Ghost Wolf Dreamland Interview

Many people have felt the Quickening of events in their life and globally. Their meaning is something that we must all discover for ourselves, but seers and prophets can help to enlighten us. Robert Ghost Wolf, a Native American, is such a person. Recently, he was on a radio show and addressed many interesting topics. He discussed how current events (some of which have been suppressed by the media) and how they fit in with the Hopi Prophecy. He talks about earth changes and the rising of buried monuments. In addition, he mentions government secrets which may become public in the near future. Recommended reading for everyone.


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Dear QuakeNetters,

Caro Goodfellow has gone to a great deal of trouble to transcribe an interview with Robert Ghost Wolf and Art Bell. The interview, in a very profound way, deals with the significance of earth changes, and how they affect our lives. In other words, well within the "guidelines" of xxxxxxxx. I hope that if you don't have time to read this transcription now, you'll save it and find time soon. My deepest gratitude goes to Caro for providing this information.

DREAMLAND INTERVIEW - 4/28/96 - Art Bell & Robert Ghost Wolf

A: = Art Bell
GW: = Ghost Wolf
C: = Caller

A: Robert Ghost Wolf has been called a prophet, a master teacher, a poet, a grizzly bear. He IS "The Wolf." Always the master teacher, he has enjoyed experience from MANY careers: country music, Native American flutist, construction work, even the high finance of Wall Street. That's quite a range. But, he left all of this behind for a more natural way of life. A way closer to the memory that he held of his heritage as a Native American. Indeed, he is a Matisse (pronounced, ma-teece), that is a mixture - Apache, Iroquois, Lakota & one that I can't pronounce & so, we'll ask HIM. What is that last one? I'm very sorry. I've got Apache, Iroquois, Lakota, AND ??? .....

GW: [unintelligible]

A: Ooooh, I'm glad I asked...

GW: Iroquois

A: And, a Matisse is a mixture, right?

GW: Correct.

A: Well, I'd like to welcome you to the show. Good to have you.

GW: Thank you. Good to be here.

A: When did this change take place? When did you dump Wall Street & dump all these other careers that you've had & go to a simpler life?

GW: I dumped the "American Dream" sometime in the mid-80's, Art.

A: The "American Dream," huh?

GW: I've had some experiences, out in the southwest, with native teachers who are teaching me what it is that I do today. And, I've had some experiences, in the lodges, that made me realize that, perhaps, things weren't as I had been told.

A: How, exactly, ARE things? I know that you deal a lot with prophecy & we'll get into that, but you've got a little pamphlet here called, "The Quickening," which caused my jaw to drop. I've been using that for a couple of years, now. You know, I'm a talk show host. I deal with people, I deal with news, I deal with current events & I began noticing, a couple of years ago - 3 years ago, that events are quickening. Political, social, economic.....they're all quickening. Things are happening more a faster pace. Is that the meaning that YOU attach to this?

GW: That's precisely the meaning behind the "Quickening." What I'm working with, now, is trying to help people understand what it is that's occurring. We are going through a shifting of the metabolic rate, if you would, of the Earth, where time itself is speeding up. This is due to MANY things. It's due to the shifting of the poles, which isn't a shifting that would cause things to fall over to one side of the Earth & everything to fall off. It's more like electrical poles that are moving & shifting like waves. This is causing many things to change in relation to what we have been existing under & what we would call, the old paradigm. The old paradigm is basically what we've existed under for the last 5,000 years.

A: In what way? In other words, I see people, Robert, beginning to be.....their irritability-level is MUCH higher & people are shorter with each other, the state of civilization is least socially it is. Technically it keeps advancing, but socially we seem to be regressing.

GW: I think that technically advancing is a matter of interpretation. If we're technically advancing by using destructive forces & destructive energies & polluting our environment & the very food & water that we drink, then I don't really consider that an advancement. But, my focus, with what I work with, is not so much Earth changes. They're going to occur. We KNOW they're going to occur. But, precisely what you're talking about.....the irritability of people, the lack of vision of youth, the feeling of malaise & hopelessness in youth is astonishing. And, it doesn't matter where you go. It isn't isolated to a particular region of America or Europe or China or Africa or's a GLOBAL situation. Part of that has to do with this "Quickening" & the "Quickening" has to do with a shifting in consciousness, which is exactly what it IS. There are so many human beings on the Earth, at this point, that we are shifting into a global Soul, if you would.

A: A global Soul?

GW: A global Soul. We are feeling.....what they're feeling in China, we're feeling in the Black Hills of South Dakota. What's happening in Mexico is being felt, emotionally, up in Canada. The reason for this's an old Lakota saying, "We are all One," understanding that WE are all One with the Earth. As long as we refuse to acknowledge the connection, & what I call "the Web of Life," then we're going to find that we're going to become increasingly agitated.....short-tempered.....because we're not going to understand the emotional changes, which are the things that are REALLY important, now.

A: Robert, do you remember hearing recently about the Unabomber?

GW: Yes, I do.

A: What he did was awful, of course, in killing people, but a lot of people read his so-called "Manifesto" & frankly agreed with it, regarding the technology & the way we're going right now. Did you have an opportunity to review that at all?

GW: Actually, I only reviewed it from reading headlines, because I've been on the road teaching. But, my feeling is that people are looking for a justification for their dissatisfaction. The way that he went about it, if he DID do this, we might never know. But if he DID do this, that's not the way to do it. The way to DO it is not to give into anger & violence. That's been the history of this world. Especially over the last 2,000 years.

A: I know that you deal with prophecy a great deal, so I guess I should ask you, as directly as possible.....without change, without some change, GREAT change in the paradigm.....overused word, I know.....where are we headed? What is ahead for us? Can you tell me?

GW: A lot of social strife. It was the Spring Equinox of '95 where thousands & thousands of indigenous people throughout the world, not just North & South America, got together to bring in a new grid, if you would. A Light grid, on the planet, which would enable a new consciousness to be rooted here. Again, the term that could be most easily used is, "Christ-Consciousness." If we don't create a space, if change doesn't happen.....the social structures are collapsing, the religious structures are collapsing, financial structures are obviously collapsing. There's no way to keep "patching up the dam." And, all that we keep doing is trying to patch up the dam. Now, I don't really think that's people's fault, because we don't have full information. But, if we do NOT create change, which is what we're doing intuitively by the emotional chaos we're going through, then there will not be room for anything new to happen. If your hard drive is all filled up, how are you going to put new information in? And so, when we're talking about change, we're talking about complete change here. The globe has got to change, with humanity & her attitude toward the Earth & each other, rather dramatically, in a VERY short period of time. A VERY short period of time. We're no longer on the "leisure-road-to-enlightenment." We don't have another 5,000 years to get this one right.

A: How long DO we have?

GW: According to the Hopi Elders that I work with, we have less than five (5) years.

A: (sighing) Boy, that's what everybody says. I don't mean that lightly. I interview a lot of people who do prophecy, Gordon-Michael Scallion & others, & even though the roads may seem at times different, the schedules are about the same & the end effect about the same. So many people saying roughly the same thing & now you.

GW: We don't have to look at it as "doom & gloom." We simply look at it as change. If we look at it as change.....when the child grows up has to leave the home, there's a tremendous change in the whole nucleus of the home & attitudes must adjust & people's way of life must adjust & so, what we're talking about with the Earth would probably be better-called a rebirthing, rather than "doom & gloom." What we're talking about, in less than five years, is that, yes, the social structures, the mechanical structures, the infrastructure of our social system HAS to collapse, because it's out of control. It's ALREADY out of control.

A: People will send me, sometimes, Robert, the definition of "Quickening." One definition of it is: a birthing. The first feeling a mother has as the child moves within. That fluttering feeling of movement.

GW: That's a good metaphor.

A: Yes. So, there WILL be change. Now, you say it need not be "doom & gloom," but with this change.....if WE don't change & we allow whatever's coming to go ahead & come, there will be many people who will not, physically at any rate, make it to the other side. Is that correct?

