An interview with

Joshua Shapiro and Katrina Head

The Crystal Skull Explorers
(updated Version July, 2011)
Joshua Shapiro and Katrina Head are the co-authors of the new book "Journeys of the Crystal Skull Explorers: Travel Log #1 - Mexico 2009" (This is a special new version released in May of 2011 linked to the full version of the book by the same title which has been released in Holland, Hungary & Poland previously.  We hope to create a full version in English of this new book at some future time).  Portions of this interview was originally published in the Spanish language for a magazine called Mas Alla.  


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What is a crystal skull and what types of crystal skulls exist?

A Crystal Skull as the term suggests is nothing more and nothing less then a piece of quartz crystal that is taken from the ground and then shaped by a talented artesian into a human shaped skull. This skull can vary from all sizes -- from the size of a small marble to one that which is several times the size of a human bone skull. Sometimes "crystal skulls" are referring to skulls carved from other gemstones but the true definition is one that is made specifically from quartz crystal.

There are three types of crystal skulls normally referred to, this set of definitions was developed by the Society of Crystal Skulls International.

A) New or Contemporary Crystal Skulls -- crystal skulls being made by modern carvers today who are using diamond-tip tools (saws and wheels) to shape the skulls, thousands of such skulls are being carved today

B) Old Crystal Skulls -- crystal skulls made over 100 years ago to about 1000-1500 years ago -- using various type of tools used by past cultures and civilizations to form a skull

C) Ancient Crystal Skulls -- crystal skulls made over 2000 years and much much further in the past, perhaps thousands, hundred of thousands or millions of years ago

There is no known absolute scientific test that can truly determine when a crystal skull was created -- but one can generally experience a very powerful energy linked to the so-called Ancient Crystal Skulls more so than with the more modern ones. This does not mean however that one crystal skull is greater or lesser then another or more important. In order to fully understand the Crystal Skulls, we believe it is of vital importance to study each one, all of the three different types. Each one then becomes a teacher that is able to provide for us far more insights into all of them, this is of course our humble opinion!! :--)


Why do you think that archeologists and scientists generally have ignored the crystal skulls so far in conducting further studies?

We believe (and in a way this makes perfect sense logically) that if there are strange physical phenomena that are occurring in the presence of a particular crystal skull and if most scientists chose to ignore an investigation of such activities, this can suggest that such phenomena just does not fit into the so-called accepted and established modern scientific theories of reality. Thus, we would assume that it would be much easier to pretend the crystal skulls don't even exist or that the people who are witnessing such phenomena or having a powerful experience when they are in touch with a crystal skull must be totally crazy. Because, a scientist might ask him/herself:  "How can just a piece of quartz crystal have such a strong energy around it that it physically changes its color, weight or how it appears inside? This is against the laws of modern physics!!

Similarly for an archeologist, if there exists an object who's history is unknown or that it could not have possibly been manufactured by primitive cultures of the past (as there is the belief that mankind today is the most advanced race of humanity to have ever existed) then it is easier to ignore such an object or artifact than to try to explain why and how it could have come into existence.

Perhaps because of the implications and results we have uncovered in our own personal research working directly with the crystal skulls, and because some of these results tend to refute accepted scientific or historic principles, these professionals prefer to completely ignore the crystal skulls or have decided that they are not worthy of any form of research or study at all. Fortunately, there are individuals and organizations in the world who intuitively and inherently understand the importance of the crystal skulls and are pursuing through all means possible to create ongoing studies, experimental tests and related research as well as attempt to correlate  such studies with the legends and information that is at times shared by various indigenous cultures in the world who know about the crystal skulls and have had contact with them.

But a scientific or historical study of the crystal skulls does not include a good explanation about why there exists a strong energy field that surround these crystalline objects.  An energy field which seem to have a strong or profound effect upon individuals who have contact with the skulls. There is not adequate space in this article to thoroughly discuss what type of personal experiences people are having linked to contact with the crystal skulls, for which this is a completely another aspect to understanding the skulls and an important area of research.  But this is why we have written our new book, "Journeys of the Crystal Skull Explorers", where we have the space to share such information.

Thus, because the phenomena that is linked to the crystal skulls is unexplainable related to so-called modern accepted scientific theories (for the scientists), and the technologic advancement required to make the skulls which appear to be associated with various past cultures and civilizations from a historic perspective (for the archaeologists), the study is ignored by these professionals in general.  Therefore, it is our one of our goals through our research foundation, to see if we are able to locate some scientists or archeologists who might be open to new possibilities and would consider to join us and become a key part of future research projects. If there is such a trained individual who is reading this article for example and is intrigued by what they are reading, please feel free to contact us.


Ok, but would it be possible if you could just briefly discuss then,
for our readers, some small examples of the type of person's accounts you receive from people all over the  world who are having contact with one or more crystal skull?. 

Atahualpa - a brazil made skull
There are two kinds of individuals who contact us (mostly through email, but sometimes via a letter, telephone call or meet us in person) that are having experiences when they are having a contact with one or more crystal skulls:

1) People who have their own crystal skulls

Today there are many carvers in the world making crystal skulls (predominately in Brazil and China but there are other carvers doing so who live basically all over the world) -- so if an individual wishes to own their own crystal skull, there are many places to find and buy one. Such as on E-Bay, new age or crystal stores or through various people who either are teachers about the crystal skulls and sell them, as we do at times ourselves, or crystal skull sellers and distributors.

