Official Announcement of UFOs
by the US Government

( by Dave Vetterick - March 5th, 1996 )

Like so many people these days, Dave Vetterick, claiming to be a newbie on Internet, wants some answers to the question about the existence of UFO's. Probably, like many other people today (including yours truly), there is something deep inside of us which knows that UFOs are Real and that something is going on that an official announcement is coming soon.

Dave said in his recent fax to me:

"I am new to the Net. I got on it specifically to follow up on three areas; Richard Hoagland's Face of Marks, Graham Hancock's Fingerprints of the Gods and Roswell.

"I picked up on the first two listening to Art Bell's radio program, while on my way to a fishing trip at 3:00 AM. I think I've been up at this hour maybe twice in my life. Anyway, I got the tapes, videos & books. What finally pushed me over the edge to the Net was the Fox airing of the Santilli autopsy film. Now I'm afraid I'm hooked on what the Net has to offer.

"While searching the WWW for info on these three subjects areas, I found the attached two supposedly NY Daily News articles. I found it incredible that with all the UFO, Government Cover-Up, Roswell and on and on stuff that's out there, these were only mentioned on one semi-obscure Web site."

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So dear readers here are the two articles that Dave found plus some additional insights (paraphrased) from a fax he received from Stan Friedman, the esteemed scientist, one of the few doing UFO research.



(This contribution from Sara hell appeared
in the New York Daily News, August 24th, 1995)

Date: 13 Sep. 95; 14:14:33 GMT

"Billionaire Urges Clinton: Probe UFO Mystery"

President Clinton is being pressured to reopen supersecret government files on the world's most baffling UFO incident. The man who wants the secrecy ended is billionaire philanthropist Laurance S. Rockerfeller, a personal friend of the president. UFO experts believe the government covered up a UFO crash in 1947 near Roswell, N.M., from which alien bodies were recovered. this mystery was the basis of a highly-rated show on the Fox television network which was repeated Sept. 5. "Many are convinced that Roswell marks the beginning of government secret about UFO's" says Rockerfeller in a letter to the White House obtained through the Freedom of Information Act. "Whatever the truth of Roswell, a definitive statement about it from the government would be very important." the letter continues.

Rockerfeller hosted President Clinton at his western ranch during the chief executive's recent vacation in Jackson Hole, Wyoming - and insiders believe he bent Clinton's ear about the UFO issue. He also wrote to President Clinton's science advisor, John Gibbons, to urge that all UFO-related information be released. UFO enthusiasts have long cited the Roswell incident as the most blatant example of government cover-up. They claim that after an alien space craft crashed, the bodies of the ET visitors were autopsied and then secretly flown to an Air Force base in Ohio. In his letter to the White House, Rockerfeller suggests that a cover-up may very well have been imposed by jittery bureaucrats. "While much in the public sector has been written about it, the govt. has had nothing to say about it .." says Rockerfeller. He called on the President to promise there would be no persecution for those coming forward and revealing their eyewitness accounts of the New Mexico incident. "In addition to lifting classification about Roswell, consideration should be given to granting amnesty on an individual basis to allow those with knowledge about the incident to speak without fear of prosecution: There is a reason to believe that there are individuals who would provide information about the incident under that circumstance."

The Roswell Incident has been repeatedly dismissed by the Defense Dept.

(Editor's Note: - Speculation, if the US Government knows that it must talk about UFOs ... since the evidence is now becoming overwhelming, who better to seem like the hero than a Rockerfeller ... although it is impossible to understand what is happening around the UFO issue behind the scenes ... with comments such as only 1000 people on the planet know what is really going on ... it seems like it would only make sense to have a person in the know such a Rockerfeller put pressure to share some of the information ... most people now know for a fact that the Roswell Incident did happen ... and the longer the US Government refuses to comment upon it, the more we know it did happen and that we can not trust anything that our Government is doing ... it is an interesting standoff I would say .... Illinois)

NY Daily News Article

Copyright 1995 Daily News, L.P.
Daily News (New York)
December 18, 1995, Monday

SECTION: Gossip; Pg. 14
LENGTH: 572 words



President Clinton said last month that, "as far as I know, an alien spacecraft did not crash in Roswell, N.M. in 1947. ... If the United States Air Force did recover alien bodies, they didn't tell me about it either, and I want to know."

Laurance Rockerfeller wants to tell him. The 85-year-old philanthropist has funded a 150-page stdy of "the Roswell Incident." This month, he's due to send it to White House Science adviser John gibbons, as well as every U.S. congressman and senator.

"The Best Available Evidence" features testimony from former military officials and astronauts that contradicts Air Force denials of an alien landing, says Michael Luckman, director of the New York Center for UFO Research.

Last summer, Rockerfeller reportedly tried to get Hillary Clinton aboard the UFO issue when the President was vacationing in Wyoming.

While he waits for some answers, the Commander in Chief can satify his curiousity by ordering a 4-foot long "replica of the Roswell alien" from the Sharper Image Christmas catalogue. The spaceman, who sleeps in his own lighted chamber, is just $1,695.


( Response to Dave Vetterick Letter
about The Best Evidence Report & Roswell,
received on February 15th, 1996 )

According to Mr. Friedman, The Best Evidence Report was prepared by Don Berliner (who also co-authored the book with Mr. Friedman Crash at Corona). According to Mr. Friedman, Don Berliner is an Aviation/Science Writer who was a full time employee of the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena, started by Major Donald Keyhoe in the 1960's (if you are curious about his background). Mr. Berliner is also a founding member of the Fund for UFO Research. So Mr. Friedman expressed his belief that Mr. Berliner is one of the best people, with all his past experiences, to be able to write such a report. Mr. Friedman stated that on the date of this fax, the report was at the printers and was going to be widely distributed to government officials and journalists. He hoped that a publisher would pick up the report so the public will see it as well.

Mr. Friedman stated that he didn't believe Internet was a good source for UFO information. He stated he had heard there are some hired specialist who's job it is to debunk good information that is shared on the Internet (Editor's Note: this is good advice, if one partipates in various mailing lists or newsgroup, there always seems to be people intent on causing confusion or attacking/criticizing others ...).

A final word from Mr. Friedman in this fax related to the "Roswell Film" included a statement that there is a rumor an interview maybe conducted in March (1995) with the supposed "Cameraman" (see Kent Jeffries article we have recently added about the Camerman) that would appear on Paramount Cable with the so-called Cameraman's face and voice being disquised.

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