A Special Place of
Ancient Stone Carvings

From 'Existio Otra Humanidad' by J. J. Benitez, Plaza & Janes, Copyright 1975, pages 11 to 22 note the following :

In 1969, in a white rocky desert near the City of Ica in Peru, Dr. Javier Cabrera Darquea, discovered and collected over 11,000 engraved stones from a very ancient time. These, plus an estimated 40,000 to 50,000 more of the same, constituted a vast library of information from the past, even up to a million years ago.

They describe another humanity who apparently lived on this planet many thousands of years ago. The good Peruvian Doctor Cabrera has his fantastic collection on display in his house on the Plaza de Armas in the City of Ica.

Eleven thousand stones engraved with advanced knowledge in Medicine, Zoology, Biology, Law, Geography, Religion, Astronomy and Astronautics detailing the knowledge of that advanced society. The figures of the other humanity engraved on these stone tablets looked very much like men of Earth.

For the first time Earth humanity is confronted with the surprising evidence that someone, before him, knew the secrets of surgery, astronomy, space flight and many other things such as the movement of the continents that make up our world.

All this and much more still to be discovered lies there in the Peruvian Desert called Ocucaje.

Doctor Javier Cabrera noticed that this "library" of information engraved on stones was divided into series and sections in their respective locations, forming distinct volumes of stones.

Among them were a series demonstrating knowledge of medicine and surgery including detailed explanations of heart, brain, liver and kidney transplants. Methods of overcoming rejection of organ transplants were described. There were descriptions of caesarian section and acupuncture; of work with genetic codes and prolongation of life.

There were descriptions of electronic systems that could control biological life functions of the body while it was being worked on by the doctors.

There were a series of tablets devoted to astronomy and knowledge of the universe, among which were examples that described the occupation of our planet by these beings long before contemporary man.

Thirteen constellations were specifically described by the creators of these tablets. These historians indicated other places in the heavens where there existed LIFE, vegetable, animal and intelligent. That civilization recorded the passing of a great comet, millions of years ago that produced catastrophic disturbances in the society of the time.

They knew of existing LIFE in distant stars and nebulosities. There were descriptions of technical devices and machines that traveled in space without consuming fuel. There were explanations of the figures and lines drawn on the plains of Nazca. There was also a drawing of hemispheric maps of another planet. NOT EARTH, but another planet having intelligent life that was also capable of space travel.

There were a series of tablets describing plant and animal life long extinct. There were drawings of men provided with apparatus reminiscent of cowboys, mounted on four legged animals in pursuit of great saurians, the dinosaurs of millions of years ago. These men had larger heads and smaller stature, and were shown pursuing various types of dinosaurs such as Stegosaurus, Triceratops, and Iguanodontes.

There were tablets showing the biological cycles of these great saurians, and even some domesticated examples of them. There were a series of tablets dedicated to the ancient continents of our world, and two matched circular stones showing the eastern and the western hemispheres of this planet at that time; hemispheres that showed the earth's geography millions of years ago. These hemispheric maps showed continents that no longer exist today, such as the mythical Atantis and Mu, and even others.

Among these tablets was also a story of a great evacuation or departure of men from Earth. On stones of great weight the civilization engraved the story of the departure OF THE ELITE SCIENTISTS AND PROFESSIONALS, STRAIGHT TO A PHYSICAL PLANET THAT TODAY WOULD BE CONSIDERED A PART OF THE PLEIADES!"


Cabrera's book is titled: "El Mensaje de las Piedras Grabadas de Ica." It is 372 pages and includes a map. There is a 1976 and a 1980 edition. It was published in Lima by INTI-Sol Editores.

The Benitz book is titled: "Existio Otra Humanidad." This book has 203 pages and includes a map. About 5 or 6 editions were listed from 1975 to 1994 It is published in Barcelona by Plaza & Janes.

(Dr. Cabrera's Museum in Inca, where he keeps over 11,000 of the engraved stones, is one of the places V J Enterprises visits during their Peruvian Journeys (via "Spirits of the Earth"). To read about our up coming journeys, please visit our PERU JOURNEYS HOME PAGE)

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