GW: That's correct. There's a situation going on relating to something that we now call phenomenon, which it's not. This government's been aware of it since 1962. It has to do with the orbit of our solar system. This is very much related in the Mayan calendars, where we understood the cycles of the universe, not just the cycles of the four seasons. Essentially, we are now moving into this Photon Belt. The Photon Belt, very simply put, is simply light. It's light. It's white light. And, what that's doing, the intensity of that, is causing an expansion of the molecular structure of things, which is why we're sensing a "Quickening." It's also got a tremendous gravitational pull. The Earth, just a few short years ago, was basically hurling through space at 8,000 miles per hour. At the present velocity, you could estimate that by the year 2010 we'll be moving somewhere around 200,000 miles per hour. So, now we're talking about actual fact of.....this is what we're FEELING as a "Quickening." As that's occurring, we're also feeling it consciously, because consciously.....what I try to impress on people.....thought literally creates. Everything we have around us is a result of that thought. In the Native American cultures, we all have stories of how we emerged from the Inner's a commonality. Also, we all have stories of this time. The Hopi prophecies, which are VERY accurate, that are telling us about this time are WELL over 10,000 years old. And, they're SO accurate it's frightening. They describe social changes that we're talking about right now. They're talking about the social unrest, they're talking about agitation of people. The agitation of people is basically a result of being separated from their spiritual side.

A: All right. Here's an example: I work a lot with current events. A six-year-old is accused of murder, in the Bay area. Of possibly even premeditated murder, killing a 30-day-old infant. Two eight-year-olds involved, released now just on burglary charges, but out children killing our children, in the last decade I should say, Robert, children's crime has increased about 300%. The last ten years, Robert. Nobody can ignore that. Something's happening!

GW: Something's DEFINITELY happening! Part of what's happening is that we are losing our humanity. We are losing our soul. We are losing our spirit. Ten years ago, this was a strange, metaphorical thing to talk about. Today, you go to universities & people are spending hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars trying to understand it.....including the scientists. We're starting to understand that everything that is going on within the human being.....illness, cancer, all of related to emotional attitude. And, when you're dealing in a world where parents no longer have time for their children & children no longer have time for their parents, when the entire family structure has been basically desecrated, you're dealing with a tremendous sense of hopelessness. Hopelessness, in any situation, especially with the human being, will result in an outbreak of rage. And, what we're seeing is RAGE! It doesn't really matter if it is a six-year-old or a fifty-year old, because the human soul itself does not know age.

A: All right, Robert. I'm going to ask you to hold on. That's a good place to hold it right there. Relax, you've got several minutes. We'll do the news, our commercial load & we'll get right back to you. My guest is Robert Ghost Wolf, a Native American of many tribes & we're going to talk a bit more about the Hopi & about the "Quickening" & about what's going on in our world. I would suggest you get into an easy seat & prepare to listen.

For a Sunday night, as always, this is Dreamland. I'm Art Bell.

A: This is Robert Ghost Wolf, a Native American, & we're talking about Native American prophecy. We're talking about the "Quickening" & at the top of this last hour, no matter what news service you had, I'm sure you heard about the killings in Australia. It seems a man took a gun & killed, from what I heard, about 32 people. Now, I said Australia, not America. Normally you hear about these things in America. This time, Australia. Robert, symptomatic of what's going on all over the world?

GW: It's VERY symptomatic, Art. We're dealing with a neurosis that has become a psychosis. So, people, again, are releasing their frustration through violent means, because it's the way we've been programmed in a "Warrior Society."

A: A Warrior society.

GW: Yes, we basically have a Warrior society, which is alien to the Earth. This is not the way things ARE here, in a natural state. If you follow the Native American way or read it, to any degree, you'll understand that everything was a matriarchy & not a patriarchy. Everything came through the Mother. And, the family was held together by the Mother. The Iroquois People based their whole cultural understanding, & their whole history & the teachings of THEIR prophet, on the family fire. It ALL comes from the feminine & we're living in a world where the feminine & the male are totally out of balance.

A: Do you view, as many Native Americans do, the Earth to be a living organism?

GW: I think that that's the problem with people, perhaps, understanding what we're discussing here. She is absolutely her own being with her own consciousness, her own will, her own desires. We're dealing, right now, with a very BIG problem, which, perhaps, should be addressed right now, connected to the blast the French have done in the Pacific. If people are so concerned about the Earth changes & they're worried about it, even the United Nations is getting together & having meetings about it, even the United Nations has come up with a plan called "Biodiversity," which is for control of the population, because of the potential overpopulation of the Earth & the situations with pollution. Then, why would they, on the other hand, turn around & blow up six (6) atomic bombs, in the Pacific Ocean, & go "this has no effect?" I think maybe they should ask the whales about that.

A: [sighing] Yeah, you know, it's funny. I'm very wrapped up in technology & I've always thought of myself as very pragmatic, not wanting to believe the kinds of things that you're talking about, & yet I have this nagging feeling, Robert, that you're right.

GW: Well, I'll give you a little tactical information.....going to minerals. It's very important to have minerals. When we do ceremonies, I tie 405 Prayer Ties for each of the elements of the Earth. And, if we go to science, everything in our body is made up of all the elements of the Earth. We're just basically put together with a different recipe. Part of what's going on right now in the "Quickening," with the infusion of this energy, which is coming down through vibrations & Light to the Earth, from the Earth, from the other galactic bodies in space, other planets, other galaxies & ships,. What we're dealing with is our ability to assimilate knowledge. How many people do we know who are suffering from iron deficiency, right now? There's no metal in their minerals in their blood. And, if we go to "how do we make a simple thing like a tape cassette or a CD disk, how does the information of a singer get on a disk & then we take it home & play it in our little recorder & enjoy the same thing live?" It basically comes off the forming & the pattern set forth by the metal on the disk.

A: It's true.

GW: If we eliminate the metal from the disk or if we go over the disk with a magnet, we're going to alter everything. And, what happens is we either get a distortion or we can totally erase the tape. So, if everything is coming through us in vibration, like radio waves, then if there is not enough mineral substance within the blood to assimilate that knowledge, we're going to have gaps. So, maybe everybody isn't suffering from Alzheimer's disease. Maybe they're simply suffering from a lack of minerals. We're not getting proper nutrition from food or the water that we drink. You know.

A: Yes, I DO know.

GW: When you're in a state of confusion, uh, anybody in the state of confusion goes through a feeling of panic. And, how do we react to panic? Unfortunately, we're reacting to panic with violence. What's happened in the Pacific, which is quite well-known & well-established over in Europe, which is where I heard it from, from Denmark, is basically that there is a seven (7) mile hole that was ripped open off the coast of South America, in the ocean floor. And, we've got millions & millions & millions of gallons literally pouring into the inner Earth. The Earth is going to do something to rectify that.

A: Yes. I've had that feeling, too. Many predicted Earth changes coming. Do you KNOW what's coming?

GW: [clears his throat] I've seen things that are coming. Yes. I think that you're going to have something major happen in the beginning to the middle of November. Somewhere between Mexico & California. The thing that makes it hard to predict, as to the precise longitude & latitude, is these fissures are shifting as we are speaking. The billowing of heat....there's a volcano that's going off, I think about 100 miles off the coast of Oregon, that is spewing out sulfur gas, on the beaches of Oregon, that's so strong that people can't even stand on the beach. But, we're not hearing that on the news. We'll probably hear it on YOUR show.

A: You have. We've made people aware of what's going on off the coast of Oregon. Coos Bay, actually, I think. Pretty much off Coos Bay.

GW: I just came back from doing ceremony with the Hopi, a few weeks ago, & we asked questions, in ceremony, about what we should look for, that could be happening in the immediate future that, we should be concerned with. Much to our surprise, & to the Elders that I was with, a lot of what we got was directed from other-dimensional beings. Not spirits. We're talking about other-dimensional being. We're talking about extraterrestrials. If you're ready, I'll tell you.

A: I'm ready!

