Floyd Petri, Caretaker, Texas


On December 16th, I received an unusual email from Floyd Petri in Texas saying he needed to be in touch with us but wasn't sure why. As you can imagine I didn't understand what this was all about but I do my best to answer all of our emails as one never knows when something interesting might come up. After one more message from Floyd (message included below to share a complete history of this contact) and some help from Bob Garth (at Protree) who is our sponsor for our crystal skull mailing list, I finally found out that Floyd had in his possession a human size crystal skull, which he believes was carved in the 1700's and has had some incredible experiences connected with this skull including how he obtained it.

So in keeping with our tradition to update our readers on the latest news concerning the crystal skulls, we are honored to share the following information with you, with Floyd's permission. Floyd believes he must share this crystal skull with others, so please find below a portions of the various emails we have received directly or via our Crystal Skull Mailing List related to Floyd and his crystal skull which he has been told by sensitives is called Windsong.

Also one other quick side note: Floyd has told me that all his life he has been a very down to earth, logically based person. However when he found himself in the possession of Windsong and various psychics started to give to him insights about Windsong and he was able to prove, he is now more open to explore the paranormal aspect of the crystal skulls. A most interesting story I must say but one which is typical for a person who becomes a crystal skull caretaker.

Please note Floyd requests:


I hope our readers will respect this request, it is ok to make a copy of this information and share with others ... put please leave all email addresses as is, so if people have questions they can contact Floyd or myself ...... thanks ..........

Joshua "Illinois" Shapiro

December 16th

To: rjoshua@sprintmail.com
Date: Mon, 16 Dec 1996 23:53:16 PST
Subject: Who or what are you?
From: fpetri@eastex.net  (Floyd N. Petri)

A friend sent me your e-mail address and said that I need to contact you. He also said that I know you or you know me or something like that. Without a name or further information, I can only guess. Are you Steve Shapiro who used to be a Fidonet hub in Austin, Texas where I used to be a hub? Or are you with Paranet? That is about all I can come up with at the moment. My BBS was C.I.U.F.O.R. in Red Rock, Texas which is 40 miles East of Austin. It stood for the Center for Instrumented UFO Research.

If none of the above, I just don't know! I am retired from the Army now and live in Chester, Texas near the Louisiana border. I am now in the process of trying to set up another BBS because no one around here has direct internet access. We even have to pipe in the Sunshine around here and some of my friends are armadillos and deer.


Floyd Petri

December 17th

To: rjoshua@sprintmail.com
Date: Tue, 17 Dec 1996 13:45:49 PST
Subject: Wrong Shapiro
From: fpetri@eastex.net  (Floyd N. Petri)

Dear Joshua:

Sorry to have bothered you. I was just trying to figure out who you were. After receiving your e-mail, I know why my friend sent me your address. It was the UFO connection. I am the director of CIUFOR which is the Center for Instrumented UFO Research and also a State Section Direction for MUFON which is the Mutual UFO Network. He probably figured we had something in common or information to exchange.


Floyd Petri


To: bgarth@protree.com
Cc: rjoshua@sprintmail.com
Date: Tue, 17 Dec 1996 17:26:25 PST
Subject: Crystal Skull
From: fpetri@eastex.net  (Floyd N. Petri)

Thanks Bob

Now everything is now clear and you just solved another mystery that I was working on with Joshua Shapiro. All pieces have fallen into place for both problems and I owe it all to you. I am going to e-mail Joshua Shapiro again and tell him I found the link we both were looking for (Crystal Skulls).

Thanks again



To: rjoshua@sprintmail.com
Date: Tue, 17 Dec 1996 17:46:01 PST
Subject: Crystal Skulls
From: fpetri@eastex.net  (Floyd N. Petri)

Dear Joshua Shapiro:

Thanks to Bob Garth I now know what the connection is between us. When the unknown friend gave me your e-mail address, he did not give me any idea why I should contact you. I could just guess that it was the Fidonet and was wrong. Now I just found out that you have a Crystal Skull (*) and so do I. Boy now do we have to talk. I will be going to Lodge shortly and will not have too much time now, but I will start the conversation and will check my e-mail to see if you have replied when I get back home about 10:00 PM tonight.

(* -- Editor's Note: My ex-wife and I do not own a crystal skull, we were working with Joke Van Dieten, a caretaker of several skulls in 1995-1996)

First you must understand my position. I am a retired Chief of Police, a retired Federal Agent and retired from the U.S. Army. Some of these things overlap. I really am not as old as dirt. Being all of the above means that I am very skeptical and I do not believe in New Age stuff. However, I became interested in UFOs and after investigating them for 28 years have became a firm believer. I have confered with General's who came to me for help regarding UFOs while I was a CID Special Agent in the Army. I have over a thousand documents that prove UFOs are real and I have had some experiences of my own.

