1995 View of the
Global Transformation

by Joshua Shapiro

Section 1: Background & General Discussion
( In the Beginning: Part II)

This article is a continuation and update of the discussion held in my book, Journeys of an Aquarian Age Networker. I would recommend that you read Chapter 4 before reading this article, as this information adds onto what was written there. Also, because I believe this article is of the utmost importance, in order to make sure that I clearly express the points I wish to make, I will constantly be reviewing this section and either making editorial changes or adding some new insights. I hope this is not an inconvenience and provides me some slack if my words are not written in the most polished manner. Everytime I touch this article, I find something to change. So in order to begin to share this analysis, I am going to publish it in an almost completed format. I do hope that you find this new perspective helpful and insightful...............

Joshua "Illinois" Shapiro

When I wrote my first book, Journeys of an Aquarian Age Networker, I admit that I was in a very different space in my thinking and how I was perceiving the world at that time. There is of course, a tremendous amount of new information that has been released publicly, and a good deal of this new information, are of a nature that I would never have accepted about 15 years ago. This includes information collected and gathered through more travels (within the U.S. and South America) and research and exploration of the various on-line computer systems (Internet, Compuserve, etc...). I guess when a person is ready for new insights or prepared to take the next step in their personal unfoldment, the opportunities just present themselves. I also think that in those early days I was a bit idealistic as I assumed naively that people in general wanted everyone to be happy and wouldn't try to go out of their way to cause others problems. It is very interesting to me to review how things have changed since 1982. Although I still agree with the basic essence of the major forces which will bring forth the Aquarian Age, a Golden Age, an age of Peace and Harmony, there are some new factors that have come to my attention which are acting as a catalyst to quickly move us in this direction, that were not a part of my thoughts in the "Early Days" as I call it.

As I see it, the key scenarios have not really changed. We still have many people awakening to some aspect of their spiritual or inner existence or just beginning to have personal experiences that deal with some type of paranormal phenomena. We still have many sightings of UFOs, it is just that now information related to UFOs is appearing everywhere, especially on on-line computer services such as Internet, Compuserve or local bulletin boards. With the cost of personal computers coming down these days, millions of people not only have information of all kinds literally at their fingertips but are able to talk with other people around the world in a matter of minutes. Our world is getting smaller every day. This extremely fast form of communication means that people are being better informed about news (some good news actually) and events happening all over the world that generally is not being covered by major media. In addition, there are many on-line conversations (via electronic mail or real time chats) going on each day, as people are exchanging their personal views of our world and more openly reporting unusual experiences they are having, whether related to UFOs or psychic experiences. There continues to be reports of more and more individuals who are receiving information or visions about Earth changes and we continue to hear talk about various types of conspiracies. However, I believe now that we are in an information age, via the on-line computer systems and numerous books being published about every subject under the sun, we are finally starting to become aware of the truth (after almost fifty years) about what is really going on behind the scenes. Now our main problem is to sort out the truth from the fantasy, that information which is valid versus that which is being given as dis-information. We have so many theories and explanations floating about which explain the motivation for world events and trends that it is virtually impossible to know what is the real truth. And I would also suspect, those people in a position of authority who have gathered such information over the years, probably still don't have the complete picture about what is happening in our world and why and what type of future are we headed into.

Therefore, I will try to the best of my ability, to share the perceptions which have come to me at this moment. The personal insights and conclusions which will be included in this article will cover from a mundane or physical level to what is consider a spiritual or dimensional perspective. We want to try to keep in perspective that there is some type of Divine Plan leading us into the Aquarian Age. I do not feel any more qualified than any other person, as far as having some profound insight into this process of Global Transformation. I believe that each person has a part of the puzzle and that as we share our experiences and insights among ourselves, we will all be able to receive a clear image of what is taking place today.

Life is our greatest teacher and I am absolutely convinced that there are powerful cosmic laws in motion which bring us to certain places in our life. There have been a few interesting experiences I have had within the past fifteen years which I believe have been orchestrated to happen at specific times in my life. These experiences seem to provide an explanation about where some of the intuitive insights I am receiving maybe coming from. I do believe that each of us has invisible helpers, guides if you will and also, that we each have access to some inner level of knowingness that we can each tap into or just opens up spontaneously. So let us first explore some of these unusual experiences as a starting point to provide for you, the reader, a foundation to work from, to better understand my personal overview of where we stand in regards to the manifestation of the Aquarian Age relative to 1995.

Section 2: The Journey of Life -- The Experiences

Although I do not claim to be clairvisionary (able to see inner visions clearly), I will say that I am able to perceive various images in my mind. Even though I do not see these image in vivid color or in minute detail, the image serves as a triggering mechanism at times to remember or understand some profound inner revelation. If I could describe it accurately, the best way I could explain the images I see is that they are in shadow and by utilizing my inner sense to experience and feel energy and vibration, I instantaneously know or feel when I look at this image, what is appearing before me. The same process occurs when I have done any type of spiritual consultation for another person. I feel the essence of the person I am sitting with, and then this triggers other feelings or insights.

For a long time now, I have had a vision of a man, about middle age, who appears in front of me, off to my right shoulder, relative to my position looking straight ahead. If I just think about him, the image immediately appears to me, almost as if he is always there. This man speaks to me telepathically and tells me he is who I will become in my future. Now, let step back a moment and see if this is possible.

From a spiritual perspective, each dimension of existence has it own set or rules and laws. Here on the earth we have some physical laws that describe concepts such as time and space. I believe that when one enters these other spiritual planes of existence, where events happen simultaneously, time and space no longer exist. From the viewpoint of these other dimensions, time and space is perceived as an illusion, whereas here in our physical world, these two laws are mandatory to helps us to remain focused upon our own individual identities here as earth beings at this time. However, people who are able to consciously astral project or who are vivid dreamers, describe the ability to travel in time when they find themselves on these levels and may even see future events that have yet to happen on the physical level (as thoughts and emotions eventually filter down into our reality). Specifically, the concept of no-time refers to the idea of the NOW moment which was discussed in the Journeys Book, meaning that all actions and event occurring simultaneously or in the same moment. So it is possible that a future me could be in communication with a present me, assuming of course this future me has developed the ability to move outside of time. Of course, on the other hand, it is indeed possible this could be a deception by some entity on the astral level. When I challenge this image in love and light and move into its center, it does not leave and I experience the essence of this person as being in total alignment with my own energy, as if it is an extension of me. So we will assume for the moment that my perception of this individual is as I have indicated.

So if this is a future me, then it is possible I could receive or see through his eyes, what our future could be like. And, indeed, this is the case, I do receive such images. In this future I see that all people are using their inner gifts freely, it is a common occurrence if you will. This future me says that in his time the world has completed its transformation, and is now in a Golden Age. Man will finally reach a balance so that he lives in harmony with nature and the Mother Earth. Man will actually experience the Earth as an intelligent living being and have a dialogue with her (telepathic). Each person will have complete freedom to explore his own identity on any spiritual/dimensional level he chooses. He does not tell me or show me the sequence of events which will take us to this Utopia but keeps assuring me it will happen. I see behind him a city floating in the sky. I see geometric shaped houses perhaps done in crystal or some transparent material. And as I am sensitive to energy (and have been known to channel healing energy at time), I experience him as being at total peace with a very calm and balanced energy. It almost feels like he has so much energy and joy he would burst! He says, he is making himself known to me so I have an example of what is in front of us, which will encouraging me to continue working on the various spiritual projects that present itself in my present, so I can get a feel of what the end result of this would be. It feels to me as if this person has achieve what some might call the level of Christ Consciousness and that all the people in this time have achieved this level.

