radio Show
Title: Crystal Skull Report - 2012 Update with Joshua Shapiro
(Special one time show which includes two special guests, guardian of an ancient crystal skull from Mexico and fellow crystal skull guardian and teacher)

Time: 4-6 PM PT; 7-9 PM ET
(-- this show is produced for the SEPIA Radio Network)

To listen to this radio show live go to:

To hear the recording of the show go to (the show begins to play):

(Joshua is going to work with SEPIA Radio, one of the co-sponsors of the conference, to do a special show about the crystal skulls as the MC and will interview two very good friends who are very well versed with the crystal skulls and have great story to tell. Also we will be discussing the upcoming online crystal skull conference)

November 11th - On-Line Radio Show
Title: Journeys of the Crystal Skull Explorers: Discover the True Secrets that are Hidden within the Crystal Skulls produced by Spiritual Image Productions with Andrew Aloha

Show Time: 6 - 7:30 PM PT; 9 - 10:30 PM ET

To listen to this radio show live go to:

To listen to the other fine shows offered by Andrew Aloha go to:

(Andrew Aloha does numerous radio interviews each month cover many aspects of spirituality. For this show Andrew will interview Crystal Skull Explorers, Joshua Shapiro and Katrina Head, discuss the book they released in September, talks about aspects of the crystal skulls and the upcoming conference for which Spiritual Image Productions is a co-sponsor)

November 15th, 2012 - On-Line Radio Show
Title: USA Paranormal Radio with Debbie Perkins
Show Time: 4 PM PT, 7 PM EST (one hour)

To listen to the show live go to:

(Debbie Perkins is one of the most prolific radio show host as well as a pararnomal researcher herself. Her shows have been on for a very long time. This evening Debbie will interview Joshua Show to discuss the crystal skulls and his world travels.)

November 17th, 2012 - On-Line Radio Show
Title: Unfolding of the Crystal Skulls and Other World Mysteries with Joshua & Katrina
Show Time: 11 AM PT, 2 PM ET (2 hours)

To listen to the show live visit:

(The Monthly radio show with Joshua and Katrina, the Crystal Skull Explorers. This special two hour show will be with three of the crystal skull speakers of the upcoming
on-line conference on December 1st and 2nd in combination with ATW. We will hear from Allayah (guardian of 3 Himalayan Skulls); Laurie Nielsen (Master of Crystology) and Rev. Marilee Ann Snyder-Nieciak (author of a new crystal skull book). This will give you a good feeling about what the upcoming conference holds!!)

November 19th, 2012 - Online Radio Show
Title: Open Canvas with the "Mad Painter"
Show Time: 7 PM PT, 10 PM ET (2 hours)

To listen to the show, head over with your paint brushes at:

(The "Mad Painter" brings on quests to his show to discuss everything about the "Paranormal". Joshua has been on his show twice before so they will be continuing their dialogue about news related to the Crystal Skulls and other world mysteries. We also recommend that you check out some of the other guest the "Mad Painter" has brought on his show - amazin!! )

November 25th, 2012 - Online Radio Show
Title: Crystal Skulls into 2012 & Beyond with Andrew Aloha
        (produced by Spiritual Image
Show Time: 6 - 7:30 PM PT; 9 - 10:30 PM ET

To listen to this radio show live go to:

(Joshua will join Andrea Aloha as the host of this second show by Spiritual Image Productions, as we will have on all the other Speakers of the On-line Crystal Skull Conference, to meet and talk about crystal skulls. This show should be an eye opener as our conference will be about a week away - get ready!)

November 30th, 2012 - Online Radio Show
Title: The Bob Charles Radio Show with the Bob Charles
Show Time: 4 PM PT, 7 PM ET (1 hour)

To listen to the show, head over to:  (just click on the Listen Now button)

(Bob Charles since October has been interviewing everyone it seems in the crystal skull world. He brings Joshua back for a second time to continue more discussion about the crystal skulls and talk about the conference which Mr. Charles is one of the co-sponsors. This is the last radio interview before the conference begins!! Mr. Charles always asks interesting questions. This show will be co-aired via SEPIA Radio, Bandit Radio FM & MIXX Network.)

Crystal Skull World Peace Meditations 2012(Everywhere)
The Thirteen of each Month (1st Meditation on January 1st)

Starting on January 1st, 2012, we begin a new series of World Peace Meditations linked with the Crystal Skulls.  As some of you know, from January 1st of 2009 through January 1st of 2011, we did a series of 27 such world peace meditations.  We have considered to find a new form to continue the meditations and now through the efforts of Katrina Head, we offer this new meditation.  We wish to acknowledge Sharon Pitt in the UK for continuing the world peace meditations through the end of 2011 which we joined in August.  But now we introduce the 2012 version. 

So if you would like to join us to share a loving energy with all life on the earth, working with the special frequencies linked by the skulls for 2012 we invite you to join us.  After the initial mediation on January 1st, the remainder of the meditations will be continued on the 13th of each month at the 13th hour (1PM or 13:00 your local time) for approximately 13 minutes.  To read more and understand this new edition of the world peace meditations, please go to the website below:
(On this page is all the details needed to decided how to perform the world peace meditation is given - also if you do not have a crystal skull of your own, you can substitute a piece of quart crystal.  There also is a link to an mp3 file where Katrina leads you through the meditation.)

We thank you for joining us for this very special world peace meditation!! (Any questions, feel free to email us at:


Spiritual Tour in 2013 to Peru


Upon the success of our tour to Peru in 2009, for 2013 we have decided to work explore creating a new tour for our spiritual friends all over the world to Peru.  We again plan to include for our passengers opportunity to work with both the energies of the Crystal Skulls and UFOs as well as a chance to do sacred ceremony led by real Peruvian shamans.

At this time we do have all of the specifics quite yet for this tour but hope to have more details by the early part of 2013. However you can view a sample itinerary we offered before which should be quite similar to how the tour will be in 2013. Plus if you visit our webpage below you can view a 28 page report we did of our 2009 tour filled with photos and seven videos taken by one of our passengers.

To know more about the tour we will offer to Peru please visit:

Or if you would like to be kept up-to-date on the next tours in 2012, we have a free mailing list you can join, just send a blank email to:

Interested to Create Your Own
Crystal Skull Event for your Area?

If you would like to bring one of our Crystal Skull Events to your area, please feel free to contact us.  The easist way to make contact with us is by email:  

The requirements to bring a crystal skull event to your area are:

help with our transportation costs,
hospitality for us during the event and
a guarantee to be compensated for each presentation (which is negotiable).  We pride ourselves to do everything possible to accommodate all potential sponsors to create a win-win situation as our primary goal is to offer the best events we can for your community. 

We also understand that sometimes the financial requirement to create such an event can be difficult but write to us anyway, as sometimes we have some creative thoughts how it can be done with limited resources (such as splitting the cost amongst multiple local co-sponsors as we have done a few times in the past).

Our goal for the year of '2012' and beyond is to continue to organize join events with other crystal skull teachers, caretakers and related organizations.   We feel with the current situations occurring in our world today, now more then ever it is important to share about the return of these sacred tools that are returning to our attention after a long time of sleeping. We hope to make this more of a reality by creating more international crystal skull conferences in the coming years.



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