Sponsors of the Events

(photo by Bart Volgers)

Joshua Shapiro, a Crystal Skull Explorer with Desy Roodnat were the initiators for the conference.  They asked Jan Ackermann of the Heyyanka Foundation if it would be possible to offer such a gathering and it was agreed to.

Above Joshua and Ms. Rodnaat are rehearsing the theme song for the conference which they performed on the same day of their first rehersal.  To your right is Joshua greeting everyone and welcoming them on Friday, August 6th to this first Gathering!!

(photo taken by Desy Roodnat)


                                                             (photo by Desy Roodnat)

(Here is Jan Ackermann, who was the host
for the conference, sharing his own perspective
about the crystal skulls that he personally has
and how they are use in sacred ceremony
following the Native American traditions.)


                                          (photo by Desy Roodnat)

(Above is our giant from Germany, Boris
Schneickert representing IKA International.
Boris discussed information about the
current state of affairs related to the
crystal skulls known in the world.
His organization is the first one in
Germany dedicated to research the
mysterious crystal skulls!!)


                                                                            (photo by Bart Volgers)

(At the conference we set aside a table for anyone to place their
crystal skulls together with the others.  The idea is that each
crystal skull is its own unique recorder of various frequencies
and information and that the skulls will pass their unique
energies and information to each other.  Some of the skulls that
were present have traveled all over the world to a number of sacred
places.  Also you can see from this picture, the skulls come in
all sizes and shapes and various types of quartz crystals!!)


                                                                      (photo by Desy Roodnat)

(Here we see some of the people who attended the Conference. 
This was during one of our music session to get the people
warmed up for the events happening in the day.  The
conference room offered to us by the Heyyanka
Foundation was ideal for our first gathering.)




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