GW: You're going to see a lot more interaction between us &, what I call, the Star Beings. They come from many, many galaxies. The two, probably, most influential, at this point, in protecting us, if you will, have to do with the Sirians, from Sirius A, & the Andromedans. There's a star, that we just all watched over the last few weeks, that's called the "Blue Comet" & everybody was outside looking at it. It sorta goes back to, what was it, the summer of '94 when the comets hit Jupiter? Well, I thought it was rather funny watching TV, as all the scientists were telling us that this has never happened before, they have no idea what's going on, they have no idea what the inner atmosphere of Jupiter is like, but we have absolutely nothing to fear.

A: Hyakutake is what you refer to...

GW: Yes, I am. Basically, the way the Hopi look at that is, that was the fertilization of the egg. It was the fertilization of Jupiter to become the new sun. And, this Blue Comet is referred to as the Blue Kachina. The Blue Kachina is bringing forth the transformation. It's the announcement that the transformation, the End Time, is here. Now, what I'm going to tell you about the Blue Comet is that it's not a comet at all. It's a ship. It's a Mother Ship. It's a ship from Andromeda. The ship from Andromeda is here to make sure that others don't interfere with what we're trying to accomplish on this globe.

A: Interesting. Scientists, for the first time ever, detected strong x-ray emissions coming from that comet.

GW: Correct.

A: I stood up at THAT one & said, "Hmmm." And, you're saying that was NOT a comet?

GW: No, it's a ship. It's a ship. There's another comet, a red comet, that they reported recently. That comet is what the Hopi call, "The Red Kachina." And, that is part of what will fulfill the prophecies of the comet striking the Earth. Now, I'm not going to say that the whole Earth is going to be destroyed. What I'm going to say is that a piece of that is going to break off & cause things to change here. There's another strange thing that's happening, that science is recording right now, & it's all over the newspapers. Sometimes, it's called the "Taos Hum." They're reporting strange sounds in space. They're trying to figure out what this emanation is. This is part of what is occurring NOW. What is occurring now is something that has never, ever happened before! It has never, ever happened in our entire history as the human race. The universe itself is giving birth to a new dimensional reality. What it's causing, within all of us, is to be pulled UP. We're literally being pulled up. We're being pulled up in our consciousness, we're being pulled up in our vibration, we're being pulled up into another dimension. And, when people are talking about the shift, what they're really talking about is a total vibrational shift. And, everything in this Earth is absolutely energy. Everything is energy. If you go to any Shaman, they will say, "It's energy." If I emanate a sound & we're chanting a sound, we can literally cause vibrations in the sand to alter. This sound, which is coming now from the black holes, is literally changing the molecular structure of everything. It's bringing everything up, so to speak, to deal with this new dimensional reality. Which is why we are going through SO much agitation & SO much frustration, because we still hold on to a paradigm that we live for ONE lifetime, complete everything within that lifetime, at the end of that lifetime we either go to heaven or hell. And, yet at the same time, we're spending a lot of money going to psychics to have regressions about our past lives. So, if we've had past lives, doesn't it mean there's a continuum going on & that perhaps we are actually eternal?

A: What do you believe the nature of the Soul to be, Robert? In other words, are we rebirthed? Do you believe in reincarnation? What do you believe IS the nature of the Soul?

GW: I believe the nature of the Soul is the Divine spark of Life. Perhaps, Great Spirit. Perhaps, God. Perhaps, Yahweh. Perhaps, whatever you feel you must call this emanation of the Life Force. And, the Soul holds the emotional memory of all things that we have ever experienced since the beginning of time, which is why we can, through heart connection.....and it's really only through heart connection that we can travel back through time, or move through time. Yes, we have developed technology. We're all now aware of the Montauk Experiment, but that is technology & a lot of things went wrong with that technology. When we did the experiment in Philadelphia with the U.S.S. Eldridge, Tesla SCREAMED a warning not to fool around with something we didn't know how to control. And, yet they went ahead & did it anyway. I had the opportunity of speaking with many of the individuals that were ON that ship & who have come back & now are regaining full memory of what occurred. There were many skips through the time/space continuum, where they literally reappeared at different times, at different locations, & there are recordings of this actually happening! Now, the frightening thing about that is that they never stopped experimenting with those time/space continuums.

A: They're still doing it today.

GW: They're still doing it today & we now have so many of these artificial time/space continuums existing, that people seem to be appearing out of nowhere, disappearing, or they're having strange experiences in the desert.....where suddenly a ship appears in Lake Havasau & they're questioning their own sanity about it. Everything here, if we go back to the indigenous understanding.....let's call it the indigenous understanding, because native people that I speak about, indigenous people that I speak about, are not just what we stereotype as the's not necessarily "Dances With Wolves" & that image. What we're dealing with is the indigenous people of the globe, who still hold the original teachings, the memory of the original teachings, that they have perpetuated for well over 10,000 years. WELL over 10,000 years.

A: Well, it doesn't surprise me, as you suggest, that technology is still being experimented with. If the original story was true, & I believe the Philadelphia Experiment DID occur, I've ALWAYS felt that nobody would just file that technology away & stop playing with it. So, you think that things are literally blinking in & out?

GW: They ARE blinking in & out. Again, that's due to the vibratory rate that is increasing. And, with the vibratory rate that's increasing, you're getting dimensions & time continuums melting into each other. They're literally merging into each other.

A: Your name. How did you get it? Robert Ghost Wolf. What does it mean?

GW: I was given the name by a Cherakowa (sp?) medicine man. It had to do with the fact that I had this ability, during ceremony, to go in & out of dimensions, or disappear.

A: Really?!?

GW: And, so he nicknamed me "Ghost Wolf," & so it stuck. That's basically how I got it.

A: Well, that's quite an ability. To literally disappear, to move...

GW: Yes, I do. I couldn't write a book about how to do it, because I don't KNOW how I do it.

A: Where do you go? Can you tell us that?

GW: Sometimes I go back through time, sometimes I go back to where there were great, incredible cities here in America & I've gone back to those locations when I HAVEN'T been in that state to see if everything I was experiencing was a vision or an hallucination. I have found Hebraic writing on petroglyphs in New Mexico. I have found Celtic writing, which tells many things. There's a particular place that I love down in ???, Idaho called "Buffalo Eddie," where the whole story of the galactic wars, we keep talking about in our mythology & ancient Bible stories, is all recorded. The whole story is recorded. Sometimes I find that I go to a place where I talk to, what would be referred to as, the Ascended Masters. My word about the Ascended Masters is that there's more than 14 & that there're a lot more women than there are men. They're, also, from many different cultures. MANY different cultures. What they really are, are our total Brothers living in the next dimension that is parallel, right adjacent to this one, which is where we're going. We're going to a fifth-dimensional reality.

A: It has been suggested to me by many that what we're doing on this planet now is heading us in a certain direction, that will have an effect on people in ANOTHER dimension. And that one of the reasons that we're seeing so many ships, so many craft, is because they want to affect the direction we're going in for THEIR own good. Anything to that?

GW: Yes, there is. I think that, first of all, that this society which is going through its adolescence right now is still trying to determine the reality & nature of UFOs & extraterrestrials, where most of the indigenous cultures accept this as a part of life.

A: Long since.

GW: Yes, long since. And, this is not something new, it has been going on since our beginnings. I mean, the cities of Quaxecoatl (sp?) & Egypt & the mountains & the pyramids ALL have stories written in stone about our interrelationship with galactic beings. They ALL have stories, as Zachariah Sitchin brought out in the Sumerian records.

A: All right. Robert, we've got to hold it there. Stand by. We'll be right back to you. My guest is Robert Ghost Wolf. I'm Art Bell.

A: From Jody in Hawaii: Art, great start to your show tonight. It's a little unnerving, isn't it? You coining "The Quickening" phrase &, as I observe the world & listen to your guests, I have no doubt something is going on. It CAN be somewhat disconcerting.

From Mary listening in San Francisco: Dear Art, please ask your guest about the meaning of a ceremony for "dissolving the boundaries," that is supposed to take place within the Navajo Nation, in the "Four Corners" area in the next couple of months.

Do you know anything about that, Robert?

