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bpadgett@vnet.net (Bob Padgett) writes:
>   I would be extremely interested in reading more about sacred 
> geometry. The thoughtform for the tetrahedreon came to me 
> strongly, and it present in many of my meditations. Please post 
> here to the starteam and let's discuss. Triangles and geodesic 
> domes seem to be a part of my mission. (To design and build 
> sustainable habitats for the New World) I have had limited 
> exposure to the sacred sites and pyramids in this area, but 
> see that "geomancy" seesm to be important.
In response to this, you would probably be very interested in further researching the EMG ("Gaia's" electromegnetic grid) and again I would suggest consulting with Mark Hammons (of 4D:: fame) at m-hamm@maroon.tc .umn.edu as he also has a strong interest in architecture and it's relationship to consciousness. I might also suggest reading up on pyramidal geometry as there are some very fundamental Platonic laws in effect in the architecture of the ancient pyramids. I'll suggest some good books if you're interested.

>   I agree, Devin--please compile a "reader's digest condensed 
> version" for the Starteam, if possible, or upload some files you 
> have.
>   My intuits tell me that the collapse or expansion of dimensions 
> is soon at hand. I am craving information to help me awaken further.
According to Drunvalo, who alleges to have come to this dimension in a "light Merkaba" through a sort of stargate in the Pleiades then dropped through another dimensional "downshift" through a gate in the Sirius cluster before ending up here, he feels compelled to teach our species many things both old and new. Things which we have merely forgotten but will need to know very shortly. Again, I find it most admirable that his desire is to teach us to teach ourselves.

I have only seen the one VHS tape of his and found myself liking him immensely. He is a longhair with a great deal of peace and what I like best about him is that looking into his eyes, it is immediately evident that there is absolutely no guile there. I unfortunately did not observe the same lack of guile in the eyes of Mack, Streiber, or other proponents of the "friendly greys" paradigm-du-jour.

Interestingly enough, Drunvalo notes that the Pleiadeans are a diverse bunch. He states that many are of a positive "polarity" yet many others are of a negative "polarity." Still others are "polarity trans- vestites" in that they are "fence-walkers" who hop to one side of the "good or evil" fence or the other depending on which external group can aid them best with their current goals. Based on this information, he states that these "fence-walkin'" Pleiadeans are currently in league with the greys (who, he states have a "right" to experiment on us as "we have grey blood in us"); knowing full well that this will perhaps offend some (the Meier/Winters/Marciniak camp springs immediately to mind). Oops; wrong side-o-the-fence, those renegade P's...

In any case, Bob, I would be most pleased to forward additional information to the list but I currently have neither the time nor the resources to transcribe VHS media. I have placed a couple calls to Jody at the "Flower of Life Workshop" in the hopes that other tapes and, preferably, written material (which I can scan, OCR and post) are available. Be assured that as soon as I obtain more postable material, I will disseminate it here.

You had mentioned previously the irony of "lurking in the shadows look- ing for clues." I found myself agreeing with this completely. Good call, mi amigo. Virtually anyone can hang back and take "Dean Adams" potshots (like I have done with much of the "Spacers" stuff) or post volumes of shadowy conspiracy stuff (as I have done with the mind- control and other company stuff) as it is all too prevalent at this current juncture of this hideous Orion-based age ("age" being "aion" in the Greek "New Testament", "shar" in the ancient Sumerian, "predetermined period of time" in our current English; whatever).

This current "age," at least according to many of the ancient Hebrew prophecies, is rapidly drawing to a close.

Bout damn time, I might add.

I will continue to post what I consider to be relevant conspiracy stuff IF and ONLY IF I feel it may be helpful to others but I have shifted my focus to matters of "love 'n light" for the present. It is with great joy that I seek out matters of a more positive nature and deliberately steer clear of matters which evoke only anger and depression with no remedy in sight. Any "doctor" can diagnose the illnesses of our species and our culture but who can prescribe a cure?

As for a conceivable collapse or expansion of the dimensions, Drunvalo notes that it is not so much a collapse or expansion which we will soon face but rather a dimensional "jump" of almost unimaginable magnitude.

If memory serves correctly, he shows it something like this:

      we are here in "3D"   here's where we are headed
	      |             |
	| o o O o o o o o | O o o o o o o o | o o o o o o o o | [...]
	  |             |
  this is a dimensional "octave" (8)
Again, if memory serves correctly, he states that though we are essentially a 3D group, some humans here are 3.5D and even 4D. The key point he makes is that the upcoming dimensional shift, will not so much be a mere step up from 3D to 4D but rather a massive planetary shift way up to the next dimensional octave (the "octaves" above being delineated by the "|" character). This massive "octave shift" is based upon our species' ability to increase our awareness in a geometric progression (i.e. not so much a single-dimensional shift but an increasing awareness in our species globally, such that our awareness will grow exponentially as each of us more fully plays his or her part in the grand scheme of things.)