So, who knows, this could be my imagination, but this Man never leaves. He is always there with great love and patience and smiling. I think, could this be true, will all the people in our future really be able to be like this? I know that I have always been fascinated with traveling in time, and if I could communicate with a past self I would do it in a minute, just to show that time travel is real. Well, lets continue to discuss some of the other unusual things that have been happening in recent years. And by the way, with my research into Crystal Skulls and UFOs and other related matters, I am sure there is another book I could write about just these synchronistic and unusual events. But then again, I am sure that most of you are beginning to have such experiences now also!!!!

As you know, from our section about a crystal skull I saw in Las Vegas in 1989, I moved to Las Vegas on December 31st, 1989. I started a non-profit foundation called "FUND" (Foundation for Universal Networking and Development) with some friends there. I was drawn to Las Vegas to create a dream I had of having an organization involved in the dissemination of special spiritual information related to the Aquarian Age using every conceivable media available (books, lectures, videos, movies, etc). The Crystal Skulls were of course a part of this research and living in Las Vegas and with the creation of our Foundation, I hoped that finally I would have an opportunity for the first time to work closely with a guardian of a skull. Well this did happen for awhile and it is a long story but on May 3rd, 1990, I had a very strange experience, one the likes I have never had before and still to this day I do not fully comprehend what happened to me. So my story goes like this:

I remember on this fateful day, I had just had a brief meeting with one of my board members, at her office, and I was walking down a main street heading to eat lunch at a local McDonalds. All I recall on my way there, was hearing a loud screech behind me, and seeing my vision fade to black from top to bottom. The next thing I recall was waking up two days later, feeling myself strapped down to some kind of a bed with various tubes going into my body. As it turns out, I was struck by a Van from behind, flew in the air, landed in an empty lot that had loose stones on the ground and was unconscious ( was in coma ) for two days. Actually I came back to more of a wakening consciousness three days later.

What is interesting is that I have no memory of being hit by this van. It was as if someone or some force took me out of my body just before the van struck me. Perhaps this will explain why, when I return to the scene of this incident, see the dent in the metal lightpost where the van struck, I do not feel any connection to this event at all. You know when you have gone through a traumatic experience, you usually will have some strong feelings that will come up or fear, but when I go back to this area, I felt absolutely nothing. It was as if I was not there. Which I believe in a sense is true.

I suffered no broken bones and I think I heard a rumor that the doctors weren't sure I would recover, which just tells me, wherever my spirit was, I was really out there. People who met me afterwards say they felt I had changed, became different somehow, but I didn't feel different. Also my energy was very low for at least a good month and a half after this accident. I had to rest most of the time and my muscles were sore, especially around my shoulders where my head meets my neck. But basically I did not experience much pain at all. It took me about a month to two months before I could go all day without feeling tired. I also lost my voice after the accident but this could have been due to medication I was given.

Well the story goes on, that a month after the accident I went to Brazil where I participated in a metaphysical conference, spoke to the largest audience ever of about 3,000 people on Crystal Skulls and UFOs and met my wife there. That was an interesting experience, since when we first met we didn't speak each other's language (note: our story is told in Brad Steiger's book, "Angels of Love"). But now, let me share with you, after many years of pondering about this event and some memory flashes, what I believe really happened.

If you needed to be gone from your earthly body for a time and you needed to have a logical excuse why you were unconscious, how would one do this? I feel that I decided to have this accident as a cover to go into other dimensions, to receive some information or report some information about the situation on the spiritual evolution of the earth. By having this accident, which really was not painful at all, then the hospital would take care of my physical body while I was gone.

OK, this makes sense, but where did I go? Well, this is a bit harder to know as I only have very brief mental images of being in certain places, like a still photograph or a snapshot of being somewhere else which is not familiar and thus, I can't really tell what the picture is about. These images just come spontaneously. If this was a death and resurrection type of experience, as some people describe who have operations, where they die and then are revived, to me it was like I was sleeping. You know, when we sleep we go out of our body and travel in other dimensions and other realities and maybe if we can remember something it seems so unreal (which is why we call it a dream) because we can't relate these other dimensions to our physical life here. For me, when I came back, I had no memory of anything.

There are three distinct images I have seen since the time of the accident. First I always see, when I think of this experience, a large meeting room filled with people or beings. It would remind me of like a large underground cavern with many people sitting down looking forward at a table filled with speakers in the front of this cave. My feeling is, that this meeting was about the Earth and they were discussing a plan to help Mother Earth move into a higher dimension and showed what events would happen and precipitate the next phase of this transformation. Whether this is true or not, I can not say but it makes sense to me that our world is under close scrutiny.

Next I had a vision, shortly after I reawakened and a few weeks later, of standing in front of some kind of door or opening (not sure if this door was to a spacecraft or vehicle, although when I flew to Colorado to attend a networking meeting a few weeks later, the sensation of flying seemed very familiar, like I had just done this) and I was speaking to a person (seemed human) and saying that I hate this business of not remembering when I go back to my Earthly body. If I could remember the experience and information given to me, it would help so many people to prepare for what is about to occur and the person is saying back, "In the future you will remember completely and write about it, but only when it is the right time!" You know, we kind of get tired of hearing this statement from our guides but I guess all things happen when it is their time and to try to force it to happen sooner is of no use!!!

The last vision I had related to my coma experience, it came to me while I was in Arizona visiting a friend. I believe this happened in 1990 as well, as for a brief instance I saw a picture of three worlds in front of me. By this I mean, it was like three photographs, each in a frame, and I knew these three places were different worlds and that somehow during my coma, I went there for some reason. So whether I have interpreted these images correctly or not, I can not say. Now lets look at a few more experiences, which maybe let up to this incident in 1990.

In 1981, when I was traveling through California and Arizona on total faith, just after my first book had come out, I had an interesting sequence of events occur. At this time I was staying with a friend in Prescott (Arizona) and a woman named Lyara (a part of her channeled information I had shared in the Journey Book) told me that I needed to just go off into nature by myself (as at this time, I was a total city person and had never stayed in nature alone before, so there was some hesitation) and fast for three days, as a spiritual initiation. The friend I was staying with at this time, Sylvia, was very adapt at living in nature so her and her son provided me with some camping tools and took me into one of the local forest preserves. I do not recall the name of this park but I could see from this preserve a local peak, Thumb Butte that has a side profile like a Lion and also I could see the San Francisco Peaks (which the Hopi say the Kachinas -- the Gods came down and also there was a report of a cloud that stayed over these mountains without moving for several weeks), a sacred mountain to the Indians near Flagstaff.

In any case, I couldn't keep a fire going, so I would just go to sleep when it got dark and wake up when the sun rose. I found some trees that seem to welcome me, so I remember sleeping by them. On my last night, just as I was ready to fall asleep, I felt a strong vibration inside of my body. It literally felt like an earthquake but it was happening inside me not outside of me. It felt almost as if someone was trying to take me out of my body and my fear was too strong to just let go. After this vibration stopped, I saw a Golden Light flash over my right shoulder, out of the corner of my eye and was expecting there to be an explosion, like a meteorite hitting the ground. But I heard nothing. I still do not know if this light really happened or what it was, or even if it was physical. Maybe I was seeing it with my inner vision. In any case, it was quite an enlightening experience, I felt like I was intuitively communicating with nature and I felt this experience helped me to better integrate with Mother Earth. So, something about this experience seems to be connected to a process of revealing some inner knowing. I also remember shortly after this nature excursion, about February of 1982 in Prescott, I met a UFO researcher who's father was born on my birthday and his mother died on my birthday. Then Sylvia allowed me to read some of the books she had in a huge metaphysical library in her home. I remember picking up one of the books written by George Adamski and discovered (the person who is known as the father of the UFOs) that he had the same birthday as myself as well. This was a bit too much. Now lets move on to a few interesting experiences I have had connected with the legendary Mt. Shasta.