GW: I don't know enough about it to speak intelligently. I've been asked to go down there, but my work, in that area, is with the Hopi. Unfortunately, they don't communicate that well with each other sometimes. But, there are ceremonies, also, going on, on the Hopi reservation, to do this, & among the other Nations, to ease the shifting so that humanity does not go through this emotional pain & resort to self-destruction, to resort to "the only way to solve the confusion is through violence."

A: This piece of comet that you expect to break off, you said, & hit you have any idea where?

GW: (I love this next part - Caro) Somewhere in the Nevada desert.

A: pause.....I wish people would stop saying that!

GW: Not by YOU, Art.

A: Well, I'm in the Nevada desert.

GW: I know, but we're going to do it west of you. [laughs]

A: [laughs nervously] Well, uh...[sputtering & stuttering - :) ]

GW: This way you can still broadcast what's going on.

A: It can't be TOO far west, Robert, 'cause I'm about 8 miles east of the California border.

GW: Well, then, we'll go east.

A: Ha, ha, ha.....I see. All right, let's take a few phone calls & East of the Rockies, you're on the air with Robert Ghost Wolf. Hello, where are YOU?

C: Yes, I'm in Lexington, Kentucky.

A: Yes.

C: I wonder if I could ask a quick question? The first one is, what does one do to be prepared for these changes that are coming, & second, I was wondering if you have any perspective on crop circles & animal mutilations?

A: All prepare for what's coming.

GW: The most important thing that you can do.....understand that Great Spirit is simple. Everything in life is simple. As we try to analyze what's happening & all the probabilities that could happen, we tend to overcomplicate our reaction. The basic problem, now, with all humanity, we're all one family, there's only ONE human race. It's the Earth race. We're ALL one humanity. The most important thing we can do, now, is open our hearts & deal with the intuitiveness with the feminine side of our nature. To follow our own intuition on what to do. To open ourselves up to the spiritual side of our nature. That's what's going to get us through this very hard time that's coming.

As far as animal mutilations...

A: Crop circles.

GW: ...and crop circles.....the crop circles are very ancient ways of communicating. They go back to the druids & ceremonies & the understanding of the ley lines on the Earth, where every spiritual site, which is, now, a church or a temple, was basically built on a location where these lines would cross & there would be an energy that emanated out of the Earth, that would cause a cracking in dimensions. Also, what the crop circles have to do is the communication between people from the inner Earth & the galactic beings who are here, that are basically giving them readings on frequency & genetics, from a level that we have still yet to comprehend.

A: All right. Well, I was going to ask if there has been any deciphering of the crop circles?

GW: Well, actually, there WAS, quite by accident. If one were to go to the ancient astrological symbols & the ancient Hebrew writings, what you'll find is that they give longitudes & latitudes, dates, & they relate to certain constellational occurrences in space, on those time lines. It was totally by accident & I sort of said, "it can't be this simple," but it WAS that simple.

A: So, in effect, they prophecize.

GW: Yes, they TOTALLY prophecize. They prophecize dates, locations & occurrences. Our job is to decipher what the occurrence is.

As far as animal mutilations, there ARE other beings, who do not look at us as WE would like to look at us. They feel that they have a right to interfere with us, because basically they helped create what we now walk around in & call our bodies. Grandfather used to go to the ceremony & he would always say, "it's only a robe, you're not your body" & he meant that literally. The mutilations that go on are basically trying to calculate our genetic code, because we have something that no one else, in the universe, has. That is the ability to dream-create. We have such a strong, powerful spiritual heritage, from where we come from. We evolved, through this whole Earth experiment, knowingly, from an extremely high level.

A: Yes. In your book, not yet finished & not yet ready for the public, you talk.....I've got a first copy of it talk a great deal about our dreaming, our thoughts being creativity or creation.

GW: Right. Many of the galactic beings have technology that's beyond our comprehension. We're about to find out that there ARE, in fact, cities on the moon & we're about to find out that, in fact, the moon is a satellite.....that it's not even what we thought it was. A lot of this will be revealed probably after November or December of this year.

A: Do you know the manner of that revelation?

GW: The revelation will come through an actual appearance, in a world-wide disclosure by the global government that we are, in fact, involved with extraterrestrials & HAVE been. They HAVE to do this because basically the agreements that they got into with world governments, back in 1953 when Eisenhower went out there & we made that wonderful movie, "Close Encounters...," about it, but it was very coded, is that basically their contracts are up in 1997. They have to turn over their part of the contract which, unfortunately, was US.

A: Excuse me? Let's roll over that one, one more time. Their part of the contract, to them, is us.

GW: Yes. The governments of this world, & whoever the mysterious ones are, whether they be the Illumini, the Burgermeisters, the Grey men, whatever term you want to use, basically made an exchange agreement with extraterrestrials, for technology, & the agreement, for the extraterrestrials, was that they would have full rights to US, which is why there have been so many abductions. In Westchester County, New York, over the past three (3) years, there's been over 5,000 missing children. Where do they go?

A: Well, some of it has terrestrial explanations, surely, but perhaps not ALL of it. All right, let's go back to the lines.

West of the Rockies, you're on the air with Robert Ghost Wolf. Good evening.

C: This is Fritz calling from Phoenix.

A: Hello, Fritz.

C: Ghost Wolf, give us something "heavy." You've been teasing us with ET's, motherships & certain knowledge from ET's. Give us something "heavy." Did you have an encounter? Does your encounter go back to childhood? Has your family had an encounter? You know, give us something "heavy."

GW: Something "heavy?" Yeah, I've had an encounter. I've been on the ships. I've done ceremony where there's been more than ONE of us, there's been as many as 14 people lifted up to the ships. The communication between extraterrestrials & indigenous peoples is a longtime relationship. Unfortunately, in America, for some reason, most of what's occurring seems to be blocked from the news media. There was an incident that happened, I believe it happened last October, over Phoenix. Thousands & thousands of people saw a UFO. It was on the 10 o'clock news, it was on the 1 o'clock news, then suddenly disappeared on the 5 o'clock news. You had an incident that happened, just a short while ago, down in Mexico City where hundreds of thousands of people witnessed these ships.

A: It's true!

GW: Yet, there was hardly any mention of it at all, except for a few seconds here & there, & probably only on the Art Bell show.

A: Well, as a matter of fact, Robert, it's ongoing. People are STILL seeing these craft, in Mexico City, & it goes on so frequently that it's not even reported on anymore.....just goes on & on & on. And, I'm told the people in Mexico City are so used to seeing these craft, now, that it's just nothing special to them.

GW: No, it's not. They don't even react to it anymore.

A: I know. That's amazing, isn't it?

GW: But, if you want something "heavy," I can give you something "heavy." How's THIS for "heavy?" You have a situation that's about to flare up in the Middle East. Again. You know, Desert Storm that was over & we played with our war toys & we won?

A: Yes.

GW: And, we got to exercise early & find out what we COULD do & what we COULDN'T do & just how much people would accept & anyone who's been traveling through airports, lately, will understand what it is that we're supposed to be accepting. You're basically checked 3 or 4 times, in the same airport, getting on the same plane. It's just more control. Well, the reason for more control is simple. They're losing control, so what do you do, you employ MORE control. You have a situation going on in the Middle East, which is about to flare up, again, & part of the reason that's flaring up is the underground installations there, which were basically designed & created with extraterrestrials. You have a situation where the war is going to flare up & the danger of that area & all the stored chemicals for germ warfare, that are there, would impose too much of a danger to this global unit, as a whole entirety. Understand that the extraterrestrials & Native Americans both understand that this is a living being. She cannot, & WILL not, be allowed to be destroyed, no matter what her children decide they're not going to do or listen to, or if they decide to go beyond reason & become totally violent & self-destructive. They will NOT allow that to occur. They will not intervene, at this time, which is part of the reason why your prophecies, if you go to the Mayan prophecies, ..... all prophecies ended in 1987. They literally ended in 1987. What we're walking on, right now, is a blank page. And, the reason why we're walking on the blank page is because everything that happens between NOW & THEN, is what we write ON it. Meaning, what YOU live, what YOU dream, how YOU choose humanity to be, is going to be the way it's going to be. This war that will break up.....we asked, "well, what can happen? What can we do to stop it?" And, they said there's NOTHING you can do to stop it.

