Observers: Alberto Quijano Vodniza, Jose Alonso
Location: Mayaguez, Puetro Rico
Date: November 14, 1996 23:14:43 UT

Image was taken with a ST-6 CCD camera through a 16 inch, F10 reflector. 10 sec exposure. The observatory is part of the University of Puerto Rico, located in the city of Mayaguez, western coast of Puerto Rico (lat = 18 N, long 67 W). The field of view in each image is 5.5 x 7.7 arc min. The image is unprocessed.

It is very interesting to note that two objects of very similar luminosity appear aligned along the comet tail. At the first time, we thought that we have gathered comet debris. But carefull examination of the Palomar plates for those sky regions indicated that they are bacground stars.