(photo by Desy Shapiro)

(A Picture above of some of the crystal skulls who joined
us at the first gathering held in Switzerland in 2004.. the
large rose quartz to your left was carved by Bruno, a
Swiss Carver, and the two large clear quartz skulls in
the back were brought by Andre Siegel from Germany.
Many people brought their skulls, probably over 50
skulls were present at this conference ....)


What is the Crystal Skull World Mission Conference?

This Conference has been organized and supported by three organizations located in Europe.  The Heyyanka Foundation located in Courtemaiche, Switzerland offered their facilities to host the event, Jan and Uschi Ackermann are the founders.  The second organization to sponsor this event is the World Mystery Research Center located in the U.S. and Holland, the founder is Joshua Shapiro.  And the last organization is IKA International, in Germany, with founder Boris Schneickert. 

The Goal:  Is to provide a space for a weekend, where people involved with the crystal skulls (caretakers/guardians, researchers, carvers, teachers and people interested) could meet in an informal setting to share their knowledge and their crystal skulls with each other.  The first gathering was held in August of 2004 and a second conference occurred again in August of 2005. 

Furthermore, it was our hope that this smaller and more private conference would initiate a series of larger conferences that will be held all over the world to educate the public about the crystal skulls and give people an opportunity to have their own personal experience with a crystal skull.  Finally, our wish came true, as in October of 2006, the first such large conference will be held in the Netherlands .  To read more information about the Dutch conference please visit the website at:

( Kristallen Schedels komen "samen" naar jou toe!!
The Crystal Skulls come together to meet with you!!
October 13th - 15th, 2006, The Netherlands )

Lastly, it is our hope that through the creations of these various types of events that we will be able to eventually create a new organization that will be a network of individuals and groups working closely with the crystal skulls who will be able to work together in the future on joint projects involving the skulls that will benefit people all over the world.

A Summary of the Activities that happen in Switzerland:  The Crystal Skull World Mission conferences are a combination of talks by the participants, live music, some hands-on work with the crystal skulls present, various meditations for world peace and time for people to make new friends and connections.  In 2004, we had about 30 people attend representing six countries (Australia, England, Holland, Germany, Switzerland and the U.S.) and we probably had over 50 crystal skulls present.  Not all the participates had their own crystal skull.  In 2005, we had about 25 participants representing various countries and again had a large collection of skulls including a few from the Mayans of Guatemala.

The Next Conference -- Switzerland, July of 2006 --  Once again we will meet in Courtemache, Switzerland as our friends at the Heyyanka Foundation, allow us to once again and share about our friends the crystal skulls.  If you would like to attend please feel free to contact the conference coordinators:

Information, Sue Kitts: susan.kitts@btinternet.com

Travel & Lodging, Jan Ackermann: com-courtema@bluewin.ch

Photographs from the Switzerland Gathering
(Crystal Skull World Mission #1, August 2004)

If you would like to see what happened at our first meeting, we have setup a few webpages of photographs taken during the conference by some of our participants.  To take a front row seat and join those of us who were able to particpate in Switzerland just click on the link below.  Enjoy!!

< Photo Page #1 >

These pages are presented by Joshua Shapiro of the World Mystery Research Center,.  To learn more about the crystal skull programs and services offered by the Crystal Skull Explorers feel free to contact them at their email at: crystalskullexplorers@gmail.com

If you would like to help organize a Crystal Skull World Mission Conference in your local area, feel free to contact us.

Also don't forget to check out their new book, "Journeys of a Crystal Skull Explorers: Travel Log 1 - Mexico 2009" by visiting:


book: Journeys of the Crystal Skull Explorers: Travel Log #1