A: You know, Robert, it's funny you said that. It feels, it kinda FEELS like a blank page. You know it?

GW: It's total choice. It's total freedom, which is the one thing that is totally essential to ALL human beings's freedom of expression. If we don't have know, the most sacred thing to ALL Native Americans is free choice. That's why we don't have a religion, we call it a "Way." We could all see & talk & work with Spirit & Creator, in the manner in which our hearts directed us. We all understood that "Way." But, we would NEVER take away someone's personal choice to express it how they saw it. Choice was worth more than anything.

A: All right. East of the Rockies, you're on the air with Robert Ghost Wolf. Hi.

C: How are you doing?

A: Ok. Where are YOU, please?

C: I'm calling from Montreal, Canada.

A: Montreal? All right.

C: I would like to share some information with you, if I could.

A: Go ahead.

C: I've been listening to your program for a few weeks, now. I am a Ascetic (?) Jew. And, your ??? to ancient Hebrew.....I studied ancient Hebrew in Jerusalem for 6 1/2 years & I've been studying ever since 1978. The Ascetic (?) has been informed, by a spiritual leader, that the arrival of the biblically promised Messiah is imminent. You mentioned this concept of "Quickening." Everyone is aware, to use an old expression, a paradigm change going on. The Persian Gulf war is referred to, in the "Book of Prophets." The impact on Planet Jupiter, by the comet, is referred to in the "Kaballah," which is a book of Jewish mysticism. What is happening is that we're actually going into a transformation of "beating swords into plowshares" & everyone is upgrading their spirituality. This planet is going to become infused with an awareness of Godliness.

A: All right. Robert, that would be a different perspective, but again it sounds like the same...

GW: Well, it IS & it's NOT. The Hopi refer to the emergence of the "Fifth World," which is what we're going into now. It's called, "When man walks upright, when man returns to his spiritual nature, when man becomes ONE, again, with the Creator, when he unites with his spiritual side." What's happening, all over the globe now, is sort of a free-form Ecumenical Council between the spiritual understandings. We ARE becoming one race. We ARE becoming one understanding. There's too many ties between the different sides of the globe, the different cultures & every religious writing that has ever occurred.....before 2,000 years ago. They're ALL pointing to the same thing, they're ALL pointing to a unity. There is writing in Peru, on the sides of buildings, that are Egyptian hieroglyphics. I have artifacts that were given to me, to hold in trust & share, that come from pyramids in Illinois that have carved figures of Horus.

A: Where in Illinois?

GW: In the mountains in Illinois. I would prefer to just put it that way, before he gets inundated with people. There're also statues there, that he found, of these winged-beings. They're basically bringing us all to one understanding &, yes, we ARE being uplifted & if this gentleman would like to get hold of me, I would love to take him to New Mexico & show him the writings that DO refer to this time & the "Quickening."

A: How DO people get hold of you, by the way? I'd like to give you an opportunity to "plug" anything you've got.....a book or whatever.

GW: Well, we just went up on "the net," so they can get us at: Or, they can call us at: (360) 376-6081.

A: What will people get at that number?

GW: Right now, they'll get an answering machine, because I'm over here in Spokane talking to YOU.

A: Ok. That's (360) 376-6081.

GW: Correct.

A: All right. West of the Rockies, you're on the air with Robert Ghost Wolf. Hi.

C: Hi.

A: Where are YOU, sir?

C: I'm in Port Orchard, WA.

A: All right.

C: This is Patrick &, Art, I actually called you last week & I'll try to make it quick because I know you don't have a lot of time for each caller. I wanted to talk to Ghost Wolf. I'm the guy who called & went to the Amazon with the Hopi medicine men about a year-&-a-half ago. We went down there & did some work with plants, with the Peruvian Shaman, deep in the jungle. Many of the things that Ghost Wolf has been talking about has to do with plants. If you connect everything & the Earth as being created by the Creator, in total balance & harmony, for every illness - emotional, physical, mental, - there is a plant cure. They live in the "4th World" & are constantly finding ways to use the plants to heal these different kinds of problems. One thing I'll offer to people, with the coming of what's happening, is that everything that has been created by the Creator was created in the essence of love. Not out of fear.

A: The only thing I would add to that is that we're rapidly burning down those areas. As a matter of fact, there'll be a repeat of the Edgar Mitchell interview.....Apollo 14 astronaut, Edgar Mitchell.....& he specifically said you can look down space, & the one thing he noted was the burning of the rain forests. So, those areas, with those answers & those plants, rapidly are shrinking. Isn't that correct, Robert?

GW: Yes, it IS correct, Art, but, understand something beyond the principle that we're talking about here. Meaning, in every area, the plants that grow where you ARE, are the plants that you take. If you take herbal medicine from another part of the globe, it is not necessarily going to affect YOU or are you going to utilize all the elements in that herb, the way you would if you took things from right where you ARE.

A: So, you have what YOU need.

GW: Everyone has what they need. There's always people going around storing food & building these undergrounds & buying 16 tons of wheat. That won't work. You're going to have to learn how to forage. You're going to have to live off what you are, where you are. Yes, there's a cure for every illness, in your immediate area, that you would come down with. There's also an antidote for every poison within 20 feet of what that poison is.

A: Well, for me, Robert, that would mean I'm going to have to learn to eat rabbits....& QUICK! "Cause that's what we've got here. LOTS of 'em. This is Dreamland. I'm Art Bell. We'll be right back.

A: Robert, I want you to listen to this. It's a fax. Linda Howe, for a number or weeks, now, has been reporting on a creature called, 'The Goatsucker.' Or, 'La Chupacabra,' I believe it is. But, I just got this fax & maybe we can work it in:

"Dear Art: 'The Goatsucker' west Bexar County, last night, & mutilated nine goats. Three goats are, also, missing. One goat survived the attack, with wounds & scratches. The news team also interviewed an eyewitness from an attack earlier this year. The creature described as having wings & an alien head. Contact Channel 12, KSAT TV, for more information."

Well, I would if I knew where they were, but, Robert, what do you know about these? We keep getting reports on these creatures...

GW: They're there.

A: ...uh, alien creatures.....more & more of them. It began in Puerto Rico & it is spreading! What's going on???

GW: As a matter of fact, I've been asked to go down to Puerto Rico, to deal with the problem, with some people down there. Remember we talked about time/space continuum? The collapse of time & the merging of things?

A: Yes! And, the blinking in & out!

GW: The blinking in & out. And, do you remember Notre Dame? The church in Paris?

A: Yes.

GW: And, do you remember gargoyles?

A: Yes.

GW: And, do you remember griffins? That's what they are. They're not extraterrestrials. They're not aliens. They're Earth creatures. They're something, from another dimension, that's been kept away from here. You're going to hear about them soon in South America.

A: We already have. We've heard about them in Florida. And, I'm not exactly sure where this county is, but it's obviously in this country somewhere.

GW: I've never heard of that county.

A: Nor have I, but I can look up the TV station's call-letters & I WILL find out. Fascinating what's going on! Listen. Again, what they're calling the massacre, in Australia.....the young children killing each other, in this country.....Chicago, a child dropping another child out a window because it wouldn't steal for the other child. There was a movie I saw called, "The Seventh Sign." I think it was with Demi Moore. In it, it was suggested, that the ???, that place that holds the souls for those that enter the world, became empty. And, I'm not saying that's happened, Robert, but it's as though we have some "soul-less beings" with us.

GW: On many different levels. We have soul-less beings that are being cloned right now, by our government. We, also, have soul-less beings that are being cloned by the Greys. It's all connected to the cattle mutilations. They have been able to take human genetic & mix it with THEIR genetics, but what happens is, they create a "hybrid" & the hybrid does not have a soul. It is a clone. And, the Life-force, which is Spirit.....only Great Spirit can create life.....these beings, they cannot keep them alive, past a certain period of time, so they continue abductions & the mutilations are to try to take the Life-force & feed it to these hybrids. This, again, is nothing new. Unfortunately, it's been going on for over 35,000 years.