I remember reading a book called, "A Dweller of Two Worlds", by Philos the Tibetan. This is a classic book written in the 1890's, that purportedly was channeled through a man who owed Philos a debt from an Atlantean lifetime. In this story, it discusses Philos' lifetime as a Cowboy in the Old West, where Philos visited Mt. Shasta and met a secret brotherhood that lives in the Mountains. Upon reading this part related to Mt. Shasta, it inspired me to go to check it out myself. The first time was in 1981, when I hitched a ride with some people from the San Francisco area who were going to attend some type of spiritual festival in this area. Upon arriving in Mt. Shasta, I parted with my friends and tried to make contacts with some of the local people, to see if they knew of anyone who offered hospitality. I was not able to meet anyone so I decided to approach the Mountain and just walked towards it and found a spot to lie down in front of it. I thought perhaps I would sleep outside that night. So I gazed at the mountains and noticed the stars were in a horse-shoe shape. Also I noticed what appeared to be a shooting star move from one cloud to rest behind another. Then I started getting sleepy and fell asleep, or so I thought, but I had a certain kind of taste in my mouth when I awoke which felt to me as if I had projected or left my body. Then I felt a inner voice urging me to get a hotel room and I just had enough money with me (as I was traveling on total faith these days) to pay for one night.

I am convinced that when I went unconscious, that I was taken somewhere, whether in the mountain or possibly above to a purported etheric crystal city that some people say exists over Mt. Shasta, I do not know which. I remember when I visited Santa Fe, New Mexico, some years later, to do a lecture, the women who organized my talk had a drawing in her house that showed an etheric city she claimed to visit over Mt. Shasta, which looked familiar.

To collaborate that I might have made some type of contact with some intelligent beings in this area, let me discuss my next experience in Mt. Shasta when I returned in the spring of 1983. I traveled with some friends from the San Francisco area in a small camper and we parked the camper as high up the mountain we could go (as the mountain still had snow on it). Just before we were ready to go to sleep, we decided to go outside and just sit in the natural surroundings. We noticed that there seem to be some incredible lightning in the sky and it was not making any sound. I also had with me at this time, a conch shell, which a Native American had carved a hole into, so it could be blown. And I recall to honor the mountain I blew in the four direction with the conch shell. As I was watching the lightning, I remember once while traveling between Boulder and Denver, I noticed there was a cloud that lit up but there was no lightning that came out of it. So this reminded me of that experience, where it appeared that this cloud I was observing was almost alive,. Thus, I decided to try to communicate with this intelligence inside of the cloud and began to ask questions in my mind. As soon as the question was asked, I notice that the cloud would light up. I thought this is impossible and can't be a coincidence. So, watching the same phenomena occurring here in Mt. Shasta, it appeared as if we were having some type of contact with an intelligence that communicated through nature. By this I mean, the Lightning in the Mountain seemed to be alive and the thunder sounded almost like words were spoken. When I pointed out to my friends that the clouds where no longer lighting up in a certain direction of the sky, no sooner had I spoken these words, lightning occurred in that area of the sky. We felt as if we were having a communication with the Guardian of the Mountain, but this intelligence was not a humanoid being, it was using the forces of nature to communicate with us. And we were there to be a witness.

Lastly, related to Mount Shasta, in the fall of 1987, I went with my co-author Sandra Bowen (the crystal skull book) to attend a special gathering of Lightworkers held by the ASSK (Association for Sanada & Sanat Kumara, now located in Sedona, AZ) on the mountain. When we arrived at our hotel, we felt a being or presence in our room who I felt I knew. It seemed to be a friend from the Mountain who was happy to see me. I thought could this be someone I met on my first visit when I was taken out of my body or could it be someone connected with the people who live in Telos, a purported city that is inside the mountain as described by Lady Sharula Dux (of Telos Enterprises, Santa Fe, NM) consisting of descendants of Lemuria? During this conference they permitted people to speak on a wide variety of topics, and we tried to share information related to the crystal skulls but their schedule was full. So Sandra, who was having trouble with the high and erratic energy of this area said she needed to leave. Just as we were leaving, heading down the mountain, a person we had met here told us that one of the presenters in the evening events had shown a slide of a crystal skull, discussed by her contacts with the space beings and asked if anyone knew what they were. So we drove back to the gathering and were able to share information about the skulls as it worked out.

My conclusion based on these experiences at Mt. Shasta, is that I had some type of contact with either people who live underground or in an etheric city over the mountain, and that they may have shared with me, while I was asleep or possibly taken to their city in my energy body, some of the information related to the coming transformation.

Continuing on, when my wife and I took our vacation to the American Southwest, in October of 1992, the adventures continued. I wanted to take her to New Mexico and Arizona, so she could become better acquainted with the Native Americans (being that she is Brazilian). During this trip, besides giving an occasional lecture, we had an opportunity to visit the Hopi Land, the Four Corners area and Mesa Verde. We had a nice visit with a family of Hopi, and also did a powerful meditation at Prophecy Stone (the stone on the Hopi Land that contains their prophecy). For a long time we had heard (including in my crystal skull book) that the Four Corners Area (where the states, Arizona, New Mexico, Utah and Colorado all meet at a point) is a very special energy vortex and center on our world. When we arrived and stood at the exact point of the 4th States ( joking with each other that now we are in this state, or that state, and now we are not in any state at all ), we really did not feel any special energy there. Also we worked so hard to have the time to visit this area and after reaching our goal of standing at this exact point, we felt we would receive some inspiration of what to do next and were disappointed that nothing came at that moment.

Prior to visiting this site, we had met some people in Santa Fe, who attended one of my presentations. They told us an incredible story of an experience that happened to them in the Four Corners area. They said they were blindfolded and guided to a special place (underground) where they saw a library of books from some ancient civilization. They showed us a coin they received from this site, which had strange markings on it and the only pattern we could recognize was a horse. They talked about tunnels under the ground that led to underground cities. Well some of this information was in the back of minds as we stood in the shrine at Four Corners. So we asked some of the local Indian Peddlers, if they knew of a place close to Four Corners that had some type of tunnels and this Indian mentioned Mesa Verde, an ancient Indian City carved into the Rock in the SW part of Colorado, about 70 miles away. So we decided we would go there and check it out.

We stayed in a hotel in Cortez, Colorado and then the next day we spent the whole day at Mesa Verde. The ruins reminded Vera, my wife, of the ruins that one witnesses in Peru left by the Incas. Needless to say, she fell in love with Mesa Verde and in 1994, even conducted a journey to the American Southwest for a group of Brazilians which included this sacred place. Our last stop at Mesa Verde was their museum, containing artifacts from the site. I recall I was gazing around at the displays when I heard Vera shout loudly, "Joshua come here!!". I thought what was the matter? She pointed at a photograph showing one of the walls in the Mesa Verde ruins which had strange symbols carved into the stone. I saw a symbol of an inverted tree with four branches, except the branches were drawn at an angle. The reason this is personally significant, is that a long time ago, I had a strange dream. Usually I don't remember my dreams. This dream probably happened just when I was starting to open up to more metaphysical or spiritual type philosophies. In this dream, I saw myself, kneeling in front of a Native American Indian Chief (a name of White Cloud or White Horse, not sure if such a chief actually lived) who was seated on what appeared to be a tree stump. He had a full feathered headdress and he held out to me a wooden plaque. On this plaque was a symbol, an inverted tree with four branches except the branches were more circular (like semi-circles).