Now about the Crystal Skull. Mine is a full size skull made of quartz crystal and is inhabited by an energy of light being from another planet. I do not expect you to laugh about this. I am very serious. I would not have beleived it myself if it had not happened to me personally. It is a very long story and involves an uncontrollable compulsion that drove me to the Crystal Skull. I have been told that I am the "Keeper of the Skull" and that I don't own it. I can't own it. I am only the keeper and that the energy of light being from another planet has information for me (to share with) all of mankind.

Have you died laughting yet! I hope not. I used a $10,000.00 computerized Aura camera and took a picture of the skull that produced a photograph of the energy of the light being. Her name is "WINDSONG". This is a hell of a story. Tell me about your Crystal Skull and we will go from there tonight. Later.

Best regards,

Floyd Petri


To: rjoshua@sprintmail.com
Date: Tue, 17 Dec 1996 23:11:35 PST
Subject: Re: Crystal Skulls
From: fpetri@eastex.net  (Floyd N. Petri)

Mr. Shapiro

Just returned home from lodge (Masonic) and received your reply to my message. Boy what I would like to do most is see the Michael-Hedges Crystal Skull.

Now that one is the best of all Crystal Skulls and what I wouldn't give to own it. However, to my knowledge, I do not know of any that is inhabited by someone or something other than mine. Do you know of any? Bob Garth told me that you owned one. I guess he was mistaken. I would however, like to know what you meant when you said that you had worked with them. Can you explain what you are doing? My Crystal Skull is only one piece. The jaw is not removable. I do not profess that it is perfect and does not have any tool marks. In fact mine is not perfect and does have some tool marks. It was made by a blind craftsman for a Shaman deep in the Amazon in the 1700s.

There are two stories. The first one is about how the skull came about and how an energy of a light being from another planet got inside the skull and why! The second story is how I came to be in possession of the skull and why I am the keeper.

I will tell you a very brief discription of both of my stories. They are copy righted as I have started a book about them. That doesn't mean that I won't tell you everything if you want to hear. What it means is that I don't want to go down to a book store and find a book with my story and that I received no money for it. As long as everyone is talking and exchanging information and no one is making any money off it, then everything is OK. To tell the truth, Windsong said that I could not make any money off her, that she and I were here for all mankind.

First a very short brief. Windsong comes from a planet so far away from ours that we as humans can not understand that great distance. When God created the heavens and the earth, he created all the souls also. There is X number of souls and there will never be any more or any less. A portion of these souls were used as the energy of light beings on her planet. They have no body and are the closest thing to being a soul without being a soul. They are pure energy with a soul, but so far no one has ever died on her planet. Boy I am leaving out tons of information, but can't put everything in one letter. They do not have good and evil on her planet, but only have light and darkness. Think of Star Wars with the force and the dark side. Everyone on her planet is required to go into the darkness if for no other reason than to know the difference and to make a choice between the two. The darkness is some place far away from her planet and they have to pass by Earth to get there..

They created a space ship by collectively thinking one into existence. They do not need a space craft to travel their own solar system, but due to the great distance, they had to have one like we need a submarine to go under water and a rocket to go to mars. Windsong was granted a special dispensation not to go into the darkness and was made keeper of all the knowledge of the universe and (this was) deposited on Earth on the way to the darkness. The only environment that could sustain her as an energy of light being was the largest vein of quartz on the earth. Like a fish needs water and we need air, she needed the electrical properties of quartz to sustain her for such a long time (Their concept of time is not like ours).

In the 1700's, a Shaman or Witch Doctor deep in the Amazon became convinced that their was a spirit in a vein of exposed quartz and had a blind craftsman hue out a very large chunk of quartz and over the years he made it into a crystal skull. Windsong seized the opportunity to go intno the piece of hued out quartz and has been inside the crystal skull ever since then. She does not have to remain in it. She can go and come, but not for more than a few seconds I think. When the special photograph of the skull was made, she left the skull and returned She left a flash of light on the surface of the skull and looked like a small comet exiting and cruving around with a tail returning to the skull.

I don't think that I can write too long of a message on juno.com. I will tell you about how I became involved in an uncontrollable compulsion that led me to the skull and what happened with it and about it another time.