One common type of experience we hear repeated from such individuals is about some type of telepathic communication they have with their crystal skulls which results in the creation of a name for the skull.  It is if there is an intelligence or consciousness that is working through the quartz which speaks to this person and requests a specific name which is a reflection of the essence of this consciousness and how it wishes to interact with its caretaker and other people. We use the word "caretaker" or "guardian" to describe such a person as we do not believe that one is truly an owner of a crystal skull, but rather is the individual or individuals that this particular quartz crystal has chosen itself to be with. So that the crystal skull can offer his/her (yes they also take on a gender in most cases but some can switch at times) assistance to help that particular person in their own individual soul path and growth and possibly, at some future time, to work together as a team to help many other people in some special way or offer a service.

So a caretaker is the person who fondly takes care of the well being and spirits of a crystal skull (or skulls) and then, if they properly understand what they are doing and listens or feels carefully to what their crystal skull asks for, will eventually help to activate the skull and bring it more fully to life. We also have discovered for ourselves as well as  a number of other caretakers that the crystal skull will eventually communicate with you directly in some fashion (usually based on which of the inner gifts you are personally using) to discuss: "his"/ "her" personal dislikes and likes; the activities the skulls wishes to participate in (with or without its caretaker); which location "he"/"she" wants to explore and visit to experience the energies in that location and well, this list can go on and on. When one agrees to become a caretaker of a crystal skull, their whole life will change and we feel can become rather exciting and interesting!! (Is this for you??)

2) A person who is not a caretaker of a crystal skull but has had an opportunity to be in the presence of one or to hold and touch it for a time:

Please find below, a short list of the type of experiences various people have reported to us over the years:

a) Quick or instantaneously healings of all kind of illnesses, emotional or past
    life blocks
b) profound dreams after meeting one or even before meeting the skull
c) expansion of ones inner gifts -- or a new spiritual gift that just becomes active
d) going into altered states of consciousness -- even channeling information from
    other intelligent sources
e) expansion and upliftment of one's creative gifts, whether such gifts are   
    consciously known or not
f) contact with intelligences from other dimensions or planets
g) receiving energy and becoming energized
h) having visions or reliving past lives
i) leaving ones physical body and projecting into other dimensions or the past
   or the future
j) receiving information or knowledge telepathically -- such information can be
   inspirational to help a person in their life or it can have to do with cosmic
   knowledge or knowledge held and programmed into the skull by advanced
   civilizations from our past

There are many other types of such experiences that we hear about but this list should give to the reader a good feeling about what can happen if you decide to take the plunge and make direct contact with one of our crystal friends!!


How old are the ancient crystal skulls really?  Do they originate
from Atlantis, Lemuria or a Mayan civilization ...?  

Again based on our definition of an ancient crystal skull being at least 2000 years or much much older -- how old can they be, who can say?

We believe for ourselves, related to our own past life memories that we are consciously aware of, that we did have an intimate contact with the crystal skulls before; that they were definitely involved with the very cultures and people you are asking about, the Maya, Atlanteans and Lemurians. We have heard from other people that they share a similar feeling or knowingness of the skulls be connected to these cultures and times as well. 

The Maya culture which is still present today, from the limited contact we have had with people (shamen) from this culture, (they are one of the few indigenous people who are openly willing to share this knowledge) they also discuss that the very old skulls were not made by them but came from Atlantis.  So there appears strong evidence the crystal skulls were a key tool used by at least, this ancient civilization and continue to be honored, revered and used in sacred ceremony by the Maya.

For example, Katrina and I have seen through our own inner visions or mind's eye definitely working in the temples of Atlantis where the crystal skulls were present and actively used -- attended to by the Priests and Priestesses. However it was the Priestesses who had the innate ability to help to open and activate the crystal skulls. Here is what Katrina remembers from her former lifetimes and what the crystal skulls represent for her:

"I have a remembering of quite a few lifetimes working with the crystal skulls during the time of the Maya, during Atlantis and Lemuria -- these are the periods of time which resonates with my soul level and consciousness.   I feel that my true soul essence is that of a galactic being (meaning my soul does not originate from the Earth) and therefore my interaction with the crystal skulls is that they represent a living crystalline consciousness. My soul purpose in this lifetime is to repair what was fragmented during the traumas of these times, during the Maya, Atlantis and Lemuria as well as including various native/indigenous lifetimes I have had. So I am performing this work now in my current lifetime."

"The crystal skulls carry special Light Codes which is part of a hidden level of consciousness which is vital for the future of humanity. What I feel needs to be repaired is to re-activate the "Unity Consciousness" (i.e. -- that everything which exists is part of "ONE" being) which is directly connected with "The Source" (God or Creator Consciousness) and the crystal skulls as well. This "Unity Consciousness" activates the memory (for me and other individuals) of these lifetimes where different people worked directly with the Crystal Skulls in Egypt, Peru, Mexico, China and of course in Atlantis and Lemuria.  Now specifically, I remember working in both Atlantis and Lemuria with the library of crystal consciousness (crystal skulls) as a Priestess. I was usually assisted the High Priestesses to place vital important codes of information into the skulls.  Also we knowingly were storing special information for future generations (which was for the "Present Time" into the skulls to help people for future challenges."

