Face of the
Crystal Skull

with Joshua Shapiro


As any archaeologist knows, a good forensic person is worth their weight in gold!! When an archaeologist discovers a bone skull, if they want to see what the face of this person looks like they can work with a forensic researcher and reconstruct the face. So Frank Joseph thought, why not try something similar with the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull.

Frank Joseph is a historical writer that lives in Olympia Fields, Illinois, not too far from where we live. He is the author of such books as The Crystals of Atlantis and The Lost Pyramid of Rock Lake. In 1986 Frank began his search to see if such a face could be constructed. Being familiar with the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull through his father and his research on the late Classic Mayan Society, he decided the best place to start would be to contact Frank Dorland, who had researched the Mitchell-Hedges Skull for six years from 1964-1970.

Miss Mitchell-Hedges, the owner of this special artifact, had met Frank Dorland at the New York World Fair in 1964 and agreed to let Mr. Dorland have the skull on loan, to see if he could determine more information about what the crystal skull was about. During this time, Mr. Dorland constructed various plastic (apoxie/resin) and plaster molds, to help him study the skull, especially to determine how it might have been constructed.

In any case, in Mr. Dorland's book, Holy Ice, he mentioned that on a rare occassion, during one of his presentations about the Mitchell-Hedges Skull, showing some of the molds he had made, a person would ask "Wouldn't it be marvelous to see her (Mr. Dorland feels that the Mitchell-Hedges Skull is that of a female) face?". Also Mr. Dorland mentioned that when he would meditate with the crystal skull, he would inwardly see the face of a young woman.

So when Frank Joseph sent a letter to Mr. Dorland in 1986 about his interest to reconstruct a face of the crystal skull, Frank Dorland was quite intrigued. Frank Joseph told Mr. Dorland in the letter that he knew of a well known physical anthropoligist, Dr. Clyde Snow at the University of Oklahoma. Joseph asked, if it would be possible to show one of the molds to Dr. Snow to see what he thought about the viability of a forensic reconstruction. Mr. Dorland agreed and gladly shipped a plaster mold of the crystal skull to Frank Joseph.

Dr. Snow was very impressed with the mold and after careful analysis said the skull was not just an artist conceptions of a human skull but was a copy made of an actual skull of a young female. Receiving such a high evaluation from Dr. Snow, Frank Joseph became more encouraged and by following leads was eventually lead to the team of Peggy C. Caldwell, a collaborator with the anthropology department of the Smithsonian Institute and detective Frank Domingo, a composite artist with the New York police department. Again, the two Franks, with Joseph sending the forsenic team the mold and Dorland sending them some glossary photographs he had taken of the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull, the forsenic team was ready to see what they could come up with as a face.

Above, is a scan images from the book, Holy Ice by Frank Dorland. On the reader's left is the drawing done by the forsensic team (Frank Domingo) and on the right is a sketch by Dorland of the face he has seen of the crystal skull in his meditation. Notice the similarity.

Just another interest part of the puzzle related to the Crystal Skulls. For more information about the facial reconstruction of the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull we recommend the following two books:

The Message of the Crystal Skull, Alice Bryant & Phyllis Galde
(Llewellyn Publishing, P.O. Box 64383-092, St.Paul, MN 55164-0383,
.. see Chapter Five, Forensic Reconstruction, pgs 64-74)

Holly Ice, Frank Dorland
(Galde Press, Phyllis Galde, P.O. Box 65611, St.Paul, MN 55165,
Chapter 1, The Crystal Skull, pgs 43-48, also they sell photos of the Mitchell-Hedges Skull)

Editor's Note: If you notice, the three key figures in making the facial reconstruction possible, Joseph, Dorland and Domingo, all have the same first name of Frank. { Frankly, I find this quite puzzling!! :-) } In any case, I have found in my own personal experiences, when the number three comes up (three instances or coincidences of the same thing), it is a sign that this event was meant to be. I don't know, what do you think.

But wait, our story does not stop here .... through the urging of one of our friends in particular, who know that Frank Joseph was in the Chicago area, in August or September of 1993, I gave Frank a phone call and we had a very delightful conversation. I asked Frank if he had persued his researcher any further related to the reconstruction of the face, and he said no. He said that he felt that he went as far as he could go and that the mold, he received from Frank Dorland, he had been allowed to keep. However, he said the mold was just sitting in a box and he wasn't doing anything with it. I boldly asked if it would be possible to borrow the mold for some researcher I would like to conduct and he said that was fine. So, while I was at my job, he delivered the mold to our home one weekday during September and we still have the skull as of the writing of this report (March, 1995).

No, one might ask, what kind of research can one do with a mold. Well, through the research done on our crystal skull book (Mysteries of the Crystal Skull Revealed), it has been determined that any facsimile made of an ancient crystal skull, will contain some aspect of the original energy of that object. I have seen this happen repeatedly in many of my lectures, where I am showing slides of various ancient crystal skulls and the energy of the room seems to grow more intense. So I wanted to see if people who are sensitive would pick up any energy with the mold.

I have included another Web Page, to discuss our experiences with the mold if you would like to read more about this. You will find a selection below you can choose to link to this page. In addition, if anyone would like to contact Frank Joseph directly, please feel free to contact us and we would be happy to forward your message.

There is so much more to know about these artifacts ....


Joshua's Test with the
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