Getting back to the Museum in Mesa Vera, this was the first time in all my travels I ever actually found this symbol drawn by some other civilization. I received from the museum, the name of an archaeologist in Santa Fe, who had worked at Mesa Verde, and studied the Anastazi Indians. It was suggested that this archaeologist might know what this symbol meant. When we returned to Santa Fe, I called the archaeologist. She told me that she was familiar with this symbol but that they didn't know what its meaning just as with many other strange patterns and figures that were drawn at Mesa Verde. Further, she claimed, that this particular symbol of an inverted tree had been found in other Indian ruins in California, Nevada and Utah and they felt it was over a thousand years old.

One clue related to the meaning of this symbol came in 1981, when a group of us (when I was married to my first wife) visited Joshua Tree, California. We had an opportunity to visit an interesting construction called the Integratron, built by early UFO contactee and writer, George Van Tassel. At this time, his second wife was living in a house on the property which housed the Integratron, and I showed the symbol to her. Mrs. Van Tassel told us that she worked with many different tribes of Indians in South America and had seen many different symbols. She said she believed this symbol represented the following:

The root of the tree is the connection to the Source, to all knowledge. The four branches represent different levels of information (cosmic knowledge) which is brought down into various forms and levels on the earth plane and shared with others here. She told me that this symbol perhaps represented my life mission. It is possible, because I have always felt a compulsion to share the best information I discover in my path with others that describes the manifestation of the Aquarian Age on planet earth.

Of course, there are many more unusual experiences I have had at certain moments in my life. Certainly researching and studying the ancient human size and shaped crystal skulls is one. I might also refer my readers to the article I have posted on our web site called Peru: The Land of UFOs, as I believe that Peru is another special place that one can visit. For myself, I have traveled there two times so far and again had some incredible experiences especially in the places known as Lake Titicaca, Machu Picchu, Nazca, Sacsayhuman and Olyantitambo. One day, perhaps I will understand the connection of all of these events.

The purpose of this section is not to show that these experiences make me any more special than anyone else. We each have our own stories to tell in this remarkable period of our history. It is my hope by sharing these events, that it might help the reader to understand where some of the ideas I will be presenting come from. Especially if you had read Chapter 4 from my first book, you will be able to see how I have expanded the view of the Planetary Transformation that I shared and perceived from 1982.


Since I became aware of the metaphysical nature of reality, I began to trust completely my intuition, or the still small voice inside which offers suggestions or explanations for things in our life. I have trusted that when I hear or am exposed to certain special information, regardless of the source (i.e. - a sharing of another person's experience, something I have read, information obtained from the television, a video or movie, etc ....) ... if this information is important, I will have an inner confirmation in some manner. Sometimes this confirmation comes from the synchronistic occurrence of the same person's name or subject three times in a short period. Or I might just feel chills or have this incredible energy flooding my being when I receive this information. But no matter what, there is always some outward manifestation that catches my attention to stay alert.

Upon linking with Internet and Compuserve within the past 14 months, I have literally been guided to information that discusses what is happening in our world behind the scenes. Internet has especially been insightful as it is a network of computers all over the world and is not controlled or regulated by any specific organization. People are openly sharing their ideas, information and experiences with each other. Again, as I am reading various messages, whether from e-mail, stored on various electronic bulletin boards, newsgroups, forum, or files that are available to be share with all, a part deep inside is telling me to pay attention. Some of the current activities which are happening in our world, that I have wondered about for years have been answered via the information shared in this computerized media. As the prophecies have stated, the Truth is coming out for all to see as we approach this time of transition moving into a new phase of humanity's existence on planet Earth.

I do not believe the opinions I am about to express in this section are unique, as I have met other people who agree with the basic essence of what I feel. I see my job as a networker and sharer of information, to synthesize all these bits and pieces of data and try to come up with some possible scenarios. This article is being offered to you the readers, for your consideration. I do not have a special secret source of information, I am reading the same information as everyone else and just as others are doing, will voice an opinion of what I believe is going on. I hope that you will use your own process of inner verification to determine if any information here rings true for you.

I believe that as certain events are now occurring or as I am reading specific information from various sources which describe specific situations and reasons for certain world activities, this is triggering or awakening some type of memory of what I was shown at the meeting I attended, while I was in coma during May of 1990. I believe that the plan of events to move our world into a new frequency of expression, was shown to me at this time and now those events are beginning to manifest in the physical reality. Even if this is so, I still can't see or get a sense of what is going to happen beyond this year (1995). So dear readers, here is my invaluation of what I believe is coming up next in this most intense time in our history:

For many years, people have wondered if the UFOs really exist. For many researchers, it has been quite frustrating as they have worked very hard to uncover some form of conclusive proof for the existence of UFOs which has thus far, always seemed to allude them. In the 1980's, many people felt that the intention of most aliens was to be here to assist mankind subtlety and indirectly, even perhaps helping to hold back some of the prophesied Earth Changes. However in the later part of the 1980's and continuing today, many people involved with official government or military agencies, especially in the U.S., are beginning to share a consistent story of possible agreements that were made with certain alien races by various Governments of our Earth over the last forty plus years. Also, that the motivation or intention of these aliens (known primarily as the "Greys") is very suspect. Although it is conceivable that the information being shared by these individuals is for the purpose of dis-information to keep people from knowing the real truth, again, trusting my intuition, I feel we must start to seriously consider such claims.

Last year (1994), through the assistance of my father, who constantly visits the library and is a born researcher, I discovered that the public libraries (at least in Chicago) were offering a nice collection of UFO books. So I started to take out a number of UFO related books, and especially was drawn to read books written in the 1960's and 1970's. I discovered that there was some excellent information reported in these earlier times, even if the researchers of that time were just beginning to understand what was happening with the UFOs. Also, a good percentage of the UFO cases written about during this time included reports of people being abducted and experimented upon. Then I caught up with some of the new books, and it quickly became apparent not only how many UFO researchers are active today but the incredible dedication and thoroughness of these individuals to research this subject. Generally these people are spending their own time and resources to explore a phenomena which officially doesn't exist and one in which scientists in general won't touch. But after you start to read some of these books, you begin to understand that the amount of evidence that has been uncovered related to the existence of UFOs is overwhelming. In fact, just by the strong resistance exerted by most World Governments and mainstream Scientists, in general to go out of their way to either disprove the existence of UFOs, are totally ignore it, speaks for itself how real the UFO situation must be. This brings up another set of simple but logical questions to ask then.

First of all, if the official agencies are not sharing information about UFO related activities and events happening on our Earth, they must either be afraid to share the truth or possibly they are involved with the UFOs in such a way that is a benefit only for a small group of individuals and not the whole of humanity. Of course, if we accept the information shared by Bill Cooper, which is indeed controversial but seems to be consistent with other sources of information about the UFO Cover-up, then we need to explore his statements about the possible agreements made between the aliens ("The Greys") and the U.S. Government. Why would the aliens specifically request that the U.S. Government not reveal their existence to the general public? If the Aliens have such an advanced technology and are so far ahead as I assume the recent advances made in our own technologies over a relative short period of time show (example: computer chips, electronics, video, etc ...) what could the aliens be afraid of. Why try to operate in secret behind the scenes? Why have they not come down here and just taken over? Why do they need to abduct people and blank out their memories?