I have another memory of a lifetime as a medicine woman living with an indigenous tribe that also worked with crystal skulls (prior to 1492 A.D. when Columbus came) and received the same type of codes of information that helped me to guide my tribe.  But some of this information that is encoded in these skulls are still hidden and will come out when the frequency of "Mother Earth" has risen and people are ready to receive it. However, I believe the time for the release of this knowledge is "Now". As a person with a galactic lineage, I know the Crystal Skulls also come from a higher universal source that contain galactic knowledge that originate from the creative fields of "Source". I know that crystal skulls which have become activated and have a living consciousness are different then human beings because they are able to travel beyond the physical density.  Therefore the crystal skulls act as a door to help us also transcend our earth consciousness to link with Galactic consciousness. So most of what I remember is due to the connection I have with the crystal skulls as a galactic being or a star seed. So each day, I am connecting with my soul lineage with the crystal skulls."

Joshua: For a personal link to Lemuria, let me tell you a story. In 2002, I had the opportunity to visit a remote location in the northern part of Peru, high up in the Andes mountains. (Note: Some people believe the Andes Mountains resulted when the continent of Lemuria or Mu sank and then the land masses in South America rose, forming these mountains.) This location was near a sacred lagoon used by the local shamen for curing and healing people. Here I saw in my inner mind, that in this location, once had stood a great Lemuria Temple. At the exact spot I was sitting, which today is just a small circle of stones, but I saw that in this exact spot once existed a grand temple.  Where I was sitting at this moment, once stood a circular room within this temple. On the walls in this room were glass cases and within each rested a different colored crystal skull.

Of course, I myself can not definitively prove that Atlantis or Lemuria truly existed or that these so-called very old civilizations from our distant past work closely with the crystal skulls, some of these skulls might actually be  ones that are known publicly.  Although I do believe that there has been discovered a kind of physical proof to substantiate that these cultures were very real, still the professional researchers don't seem to be ready yet to accept such proof. Therefore, I can only say that for myself, within the core of my being I know that these civilizations absolutely had a connection with the skulls and that the wisdom and knowledge of the crystal skulls held by the Atlanteans and the Lemurians will return to us in the not so distant future.

But really, the people who might really know the true history about the ancient crystal skulls are the native people in our world. But long ago they realized that the crystal skulls were too sacred and important for the future of humanity and thus to protect the skulls, in general (the modern Maya are the exception) they absolutely won't discuss what they know about our crystal skulls or even if they maybe guarding one of the crystal skulls they are protecting for our future.  I have heard in the interviews done for our new book, that there will come time when this information will be publicly shared one day.


Going back to the Maya, do you know what their oral traditions say about the crystal skulls?

The following information was shared by a Mayan Priest at the Crystal Healing Symposium organized by Dr. Chet Snow, in the spring of 1999 in Sedona, AZ.  This is the place where I received my first large crystal skull "Portal de Luz" as a gift. The Priest represented a council of Mayan Elders from Guatemala -- Here paraphrased is the message they spoke at the conference which was translated from Spanish:

The Priest said that some of the older (or ancient) crystal skulls in the world are the property of the Mayan Nation. They stated that the skulls were gifted to them by the Grandfathers of the Pleiades and that they are a rare and sacred Gift. The Pleiadians gave the Skulls to the Mayans to teach them about cosmic sciences and that after death, we are all reborn. They called the crystal skulls, the "Messengers from Time to Eternity".

The Mayans are troubled that people are exploiting the crystal skulls, especially the older ones and that they should not be used for personal gain or to further ones worldly ambitions. They also gave a warning that if these old crystal skulls are sold, that the consequences to the person who sells it might not be very pleasant.

Finally they stated: "... our Mayan Grandfathers, the Prophets, came from (the Pleiades) and then They returned after leaving us the Crystal Skulls as a sign of their existence and the virtues of the Mayan Sciences. The Crystal Skulls perceive the consciousness from beyond the Great Galaxy to spread the Cosmic Knowledge and not to sell it."

So to conclude, the Mayans recognized the crystal skulls are very sacred tools and are unhappy that some of their sacred crystal skulls were forcibly removed from their land by the Europeans when they came to the Americas to colonize in the 15th century. They would like to have the crystal skulls returned to them so they can protect them and work with them in their sacred ceremonies for the benefit of our world and all people. They understand that the crystal skulls are receptacles of great knowledge and information.


You have worked with trained sensitives in connection with the crystal  skulls.  Can you describe what type of tests were performed and what were the conclusions that you reached based upon this particular study about the skulls?

The tests performed with train sensitives and the crystal skulls are very simple. The sensitive is allowed to hold the skull, and normally will go into a trance or altered state of consciousness. Sometimes during the trance or afterwards, they will verbally share out loud their feelings about the crystal skull or the object they are holding or they may have a specific vision that is linked to this skull or the crystal skulls in general. From such research we have been able to gain greater insights into what the crystal skulls are capable of doing and about which civilizations in the past may have created them and specifically how they were manufactured (if manufactured is the right word even). Based upon this form of research we have come up with various theories related to the skulls and their purpose as follows:

1) The skulls were created through the use of an advanced laser that was able to cut the quartz into a precise shape and form.

2) the skulls are a thought projection either from beings in higher dimensions or they were created by the thought projects of priests such as in Atlantis

3) possibly the skulls were gifts from the Gods (ETs)

The sensitives also discuss how the crystal skulls were utilized by past cultures similar to the question asked earlier. Some of the sensitives discussed that through their vision they saw that there are other crystal skulls located upon other planets and that some of these skulls were brought to the Earth by various Galactic Races or ETs.  Then, these other worldly beings utilize the crystal skulls as communication devices to speak to the people of Earth as well as act as devices that are recording all activities that occur in the skull's presence.  This transmission is than being observed by some unknown beings or a spiritual (higher dimensional) council so they are aware of exactly what is occurring on our planet in various moments as we continue through our evolutionary process.

