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Major General

William Henry Fitzhue
"Rooney" Lee's

Uniform Frock Coat.

Rooney Lee was Robert E. Lee's second son and rode with Jeb Stuart during the Civil War. He had the fame of being the youngest Confederate Major General in the Confederate Army. This coat is made of jean cloth which is half wool and half cotton. It is the coat of a Colonel. Almost all the Lee family wore Colonels uniforms during the Civil war. Even Robert E. Lee wore a Colonels uniform. It has something to do with "I'd rather be a Kentucky Colonel than a political appointed General". This coat was worn in battles and has minor damage and plenty of worn places from wear. There are field repairs of the damaged places. Nothing is badly damaged and the places give the coat character.

Rooney Lee surrendered with his father to Grant. At the end of the war, Rooney gave the coat to Colonel Taylor, Robert E. Lee's adjutant and a close family friend. Colonel Taylor is depicted in the photograph of Robert E. Lee sitting on his porch with his first son on his right standing and Colonel Taylor on his left after the war. All are in uniform. Colonel Taylor greatly admired Rooney and put the coat on display at the Knights of Pythis Hall at Alexandria, Virginia where he was a member. The coat remained there on display for many years until Rooney Lee died and then the original buttons were cut off and sold at auction for benefit of the lodge and to give all his fellow soldiers an opportunity to own one of his buttons. When Colonel Taylor died, the coat was willed to his daughter and then to her son and then it went into a private Confederate Museum where it remained until the museum went broke. There was another auction and the coat remained in private hands. Condition is excellent. The buttons have been replaced and are not the original ones. There is a certified letter of authenticity from Colonel Taylor's Great Great Grandson who gave the coat to the Confederate Museum. Robert E. Lee's coat is priceless. This is second best.

PRICE: $93,000.00

1851 Confederate Navy Revolver

Fully engraved model 1851 Navy Revolver belonging to Confederate Brigadier General John Creed Moore. General Moore was the Regimental Commander of the 2nd Texas Infantry that was raised at Galveston, Texas at the beginning of the war. The back strap of the pistol is engraved with "Gen. J. C. Moore, CSA, Texas". The pistol comes with the original holster with a Confederate Texas button holding down the flap. The button is original to the holster and the button itself is worth $1,500.00. It is my guess that this pistol was taken off a yank, engraved and given to General Moore by his men when he was promoted to General. The revolver is in excellent firing condition and has what may be original nipples from the civil war still in place and shootable.

PRICE: $20,000.00


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