Well, following my inner feeling and intuition, I would guess that the following scenario is true. It is probably true that back in 1947, when Roswell happened (and with the amount of evidence and witness coming out today, there is absolutely no doubt about this anymore, some people are speculating the U.S. government will officially acknowledge this event soon), that people may not have been ready to accept the existence of UFOs and aliens. However, I truly believe that now almost 50 years later, with all the books we have on science fiction, movies, TV shows, videos, etc ... that people have become accustomed to the idea that life must exist on other worlds. Certainly it is entirely possible that this dissemination of information related to extraterrestrial life on other worlds, has been gradually introduced into our culture (by various governmental agencies) to prepare us for the knowledge that we are not alone and that aliens are already here on our world. I am sure this is indeed the case. There are even report surfacing now that various unknown structures have been photographed on Mars and found on the Moon, with no idea of who the builders were or how they got there. But the problem is, as I see it, if the U.S. Government or other governments admit they know the UFOs are real, then the people will know that their Governments have lied to them for a long time and will start to think about what other things have they been told that is not true. And even if these official agencies were to go on public record and say that the UFOs really exist, people will still believe there is a great deal of other information that these agencies are not being sharing.

For myself, I can understand from a higher perspective, in terms of related to some Divine Plan for the spiritual evolution of our world, why such information would be kept hidden or released gradually. If it had been revealed to the public back in the 1930's or 1940's that we had aliens visiting our world, this undoubtedly could have been too great a shock and our society would have crumbled. I think now we are better prepared and actually many people are anxious to start to explore beyond the boundaries of our planet into outer space and to make contact with other intelligent beings. But more importantly, if these official agencies have discovered as Bill Cooper and John Lear discuss, that the aliens which we have some type of agreement with (which means not all aliens) are not to be trusted, then it becomes absolutely vital that people know about this. People should have the right to be informed so that can protect themselves from some of these unwelcome visitors, the ones who seem to be doing abductions and experiments. A person may think such an idea is utterly crazy that it would be impossible for something of this order to be happening in our world, but today, we are receiving just too many reports from people all over the world of abduction related cases (millions) to just dismiss it. We the people must know look at ways and techniques to protect ourselves, since the official agencies of the world do not seem to be able to protect their own populations and appear to be very confused about what action they can take.

Now, this last train of thought is not proposing that all aliens who have contacted our world have some ulterior motives. I definitely do not believe this is the case. We are hearing about the "Greys" the most because it seems our Government made some kind of arrangement or agreement with them (as Bill Cooper shares, an exchange of technology for abducting people and having bases here). In one of the sections we have on our Web Site, called "Star Warriors", it describes that the U.S. Government was approached by another race called the "Blues" who were willing to do an exchange with us if our governments would dismantle their weapons. The "Greys" offered these official government agencies new technology if they would be allowed to abduct people to do certain experiments and agreed to bring them back. Knowing how Governments work, who do you think they would accept? The Problem is, that these official agencies now know that the Greys are not following their part of the agreement. Now that they have been given permission to have bases here with the help of these agencies and are firmly entrenched on the earth, they intend to stay. I am sure, as I heard in a lecture done by Al Bielak (a scientist who claims he worked for the Government on high technical projects -- see our Montauk Article), that our Government has probably told these Aliens they are no longer welcome. Apparently, if the reports we are hearing of more abductions occurring is true, than they are still very much here and have no desire to leave. There have been some unconfirmed reports that the U.S. military has engaged the "Greys", in their underground bases, to try to remove them and has been totally unsuccessful. Also if Cooper is correct and these aliens are doing these experiments on humans to preserve their race this implies that their advanced technology has been misused in such a way that they can no longer have children and are using a combination of our DNA with theirs, to somehow perpetuate their race, perhaps at our expense. It is said that our body contains some type of enzyme that they need but can no longer reproduce. Also there is the reported creation of hybrids by the aliens maybe an attempt to eventually make our planet their new home.

A few paragraphs ago, I voiced a couple of questions about why these Aliens might not want their existence to be known and are operating so secretively. Let us go back to this for a moment, to discuss why the "Greys" might make such a request. It is said that the "Greys" are a very cold and unemotional people. So, as I see it, the strength of humanity resides in our connection with our spiritual self, which when exercised will be an extremely powerful force. Also, I suspect the aliens fear our ability to work together under adverse situation. It is unfortunate, but if one studies the history of our world, they will see many wars and infighting which still exists today, but if we humans, ever have a common enemy, we seem to forget our petty differences and unite together to overcome any obstacle. If it was publicly declared that we were possibly being invaded by such an alien race, all we would need to do to get rid of this race is pray or meditate together at the same time, and send a very strong and firm (loving not angry) energy to these aliens and they would be forced to leave. It may sound too incredibly simple, but I believe that part of the transformation we are moving into now is that the hidden spiritual part of our being is becoming activated and humanity is getting ready to take some incredible evolutionary steps forward as we start to actualize the part of our brains unused as well as our natural paranormal gifts, capabilities that have always residing within us. Even though on the surface it appears we are misusing our technology to destroy the ecology of our world and ecological balance, I do not believe it is our destiny to face such utter destruction. These situations, just like the "Greys" are acting as a catalyst for change I believe the "Greys" recognize we are on the edge of taking a quantum leap in our awareness and consciousness and know that if a common foe is presented to us, it would activate this potential within us and no amount of technology would be able to control and defeat the power of billions of people working in unison. The vibration and energy we could generate in such a united effort would absolutely overwhelm them.

Now perhaps, you may think I am over-simplifying things by acknowledging such a potential with Man. Maybe you will feel that yes, something is going on with these aliens, and yes, maybe they are here and interfering in our world. Maybe you feel that there is nothing we can do to stop them. However, before you permit any feelings of panic and fear to over-run you, there still remains many other factors involved in this scenario, which as was shared in my Journeys book, are still very active and subtly participating in the planetary transformation behind the scenes. There are many more channels now, than back in the early 1980's, who continue to receive information from other races (Pleiades, Andromeda, Sirius, etc ...) that are here to assist humanity. Generally the information they share is advice from these galactic brothers how to get more in touch with our spiritual aspect. We still have the Inner Earth people, a combination of galactic races and humans who now live on the inner surface of the Earth (assumes the Earth is hollow with a sun in the center at the core and many tunnels and large cavern between the inner and outer surfaces) and are quite advanced spiritually and technologically.. And we still have the Spiritual Hierarchy with the Ascended Masters and Angels as well as civilization of various people who live in underground cities such as Telos by Mt. Shasta who are descendants from Lemuria or Atlantis that live peacefully.

With so many theories and scenarios of cover-up, conspiracy and prophecy related to the development of our world, how does one know what to believe? I am sure there are many people who rather than explore the significance and impact of such scenarios upon their lives and our world would prefer to just ignore this information and continue on with life as is, perhaps secretly hoping that this craziness will just go away by itself. However, it is my feeling that very shortly we will be coming into a time where outer validation of these types of events, or confirmation of some of the information being shared, will be shown in one way or another. The keys as I see to survive what is coming is to not allow one's fears and apprehension to control them and to really trust completely in their own inner guidance. I have heard this message repeated by a number of different Native American Tribes that the answer to our future will be a spiritual one. And by this I believe they mean, that one must recognize the exist of the spiritual universe and nature of our being, which views reality based upon the philosophy of the Oneness of all Things, that all beings I the universe are interconnected, what each part does affect the others in some way. I wrote an article for a class we are offering in the Chicago called the "Manifestation of the Aquarian Age", which deals with inner guidance and inner awarenesses. You may want to take a moment to read this article to receive a perspective on what inner guidance is about. This article is linked to this document by clicking here.

