The Rainbow Crystal Skull
with a Mayan Artifact


DaEl Walker

DaEl with Sha Na Ra in his right hand, Madre in the left, and Rainbow is on the shelf to his right.

We would like to extend our thanks to DaEL Walker for permitting us to share with our readers another crystal skull that is known as the Rainbow Crystal Skull.

I met DaEl in California back in the 1980's, when I was traveling on faith and networking throughout the New Age community in this area, I believe the first time was probably at a Whole Life Expo. Via my contact with my co-authors (of our crystal skull book), I had a chance to get to know DaEl a bit more. He is the author of The Crystal Book and is the President of the Crystal Awareness Institute in Northern, California. He is considered to be one of the finest teachers about how to work with quartz crystals for personal growth and empowerment.

In May of 1998, I received an email from DaEl inquirying about how to join our on-line crystal skull mailing list. From various other people, I had heard that DaEl had a crystal skull which was called the Rainbow Skull and silently asked the Universe if there was a way I could find out more information and magically DaEl sent some emails. Below is the first email DaEl sent to us which talked about this crystal skull:

From: DaElWalker (
Date: Sat, 23 May 1998 01:30:52 EDT
Subject: Rainbow Crystal Skull

Josh, I thought you might be interested in a skull I have been researching for the past three years. It was noted in Chuck Pelton's video, Skull Trek.

It is a cloudy piece of crystal weighing 11 pounds and about 7 inches in length. It is filled with rainbows, hence the name Rainbow. I have hundreds of photos and slides of images photographed within this skull. Last year I took the skull to Houston, Texas and gave a slide show. I invited Jo Ann and Carl Parks to come and see it. They both liked it and Carl made an amusing comment, "I never seen so much landscape!". He was amazed at the amount of detail in the slides. From Houston I went to a special White Dove Peace Conference in Atlanta, Georgia. Hundreds of people from all over the US and several countries touched Rainbow and marveled. February, 1998 I did a tour to New York showing the slides and giving people the chance to experience the skull. While I was there I gave a lecture and personal experience of Rainbow to members of the Society for Spiritual Unfoldment and Enlightenment at the United Nations Building. People from 16 countries made contact. Last month I went to the Star Knowledge Conference at the University of New Mexico, Las Cruces, New Mexico. This is right up your alley because it is a conference of native elders and others who are sharing their ancient legends of contacts with ufos. They loved the skull and have named her Grandmother Rainbow.

If you are interested in more and a photo, let me know.
Hope you are well.

DaEl Walker

So I asked DaEl if he was interested to share more information about the Rainbow Crystal Skull that we could share via our web site and he agreed. Please find below a summary on how he obtained this crystal skull and above are some pictures DaEl sent to us which show what the Rainbow Skull looks like. Also DaEl is constantly touring the world with the crystal skull and to offer his crystal workshops, please feel to contact DaEl by email to see if you might be able to experience the crystal skull first hand. There is some information provided here about his European Tour, contact DaEl for more details ....

OK DaEl take it away ...... Joshua

The Rainbow Crystal Skull
-- by DaEl Walker

( 24 May, 1998 )

Rainbow came to me 3 years ago. It was a trade for some other material I had. The trader said it came down to him from his Grandfather and was given to him by two priests from Guatemala. I have not been able to verify this. I have been working on skulls since I was part of the team which went to Kitchener, Ontario and decoded the Mitchell-Hedges skull. I went back two more times with Nick Nocerino where we two were the only ones to work with the skull.

Picture of DaEl Walker with
Anna Mitchell-Hedges and her crystal skull,
taken in her home in Canada in 1985

If you have ever worked psychically with an ancient skull, you will forever be able to feel a similar energy with others. You (Joshua) mentioned once, how can we tell if they are ancient or just old? I would define ancient as over a thousand years old, perhaps hundreds of thousands. They are all hand carved, without the marks of machine tools. (In the BBC Skull special {Special TV documentary showed in England in 1996 and the U.S. on A&E in 1997} they showed how they could see these marks under an electron microscope.) I have worked on Mitchell-hedges, Rainbow, Sha Na Ra, and another skull, Madre and they all show an uneveness characteristic of hand carving. I have not had access to an electron microscope but I am sure of the findings. These show other characteristics. Each of them have a priestess in the forehead who controls the skull. Nick (Nocerino) noted the same with the Mayan skull, back in the 70's. Each one eventually shows images which resemble known UFO shapes. All of them will also show skulls. All of them also show alien faces which look animal like. In my rainbow slides there is a consistent picture which looks like a baby dolphin/human/alien. As I continue to investigate, I am finding other similarities.

