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The Halls of Records

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August 17th, 1995
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According to Edgar Cayce, the famous psychic, the opening to the Halls of Records, which hold the history of the Earth, will be found in the right shoulder of the Sphinx. This has been clearly marked geometrically. Looking at the figure below, if you bisect the golden mean rectangle that fits around the spiral at the Gizah plateau, it passes exactly through the headdress of the Sphinx. Also, a line extended from the southern face of the middle pyramid and the line that bisects the golden mean rectangle, forms a cross that marks a very specific spot on the right shoulder of the Sphinx.

+-----------------------*---*---*     Note:
|             +----+*           |
|             |    |            |     +---+
|            *+----+            |     |   | = The 3 Main Giza 'mids
|      +---+    .               |     +---+
|      |   |  ____              |     ____
|. . . +---+ .(_(_ . . . . . . .|     (_(_  = The Great Sphinx
|  ++*          .               |
|  ++           .               |       .
| *             .               |     . . . = Bisecting lines
|*              .               |       .
*               .               |
*. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .|       *, O = Spiral & vortex
|*              .        *  *   |
|               .     *   *   * |    Remote viewers in the crowd would
| *             .     *  O  *   *    do well to investigate not only
|               .       *  *    |    what lies under the sphinx but 
|    *          .             * |    also what lies at the vortex
|          *    .          *    |    marked by the "O"

Figure illustrating that the 3 oldest Giza pyramids not only lay on a Fibronacci spiral but that the opening to the Hall of Records is geometrically marked by the lines which bisect the Golden Mean rectangle designated by the spiral and a line extended from the southern face of the middle pyramid.

The Sphinx is now under major renovation, and one of the problems with it is that the right shoulder--the area marked by the cross--keeps breaking open. The Egyptians have been trying to patch it to keep it together. The head is also falling off. About six or seven years ago, Thoth told Drunvalo that the head will fall off and that, in the neck, there will be found a large golden sphere, which is a time capsule. The Egyptians are doing everything they can to keep the head and right shoulder from falling off.

Thoth says everything was set up at a higher level so that the Halls of Records would be discovered before the end of 1990. Drunvalo is not sure if it has happened or not. Thoth said 148 sets of three peciple would try to enter the Halls of Records, until one of these sets, coming from the West, would open the doorway by making a sound with their voice. Inside there would be a spiral staircase going into an underground room. The Japanese have the technical ability to see this room clearly enough with instruments to detect a clay pot in the corner.

There are three channels that go out from this room. If you know how to read it, the clay pot will tell you where to go and what to do. Thoth said that the three people from the West would enter and go down the right channel. If you go down the wrong channel, or if you are not the right group of people, you will die- a real "Indiana Jones"-type scene. If you are one of the chosen three people you can walk right in without any problem. These three people eventually will come down a long stone hallway lit on its own with no lights; that is, the air itself would be luminous. High up on the left side of the wall would be etched forty-eight sacred geometry drawings. These are the illustrations of the chromosomes of Christ-consciousness, the first one being the flower of life. At the end of the hallway there is a slight righthand turn into a large room. Sitting on the raised shelves of this room is physical evidence of the existence of civilization on this planet for the last 5 1/2, million years. At the front of the room is a stone. At the top of the stone these three people would find something like a photograph, an image of themselves. Beneath the images in the photograph they would find their names- not necessarily the names they were given at birth, but their true names. Underneath the names would be a date, which would be that actual day. Originally Thoth was going to meet these three people but he is now gone. Unless it happened before May 4, 1991, someone else will meet them. Thoth said that each of these three people will be allowed to remove one of these objects and take it out.

The Halls of Records contain more than physical objects. Under the Sphinx, in the Halls of Records, information is stored on many different dimensional levels.

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