OK, lets go back for a moment to some of the questions we posed about why the existence of UFOs is be kept secret. First of all, I would like to strongly recommend the book, "Crash at Corona" by Stanton Friedman and Don Berliner. Mr. Berliner has a section toward the back of this book where I think he accurately portrays the effect on our society if the knowledge of the existence of UFOs was revealed. I think one of the reasons the Governments of our world are not willing to reveal this information is that they fear they will lose control and their power. If the aliens could introduce new technologies to make our lives easier and more comfortable, this would probably result in the need for an organized government to no longer be necessary. If you were one of the select group of people who had been enjoying the benefits and privileges of being in power, of controlling and manipulating world events for your own personal gain, would you find such an idea attractive? Another possibility, which is what I think is really happening now is that since the Greys' technology is so advanced than our own (even though we have received some assistance from them for our current technology), then we can do nothing from a physical point of view to stop them from doing whatever they want such as abducting people, stealing any materials they need from our world and possibly, placing devices in people to control them. If you were the Government of a country, would you share with your people that you can not protect them? The third possibility or in combination with the prior two, is what if you did make an agreement with the aliens and as a result of this decision without consulting the people you govern, some of your citizens were either killed or emotionally and physically effected for the rest of their lives, would you be so eager to share this with the public too?

It just seems to me, with all the UFO related documentaries being shown on TV and cable these days, at least since the late 1980's (when I was living in Las Vegas, where they have had a number of UFO conferences to share about the UFO situation) that someone is trying to share information with the public in this indirect way. As I have been connected to computer on-line services, I have read message by other people around the world that these UFO related shows are being shown throughout the world (at least in England, the U.S., Brazil, South Africa, Australia, etc ...). So my feeling is, that the official agencies know they must start sharing this information before things get out of control and are doing so by somehow indirectly feeding the various media production companies, so they can not be directly linked as a source. For me, this is a very significant sign that the Government agencies are worried and the situation is out of control from their perspective.

Changing subjects now, let us consider some of the energy movements occurring in our world. Continuing today, many mediums and spiritual channels are receiving that the Mother Earth continues to shift its vibration and frequency, and that dramatic physical changes are coming soon as the Earth prepares to move into a new dimension of reality. And as we continue to move forward, as the frequencies of our dimension get higher, this is beginning to activate that dormant part of us which is always connected with spirit. The result of this process is that more and more people are beginning to use their own natural inner abilities, their inner gifts. These days, there is a strong fascination by the public to want to know more about metaphysical and psychic studies. People no longer think it is strange to speak to a psychic for advice or to read their daily horoscope. I would say that such public awareness plus more of a concern for not polluting and respect our planet are a direct outward manifestation of this vibration shift. People are just becoming more sensitive to the subtle energy balance and connectiveness of being a piece of the living world that we live in. Conversely, I also feel that the official agencies have done many experiments with gifted psychics and recognize that every person has such abilities, that they are only sleeping waiting for some catalyst to awaken them. If people started to actualize these hidden talents such as telepathy, teleportation, healing, etc ... again, there would be no need for an organized form of government. We each become responsible for ourselves and work together for the advancement of humanity. I feel the "Greys" secretly fear us because no only do they not comprehend our emotional nature but they are envious of our latent spiritual gifts. If the Greys could understand that instead of taking the things they need from our world, if they would work with us as brothers, this could create a very powerful world for both races. As it is, I predict, that as the Mother Earth continues to evolve and expand, as its frequency of expression gets higher, the Greys will not be able to tolerate living here anyway.

At the moment, the presence of the more benevolent Space Races is not as apparent as the Greys, and I feel this is because they must respect the free will of our world and be invited here by a majority of the population before they will openly come out. In regards to our own spiritual unfoldment, as much as we would like to have their assistance, they must allow humanity to go through its challenges by itself, only serving as an advisor, recognizing we have the tools to succeed. If we could work together and evoke the spiritual energies and light within us, we really would have no need for outside help. The problem is of course, most of us trust that all that exist is what our physical senses tell us or what our religions have taught us and this can limit us from knowing who we truly are. The positive ETs or Space Brothers as they have been called, have been sharing information on a more telepathic level via various spiritual channels. If you study these messages, they basically echo the same themes in that we are spiritual beings and need to balance and acknowledge this aspect of being into our normal everyday lives. I still believe it is the destiny of our planet to join a confederation of other worlds, but man must become more responsible first. There must exist a harmony and peace on our world and in our hearts before such a direct contact will make sense.

If one is familiar with Gene Roddenberry's Star Trek, it seems these beings follow what is termed in this series as "The Prime Directive", a code of non-interference. Some people believe that the positive ETs are sending a great deal of Love and Light energies to our world and helping to balance some of the imbalances in Mother Earth to prevent catastrophic earth changes. Also, as discovered in Brad Steiger's research, a large number of the souls who incarnated into human form at this time (whether incarnated or a walk-in, a soul that comes into a body and trades with the soul who was originally there) are souls of extraterrestrials who feel the cries of the brothers and sisters of the earth and come to help as a human. In this way, they accept the laws of the earth and can relate their innate cosmic understanding to others as people will perceive them as another person just like themselves. I feel that many of the children being born today are great souls, coming to help the Mother Earth anchor these higher vibrational frequencies as she moves toward Fourth & eventually a Fifth level of consciousness.

In any case, whether the UFOs we are sighting in our sky are friendly or not, it is initiating into our reality that humanity is not alone in the Universe and that part of the forthcoming transformation is to prepare humanity for moving towards more direct relationships with our cosmic brothers and sisters. In addition, I think I understand why well known abductee and author Whitley Strieber feels his very intense abduction experiences were a powerful and positive catalyst for change in his life. This is because it has opened up his mind to the existence of alternative realities of being. That beyond our limited sense of reality with our physical senses are whole universe of possibilities and Man is just beginning to recognize them and that they have always been around and with us. Clearly to me, the UFOs are one of the most powerful forces of our day that is showing the Planetary Transformation is well underway.

Some people talk about this time in our history as a time of Celebration. That in the not too distant future, not only will we be aware of other people who live on our world, but that all of these races of people will once again be united. What I am referring to is other civilizations which exist on the Earth but are hidden from the surface people. this would include underwater civilizations, underground civilizations and the Inner Earth people. Now, I know that the stories told about such people are only thought to be rumors, but let us indulge ourselves dear readers and for the moment, in order to present this next perspective, just assume it is true. There are a number of books written on these subjects, should you have an interest to pursue this matter, which can be found at local New Age bookstores or possibly some in the libraries.

First of all I believe that some of the UFOs we see in our sky are not extraterrestrial but intra-terrestrials. If these beings do exist, they are kind of keeping an eye on what their younger brothers are doing on the surface. Supposedly, when Admiral Byrd went to the North Pole, he had a contact with the Inner Earth races, but of course this was never revealed to the public. If people knew there was an inner utopia that existed on our planet, everyone would want to go there. I feel that at some point, we will have a more direct contact with these people and that when they see that humanity really wants to work from a spiritual base, they will come out and once again, there will be a unity among all the people who live on our world. Purportedly, in the section on the Underground Empire, there is a woman called Sharula Dux in Santa Fe. She claims that she is from the city Telos, under Mt. Shasta and that this city is part of a network of underground cities. Also that at time her people have battled with the Greys and Serpentian races who also have underground bases and cities. Having shared a few experiences I had near Mt. Shasta, I feel there is a great deal of truth to her statements. Eventually, I feel we will work with our underground brothers to help Mother Earth move forward in her evolution. So indeed, more information continues to be shared about these other people living on our planet.