Further, there has been a lively discussion about a strong link that the crystal skulls share with a race of people who live on the Inner Surface of our world (also known as the Hollow Earth).  That these races, which have a Galactic Origin, brought to this world in the far past an entire crystal skeleton that contains the entire knowledge of their race encoded within so that some of the crystal skulls that have surfaced today could have a crystal body.  

The major problem or challenge working with sensitives and the skulls is that we have trouble getting consistent information from different readers who work with the same crystal skull. One sensitive will tell us one story or scenario and the next a totally different one especially related to which culture or cultures actually had possession of this skull or how the skull was created or fashioned.

We believe this happens because sometimes the crystal skull works like a mirror and is reflecting back to the sensitive something about themselves and various past lives which has nothing to do with the crystal skull itself.  We also believe that there exists a number of parallel Earths, and each one has its own unique history slightly different from other parallel Earths.  Thus how one sensitive may see the events that are linked to a specific crystal skull maybe completely different than how another sensitive perceives the same skull who is linking into a totally different Earth (similar to the idea shared in the American TV program called "Sliders").  So as you can see, working with a crystal skull becomes a real adventure and is totally unpredictable.  However, the insights which are gained by working with such talented people is still a key process that is and will continue to help us to unlock the mystery around the crystal skulls and to better understand what they represent. 


Do the modern crystal skulls have the same properties as the ancient ones?  How many ancient crystal skulls are known or are there in total?

Star Being Skull - The King / Laialani
We would like to answer your last question first. We do not know exactly (nor we suspect is there one person who truly does know) how many ancient crystal skulls truly exist. Of course there are various legends about a group of 13 very old or original ones which is discussed by a number of Native American tribes -- the Mayans also discuss a group of 52 skulls, perhaps four set of 13.

As of today, maybe there are approximately 15-20 crystal skulls that researchers believe could be called ancient but again there is no definitive physical procedure or process that has been developed that can substantiate this number as each crystal skull researcher has their own ideas and theories. But now, let us ask this question to our reader: "Does it really matter for us to know exactly which crystal skull is ancient and how it was created if that skull is able to help many people and produce a positive lasting change or effect in our world?"

For Katrina and myself, we both feel that eventually, when it is the right time and humanity is truly prepared and ready, it will to be revealed publicly that there exists literally hundreds or thousands of ancient skulls which have been hidden from the world until it is the absolutely right time for them to be revealed. We believe that many such skulls are now being guarded by different indigenous people all over the planet. But in truth and to conclude, we believe that no single individual knows the answer to the number of skulls and perhaps this number is not so important. Again, a better question to ask (which we answer below) is what role do the crystal skulls have to play to assist humanity and help us create a time of total peace in our future?

As far as what phenomena occurs around the the newer or contemporary crystal skulls and what capabilities they have -- they definitely do show signs of duplicating to a certain degree some of the same phenomena and capabilities of the older ones -- why is this?

From Joshua: Well Carole Wilson, a good friend who is also a powerful sensitive in her own right, has channeled for an intelligence contained within the famous Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull that resulted in a book (The Skull Speaks). She once asked me the following question -- "Does it matter when a crystal skull is formed --- is not all quartz crystal itself, ancient and very old having taken thousands of years to form in the ground?" Of course this point is quite true.

Then, I recall a conversion I had once with my former co-author F. R. 'Nick" Nocerino (who worked together with Sandra Bowen and myself as we published a book entitled "Mysteries of the Crystal Skulls Revealed" released in 1989) who was sharing with me his views about the origins of the crystal skulls. He told me that for him when he has met and sat with some of what he considered to be the very very old crystal skulls that he sensed who were the real people who had created these skulls.  That he intuited that the consciousness of the people involved in manifest these skulls were so highly evolved (far more then the current level of humanity), that perhaps we could not even conceive of what these people were really like, what were their abilities or even what they were capable of doing!!  So there is no doubt that when one has contact with an ancient skull, that has been awaken and brought to life by people or beings who are highly evolved that such a skull can quickly bring many life transformations for the people who they touch.

Now when an older or ancient crystal skull has contact with one that has been  recently crafted (a modern one), some interesting things can happen. We have personally observed how an older skull will pass special abilities and gifts to its younger brother or sister skull. How the energy or feel of a newer or contemporary will quickly change after such a contact as it becomes almost a brand new and completely different skull.  Why is this important however? Because, the younger skulls are far more free to travel the world so they can share these new frequencies and energies they acquire then the older skulls who are constricted in their travel.  This is due to the fact that there are a number of countries who wish to preserve the treasures from past civilizations and to keep the remains in tact at the sites they have been discovered so they have specific laws to not allow the tombs and ruins to be looted.  Thus one has to be careful bringing an ancient skull into some countries less the custom agents will try to claim them.

Also we believe that when a newer skull is activated and opened by its caretaker, then various unseen and kindly friends (spirits and beings from other dimensions) can also place special energies and information into the new skulls. We have watched how our own personal crystal skulls (most which are very new skulls) have been completed transformed over the years via all the activities and travels we have conducted working with them. Again from our own observations, the ability of a new skull to be more energized or activated lies in a direct relationship to the level of spiritual growth and consciousness of its caretaker. If such a caretaker has worked with crystal skulls in other lifetimes, we believe that they have encoded in their DNA special energy that can really help to activate a new crystal skull and conceivably bring it to a level that closely approximates a very old one.

