Some Photos of the Presenters

From the U.S. (via Holland)

                                                                                                                                                      (photo by Bart Volgers)

(Joshua Shapiro was the master of Ceremonies (and Game Show Host). 
He offered different insights about the crystal skulls throughout our
conference.  On the first day he honored and acknowledged many
of the crystal skulls known throughout our world such as:
"Mitchell-Hedges", "ET", "Max", "Ami",
"The British Museum Crystal Skull", "Sha Na Ra", "The Paris Skull"
amongst many others that are starintg to be revealed ...

He also honored various key individuals who have made
major contributons to helping to give the public more
awareness about the crystal skulls such as:

Chief Tue Bears, Dorland, Nocerino, Pelton and Vogel to name but a few )

From Germany

              (photo by Desy Roodnat)


(photo by Bart Volgers)

Crystal Caretaker and Research André Siegel from Germany, shared with our participants his insights about the Crystal Skulls.  He brought with him three clear quartz skulls, two were human size.  On the left he is holding one of his skulls and above he demonstrates how energy works via a spiral pattern of wood that is able to hold his weight.

From England

                                 (photo by Desy Roodnat)

Our good friend Geraldine Murfinshaw who is now the caretakers of five crystal skulls spoke about what is like to have skulls in your life.  She and Eleanor has a crystal skull
conference scheduled in N. England for
October of 2004 inspired by our Gathering.

                                                               (photo by Desy Roodnat)

Spiritual Teacher and Sensitive Eleanor John-Gilbert shared with our participants her message about our future and what
role the crystal skulls will play in it. 
Eleanor always brings great hope
and joy into her presentation.  (You
had to be there to know what I mean :-)


                                                            (photo by Desy Roodnat)

We were very privileged to have attending our
Conference, this gentlemen from Switzerland
who's name is Bruno.  He is a carver of crystal
skulls and teaches others how to carve crystal
as well. In this photo is holding a large
rose quartz skull he is still working on that
is called "Princess Be".  It is not finished quite
yet but for Desy and I, this skull is charged!


                                                  (photo by Bart Volgers)

Uncle Bruno, as our crystal skulls call him
(as prior to the conference Desy and I
visited with Bruno and his wife and he was
able to perform minor repair work to various
of the skulls from our personal circle), is
a special person and has great wisdom.
Also it seems that he came with some
invisible helpers (notice the white circle
just over his head that appears here?

From Australia (via England)

                                                                                  (photo by Bart Volgers)

(Elmera is from Australia but lives presently in Glastonbury.
I met Elmera in 1995 at the Body Mind Spirit and after
this she found her crystal skull in a shop "Ebminagine".
Elmera shared with us insights from her world travels
with her crystal skull and led us in a meditation
linking into the energy of the Mayan Pyramids.)


                                                                                                                                                         (photo by Bart Volgers)

(Desy Roodnat, the co-host for our conference, is a multitalented
lady.  Besides being a channel for Universal and Divine Energies
and a crystal skull caretaker of 17 skulls, she is also a very
talented singer who performed in operettes.  Here she is
singing the "Avi Marie" for our guests in Dutch ..... )


We wish to acknowledge our other Crystal Skulls Presenters and people who offered their help during our gathering:


Alain Hubler (Swiss) -- spoke about the Mayan Prophecy and links to the Crystal skulls

Bart Volgers (Dutch) -- for his special channeled session from "The Guides"

Boris Schneickert, (German) -- sharing current information about the crystal skulls and what research his organization IKA is involved with.

Jan Ackermann (Swiss) -- discussing his personal experiences with the crystal skulls from a Native perspective.

Peaceone (Australian) -- for providing ideas of a plan to create global peace and harmony (also for filming part of our conference)

Special Acknowldgements:
  Bart Volger for help to record the proceedings of our conference and Jan Ackermann for the sound equipment.  Vidya Math for her Indian dance -- Jeremias and Alain for the Drums, Jan and his assistance for our Sweat Lodge.  To Julia Baus, Geri Sahreef, Bea Brakema and Richard Hau for their help with translation for German into English (and Jose, Geri's fiance for the great hispanic meal on the Saturday night).


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