Everyday it seems that some new astounding event is occuring in our world. The year of 1996 was surrounded by such news. For example we had the possibility of life on Mars via the remains of asteriods (rocks discovered on the Earth ... we had various astronauts talking about their exposure to UFOs ... we have the face on Mars, structures on the Moon, "ET" walking around in Brazil, a large object sighted by Jupiter and many more discoveries suggesting that UFOs do exist. In addition to these stories we now see a focus upon a comet that is approaching the earth and will be at its closest distance in March of next year known as Hale-Bopp.

What is Hale-Bopp. We are receiving conflicting reports about this comet ... some astronomers say it is moving in an erratic path, not like a normal comet should. Could it be some type of spacecraft? Recently a companion object has been discovered following it. One of the members of our UFO NET Global web sites called me up recently and said that a numerical coded radio signal is emitting from this companion object. He claims the signal has been translated and that it is sending to us a "Greeting" and a "Warning".

I have been reading about this comet for some time and then recently I felt an inner urge that we should provide some information about this. If we are indeed in the so-called "End Time" or what I prefer to call a door to a New Beginning, this type of galactic displays or visitations would be expected. Please find in this series of pages information we have called from the Internet (primarily the IUFO mailing list, one of our key sources) to give an overview of this comet and some of the controversial or facts around it.

Also I would like to introduce to you, Randy Krippner, who is going to help us to put this information together ...Randy is helping the Odyssey Web Site and decided to offer his help with our site as well. Randy has been involved with UFOs for years and has run some UFO related bulletin boards in the past. With so many activities going on here at VJ, we feel very honored to welcome Randy aboard.


Welcome to our investigation of the comet Hale-Bopp. An enormous amount of information has been published about this comet in the past six months or so, some of it pretty controversial stuff. While I have my own feelings about the comet, my job isn't to editorialize, but to present you with the information Joshua, myself and others have gathered. I hope you find this information interesting and thought provoking.


Hale-Bopp Images

Chart of Significant Hale-Bopp Images

The Hubble Telescope Image

Chuck Shramek's Famous Photo

2 Images from The Japanese National Observatory

The Fitzsimmons/Cartwright photo - Close-up!

Images Showing Hale-Bopp's Jets

Vodniza/Alonso Image of Comet Hale-Bopp

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