A person should not automatically assume just because a crystal skull is newly made that it has no value or it can not be of great assistance to the people that this skull has contact with. We have many many reports that the new crystal skulls are doing a great job too and changing people's lives in a positive way.

To conclude related to this question, I am remained of the answer Grandfather Tue Bear (deceased) told us in 2004 during his interview at the Four Direction Conference in Texas. Allow me to paraphrase what he said. He stated that the more modern crystal skulls were very important because they represented the hands and feet of the older crystal skulls. The older crystal skulls are not able to travel so freely but the newer ones can and thus represents all crystal skulls and can allow the energy of the older skulls to be broadcast through them.

And lastly, I recall the first night after I slept with our personal crystal skull called "Portal de Luz" (Portal of Light). "He" told me that there exists an etheric energy network that links all the crystal skulls together -- like our modern internet which links computers all over the world together (well actually computers are made from quartz crystals). Therefore, once a new skull becomes activated or the crystal wakes up then the skull begins to proceed to fulfill its tasks or mission in the world - at this stage it can link into this etheric energy network and receive knowledge, information and energy from any other crystal skull that is also linked to this network that physically exists on the earth (or maybe even skulls that lie in other dimensions). Imagine the possibilities of this last statement. Therefore, the new crystal skulls have just an important role to play as their older brothers and sisters!!


Can you please describe for us a few of the key crystal skulls that you have in your crystal circle.  What are their properties and your connection with them ... and is this connection perhaps more of a mental one?

Our Crystal Skulls displayed in Calgary with Friends

(Here we see our "Crystal Children" on display in Calgary in November of 2010.  As is normal, other
crystal friends will join them - this shows how many people now are wishing to have a crystal skull!)

Currently we have over 10 crystal skulls in our possession whom we take care of but for the purposes of brevity we will discuss just a few of these skulls which we call our "Crystal Children" or "Crystal Kids".

Joshua: Of course I honor and respect all of the "Crystal Children" we have but the one I have a bit of a stronger link with is the one that is called "Portal de Luz" which is a 10 lb light smoky (gray) quartz skull.  Although, when I first received "him", "he" was much darker in color.  Being the first crystal skull to come, I have had more experiences with this skull (receiving "him" as a gift in 1999).

Portal de Luz, a smoky quartz skull from Brazil
Portal de Luz's" life began as a large block of smoky quartz mined in the state of Minas Gerais in Brazil. He was brought to a carver in this area who fashioned "him" into a skull shape in 1998. Then "Portal de Luz" was sold to a couple in America who sell crystal skulls and I met this couple and the skull at the Crystal Healing Symposium in Sedona, AZ in 1999, receiving him as a gift. Carole Wilson, the Canadian sensitive I mentioned before, worked with "Portal de Luz" and told me that the quartz of the skull had been specifically programmed for me energetically before I was physically born and was just waiting for the time when we would physically meet. She told me that "Portal de Luz" would help me to activate some of my hidden inner gifts and help me to expand my work with the crystal skulls which has really happened over the past eight years.

The name of this skull is Portuguese or Spanish and Means "Portal or Door of Light" -- this name was chosen because we were inspired to use such a name and also because the crystal came from Brazil and the carver is Brazilian, so we want the name to be in Portuguese.

When I have communicated with "Portal de Luz", the communication comes to me more on a feeling level or I will hear in my own thinking voice an idea or information he wishes to share with me. (And yes I feel that this skull has a more masculine presence so I use The word "he" when I refer to "him"). Now I am not alone in the world to be receiving a telepathic communication with my friend, this happens to Katrina as well and with many other caretakers we know. Exactly who is speaking through the crystal skull is hard to say though!!

"Portal de Luz's" special gifts are many. To try to explain in words, as best as I can understand it well ... "he" definitely likes to work directly with people (human beings) and to meet and get to know a lot of us. "He" likes to help people to discover their purpose in life from an earthly point of view and at times "he" will offer healing or energize the person who is having contact with him. In a way, "he" is like his male caretaker (myself) in that "he" is a jack of all trades and will try to assist the person "he" works with in whatever is the best way for their highest good in that moment.  "Portal" definitely is about sharing of important information and collecting information. For example, "he" sat with me during the entire time I was writing our new crystal skull book and I think "he" was helping to create a very good energy in the room so I could be clear on what to write in the book. "Portal" has been tested and tends to create energy fields that helps to balance the energy of the person or the environment "he"
is in.

"Portal" also enjoys to be filmed and to be part of media shows -- for some reason "he" is quite photogenic. "He" loves to be involved with any research projects we are conducting to better understand the crystal skulls as "he" was our key test skull in many of our experiments (as reported in our new book) and "he" likes (almost demands) to be present during any important meetings that are dealing with his crystal family (such as our conference in Holland in October, 2006 or the new non-profit foundation we have set up).

"Portal" likes to offer himself to new people, who have never had a chance to be in the presence of a crystal skull and to experience the energy of one. "He" seems to know exactly what type of experience the person needs and will be very gentle with them in order to help this person to prepare for their first encounter with an ancient crystal skull.

