(After Mitchell's Dateline Interview)

Reporting from the Whole Life Expo in San Francisco, Linda Moulton Howe:

LH: ...I wanted to recap for our Dreamland audience what former Aopllo 14 astronaut and physicist Edgar Mitchell said about his NBC Dateline appearance on April 19th. In which he stated that government officials in the U.S.S.R., Belguim and the United States told him they have had face-to-face meetings with extraterrestrials. And I know you did a long interview with him on Coast to Coast Friday night. Many people here were talking about it, Art. And I talked with Dr. Mitchell briefly on Friday as well, in the morning just before I left. And here for a recap for our Dreamland audience is doctor, physicist, astronaut Edgar Mitchell:

[Howe activates a tape recorder]

EM: What I said was that these people claimed to have been in meetings, or places, where contact between E.T.s and our people took place.


EM: And, there are some that claim that they are back-engineering to learn how to build, to learn the technological side of E.T craft. There are new ones coming forth that have been reluctant to speak out, that are getting quite elderly now, and want to try to clear the record before they die. All I can say is that I was impressed by what little I gleaned in these meetings, the purpose of the meetings was to open the doors to get the classification released. To get these people granted amnesty from their security provisions. It was not to get the information out to the public, because these folks will tell their stories under the right circumstances.

LH: Those "right circumstances", Art, means an Executive Order, by the President of the United States, to give amnesty to all the insiders who have been in on the extraterrestrial-UFO story and who have signed oaths. And I wondered if Dr. Mitchell had received any warnings not to talk so straightforwardly about an extraterrestrial presence, and this is that exchange:

[tape recorder again]

LH: Has anybody ever come to you from an intelligence group, or anybody in the government and said, "Dr. Mitchell, don't talk about this." ?

EM: No, but I'm expecting it. (chuckles)

LH: If you are expecting it, what's your response gonna be?

EM: Go to Hell...

LH: Um... hmmm.

EM: Gimme your badge number, and we'll talk about it in the press.

LH: And you feel this strongly now, because why?

EM: The evidence is mounting...

Near the end of Howe's segment, she reads a closing statement by Dr. Mitchell:

LH: I asked Dr. Mitchell if he thought that the current status-quo that is being held by the insiders could be released now, before we hit 2000. And I thought that Dr. Mitchell's comment was appropriate because it reflects also what Whitley Strieber and others were talking about today on a panel. Dr. Mitchell says, "This is like the last fight of the dinosaurs, to keep the jungle like it was. And that there are events that are moving us forward... that things are changing around us regardless of any old paradigms, they are apparently being swept away. And what's in front of us is a new cosmology, a complete re-definition of the universe, of space-time, of our relationship to it, and our ability apparently to move in a universe in ways that we have yet to learn."

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