The most common encounter between Humans and Aliens appears to be with the beings called Greys. They are said to be about four feet tall and get their name from the color of their skin. They look insectoid in nature with large heads and large black eyes. They have limited facial features including a dot of a nose with a slit type mouth. They have no visible reproductive organs. It is reported that they are subservient to the Reptilians and appear to be a worker-technician class. Some people relate that they are cruel, others state that they appear benevolent

In addition, they are supposedly here to ready us for our next step. The problem is that what the next step is, varies from one source to another. Some say that they are here to infuse new life in their dying species through genetic manipulation with human DNA. Others say that they are here as a scouting type party for a full scale invasion from the Reptilians. Another opinion is that they are here to help humans move to the next step of our evolutionary process.