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Story Philosphy: In its initial enception, this story is being offered freely via the Internet. Therefore, a person must evaluate the value of the story and its ability to enhance others versus whatever monetary rewards it may receive. Obviously, this story can be greatly enhanced by the cooperation of talented individuals. Anyone who desires to become part of the CSC story team will be acknowledged and their assistance will be recorded and stated precisely for the part they played.

Although this is a story, we believe that it will serve to provide a positive example of how Mankind will enter the 21st Century and finally realize a time of Peace and Harmony. In addition, while I (Joshua) believe this future person (the narrator rJis) may be connected with this future part of myself that seems to be communicating with me, there is no way to prove this and thus we will leave it up to the readers' imagination whether they wish to view such a relationship as fantasy or that possibly this is a real spiritual link, as we believe all time exists in the Spontaneous Now.

What Kind of Help is Needed?: I (Joshua) am not a polished writer nor have I written before as a novelist ... when I first started writing my books, reporting on New Age and spiritual activities, information and research, I recall feeling that my head was on fire. Each new style of writing is a challenge that moves one to think in a different way, so the assistance of one of more editors or a person who loves writing stories or novels which include good descriptions of the scenes the characters of the story find themselves in would be extremely helpful.

Also since we are doing this story on the Internet, we have access to all the new technologies available that are making the Internet a fully interactive way of communicating and sharing with others. So if you wish to participate as a graphic artists, to draw a picture of the characters or scenes .... or if you understand how to create motion (animated gifs, shockwave movies, 3D) or work with sound and motion, all of this can be incorporated somehow to make this as real an experience as possible. Or maybe you are familiar with some of the new scripting languages such Java, Active-X, VB-Script, etc .... All such creative help is welcome.

If I (Joshua) can focus on the writing and helping to manage the pages, this will be plenty ... also maybe someone would like to become the web manager for this part of the V J Enterprises Web Site ... it is a new challenge going into a new direction.

What is our Expectation?: We have learned by working on many creative projects based on a volunteer basis that not everyone becomes as excited as the visionary who initially sees the project. At the beginning, this is just something fun to do and the opportunity to work with other like minded and talented people is a reward in itself. Also the idea that possibly this story (like many stories being written today) could inspire other people to discover the spiritual essence inside, is a major task. Each person must decide for themselves if these goals are more important than receiving a reimbursement of their time (initially). Also when someone is an expert in something, we try to allow total freedom of creative expression, because when this happens, when a person is in their flow and spontaneous is when the highest aspect of themselves can be expressed on the Earth level. So initially, other than the few people we have spoken to, the V J helpers and friends, we have no expectations of others assisting us. On the other hand we are not limiting ourselves either and warmly and openly welcome any and all to explore working with us. Also we will speak directly with each new interested party to get to know them and let them get to know us.

Our other expectation is that eventually this story will draw the interest of some commercial resource that can help make it available in some media (as a book or movie) to the larger public. If this does happen, it will of course complicate things (as money often does) but we will have some written agreement with each helper how to compensate for this. Please read the next section for our ideas about this.

Financial Considerations (if CSC becomes commercial): Obviously each person who participates and adds something to the story will make it more powerful but certain contributions are easier to compensate for then others. Also if a commercial partner comes in, they probably will not want to pay a lot of different people for the work. So here is how we propose to deal with such a situation because if we honor this work, money should not stop it from going to the next level ....

If another person or persons, assist with the writing, they will be considered co-authors and thus deserve to receive royality and the story shall be copyrighted in all their names. If the commerical partner wishes to use any artwork generated via the web version, they must contract the artist for such. For people who contribute story ideas or new characters, we can only acknowledge these efforts in the addendum of our book giving whatever contact information they wish us to share on their behalf. The commercial partner will need to agree to this or we will not work with them. We also will request an appendix that shares the history and contribution of all the people who helped created the existing version also be included. We are doing this because if someone offers a story idea that is used, and the project becomes commercial it is difficult to take it back, so please be aware of this if you desire to offer.

Well what do I do now to begin?: If you wish to join the CSC (Crystal Skull Chronicles) creative team, just send to an email to us and I (Joshua) will contact you. Please also feel free to print copies of the story to share with other individuals, our goal is to update the story at least once or twice a month. The format of these pages will probably evolve as other people add their creative talents. Or perhaps you have had inside of you a part of this story and we can work together. The key is that we are here to have fun and meet new friends, do our best to tell a great story and see what happens next.

To contact Joshua, please send an email to:

thank you for kind attention
we hope you enjoy the story

Peace & Light always

Joshua "Illinois" Shapiro
Crystal Skull Explorer

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