A: All right. Here's a fax from "J.T." in Morgan Hill. "Please ask Mr. Ghost Wolf this, about his reference to our spiritual ability to create through dreams. The Australian Aborigines have an oral tradition of a time, before the creation of the world, & they call it, the 'Dream Time.' Does he see us returning to this point &, if so, what was the whole point of our existence in this plane?"

GW: We ARE returning to "Dream Point." When we go through the shift.....the Hopi have told their children that, "when these days come, you are to go inside your houses & close the doors." Many of the Lakota people have told their children to, "Go inside the sweat lodge & close the flap & don't look outside. Things will be happening that will drive you mad. You will not understand it & you will not be able to deal with it, so go inside some natural structure, go inside the sacred places & shut out the light, shut out what you are seeing." We are going through, again, this dimensional shift, which everything that we have ever created in our thoughts is existing out there. There are those rather naively say, "Well, there cannot be these evil spirits & dark things out there." But, we live in the world of Man, & man created that, so to man, they are realities. "Skin Walkers," in the southwest, are very real.

A: Skin Walkers?

GW: Skin Walkers. Beings.....entities who get a little "twisted out" with medicine & they basically move into the body of another being & they take over their soul. They take over their soul. It sounds like something out of a Casteneda novel, but I've seen the results of these things. Just like the reports you're getting about the Chupacabra. They're happening!

A: They ARE happening! I mean, it really is true. People sit out there, probably, shaking their heads, but these reports are numerous &, apparently, very, very real. I mean, they've got a LOT of physical evidence, now. There's something here, that was not here before! West of the Rockies, you're on the air with Robert Ghost Wolf. Hello!

C: Bexar county is in Texas. B-E-X-A-R. San Antonio area.

A: San Antonio area, huh?

C: Yeah, I grew up there.

A: All right. I appreciate that.

C: I'm in Fairbanks.

A: Fairbanks, Alaska. WAY out there! That's a long way from Texas!

C: I'm fascinated with the subject. What do you think of the effect of moon & how it relates to the Earth? I mean, it's sacred!

A: As a matter of fact, he was talking about that a little while ago. You may have missed that part. There are going to be revelations regarding the moon, aren't there, Robert?

GW: There definitely are. I believe he was on your show this week? Richard Hoagland?

A: Yes.

GW: My only complaint about Richard is, why don't you just TELL them it's a satellite? Why don't you tell them just exactly what you have? I mean, he's got indisputable evidence of it. Undeniable evidence. He's, also, got undeniable evidence of OUR presence on the moon, as well as the presence of OTHERS, on the moon, that don't necessarily come from here.

A: Well, we have two distinct views. One is going to be repeated tonight. I ran the Richard Hoagland show, repeated last night. Tonight, the show with Edgar Mitchell, who walked on that moon & said it was "so much Green Cheese." So, I'll leave it up to the audience.

GW: [laughs]

A: Your view?

GW: My view is that it's a total artificial satellite. It was brought here many, many, many years ago. There are many stories, in our Native American history, about two moons. One of those moons is, now, orbiting Mars. One of the original moons, from here, is now orbiting Mars.

A: Wouldn't be Phobos, would it?

GW: Yes, it would.

A: [sighs] You know, Robert, for what it's worth, Gordon-Michael Scallion, who I have been following very carefully & has been on my program any number of times, apparently has made a recent prediction.....I didn't see it.....but, a recent prediction that Phobos would break from its orbit & head, or be hurled, toward Earth.

GW: Mmm-hmmm?

A: Have you heard that?

GW: Yes, I have. My comment on it is, through Andromedan connection. Basically what's happened is, the Andromedans, who we're very close with because there was a very large human colony in Andromeda. When beings ascend from this plane, they don't just go to some metaphorical, gaseous space, they actually go to other solar systems. Basically, everything that we call reality can be located in a very narrow band around the Earth, called the "Biosphere." Once you get beyond that, as the astronauts can attest to, time stops, aging stops, strange phenomena seems to occur. What we're dealing with is, the Andromedans have basically declared this a "No Interference Zone," for the next five years, & they've ordered all alien interference, meaning from the Inner Earth to the secret chambers under the White House to the Kremlin, that all alien interference on this planet must be off this planet by 2003. The appearance of the Blue Comet, at this particular time, as we're viewing time, is because of the enforcement of their decree of non-interference with us & this mother ship, which is what it is, is just outside of our solar system & they have many, many, many smaller ships coming in to stop the skirmishes. The clones who.....there aren't that many Greys. There's only about 2,000 Greys. Maybe you're dealing with 3,500 to 5,000 clones. They're NOT Greys. They weren't the original seed, by creation. They were created in a laboratory. Anyone who is aware of what goes on at Los Alamos can affirm that. What we're dealing with, with this, is that everyone must be off the planet by 2003. 2003 is approximately when that shift will happen. It's very hard to determine this in time, because the time/space matrix that we live under is artificially maintained & created.

A: That's not very long at all, is it?

GW: No, it's not & by the year 2009, you can expect most of your Earth changes, the MAJOR cataclysmic happenings, to begin to accelerate.

A: The White Buffalo. The birth of the White Buffalo. What can you tell us about that? What does that mean?

GW: It's the fulfillment of a promise. It's the fulfillment of a promise by the "Calf Woman," who brought the sacred rites to the Lakota Nation. There are many, many stories of the Indian Messiahs, which have yet to be publicized. The Messiah was not an occurrence that happened in just one place. Over here, the Messiah has many names, also. Amaru (sp?) down in Peru, Degonaweda (sp?) with the Iroquois, Buffalo Calf Woman. It was a woman! Let us say that Native Americans had sacred women before the rest of the world allowed them to be sacred. The fulfillment of the promise is, the return of.....we don't look at this time as "doom & gloom & everyone will die." It's not ABOUT that. It's about that everyone has the chance, now, to walk over the bridge. And, walking over the bridge is a very simple matter of respecting the spirituality of ALL things. From the plant to the stone to the human. If we're having problems trying to figure out why we're not communicating with extraterrestrials, perhaps, first, we should change our judgments of people of different color & different creed. We can't even accept each OTHER. It's hard to accept each other, in one FAMILY. Nevermind accept an alien, who might have blue skin, because it comes from a place that has a blue sun.

A: Yes, I do. East of the Rockies, you're on the air with Robert Ghost Wolf. Good evening.

C: Yeah, good evening, Art. Thank you. I just have a question. I'm going back to his discussion of the shift. I guess what he says is, 2003.

A: Yes. Where ARE you, please?

C: Oh, I'm calling from right near the Black Hills of South Dakota.

A: All right.

C: I came out here for obvious reasons. I'm questioning.....he said to go inside a house or a hogan or whatever.....& watch. Now, as I understand it, there are supposed to be high winds, up to 300 mph.

GW: They'll be MORE than that.

C: Ok, then, going into a house would not do any good. You would need to underground, basically, to be safe somewhere.

GW: Go into a sacred cave.

C: Ok.

GW: Stay within the trees.

C: That's what I thought.

GW: Stay within the trees. The danger is not just from that. The danger is, also, from the radiation. There's a thing called, the Masonic (?) Radiation Belt. This is descending on the Earth, now, because the Ozone has been damaged. This is, also, causing a lot of the insanity & people wanting to kill themselves. What's happening to human consciousness is the same thing that happens when a body gets cancer. It destroys itself. It destroys the very thing that can keep it alive. And, when you go inside these places, the thing is not to watch, the thing is to go into your inner being. To go into your Spirit-self. To go into your heart. It's not to watch! DO NOT WATCH! The closest thing you can relate it to is in "Indiana Jones," when they opened the crypt. He said, "Don't look! Don't look because it won't make sense." The Grandfathers have had a lot of dreams about people disappearing, turning into smoke. The Hopi talk about "the day when the sun will come." "It will be brighter than our sun. It will be so bright, that it will block out the sun & this light will not stop & we will start to go mad, because there will be no night time left & people, who are no longer connected to the Spirit, will turn into smoke & just go in the air."

