Today we live in very challenging times.  Many people have a concern about our future and if humanity can ever live together in peace.  Almost every prophecies that has been spoken about \by various indigenous people throughout our world, have foretold of this time and asked each of us to prepare.  So is there something we can do individually to help?

We invite you to participate with us in a special meditation.  We are a group of people worldwide who have an interest in the crystal skulls and believe if we utilize the energy and essence of the crystal skulls, we can create a more harmonious and peaceful world.  Therefore, we are holding this meditation each Sunday at three different time slots so that anyone in the world can join us no matter what time zone you live in.  If you would like to participate with us, please find below the background about how this peace meditation was started as well as the instructions and suggestions how you can be a part of this wonderful and powerful experiences.  Please Note: You do not have to have your own crystal skull to participate with us. 




Time to do the Meditations


We suggest to do this meditation for 10 or 15 minutes. There are three specific times we will offer this meditation, please consult the listing below to determine what time works the best for you.  The specific time is shown from three timezones in the world: In the U.S. (EST-NYC); England (GMT) and lastly for Sydney, Australia (Note - Mon. = Monday or the next day):

Meditation Time #1:
8 AM (EST);  1 PM (England);  10 PM (Sydney)

Meditation Time #2:
12:00 Noon (EST); 5 PM (England);  2 AM (Sydney-Mon.)

Meditation Time #3:
6 PM (EST);  11 PM (England);  8 AM (Sydney-Mon.)

If you are not able to join us on a specific Sunday or at any of the times shown above, there is a special technique known as "Programming your Meditation Ahead".  What this means is that you can plan to meditate with us at any time which is appropriate for you during the current week, but you set your intention that the energy of your meditation will move forward in time so that it will coincide with one of the time periods above -- thus, you will be able to join us!

The Meditation Itself

Philosophy behind the Meditation:

When I received our crystal skull known as "Portal de Luz" in 1999, on the very first full day we had "him", "he" showed me an image in my mind how all the crystal skulls on the planet are interconnected through some type of etheric energy network.  

Additionally, that through the piece of quartz that comprises each and every crystal skull, there exists the potential of activating an inter-dimensional doorway.  That when your crystal skull awakens or becomes activated, it can receive and project out various fields of energies and information that come directly from this etheric energy network or from any crystal skull that is linked to it. This is similar to how the internet works, as all of the computers on the net are inter-connected and can send and receive information from each other.

Furthermore during  the research for our new crystal skull book, we have received information that there might exist a very large clear crystal skull in rotation at the center of the earth (i.e. -- that are planet does not have a molten core) that is the control skull for this entire network.  Since we believe each skull is unique until itself and specializes in specific energies it contains (i.e. -- for healing, awakening consciousness, activating one's spiritual gifts, a vessel of universal wisdom, etc ..), the large control skull can select which energies to emit through each individual skull which is appropriate for the location of where each of these skulls are physically placed in our world.

If these findings are true, then this could means that as each one of us joins this meditation and we work with the energy of our respective crystal skull, that a powerful peaceful energy (originating from  this inner crystal skull network) will eminate through the skull.  We believe that each participant will also receive and channel this energy through their body as well which many report has been very beneficial and changed their lives forever.

Thus by having people do such a meditation from all over the world, we can have many points of light activated that will be sending out a true energy for peace.  Can you visualize what we are trying to describe here?


How to Do this Meditation

The other part of the vision I received with "Portal" (as we call "him") was that to fully link into the crystal skull etheric network, there is a special (invisible or dimensional) antenna that greatly assists us to more fully connect with this network, and through visualization, we can bring the antenna into our meditation space.  There is a simple drawing below (although is you work with your inner vision, the antenna may present itself in a different form) to help you visualize this antenna in our mind which will bring its essence into the room where you are meditating: 

This antenna is actually more spherical and round then the flat representation above.  So just pick out the room you wish to do your meditation and find a nice place to sit or lie down.  See this antenna in your mind and position it in the center of your room.  This antenna is able to receive the vibrational frequencies from the crystal skull network and will help to amplify the energy of peace and love we will be sending out in our meditation.  See an energy beam shoot out of the top and bottom of the antenna going up and down to infinity.  Also see a small extention of the antenna extend out from the main antenna upward at a 45% degree angle where the main antenna touches the ground of your room.