Now turning to another issue, let us consider any new insight about the reports of a World Conspiracy or One World Government. Again, other than information I have read posted on various on-line services, I do not have an official source of such information. I think if one just observes what is going on in our world at the current time, the various wars and crisis that continue, it is apparent there are people behind the scenes who control large amount of money that are manipulating these events to their advantage. What is interesting is that it appears more and more people who were involved in some type of secret government agencies or the military are beginning to share about their experiences in the military service even though they are breaking their oath of secrecy. In particular, several Militia groups in the U.S. are now publicly sharing such information, as crazy as it sounds, to alert people to a trend they are observing within government to abuse its power. A great deal of information has been shared on Internet about many aspects of the possible conspiracy. From this information being shared it seems that the plan for a one world government has been picking up but as one knows from history, no group can remain in power under the pretension of lies. Plus, I am sure with the difficulties that various governments are having with the "Greys", that new element to the equation is throwing many new roadblocks into these plans from ever being successfully accomplished. There seem to be too many groups, each having their own agendas and of course, the Mother Earth has one of her own. Some people are beginning to suspect that part of the conspiracy may have been subtly controlled by the "Greys" as they have use certain advance technologies to control key people. It really seems to me, over the past thirteen years, that these plans are falling apart and as people have become more informed via the information being shared by these on-line computer systems, the chance for a one world government are diminishing rapidly. It seems the "Greys" and whatever their plans might be for our world is the main process to be focused upon at this time.

As I sit here in June of 1995, I am sensing great changes coming. I am being urged or inspired inwardly to share all kinds of information, on many different levels and to do so in whatever form is possible. I sense a great new door, a new reality, a new challenge that is about to fly open and once this door opens, no person or organization on the Earth will be able to close it. When this door opens, for some people it will be a confirmation of things they have known for years, for other people it will be a welcome surprise and yet for others, it will be a tremendous shock because it could and will invalidate the foundation of whatever system of reality they have chosen to live by. I see three key signs or significant events which will be an outward manifestation of this process of transformation as follows: (note: the points listed below are relative to the U.S., since this is the country I live in. However, ultimately if something affects the U.S. it will also effect the rest of the world)

1) The Official Agencies of the World will finally admit that the UFOs are Real, that we have been visited for a long time. They will also state that people should not worry about the extraterrestrials, as they are not a threat to the security of this planet.

This statement or announcement may result from certain evidence that will be shared publicly that can not be refuted. The other possibility could be that the aliens make some decision themselves that for some reason it will advance their purposes to openly appear in our skies, maybe in simultaneous places at once. I do not know if this will happen in this year but I feel by 1998, people should expect to include UFOs as part of their reality. The most frightening aspect of this announcement will be how will it effect the structure of our society including the economy, personal freedom and religious institutions. One of the goals for the creation of our Web Site is to provide to the public as much information as possible related to theories and evidence for UFOs so that people do not come from fear. It is indeed possible that such an announcement could be very uplifting for our world because finally we will have a reason to work together as the family of Man and deal with this new challenge in a united way. Conversely, if such an announcement produces fear, it could be just the excuse various governments of the world have been waiting for to issue martial law and take away our freedoms, in order to protect us from the aliens, as they will undoubtedly explain. No matter how we view such a situation, our lives will never be the same again!!

2) There have been many prophecies of Earth changes (Edgar Cayce, Nostradameus, the Bible, Scallion, etc ...) and so far, for the most part the U.S. has not seen too much serious damage. Although there have been numerous earthquakes in California and a number of Hurricanes in the Southern part of the U.S. by Florida, none of these natural disasters (the militias in the U.S. claim that the United States Government has devices to change the weather and is using it) have significantly effected the everyday flow of commerce and transactions to cause any major problems for the American people. However, it is my feeling that by the end of 1995, we may begin to see a few large earth changes in the U.S. and this will be a warning or signal of more to come, possibly in 1998. For example, if parts of California were to have a major earthquake, many people in other parts of this country and the world are dependent upon technologies, products and food that come from California. Of course, personally, I hope that this feeling I have is false, our thoughts are a very powerful thing and we do not want to give more energy to an already delicate situation. However, sometimes the Mother Earth must make changes in order to move toward the new pattern it is heading towards. There are several books I have read recently which say that there is a cyclic process, that every so many thousands of years the Earth goes through a total physical change of its surface. They believe they have discovered evidence of such changes in the past through various archaeological digs all over the world. In any case, as always, one must always consult their own inner guidance to feel if such a possibility is coming up and it is time to move on.

3) Some type of confrontation is occurring between the State Militia groups in the U.S. and the U.S. Government that could lead into a serious situation.

It is the belief of the Militia in the U.S., that the Government has a plan to find some reason to explain to the American people why they must give up their right to bear arms. The Militia says that the Government is not discussing the whole truth behind what happened in the bombing in Oklahoma City on April 19th. After the bombing in Oklahoma City, the Militia came under harsh criticism by the media and the Government. I have watched on cable television a few media appearances by the Militia presenting their case as well as speaking to representatives of the U.S. Congress. They are sharing publicly information about various activities they see being conducted by federal agencies who's goal is to eventually take away all personal freedoms of the American people. They also state they have documentation via photographs, letters, etc ..., to show that these activities are indeed going on. A great deal of this type of information is also being shared on Internet and via special radio/short-wave and cable shows aired in the U.S. I believe that what is happening, is that there has been a plan to execute a state of emergency by the U.S. President which will nullify the constitution and all personal freedoms. The Militia sees this possibility coming soon and is warning the public and the media. Perhaps from a higher perspective, as the Earth is moving into a higher octave of vibration, the Truth is coming out and all plans by any organizations or groups which are trying to assume dictatorial powers over the population of the world is being revealed. I am unsure where this confrontation will go, it seems that the Oklahoma City bombing was an attempt to give the Federal Government more power by creating a terrorism law, but most people are not supporting such an action.

SECTION 4: Final Summary
( What can We Do .... Where are We going? )

The purpose of this article has been to summarize in a few pages some general feelings and observations of current events (from a June, 1995 perspective) leading us into the next century and the Aquarian Age. I believe we are now at a crucial time in our history where each of us must participate in some form in shaping the new world coming. If you have found some of the information of interest, I would strongly advise that you continue your own personal search to uncover the Truth. Our Web Site here at V J Enterprises, contains much more detailed information related to various topics discussed here. We have inserted a few links to other pages to act as a guide as well. In additional there are many other Web Sites on Internet as well as special groups or forums that exist on other on-line services that are sharing information about our world and the events of the day. I would like to encourage you to pursue all avenues and to please share the best information you discover with friends and family. Now let us summarize some of the material contained herein:

As I see it, Humanity has a choice in front of it. We can continue functioning from a level of mistrust and competition, and eventually lose everything, possibly even to these purported alien races who are here, working behind the scenes, or we can embrace a more spiritual path, with mutual respect for all life, put away our weapons and work together as the brotherhood of humanity to create a beautiful and bright world. I believe the key to preparing for the changes coming is to develop a communication channel with one's inner guidance and inner awarenesses. Also to be open to new ideas and philosophies and to share information and resources with others. I believe that as the truth becomes known, as people begin to realize what kinds of activities have been going on behind the scenes for many years, that they will see there is only one answer, the spiritual answer, to begin to live life in balance with the Mother Earth and each other. I strongly believe the people working in the official agencies know that things are out of control. They are trying to find an answer using their most modern technologies or psychic weaponry and the Mother Earth is no longer supporting such a solution, nor will she tolerate such a solution. It is very difficult to see how these events will exactly play themselves out, but I hope that from the information shared in this article, that you will begin to see the signs and know that the time of transformation is here. It can be the best of times or the worst of times, it will just depend upon the framework you use to view life and how this transformation proceeds. We have the power within us to make our world into a paradise, a utopia, but we must not be attached to our material things or religious views. I don't believe that anyone can sit on the sidelines and try to ignore what is happening. The sequence of events will pull you in, one way or another. You still have free will to decide, and I am not hear to say that the perceptions presented here is absolutely correct, but this information seems to be how many are perceiving the status of the world at this time.

