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INFINITY, meaning no beginning and no end, must be comprehended and accepted as a starting point, or you'll drive yourself nuts trying to figure things out.

Whether you realize it or not, by default you have to believe either little particles of matter, or a God are infinite. Regardless of your belief, neither of these could have just materialize out of a vacuum. Either the particles have been around FOREVER, or a God who created them have been around FOREVER. Whichever one is more logical to you is your business, but one of them has to be infinite or we wouldn't exist. See, I told you you'd have to accept the concept of infinity or you'd go crazy.

BIG BANG THEORY? I'm not sure I believe this. The Universe is said to be roughly 15 billion years old. Just recently it was announced a young galaxy has been discovered 14 billion light years away. As our technology improves, we keep finding galaxies further and further away. Personally, I think the universe is infinite (there's that word again), and is in a constant state of evolution and change.

INTELLEGENT LIFE in my opinion has evolved over and over again throughout the Universe. It evolved on Earth. However, I believe it was given a helping hand along the way by a vastly more advanced species from some distant solar system. This may have even included some genetic engineering.

Some either stayed behind, or they selected the obvious local leaders to give special knowledge/technology to in order to advance the indigenous species. I believe this is the source of all the mysterious physical wonders of the world like the Pyramids, Sphinx, Stonehenge, etc., and the great myths about Egyptian, Greek, and Mayan Gods for example.

A CATACLYSM of some sort, like an Asteroid hit or Crustal Shift in my opinion wiped out nearly everything except the structures mentioned above. The technology used to build these things, and the advanced knowledge of our Solar System and Cosmos was lost. 10,000 years or so later, we've rediscovered much of the knowledge about our Solar System, but we have no clue how these structures were built. I believe we'll find the answers somewhere in Giza, or when we discover Atlantis.

ROSWELL and the ALIEN AUTOPSY film I believe are real, and our Government is covering it up. I believe the Government knows A LOT about UFO's and the existence of extraterrestrial species, but are paranoid about the reaction if the general public gets this information. The Brookings Report (see link in Hogland section) explains this, but any validity it may have had expired about 15 years ago.

Now you know me, and what you'll find on this Web site.


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