December 18th

To: rjoshua@sprintmail.com
Date: Wed, 18 Dec 1996 15:45:11 PST
Subject: Re: Crystal Skulls
From: fpetri@eastex.net (Floyd N. Petri)

Dear Joshua

Received your message.

She (Windsong) has helped me stay alive through a couple of heart attacks and emergency heart surgery when the doctors said I should be dead.

Oh I forgot to say when Windsong came to Earth. It was after the dinosaurs and before the ancient peoples such as the Egyptians and etc. It was during a period between these two timeframes that she has referred to as the Goddess time. I am totally ignorant of that time.

A short briefing on how I got the skull. In 1958 I saw a UFO. I started CIUFOR (at this time). Sometime between 1958 and 1980 I saw Arthur C. Clark's short documentary of the Mitchell-Hedges skull on TV and then forgot about it. A few years ago while I was a CID Special Agent assigned to Austin, Texas, I used to go on protective services missions to guard the Secretary of Defense, or the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff on some of their trips around the world. It was between a couple of missions while in Austin that I started having a desire to go somewhere.

It kept growing and getting stronger daily. The problem is I did not know where it was that I had to go. The compulsion reached (such) an intensity that it started to affect my job because I could not think of anything (else) but that I had to go somewhere and it was worst because I still did not know where it was that I had to go. Finally one day after a few months I knew that I had to go to a rock shop. I did not know the name of it and I have never been there before, but in my mind I knew exactly how to get there. I left work right then and went to the rock shop and upon arriving I knew that this was the right place. I went inside and immediately asked the owner if he had a crystal skull. He said no. Now I tell you that I do not know why I asked that question. It was as much a surprise to me as it was to the owner of the rock shop. I left and thought everything was over.

Well it was not. I kept going back to the rock shop over and over for months asking the same question every time I got there. The owner was getting very "pissed" at me and I was afraid that he was going to call the cops on me. With my job, that would have been very embarrassing. Finally I took a friend with me so I would at least have a witness that I did not cause a disturbance. I asked again and he got mad again and my friend and him began talking about me. You know something like, "What the hell is the matter with that man", (this) type of conversation. My friend happened to mention that I was the director of the Center for Instrumented UFO Research. All of a sudden the man said for me to come into his private office. We went and he started moving boxes around in a corner and came up with a cardboard box that had been sitting so long that it had enough dust on it to become dirt in places and a lot of cob webs. He opened the box and showed me Windsong. I asked how much and he said (it was) not for sale at any price. You guessed it. Months of trying to buy the crystal skull and I did not even know why.

One day he told me that I was in luck because Windsong had told him that she wanted to go home with me. I bought the skull at a token price because he said Windsong would not allow him to make money on her and he said that he now knew that he had been replaced as the keeper and now I was the keeper.

Well that's enough for now. What happened next is also a long story. (This) consists of psychics and messages from Windsong to Spirit Guides to psychics to me and etc. How I tested the psychics and validated their information and etc. Like I said, all this is a story so long that I can not tell it all on e-mail.



December 19th

To: rjoshua@sprintmail.com
Date: Thu, 19 Dec 1996 14:35:23 PST
Subject: Re: Crystal Skull Book
From: fpetri@eastex.net  (Floyd N. Petri)

On Thu, 19 Dec 1996 07:32:40 -0600 (CST) rjoshua@sprintmail.com

(Interacess) writes:
>a pleasure to speak to you yesterday ... I look forward to further
>communications ...

(Editor's Note, on December 18th, I gave Floyd a call to become better acquainted with him and to learn more about him and his story ... Illinois)

Me to. I am very happy that we have made contact with each other.

>I would like to share from your emails some information about you  
>and your crystal skull ... is this ok?

A friend of mine sent me some of the information from your web sight since I do not have Internet access. I liked what I saw. I would like something like that for Windsong. Yes it is OK.


>your book will go out Saturday ... I think you will enjoy it, it is 
>written from a parapsychological perspective for the most part but 
>you will see pictures of five other skulls

(Editor's Note: Floyd ordered a copy of our book, Mysteries of the Crystal Skulls Revealed to learn more about the crystal skulls as he had never read any material upon this subject... Illinois)

Great. Looking forward to getting it.

>have a great holidays

Merry Christmas to you too.


Have a safe trip. Looking forward to your visit. By the way there are two ghosts living in my house. I have never seen them. My wife saw one and my son-in-law saw the other one. An old man and a little girl. As long as I am crazy, I may as well tell you about the ghost too.