Ok, here is Katrina's comments about two of our other crystal skulls that she works very intimately with called "The Guardian", a less than 1 lb rose quartz skull and the other is a 4-5 lb non-quartz skull called "Ta'chu'la", which was discovered in Mongolia when they were building a dam and we believe is an old skull:

Katrina: The "Guardian" is a small pink quartz crystal skull which weights less than 1 lb.  This is the first crystal skull that I received which was gifted to me by a friend during Christmas, 2008.  Do not let the size fool you because it is an amazing tool.

When I received this skull it immediately began to work with her in wondrous and powerful ways creating special manifestations.  The first manifestation was confirmation that I would soon meet my soul family and began a new and exiting job in the spiritual field.  At the time the "Guardian" arrived, I was going through a major shift of the frequencies within my personal energy field as new spirit guides were coming to help me at the time. It was not long after that I was told that these energies (the guides) were "The Guardians" (an Interdimensional group of beings who are interesting in help our world move into a higher spiritual awareness)

The "Guardian" has a very gentle and sweet energy. "She" brings in a frequency that gives to the person "she" is helping, a balance of harmony and a strong guidance to assist you to move forward in your personal path.  The "Guardian" offers to you an energy which helps you balance your feminine and masculine part as "she" shares with you privately how to use the power of both energies together.  A contact with the "Guardian" provides for you courage in your life as well as the ability to stand in the power of who you are.  When I first received the "Guardian" it was very pink in color but over time "she" has become almost totally white. The calming and flowing energies within the "Guardian" continue to change constantly in all of "her" travels due to "her" contact with the angelic kingdom.

Ta'chu'la - an old skull found in Mongolia
"Ta'chu'la" is a skull made out of clear obsidian with a piece of cranberry obsidian that lies in the back of the head. "Ta'chu'la" was retrieved from a construction project and dig in Mongolia, China where they were building a dam.   As they were digging into the ground, they discovered "Ta'chu'la" and a number of other non-quartz skulls.  This occurred during 2009.

I received this skull from a good friend of Joshua's, whose name is Lionfire, based out of Colorado.  Lionfire has been interested in the crystal skulls for a long time and naturally was familiar with the work that Joshua has done over the years.  Finally the two of them were able to meet near Santa Fe, New Mexico in December of 2008 as both were present to do their own type of public crystal skull work.  When Joshua met Lionfire at this time, Lionfire had like 30-40 non-quartz skulls with him all coming out of China.  These skulls, like "Ta'chu'la" are all stylized and are not a representation of the human bone skull.  Lionfire has contacts with the people who are digging up these skulls and then tries to find the right person for their new home.

Going back to the first time we met "Ta'chu'la", this took place during our visit to Sedona, Arizona in Decemeber of 2009. Lionfire was nearby to attending a special conference that featured 13 Grandmothers of various indigenous tribes. Again Lionfire had a number of these skulls with him and shared them at the conference plus he gifted one of these gemstone skulls to one of the grandmothers.  Anyway, the person who was hosting Lionfire, was very close to the room we were renting in a private home.  We were able to visit with Lionfire twice.  It was during the second visit that activities began to happen between me and "Ta'chu'la" (of course we didn't know this was the skulls name at this time).

When I saw "Ta'chu'la" during our first visit, this skull began to speak to me directly but I wasn't paying attention because I was tired, so I just dismissed it.  Besides, "Ta'chu'la" was sitting with thirteen other similar type of skulls that were retrieved from the same Mongolian dig.  However, during our second visit, "Ta'chu'la" once again began speaking to me and this time it was harder to ignore the skull. Then, when Lionfire placed "Ta'chu'la" into my hands
(I had not said one word to anyone present about that "Ta'chu'la" was talking telepathically to me), I realized this skull wanted me to keep it.

Lionfire intuitively felt that I was suppose to have this skull, so an arrangement was made for "Ta'chu'la" to go back home with us as we left Sedona.  Also when "Ta'chu'la" was handed to me the very first time, the skull immediately began to tell me "his" name and explained to me that "his" purpose was to be with all our crystal skulls and ourselves as our protector
(a protector of the energetic field around the "Crystal Kids").

Now, for us "Ta'chu'la" has a Mayan energy.  I feel that I have worked with "Ta'chu'la" in the mult-universes and have had a special past life time with "Ta'chu'la" which is why "Ta'chu'la" recognized me.  "Ta'chu'la" gave to me specific instructions as to how "he" is to be used. For example, "Ta'chu'la" is to sit behind the other crystal skulls in our private sessions we offer and "he" is not to be held by the participants unless he specifically states which person "he" wishes to be held by.  However, "Ta'chu'la" likes to be present at our public events and the workshops.  "Ta'chu'la" has access to a universal energy of protection that works with the spiraling essence of the Universe.  "Ta'chu'la" sends out a message about healing energies which are linked to universe upon universe, planet upon planet and a being upon a being. "Ta'chu'la" works with an individual's DNA coding and this is something that can not be understand by one's intellect. It is what it is.      


In  your opinion are the crystal skulls:

1. computers
2. tools for healing
they help people to awaken to their true nature
4. other ...??

Yes to all three


1. computers -- one gets the sensing they are holding tremendous information inside that can help humanity in so many ways

2. tools for healing -- every time we travel with our crystal skulls and offer our private sessions -- we see remarkable transformations happening to the people and at times, complete reversals of their health challenges - - so, you bet they are definitely a healing tool and more ...

3. Yes, absolutely they are a catalyst for helping people to see their true nature -- they are like a mini - energy vortexes and they will almost propel a person to release physical, mental, emotional, and past life blocks very quickly -- which helps one to see oneself. The crystal skulls are a mirror who show us what is truly inside of each of us!!