Related to the UFO issue, I think we will have to continue to explore this on our own without waiting for the official announcement of the existence of UFOs from any world governments. There are plenty of researchers and organizations who are uncovering incredible evidence for their existence. I believe what we must focus on now is to better understand the motivation of these visitors and to not come from fear in dealing with them. Also, I would propose the following suggestion to any official agencies in any country who now realize it is vital to share information related to UFOs, before it gets too late, and in order to save face and not incur the anger of the people of their country for lying to them and not protecting them. If they could select a few well known individuals, whether UFO researchers or just people who are trusted by the public, they could anonymously share the real information with this select group of people. Basically these agencies could offer this secret information to these individuals and just ask them to share with others whatever they feel would be of value to the public. To the individuals who are chosen for this assignment, of course this will be a difficult task to perform, due to the fact that other UFO researchers and investigators who probably were very close to the truth, were fed dis-information to discredit them in the past. However, if sufficient evidence was provided, such a photographs of actual aliens or crafts, plus various governmental reports, I think that this might be very helpful. Hopefully the media would do a good job to report it (as the government agencies would stop trying to put pressure on the media not to cover UFO related stories) and people would be better prepared. Then perhaps, after this information is shared, a plan of action could be initiated on a world wide basis for dealing with any alien visitors that are not concerned with the welfare of all living creatures on the Earth. I really do not feel that we have the time now to continue hiding important information and wasting time with intellectual and scientific arguments why the UFOs don't exist. These official agencies know that the aliens they have made agreements with, can at will abduct or experiment on any person, including people in their organizations or their families. This matter must be turned over to all the people, so we as humanity can resolve this issue. In addition, as more people are consciously aware of the UFO situation, we then would be able to request help from the more spiritual and peaceful cosmic races, as we would do this of our own free will. People who are sensitives, would know immediately that the intentions of these other races are sincere. I think that the dissemination of UFO related information is already going on .... as stated earlier in this article, in almost every part of the world there are special television shows which are reporting the recent information related to worldwide UFO phenomena. But we need to do this in a larger way now. It is clear that people are now very open to the possibility of the existence of alien beings and worlds. There is no way these shows would be aired if the official agencies who know the truth, would not permit it.

My conclusion is, that whatever plan has been put into motion related to eventually creating a One World Government, will never succeed. There are too many people needed to make this happen and many people who have been involved in such plans are beginning to share what they know. Secondly, if the Greys are no longer following their agreements with the governments they have made such an arrangement with, then certainly they have their own idea of how our world should be and I am sure their vision will be very much different than the one envisioned by these secret organizations. Chances are the Greys would have no intention of including any humans in a position of power. If indeed the situation involving the Greys is true, I find this quite fascinating because the tables have been turned, if you will. These secret organizations who have tried to control and manipulate human affairs are now being controlled by the Aliens, an outside force. It is still possible that these plans for world domination may have been telepathically implanted into certain individuals involved in these plans to help create confusion on our planet.

In addition, as the Mother Earth shifts in its energy and vibration, what I am seeing is that trying to plan ahead and follow a logical approach (you know step A, after step B), is not working as well as it use to. People have to be able to be more spontaneous, go with the flow and follow their intuition and be prepared for change at any moment and work with this change instead of fighting to keep the old way. Time also seems to be speeding up these days. Things are moving faster. More people are having synchronicities and a miraculous sequence of events (being at the right place at the right time, or meeting a contact that has access to the resources they seek at out of the way places).

Another possible scenario that has come up during my networking travels is about the timeframe of the years 2011-2013. During 1990, while I was living in Las Vegas, I had an opportunity to attend a lecture given by Al Bielak about the Philadelphia Experiment and the Montauk Project. A few days later, I had an opportunity to briefly speak to Mr. Bielak at a local gathering, where he spoke again, in a person's private home. Mr. Bielak told me that they had a time machine at the secret base in Montauk, New York and that they did travel into the future (this technology purportedly given to the U.S. military from an exchange with the "Greys"). He said, that the time device could never penetrate and enter the years 2011-2013. I thought about this concept for a long time until one day, I was struck with the following possibility:

What if our world shifts its frequency of vibration and moves into another dimension during this time. In order for any physical device to operate properly, it must work within the framework of the frequency of vibration or dimension upon it was created, as this device is attuned to the vibrational frequencies of that universe. Therefore it occurred to me, if our world shifts during this time, then no physical device invented now would be compatible with that time. Upon sharing this insight with others, I began to learn that also the Mayan and Aztec have a prophecy which state some type of incredible event will occur around 2012 or 2013. Also I had heard that the great wall in the great pyramid, which has been used to predict things and has been quite accurate, ends in 2011. Lastly, the Mayan calendar ended in 1987, during the time of the Harmonic Convergence. The numbers 13, 26, and 52 (or multiples of 13) are considered sacred numbers to the Mayans. 2013 is 26 years after 1987. Coincidence you say. Therefore, it is my intuitive feeling, that the world as we know it, will end sometime between 2011-2013, that possibly all life will be removed from the surface and placed in suspended animation, and for this two year period, the world will go through a total shift in its vibration and move from a third level consciousness to a fifth level consciousness. Then those people who are to be a part of the new heaven and the new earth, will be brought be in 2013 and it will appear to these people as if no time has passed. It is quite some theory but something that I found myself led to.

For more information related to Mr. Bielak, please check out the The Montauk Project and the Philadelphia Experiment section of our site.

Well as we come to the end of this article, in conclusion, I can only share that anytime I try to see ahead, to what will happen in our future, I can only see an image inside of me of a world of total peace and harmony. No matter how bleak the news is about events in our world, this image does not waiver. I am absolutely convinced this is the destiny of our world, for all people to be living in a higher octave of life. The Earth has served as an important class room to help many souls evolve and gain awareness to their Inner Divinity. I think it is wonderful to be here now at this time, and to observe the creation of this New Earth.

Lastly, I would like to conclude this article with a simple suggestion, you might consider as a way to help the Mother Earth in her movement into her new dispensation. I strongly urge each and every person to just spend two minutes of their time, each and every day, to do a silent prayer or meditation for our planet. All that is required is to just visualize a wonderful light beam of the color pink washing over and throughout our world. Experience this light as a joyous blessing for the Mother Earth coming from your heart, the seat of the love energy within Man. And project this powerful and loving energy to every part of the Earth and to every living being connected to our planet at this time including: to all of our fellow human beings, to the animals and plants, to the planet itself and her nature spirits, to the extraterrestrials who are watching from above, living on the surface or under the ground, to the underground civilizations, to the Inner Earth people and lastly to any spiritual entities that are here to watch or help. Let us just imagine this positive and uplifting energy touching all conscious and sentient beings and encouraging us all to work together in a united way to move forward into the Golden Age. This short prayer can be more powerful than you can imagine, especially if more and more people add their essence to it!!!!

Peace & Light to one and all .... to the
days ahead and the challenges we shall face.

Joshua "Illinois" Shapiro

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