December 20th

Date: Fri, 20 Dec 1996 13:10:46 -0700 (MST)
From: Bob Garth
To: Richard Shapiro
Subject: Re: Floyd Petri & His Crystal Skull


Also, if it matters (again), my discovery of Floyd, as quite incidental. I rebooted my other computer (newt) into UNIX, then noticed after reading the logs, Floyd was trying to use the listserver. And so feeling I should, I sent a letter to him, informing him the address was not listserv@newt.protree.com, but was now listserv@mb.protree.com. And from there, we got the connection started.

Not that it is significant, but interesting. As actually, if I had not rebooted the machine into UNIX, I most likely would have missed the attempt. I do like to note such occurances however.

- Bob


To: bgarth@protree.com
Cc: rjoshua@sprintmail.com
Date: Fri, 20 Dec 1996 16:21:48 PST
Subject: Re: Thank you
From: fpetri@eastex.net  (Floyd N. Petri)

Dear Bob:

I appreciate your offer to put my entire story up. Sounds good to me, but let me tell you about it. I am no writer. My story is in a form almost like a log book or a criminal investigation. That was one of the things that I was talking to Joshua about. That is why I have not finished the book. Some people have a gift for such things. Writing is not one of my better qualities. While in the military as a CID Special Agent, I was used like a "fireman". I was sent to put out "fires" where other Agents could not solve the crime. What I am good at, boy am I really good and what I am bad at, boy am I really bad. I just feel that it (the book) does not have the satin smooth flow necessary to grab people and to keep them reading without putting down the book. All the information is there, but it needs a little work. Like the Star Wars Triology, I have parts two and three some what done, but I really need to write part one, four and five. I also need advice on just how many parts there should be. Example:

Part one - Who and what is Floyd Petri (not done)
Part two - The compulsion (done)
Part three - Who and what is Windsong (done)
Part four - The UFO connection (not done)
Part five - Today and the future (not done)

I may even have to collaborate with someone like Joshua to do the book and split it with them. I am not supposed to make money on her, but I wonder if using the money to go and contact people would be the same thing? Example, Joshua told me about the Mitchell-Hedges viewing. I do not have the money to go there. Joshua told me about Brazil. I do not have the money to go there. What if I had my own viewing of Windsong? I do not have the money for that either. These are questions that I need help on.

What I think I need to do is just to give out portions like I have been doing. At least until Joshua gets back from Brazil. He is going to come see me after that and I am sure that after he reads what I have, then we will know the answer. Until then, I will freely answer anyone's questions and share things that I have. What do you think? Please tell me what you think.

I am also in the process of trying to set up a UFO and Crystal Skull BBS here at home. I know that BBS seems like taking a couple of steps backward with the Internet available, but I do not have direct Internet access here and can not afford the long distance calls. There are a lot of folks in the same condition around here. You know, we have to pipe in the sunshine and water here in East Texas. I hope the Hooterville Telephone Company gets this message out to you OK if you get my meaning. :)

Please Bob, do not take "wait" as a turn off. Basically I am in total agreement, but I still have to deal with people and family here that thinks anyone that believes in UFOs is crazy and if I told some people that I have an alien living in a crystal skull at my home, well, they would send the people in white coats to get me. By the way. My town population is 285. We only have a post office and three gas station/grocery combinations. The streets do not roll up at dark because they have never been unrolled. 

Now do not get me wrong. I am not afraid for anyone to know about Windsong. I just think she is too good for some people if you know what I mean. Most of my family knows about her and my interest in UFOs, but they think I was injured in the war or something. Those that have seen her are afraid of her. The funny thing is, that my two Chihuahuas hate every one that is afraid of Windsong and trys to eat them up.

Well let me here from you. Give me some encouragement or questions or something.

Kindest Regards,


P.S. What if it was 300 pages long?


To: rjoshua@sprintmail.com
Date: Fri, 20 Dec 1996 17:16:45 PST
Subject: Windsong Crystal Skull
From: fpetri@eastex.net  (Floyd N. Petri)

Dear Joshua

I forgot to tell you that I sent a photograph of Windsong with my check for the Crystal Skull Book. I set her on a black drop cloth and illuminated her with a projector. The picture looks pretty good I think, however the light made her look a gold color when she is reallly white clear. The inclusions are continually changing. Some days she has very few and other days she has many. She is always cool to the touch and sometimes feels wet and slippery even when she is dry. This is even when left in a locked car in July when the temperature is 130 degrees inside the car. I thought that I would give you some of her statistics.

