Hoagland Vs Mitchell
On Art Bell May 14,1996

Richard Hoagland and Ed Mitchell stayed on the air on May 14th for 3 hours in a MOST sublime, intricate, substantive, high level dance on the issues of Richard's claims and data arguing for the existance of artificial structures on the Moon.

What an absolute delight it was to hear two people of such high station, intelligence and integrity go at such a subject in such a serious way.

I couldn't possibly get into the fine details, so let it be said that it was a HUGELY significant discussion, and that Mitchell seemed perfectly willing to allow the possibility that Hoagland's hypothesis is correct though not probable in his view as he holds it presently. Richard in his turn conceded that the data was not conclusive by any means but since he's been at it with a team of other investigators for 4 years now, his view of the probability of it being as he suspects was natural and much higher.

They both agreed that much more work needs to be done discussing some of what that must be AND that someone should high tail it back to the moon pronto to clear this thing up conclusively, which could be done for a paltry $20 million.

Hoagland ALSO asked for and got Mitchell to agree, as he has time, to look at more data as Richard makes it available to him and to give feedback from his perspective. (Mitchell JOINS the Enterprise Mission investigative team????)

I invite you to read the entire transcript of this excellent discussion on Richard Hoagland's WWW site:

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