C: One more question for you. Do you know if there's any way, if there's any people out here.....I'm just outside of Rapid City itself.....I can learn the old traditional, more traditional, ways. The old style. I'm already on the "Way," but I need to learn how to live off the land & to know, how to heal yourself &...

GW: Try to get close to Orville Looking-Horse & his people.

C: I'm sorry?

GW: Orville Looking-Horse.

C: Ok. Thank you. I appreciate that.

A: Thank YOU! I didn't get that myself. What did you just say? Try to get close to...

GW: Your Inner Self. Everything's HEART, Art. Everything's HEART. You know? In the Bible, I think there was a part where Jesus turns around & says to Judas, "It's not in the mind, it's in the HEART." This is what the Native American are trying to crack through everywhere. It's all in the HEART. It's how we hold compassion. How we hold each OTHER. We're all one family. With the things that are going to happen over the next 3 to 5 years, this world, by 1999, is going to be a science fiction movie. Everything you ever saw in a Spielberg film will probably be happening.

A: It's moving that way NOW, Robert.

GW: The thing is, if we turn on each OTHER, what hope is there?

A: On that note, hold on. One thing I DO know is, we'll be back in a few moments. My guest is Robert Ghost Wolf. You're listening to "Dreamland," on Sunday night, from the high desert. I'm Art Bell.

A: I want to wish everyone, 'Good Evening.' This is a very, very interesting program. Robert Ghost Wolf, Native American, is my guest.

I got the fax, a little while ago, from Bexar County. That's where San Antonio, Texas is & that would be a logical location to hear about these creatures, if it were coming from the south. Just a thought. San Antone...

"Art, can you get Robert's internet address, again, please." This is from Keith. This may be my web page Keith, so what is your internet address?

GW: It's:

A: All right. There it is. And, this question for you: "Would you please ask Mr. Ghost Wolf if he would want to live in northern California, right now? A simple yes or no will do." Signed, Nervous in Palo Alto.

GW: I definitely wouldn't live in Palo Alto. You're better in Nevada.

A: Better in Nevada? Well, occasionally there's a bright word. East of the Rockies, you're on the air with Robert Ghost Wolf. Where are you calling from, please?

C: Hi, Art. This is Mark from Illinois.

A: Hi, Mark.

C: Robert, you mentioned that the Hopi Elders believe that the comet Hyakutake is their "Blue Star Kachina." Now, there is another Hopi- Apache Native American, a Robert Morning Sky, who believes that Hale- Bopp could possibly be the "Blue Star."

GW: You're talking about the "Red Kachina."

C: I'm talking about the "Blue Star."

GW: I KNOW that it is what they refer to as the "Blue Kachina."

C: Do you know a Robert Morning Sky?

GW: I know OF Robert Morning Sky. Yes.

C: Do you know his work or...

GW: No, I'm not that familiar with his work.

C: Ok, I would also like to mention that the "Blue Star Kachinas" also appear in pairs. Would it be safe to say that, while Hyakutake was buzzing through the Dippers, Hale-Bopp could be seen in Sagittarius?

GW: Correct. You are correct.

A: So, you believe, though, that Hyakutake was the "Blue Kachina?"

GW: Yes, I do.

A: Well, that rushes things right along. West of the Rockies, you're on the air with Robert Ghost Wolf. Hello.

C: Hello, Robert. This is Dave in Poulsbo. I was going to ask you a question about the Hopi "Dancing Star." Is that the one we're talking about, where we're getting the four different stars at once?

GW: No, that's not the one we're talking about.

C: Ok. What IS the "Dancing Star?"

GW: The "Dancing Star" is yet to come.

A: When? Do you know? Can you tell us?

GW: Sometime in the next two years.

A: Two years. Everything's "close-in," now, isn't it?

GW: Well, we're doing a lot of work with the Hopi Elders, right now. It's a real bad situation there. They're getting all of their rights, which is their land & their sacred sites, desecrated & they're trying to fight the government & it's kind of hard, 'cause nobody wants to hear their side of the story & there's big business involved.

Anyone who wishes to contact us on that, I'll give you more details. There's not enough here.

But, the Hopi prophecy.....when the "spider webs" crossed their land, which has got to do with the telephone lines & sewer lines.....all these "webs," all these dark roads that go across the land. Now, [Oh, boy. I don't understand some of the words he uses next. - Caro] they're getting ready to go through ? Villa, which is where the Hopi ?, basically, walked away from the ?, in 1906, & said, "Listen. We have our own sovereign place here. We're going to do traditional work & we're going to keep our ways. We're not going to give up our ways." And, they knew that when this came, it would be the final days. They're, literally, cutting through the sacred sites, now, with bulldozers. And, when the final days come & the "Blue Kachina" appears, we'll have five years.

A: Five years.

GW: Five years. And, that started in 1995.

A: So, the clock is ticking.

GW: It's ticking VERY fast. The "Quickening" is really speeding up!

A: It haunts me to hear my own words come back at me. I'm just an observer. I'm not one who understands. I observe & I observed & used that word & it has been coming back to me ever since. First-time caller line, you're on the air with Robert Ghost Wolf. Hello.

C: [No answer.]

A: Going once, going twice.....GONE! East of the Rockies, you're on the air with Robert Ghost Wolf. Hello.

C: Hi. I could ask you questions all night long, but I'll give you my questions & get off the phone. Number one is.....maybe you've already talked about some of these things, but I haven't been able to listen to my radio all the, number one is, on these reported alien abductions where there are exams & tests, are these good or bad guys? Two: Oh, I'm also reading by candlelight, since my power's out...

A: Where ARE you?

C: Illinois.

A: All right. Robert, you might want to answer very quickly, are the aliens good guys or bad guys?

GW: They're both.

C: They're both?

GW: They're both.

C: How do we know the difference? I wouldn't think the good guys would perform exams and...

GW: You would usually have a choice, if they're good.

C: Ok. Ok. Gotcha! Number two: is it we, the people on this planet, that are causing a lot of this "Quickening" to happen?

GW: We, the people, are causing it by our refusal to let down our attitudes. We're causing it by our refusal to acknowledge our connection with the Earth, with the Mother, with each other. We're causing a situation that, cannot exist any more. We're causing our own ending.

C: Ok. Ok. Number three: What do you have to say about the Giza pyramid?

A: All right, we'll hold it there. The Giza pyramid...

GW: There're a lot more pyramids here in North America than Egypt. And they're BIGGER! The pyramids that you see in Egypt.....let's put it this way, from the way I look at the world, from the way I've been taught, we began HERE & went THERE. It's not that we began THERE & came HERE. So, what's happening, now, in this end time, is everything's coming back home. Everything's coming back to the original source. The Great Pyramid, in Egypt, can also be seen in South America. And, you're going to see, very soon, a pyramid appear because of an earthquake in Turkey, & it's really going to shock a lot of things because it's, basically, going to be intact. It will not have been desecrated. You're still going to see the Lapis Lazuli & everything on the sides of it.

A: So, there will be MORE apparent.

GW: Yes. And, that same kind of phenomenon is going to happen in Alaska.

A: [breathlessly] In Alaska... What will happen in Alaska? You have many listeners, now, in Alaska.

GW: Because of the warming & because of the shifting that's occurring up there, which is pretty exciting if you watch it, they must be having 4 or 5 earthquakes a week, it's going to disclose some ancient cities.....ancient places where it will be undeniable about our connection to the extraterrestrials & the fact that we're a LOT older than 5,000 years old.

A: Many say that. Has man been here before.....been & gone?

GW: Yes, he has. He has been here for well over.....WELL over.....100,000 years.

A: West of the Rockies, you're on the air with Robert Ghost Wolf. Hello.