Weight: 6,304.3 grams or 13 lbs 14.4 ounces


Height -- 6 3/16 inches
Length -- 7 19/32 inches
Width -- 5 3/32 inches

Special Measurements:

Glabellar-occiptal length -- 190.0 millimeters
Maximum calvarial breadth -- 130.0 millimeters
Cephalic index -- 68.4
Bizygomatic breadth -- 120.0 millimeters
Nasal breadth -- 21.0
Breadth of left orbit -- 50.5 millimeters
Breadth of right orbit -- 45.74 millimeters
Height of left orbit -- 33.13 millimeters
Height of right orbit -- 32.24 millimeters
Left orbital index -- 65.6
Right orbital index -- 70.5

Composition: Clear quartz crystal with inclusions.

Orgin: Deep Amazon Jungle South America

Best Regards

Floyd Petri
The Keeper of Winidsong

December 21st

To: bgarth@protree.com
Cc: rjoshua@sprintmail.com
Date: Sat, 21 Dec 1996 21:20:24 PST
Subject: Re: More about Windsong
From: fpetri@eastex.net  (Floyd N. Petri)

Dear Bob

About your request for more information on my experiences with Windsong, I will tell you about the UFO connection. OK you already know that Windsong is an energy of light being from another planet. Well she picked me and caused the compulsion that brought me to her because she said that we had a lot in common. She said that I was born on another planet and was reincarnated here on Earth. That this makes me a better "Keeper" than her previous keeper. Her previous Keeper told me that he always had felt that he was keeping her for someone else and Windsong told him that it was me.

Also I was prepared by seeing a UFO in 1958 and starting the Center for Instrumented UFO Research. These experiences investigating UFOs has made my mind open up the better enabling me to believe her space journey to Earth in a flying saucer. All I need now is to open up on the psychic level to be able to communicate with her direct myself without using a psychic. Joshua said that he will help me on that when he comes to see me in February.

I'll tell you how I verified the Psychics. Immediately after obtaining Windsong, my compulsions had ended. I was OK again. Several weeks later I went back to the rock shop and told the owner that I wanted the name of the psychic that he used as I wanted to contact her and find out more about Windsong. Well I got the name and number. I want to point out at this time that I had a plan. First he did not know that I would be at the rock shop that day or at that time. I knew that if I hurried out to my car and called the psychic on my car phone and the line was busy, then I could reason that I was being set up. If the phone rang, then I beat him to her. Well I hurried out and called and before I could say the first word, the psychic said "Hello Floyd. I have been waiting for your call. Well Bob, I tell you that nearly knocked my socks off. I made arrangements to have a sitting with her, myself and Windsong. I had several of these meetings which I will tell you about later, but now for the final test. I am a very big Civil War collector. Especially Confederate items. I bought all this stuff when I was working and had money. Any day now I may have to start eating them. Any how the day that we had our last setting, I received a package that I had been waiting for.

It was the frock coat of Major General William Henry Fitzhue "Rooney" Lee, the second son of Robert E. Lee and a member of Jeb Stuart's cavalry in the Army of North Virginia. He was the youngest two star General in the Confederacy and surrendered with his daddy to Grant. This was the coat he wore. First I bet you that I could not find ten people in a hundred square miles that knew that the North was the Blue and the South was the Gray much less who William Henry Fitzhue "Rooney" Lee was. Well I sprang the coat on both of them cold turkey and asked them to tell me all they could muster up about it. Well they grabbed hold of it and held it for a short while and told me that they sensed blood and death, almost too horrible to imagine. They then gave me his name. Then they saw him putting flowers on his wife's grave in this uniform. That's all that they knew. Then they asked me what the coat was? They did not even know it was a civil war coat.

Well I checked on the flowers on the wife's grave and this is what I found out. He was wounded and the hospital was over run by yankees. He was taken prisoner. During prisoner exchanges, the yankees refused him being exchanged because he was Robert E. Lee's son. The message was sent that his wife was dying. The yankees still refused because they thought it was a trick. After his wife died, they felt really bad and exchanged him. He went to his wife's grave and put flowers on them. I did not even know this. All this knocked my socks off. Being in law enforcement for 30 years, well I had always thought that psychics were fakes and frauds. Well I guess some are, but some are not.

Well how did you like that story? I have lots more that I'll can tell you later. Also if I get my story in a readable form, how will I get it to you? I'll be looking at JUNO to see if it will allow me to send a file attached?

Best Regards



Personal Viewing of Windsong

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Visit with Windsong
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