The Ancient Crystal Skulls

Crystal Skull
Shadow Lamps &
Lamps with Shades

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(contribution of images from Blue Arrow Rainbow and
her daughter Marcella Blue-Eagle Wolf from the Netherlands
with Bill Homann for the "Skull of Love" and Joshua Shapiro)


Example of a Crystal Skull Shadow Lamp, showing four phases
of the lamp.  In the top left corner is the lamp in an off position
showing an image of the "Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull of Love". 
In the top right corner, we see an image of a UFO appear inside of
the Crystal Skull with a close-up in the lower left corner.  Finally in
the lower right image is the complete lamp which shows how the
shadow image will appear as we see a circle of 13 crystal skulls that
will appear on the wall behind the lamp in color as you see it here.

The Shadow Lamp is a patented design created by the artist which
is quite unique in the world.  The Shadow of course does not appear
until the lamp is turned on.  The circle of 13 skulls shown above has the
"Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull of Love" in the center surrounded by
twelve crystal skulls of different colors -- it is believed that in regards to
the legend of 13 Skulls that the outer circle is comprised of colored skulls.


The Crystal Skull Lamp and Shade includes a two dimensional image
of the crystal skull Mozes of Peace (the healing skull from
Blue Arrow Rainbow) on the stand and a collage of various crystal
skulls from the three contributors, floating in front of a Mayan temple
on the shade.  The photo to the left is how the lamp appears when
off and the one on the right is when the lamp has been turned on. 
The crystal skulls are of course, strongly linked with the Mayans and
were used in ceremonies in various temples. Below is circular
view of the shade itself from various angles.


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designed by Creative Pal

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