Alex Collier Lecture Excerpt

Date: Sun, 01 Dec 1996 19:32:39 -0800

Subject: Alex Collier's Hale-Bopp Predictions From Jan 1996

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More Lecture Material From Alex Collier From a Jan 1996 Lecture

More on Crop Circles and Hale-Bopp

I have asked about crop circles, which the Andromedans say embodies 5th dimensional geometry,and I have been told that there are two groups leaving the crops circles. They are showing up in the United States, primarily along fault lines on the West Coast, and are suppressed by the media and the federal government.

They are making sure that as soon as they are discovered they are destroyed. One group leaving the crop circles is the Andromedan Council, which is made up of 139 different races, which is putting this coded information into the Earth to help stabilize it from Earth calamities - they are trying to buy us time. Other crops circles are being left by the Orion Group. Where are they coming from? From Hale-Bopp. Hale-Bopp is not a comet. It has an atmosphere. It has changed course four times and will change course two more times before it gets here.

There is also a similar object coming from the constellation of Cancer that is on its way here. I am told that there are two planetary bodies in the tail of what we call Hale-Bopp, and when it passes through our solar system those two structures or planetoids will move out of the "tail" and move into an orbit around Mercury. This is in the period February-March 1997, and they are going to tell us "we're here" for sure. That's the latest time they can arrive. It is the highest probability that in November of 1996 after Spielberg's movie about Roswell is released, they are going to start telling you things, such as the fact that they are picking up signals. The truth is, they started picking up signals back in 1960, and they were already on the moon with extraterrestrial help. The whole thing is a nested conspiracy, and it is all for the purpose of keeping us fat, dumb and stupid. They don't want to "spook the herd", as a friend of mine said.

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