4. What else can they do -- well they are living beings in their own right and they definitely enjoy helping their human brothers and sisters to learn more about themselves and enjoy life.  And collectively, the consciousness of this truly crystal family wants to help the Mother Earth and all  of her living citizens to move forward and into the next higher dimension of being. 


What kind of holographic images appear inside the crystal skulls and what do you think these images mean or represent?  Could they be projections from the minds of other people or perhaps from the minds of the carvers who created the skulls?

During the research conducted by the Crystal Skull Society International during 1970-1980, they discovered that when an individual works with a crystal skull, that either that individual's personal energy or their mind is able to somehow activate the crystal skull and this will produce various holographic images that are seen and form inside of the crystal skull.

These images could be photographed (a few were shown in our first book, Mysteries of the Crystal Skulls Revealed) -- and all kind of scenes and objects would show up including

1) small and giant people
2) scenes from many places or many worlds
3) UFOs and ETS
4) animals and plants
5) other crystal skulls
6) dolphins and whales, underwater scenes
7) even images of the people who were recently working with or were standing
    or seated around that specific crystal skull!

The idea presented by the crystal skull researchers who have observed and recorded these holographic images is that this represents the skull's natural ability to work as a video camera of sorts -- that the crystal skull is able to record in some form (perhaps on another vibrational level) all the activities that happen around it. Then depending upon the person's energy who is currently working with that specific skull or the energy of the location where the skull is positioned, this energy acts like a key that unlocks the various holographic images stored within the skull.  And the type and style of the images and pictures that appear within the skull are directly related to the energies which the skull is exposed to at that specific time.

However, not everyone can see these holographic images, or some people see different things inside of the crystal skull at the same time. Therefore it is unknown if such images truly exist in the skull physically or are on another dimension and the skull is just projecting these pictures or images into the mind of the viewer. It's possible it could be a combination of both possibilities that there are physical images appearing and other images which do not.

Also we feel it is highly likely that there were indeed some very powerful beings who had strong mental abilities that not only were involved in creating the so-called ancient skulls but that they could have placed these images for us to view at some future time when humanity was ready? When one begins to work intimately with a crystal skull, anything is possible and one must be open to all kinds of conceivable possibilities!!


Katrina, can you describe the method you use to channel divine healing light energy. Do you work with the crystal skulls in any way to help with this?

Katrina: I work with the higher spiritual aspect of the person and their spiritual guides during the sessions we offer.  Normally, the person I am helping is holding one of our crystal skulls as I make this connection.  The information I receive deals with the state of their energetic field or aura in this moment. Then I receive an energy that flows through me to be shared with this individual in order to help them have more balance or take them to a higher energy state.

For me, these sessions are sacred, as I go into a sacred or pure state of consciousness.  All of our crystal skulls which are present (including the one the person is holding) link into together as "One Being" and enhance the energetic fields or aura of this individual.  What I receive is a crystalline (a totally clear) transmission to whatever level of healing or energy is needed to be given during the session -- whether this is to repair disharmony in their aura / energetic bodies / physical body or to bring the person into the next spiritual level which they are ready to advance into. I am opened at the time of the session as a hub to receive and help the person bring in whatever is necessary for their evolutionary process so I offer many different levels of healing or information.  When I am doing this work I feel in total alignment with my being and why I am here on the earth.

The crystal skulls which are present help to create a special energetic environment so that I can more easily linked into the dimensional levels to bring forth the proper energy and information for the person we are helping. Also each of our "Crystal Children" links into the person and sends to them their own unique energy but all the energies sent by each skull work together in perfect harmony.    


So what is the importance of the crystal skulls?  Why should other people become familiar with them or learn more about the skulls?  What is coming up in the future that has a link with the crystal skulls?

Well, we believe the crystal skulls (the older ones) are the ancient computers that were used by various advance cultures in the earth's distant past. Thus these skulls are the gifts from the Gods or the ETs. The knowledge and information they contain within can be of vital importance and assistance for humanity and our future. At the present time, it appears this information is best communicated to a person via telepathy (thought) but eventually we believe (if we don't already have such devices) we will construct a type of machine that is able to replay the information (visually and audibly) that has been encoded or recorded within a crystal skull through some method we don't fully understand as of yet. We could compare this situation to the following idea: What if we went back in time, say 100 years ago and brought with us a CD or DVD. Well those folks wouldn't believe us if we told them on this disc is contained libraries of books, music and visual movies as there would be absolutely no way or technology at that time that could play or show that this information truly was contained on the disc.

On numerous occasions, people have witnessed how the Crystal Skulls have been able to help (or heal) people of all kinds of physical or emotional problems, after a person has a personal contact with one. Thus the crystal skulls can be seen as a powerful tool for awakening the full living consciousness sitting inside of a person.  On a more mundane level, the crystal skulls help many individuals who they have a contact with, to quickly release any type of blockage that is inside of them (again emotional or mental blocks or physical imbalances) thus allowing such individuals to discover more of their true inner self.

Some of the legends and information we have gathered through various indigenous sources suggests that there are certain groups of crystal skulls (perhaps scattered all over the world) who will eventually come back together and when these crystal skulls re-unite, they could generate a powerful energy that could act as a catalyst to forever change the vibrational frequency of our planet which could result instantaneously in a total awaken of all of humanity to their spiritual nature.