"The best of times and the worst of times," someone once said.

Well, I'm sure I've probably misconstrued much of what was said but as far as I can recall, this is what he is proposing. He calls this present time on our planet the most exciting time our species have ever encountered.

It's always darkest before the dawn.

In love,


Here is some additional information on the Merkaba from one of my very best friends, Steve Frost, who is the guy that turned me on to Drunvalo in the first place. Enjoy.

RE>More on Drunvalo                         6/17/95 11:43 PM
FWIW, Drunvalo also says that the creation of the Merkaba is a direct result of understanding our true nature through the act of love (as defined by our conscious one-ness with All things).

Through the merkaba field, all things can be generated. It sounds like the interface through which thought is made manifest onto physical levels (and other non-physical levels).

Interestingly enough, the Merkaba can easily be perceived by a witness as a flying disk of light (read: UFO).

The *greys*, on the other hand, have gained the technology by which to manifest the merkaba *without* having gone through the prerequisite spiritual growth. So they get to have all that power without having the compassion, and without being conscious of the direct link to the One.

Apparently, others who have accomplished the Merkaba by doing their homework, growthwork are around and helping get this place ready for the big shift into the next octave.

The Flower of Life Workshop is largely the theory and practice of creating the Merkaba for ones self. Drunvalo, gives the entire procedure except for one last crucial step which he says will become self-evident at the appropriate time. I have had the pleasure (and amazement) to view about 30 hours of bootleg video tapes from the days that Drunvalo was teaching the workshops himself. Now, the folks that took the workshop from him, and were certified by him to teach the course, are doing the workshops.

I thought about doing a 'To All' with this letter, but since most of the recipients were people whom I did not know, I leave it to your discretion to pass it on, or not as you deem appropriate.

There's another book related to this topic by an author named Bob Frissell, called "Nothing in This Book Is True, But It's Exactly How Things Are". I believe Drunvalo has commented that he doesn't agree with the entirety of the content, but states that it is largely accurate. Chapters are called:

	 1. First Contact (Reality Check)
	 2. What's Going On?
	 3. Why Now? (Pole Shifts)
	 4. Problems With Planet Earth
	 5. Dimensions (The Merkaba; Melchizedeks)
	 6. Our History (Our Creators; Lemuria; Atlantis; The 
	    Lucifer Rebelion; Thoth; Egypt and Stair Step 
	    Evolution; Akhunaton)
	 7. Drunvalo
	 8. Introduction to Sacred Geometry
	 9. The Right Eye of Horus (The Law of One; Humans; Phi 
	    Ratio; The Spiral; The Fibonacci Sequence; The Chakra 
	    Sysem; The External Chakra Points; The Eye)
	10. The Left Eye of Horus (The Great Pyramid)
	11. The Halls of Record
	12. Prana (Christ Consciousness Spherical Breathing)

       There are eleven more chapters, but at this point they tend 
       to stray a bit more from the Drunalo material.
The book covers a bunch of the background material taught in the Flower of Life Workshops, with some of the author's own flavor coming through.

BTW, I bought an 'ark' which I first saw exhibited by Drunvalo. It's a one foot piece of ebony carved to the proportional dimensions of Noah's Ark. This thing exhibits a very peculiar behavior: when spun in a clockwise direction it . . . well, it spins in a clockwise direction. When spun in a counter-clockwise direction it slows, starts wobbling and then reverses it's direction! It's quite amazing. Many try to explain it away as an example of the Coreolis effect, but the man who creates them has a very sound argument aginst such being the case.

There is something called 'The Golden Proportion' that comes into play in all this stuff. The figure is 1.6180339, and is generated by the Fibonacci sequence of: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, 233, 377, 610. This sequence is quite simple in that the next number is simply created by the sum of the two previous numbers: Example: 2+3=5, 5+8=13, 8+13=21, etc . . . Furthermore, by dividing a number in the sequence by the previous number, the further up the sequence you go, the closer the number comes to 1.6180339. Example: 3/2 = 1.5, 5/3 = 1.666667, 8/5 = 1.6, 13/8 = 1.625 . . . 610/377 = 1.6180371353 . . . etc. . .

The above ratios and sequences are found all throughout nature.

I'm told that the distance from the tip of your finger to your first knuckle as compared to the first knuckle to the second, second to the third, is approximately a ratio of 1:1.6180339. This is just one simple example. It can be found in most plants, insects, shells, etc...

This is all stuff I first learned from Drunvalo. You can find more and related stuff in a book called "Sacred Geometry' by Robert Lawlor.

That's it for now.

Peace -

--- Finds His Wings

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