Now, if you have your own crystal skull to work with, here are our suggestions for how to perform this meditation (Note: if you do not have a skull, see the next section for other suggestions for how you can still participate.)  Hold your crystal skull in any way that is comfortable for you and in which direction seems correct.  If you are sitting it might be in your lap or if you are lying down by your side or on top of part of your body.

We have found that also listening to a beautiful and peaceful music can amplify the energy of the meditation.  Then take a minute or two (possibly before the meditation starts) to do a relaxation or breathing exercise.  Finally, when you are ready, see a beam of light come from the main antenna and touch your skull in its third eye.  As the energy begins to build between you and your skull, focus on feeling a loving and peaceful energy inside of you.  Usually we find if we visualize this energy from the antenna in a pink color is helpful.

Next, when you feel ready, begin to send out this powerful but harmonious energy out of your body into your room (wait for a few moments before you continue), then into your home, out into the city where you live, in the provincial area where you live and next, see this loving energy fill your entire country.  Finally watch as this loving and peaceful energy covers the entire planet, touching all the living beings that inhabit our beautiful Mother Earth ...  

Before you return to your body (come back the same path you traveled out / from the planet, to your country, to your provincial area, etc ....) pick one location on the earth you feel drawn to that has great unrest or could use the most the loving energy we have generated for this mediation and send this place a little extra light and healing energy.

For some people this meditation can be quite powerful.  You might have some interesting visions or you might need a few minutes to re-ground yourself.  Also as you participate in this meditation, it will help to energize and activate your own crystal skull.

Suggestion:  If you happen to have more then one crystal skull, why not invite a friend, family member or neighbor to join us during our time together one Sunday?


If you don't have your
own crystal skull, what to do?

A person can still meditate with us and work with the energies of the crystal skulls. 
Here are a few suggestions how.

1)  If you have a picture of a crystal skull that you personally feel an affinity with, you can stare at the image of this skull during your meditation and also bring in the antenna for the energy network.

2) You could also put another piece of quartz on top of the picture of the crystal skull prior to our meditation and then hold this piece of quartz.

If you do not have any images of a crystal skull, I have made an accessory page to this meditation that has pictures of twelve different ancient, old and contemporary skulls.  You can print this page out and select which skull to work with it or basically look at the skull of your choice on the screen.  Click here to go to this page.

3) Another option is to find a crystal in your home that you would like to use in the meditation and see if you can actually meet a person who has and is working with their crystal skull in your local area and put your crystal near their skull for 10 or 15 minutes.

4)  Some people have the ability to visualize in their mind or even see a crystal skull with their clairvoyance ... so if you can do this, its another way to work with our group.


Other Suggestions and 
Last Minute Thoughts

The key for your part in this meditation is that when you are working with your crystal skull, try not to logically plan how your meditation is going to go.  Most people find as soon as they start to work with the skull, things just happen by themselves.  Our goal in this meditation is to send out a loving and peaceful energy to our world which will be amplified by the energy of the skulls.

Many people have found that during this type of meditation they are able to receive some healing energies for themselves or you can get some clarity about a situation in your life too.  It is not required that you join us every Sunday, just as you feel guided to do so.

Also I believe this group meditation not only helps to energize and further activate the energies contained within our personal crystal skulls (or quartz crystals) that we work with but it is also indirectly sending out special energies which are helping other crystal skulls that are presently hidden or unknown, to prepare such skulls as they get ready to come out and have interaction with people. 

If anyone has contact with any caretakers of an ancient skull or some of the indigenous elders who are guarding and protecting their own crystal skulls, please let them know we are doing this meditation and invite them to join us if it feels appropriate for them to do so.

We truly believe that we can make a difference by working together with the crystal skulls.  As after all, the idea to setup such a meditation and organize it was truly an inspiration that came from "Spirit".


Contact Information
or if you have questions

Attn: Joshua "Illinois" Shapiro
Bloomington, IL, USA
FAX: (206)

If anyone has any experiences or insights they receive during our meditation, please feel free to contact us.  Through our World Mystery Research Center we continue to collect key information about the crystal skulls.  Only by putting together these different pieces can we begin to better understand the purpose of the crystal skulls and how they can be of great assistance for Humanity.  
Thank you!!