It seems on some level, the consciousnesses (or a form of living presence) that has bee held within the crystal skulls (perhaps for thousands or millions of years) is beginning to awaken in a big way which could explain why that within the last ten years or so there has been such a strong public interest to know more about the crystal skulls. Now, we are seeing for example, more television shows (documentaries or specials) that somehow are including the crystal skulls as a subject of discussion and even in a few new movies a crystal skull plays some role. Several new books have been written about the skulls and thousands of people now have had their own personal experience with a skull or even have a strong desire to have a crystal skull of their own to work with. Back in the 1970s and 1980s there just wasn't a lot of interest as there is today. It is quite remarkable!!

For Katrina and I, we know in the core of our being, the return of the Crystal Skulls is a powerful physical sign of the coming of the prophecised Golden Age. This is why the crystal skulls are coming out now more and more, and why people are beginning to hear more about the skulls and there is more news given publicly after they have seemingly been hidden for so many thousands of years.

Joshua: I remember when I first saw a picture of the ancient crystal skull "Ami" - as I was viewing the photograph, I heard some part of myself say that the contact with this crystal skull was my inner proof and confirmation that the prophesized Golden Age was really going to happen in our lifetime. Amazing!!

So in regards to the future, we fully anticipate and expect that far more ancient crystal skulls will be appearing. We expect that eventually some of these skulls will be brought out by the various native tribes who guard them. We expect there will be new research conducted upon the crystal skulls to help us to even better understand what they truly represent and eventually, through some means or process we believe the skull will not only communicate valuable and timely information humanity needs to save itself from itself and create a world of Peace but they will speak to us directly, as one living being to another. It is just that they are silicon based beings and we are carbon based beings.


Lastly, can you share about any new projects you are involved
with to help the public know more about the crystal skulls?  What are some of the exciting new activities you will be involved with
into this year of 2011 and beyond?


In April of this year (2011), inspired by the very successful crystal skull conference in Holland in March of this year, we formed the International Crystal Skull Network (ICSN).  The purpose of this network is for people interested in the crystal skulls to help and support each other for perhaps crystal skull projects or sharing knowledge and information.  The first two projects we will institute through the network is supporting our friend Sharon Pitt, in the UK, who is part of our expanded international group for the Crystal Skull Explorers with a world peace meditation that can work with the energy of the crystal skulls.  And the second project is a new type of event we call a "Crystal Skull Gathering" where again people interested in the crystal skulls in a local area can meet and share and work together on projects of mutual interest.

To learn more about ICSN go to:

and to learn more about the world peace meditations: (we will be creating some new webpages - if you don't see the main page listed here, email us or come back in a few days)

Additionally, in July of 2011, we have developed our new website (using the Wordpress system) which we will be moving all of our webpages over from our old site.  This site is either to navigate and find pages and we will be adding new on-lline services and products.  For example, we recently have begun to work with a group of master carvers in China and will be able to offer new crystal skulls for people who are seeking to be a crystal skull guardian.  To check out our new website go to:

Our latest crystal skull book has been released in Polish (2004) and Dutch (2006) and Hungarian (2008).  The title of this book is called "Journeys of the Crystal Skull Explorers".  We are working on an English printed edition but we are unsusre when it is available. This book includes an overview of many key aspects surrounding the crystal skulls including a brief history, interviews with various crystal skull caretakers, carvers, indigenous sources and researchers. Additionally we share a number of examples of the personal experiences people are having with the crystal skulls and the research we conducted with the crystal skulls over a three year period.

In the meantime, we have discovered the popularly of e-books especially because of the new easy to use e-book readers, the new tablets and apps for cell/mobile phones.  So we released in May of 2011, our first e-book which is about two journeys we took to Mexico City in 2009 as part of our Travel Log series. 

More information can be read about our new book entitled "Journeys of the Crystal Skull Explorers: Travel Log #1 - Mexico 2009" by visiting our website at:

Also we have re-released our free small e-book, it shares the same title as our more comprehensive book coming out that anyone can get their own copy.  Just go to this webpage to secure your free e-book:

And in combination with the free e-book we have started a new free on-line newsletter called the The Unfolding of the Crystal Skulls -- to become a member of this list  and to hear about the latest news with the crystal skulls as well as to obtain other important free information and special e-books, all a reader has to do is just go to:

For those people who never had a chance to read the first crystal skull book that Joshua was involved with (working with Sandra Bowen & F. R. 'Nick' Nocerino) entitled, Mysteries of the Crystal Skulls Revealed (published in 1989), even though the book is out of print, we still have a few copies left.  To learn more about this early crystal skull book, which was considered to be the definitive book at that time, visit:

Finally (boy do the crystal skulls keep us busy!!) we are also working on some media-based projects, such as a new documentary that will include new information about the crystal skulls never shared before.  We also have a script done for a feature film linking the crystal skulls with how world peace eventually comes to our world (but now we seek investors to make the film).  While we wait for this film to come to our movie theaters we are working with other friends to have a novel version of it ready before the end of 2011 as the story takes place in 2012.  And as always, we look to continue to travel the world offering our public crystal skull events, so if there are any readers of this article that may wish to offer such an event in their local area, please don't hesitate to contact us.

The interest around the crystal skulls continues to explode all over the world as we are being contacted each week by new people all over the world.  We believe the energy of the collective consciousness of the skulls is becoming more active and calling to the people (the souls) who know the skulls from other lifetimes.

Thanks for listening and learning more about our crystal friends known as the Crystal Skulls

in peace and light always,

Joshua Shapiro & Katrina Head
the Crystal Skull Explorers