C: Hi. This is Raphael from the ?. [This guy has a heavy accent, so bear with me. - Caro] The apparition of the Virgin Mary, in Fatima, some may believe they're UFO's, too, right? Now, there are some writings that they say the Vatican took, about what's going to happen in the Earth, & now, they say that the Vatican decided that the lost writings, we weren't prepared for them. So, they hide them. Do you know anything about that? And also, with Easter Island, they found some tablets with old writings & they say we're not prepared to do something to them & they hide them? Do you know anything about that?

GW: Yes, I do. I don't know about those SPECIFIC documents. I'm going to call them documents, whether they were written in stone or what. I know there's so much hidden in the Vatican that it would literally shock the world WHAT they know & WHAT they've been holding back from us. I'm going to be in St. Louis in May & Wichita, Kansas in May & I'll be talking a LOT about that. There's even complete documentation of all the herbal cures, that were used by the Mayan & the Aztec people. These documents are STILL locked up in the catacombs of Rome.

A: So, we would be shocked if we knew all that Rome knew?

GW: We would be shocked if we knew, not only all that Rome knew, but what our governments knew about what's going on, which is part of the reason why they're going to have to disclose it real soon, because, they're also aware of what WE'RE all talking about with the Earth changes occurring. And, they're also aware of the fact that these things are no longer secret. So, somebody is going to get them out.

A: All right. East of the Rockies, you're on the air with Robert Ghost Wolf. Hello.

C: Art Bell. Mark in ?, Louisiana. How are you doing? Let me ask this's a two-part question.....then, I'll hang up & let Robert answer for me. If there are higher dimensions, what I like to term as higher levels of existence, are there also lower dimensions, lower levels of existence? I'm talking about physical existence, not spiritual. Secondly, in those other dimensions, or other levels of existence, are there three-dimensional worlds?

A: All right. That's a good question. BOTH of them good. Yes, we talk frequently of higher levels, are there lower levels?

GW: Yes, there are. That's where your Chupacabra is coming from. The lower levels.

A: Ha! That makes sense.

GW: They're coming from the lower levels of existence. Things that we have evolved BEYOND. Let's call it the "Mergence," rather than the E- mergence. It's the MERGENCE of all things that's causing these things to reappear. I was just reading, in the plane, I think it was Time magazine. They have discovered giant, living sloths, in the Brazilian jungle. So, these are not phenomena anymore.

A: All right. These lower levels, or the higher ones for that matter, are they, as we understand them, three-dimensional worlds?

GW: Some of them are, yes. Anything lower than a fourth-dimensional world is a three-dimensional world.

A: [BIG pause] All right. [Another pause] Ummm, East of the Rockies, you're on the air with Robert Ghost Wolf. Hello.

C: Hi, Art. This is Charles in St. Louis.

A: Hi, Charles.

C: Hi. The first question is, what day will Robert be in St. Louis & do you know anything about the Omak Tribe in Central America?

A: All right, the Omak Tribe. Let's take that first. Robert?

GW: I'm not that familiar to speak, as an expert, on the Omak Tribe. I only know ABOUT them.

A: All right. What about time that you will be in St. Louis?

GW: I'm going to be in St. Louis between May 16 & May 19. There's a phone number for that, which is (618) 258-1612. And then, I'm going to be in Wichita, Kansas between the 24th & the 26th, which is (316) 459- 6235. We can go into a lot of detail on that, I even have different artifacts that you can look at. You know, when you come from Missouri, you want to put your hand on it & see it, so that it's not just words.

A: Indeed. West of the Rockies, you're on the air with Robert Ghost Wolf. Hello.

C: Is this Art Bell?

A: I can barely hear you, sir.

C: Is this the Art Bell show?

A: Yes, it is.

C: Ok, ummmm.....I'll call back later. [Probably stage-fright.]

A: Ok, not while WE'RE here. First-time caller line, you're on the air with Robert Ghost Wolf. Hello.

C: Hello?

A: Yes, Hi! Where are you?

C: I'm in Walnut Creek, CA. I have a few questions. My first question is, as far as the beings that are the negative beings, I've heard that our DNA, we originally had something like, I don't know, something like helixes or we had more than we do now? Something like, they altered our DNA where our consciousness is, now, at a lower level?

A: Robert?

GW: Yeah, they DID alter your DNA. The extraterrestrials HAVE altered your DNA. They also caused the split between the hemispheres of the brain, which is why we can't work with the whole entirety of the brain, which is why we use meditation & have been given the gift of "Breath" to put those hemispheres together so we can see things through the dimensional level, so we can see things through our "Spirit Eye," which is our "Third Eye." This all has to do with the body. It's real. It's not a metaphor. You have, within you, the strains of 22 different beings, within your DNA, but right now, you're probably.....most people.....using less than 8.

C: Ok. My second question is, I've heard of the Pleiadeans, which are another Star Group, & their involvement, I've read a book by Barbara Marciniak & there's a lot of information from them about the end times. But, I guess there's no involvement between them & us except for their information? Is that true?

GW: Well, there has been a lot of involvement with the Pleiadeans. It was the Pleiadeans who were the rulers of Atlantis, & they, basically, left us alone after a nuclear destruction, which is why we all have the remembrance of being in the Inner Earth. We were in the Inner Earth for over 580 years. The Hopi talk about when we went down into the Inner Earth & then we came back up into this fourth world. As far as their not having any interaction with us except on an information level, I think very shortly you're going to see some documents that are going to be forced to come open, to show the extent which our government is involved with the Pleiadeans.

A: All right. East of the Rockies, you're on the air with Robert Ghost Wolf. Hello.

C: Hi. I would like to know about his belief toward the crucifixion of Christ & toward Christianity in the Bible?

A: All right. How does Christianity, Robert, mix in with everything else?

GW: Everything's the truth, Art. Everything's the truth. I just wish they hadn't eliminated most of the information that Jesus tried to give to the people. I wish that people could look at the story of this INCREDIBLE Master, for all the He was & realize the connection between HIM & Buddha & Krishna & the Degonaweda (sp?) & Calf Woman. If we stop the separation between ourselves as people, we also have to stop it between our selves as spiritual understanding. Everyone has a different perspective. Everyone sees the "Buffalo Skull" from a different point of view.

A: Hmmmm. Maybe time for one more. First-time caller line, you're on the air with Robert Ghost Wolf. Hello.

C: I am in Canyon-country, California.

A: All right. Go right ahead. We've only got a minute.

C: I just wanted to say, do you know about the pyramids, that they give off a ? frequency that powers the Giza pyramid? It's exactly a counter-balance for this planet. As the spiritual energy, or the spiral of energy, which is the Second Coming of you know anything about that? Consciousness is, basically, what He IS.

GW: I can answer that quickly, I think.

A: All right. Go ahead.

GW: Basically, you're in the middle of the Second Coming. The Second Coming is the "Christ Consciousness" in ALL beings. Literally, ALL beings. And, all the stone, in the rock, in the water, in the Dolphin, in the male & the female, & the black & the yellow & the red & the white. Uh, in the Hebrew, in the Christian, in the Buddhist, in the Hindu. It's the "Christ Consciousness" that's bringing us all to ONE. Regarding your pyramids & crystals that effect things, for instance, around the Bermuda Triangle, the Atlantean crystals which are not just there, they're in the southwest. There's one in Santa Fe, there's one in Four Corners. These things are helping to maintain the artificial time/space matrix, so that we THINK that all of our past lives are separate. They're all ONE. There's's not separate things that happened, you didn't like die & go into a dream & then turn into another movie. You are one continuum. You are a one-continuum being. Your dream is constant. It's a totally connected flow or you wouldn't be here.

A: Uh, Robert, we're out of time. I mean, we're REALLY out of time, so I have only enough time to say, "Thank You." It has been a pleasure having you on. You will be on with us, again, I hope.

GW: I'll be looking forward to it & if anybody misses me, catch me in Phoenix on June 22 & 23. I'll be at the "Prophecy Conference," down there, at the Dobson Ranch.

A: All right. That's it! Thank you, Robert. Robert Ghost Wolf was my guest & if you want a copy of this program or you want to get our newsletter on deadline, it's 1-800-917-4278. From the high desert, I'm Art Bell. Good Night.


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