On the other hand, Rainbow has several major differences with these other skulls. The bottom has been hollowed out as much as two inches inside a four inch high skull. The rest of the skull is solid. Why was this area hollowed out? Another interesting feature. This area is unpolished and so are the inside of the eyes. This is not an accident. It is polished right up to the edge and then the rest of the area is unpolished. Someone suggested something was intended to be placed into these areas. What would that be? I previously described the skull as cloudy. That's not really accurate. It is quite clear but very heavily included with large areas which have rainbow diffractions. I have a large collection of photos of these rainbow colors. These are my personal attraction. Some of these have images, most do not. When we photographed the Mitchell-Hedges we concluded the images were stored on bands of light. Whichever direction we looked, we could see things and if we changed the way we looked, the images changed. Rainbow has the same method of recording. I have taken hundreds of photos with the skull on a light box with different color gels and each color has different images, even if you shoot the same view. Some of these images are very clear and easy to see. Others are so integrated with the landscape, you only see them after viewing them for a time. This is consistent with scrying or crystal gazing. You begin to see patterns not noticed before.

Rainbow is about the size of a teen age child. It weighs 5 pounds. It is 4 inches high, measured from the corner of the jaw to the top of the head. From the center of the back of the head to the brow, it measures 5 inches, and from the longest diagonal it measures 7 inches. It has a a very unusual feature, not found on other skulls. It has heavy eye bridges. Chuck Pelton, in his video, Skull Trek, overlaid an ancient bone skull over Rainbow with a good fit. It has been identified as over 500,000 years old, and cro-magnon. How did the ancient savages who fashioned this skull get a half million year old skull to model? Or maybe it was a contemporary skull! How old is it? Know one can know this but it has been through a lot of land changes. They show up in the pictures. Volcanoes, earthquakes, floods, you name it. Many psychics have said they saw it in Atlantis. As you know, everything claims to have been in Atlantis. There is no proof of this. There is, however, an obviously underwater scene in one of the slides which shows a metalic appearing dome, quite similar to those in artists drawings of Atlantis. There is much more, Josh. This skull has a remarkable effect on people when they hold it to their heart or solar plexus. Old buried emotions surface and many people break down and cry. One psychic said this was the skull for the heart chakra. I like that. Consistently, we get the same comment. "It is so loving".

DaEl Walker

Other Brief Messages from DaEl

I have been involved in crystal skull research since 1985. I believe they are records. I have been able to photograph images inside them but do not have enough data to reach any conclusions. Anybody out there with personal experiences or dreams which can help me? It is very easy to contact me. I am at I would be happy to share with (anyone) some of the photos I have of the skull.

How do you photograph the skulls to get the images within? As the old joke goes about making love to a porcupine. Very carefully! I use daylight or candlelight. Sometimes I set the skull on a light box with different color gels for different color rays. I use a Ricoh 35mm SLR with special close up lens which enable me to focus inside the skull. I meditate, with special mantras and prayers. I imagine I merge with the skull and go inside it. When I begin to see images, I open my eyes and begin shooting. If I am shooting the whole skull, I turn the skull eight times to shoot all around the skull. If I am sure I have pictures, I may vary the routine with certain music, such as drumming, flute playing, and some of the New Age composers. As you can see, there is a lot involved. Sometimes I shoot whole rolls of film with very little results. And then the skull opens up and I get fabulous images. It is very exciting.

I will be on a tour which will include Avebury, Glastonbury, and Stonehenge. I will be there with two skulls, Rainbow and Madre. Nick Nocerino will have his skull, Sha Na Ra, and Kathy Grimshaw will bring Ichabod. England is going to be very skulled. Anyone wanting to attend any of the tour stops, they begin in the Netherlands and the person to correspond with is Renee vanZandvoort at

DaEl Walker
Director, Crystal Awareness Institute

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