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Date: Wed, 04 Dec 1996 23:42:18 -0700
Subject: Re: (fwd) More comet..awesome scoop!!!
I got this off IUFO

Big Bopper Fans:

I forwarded Lan's comments about the Japanese H-B photos to Rebecca Schatte (figuered he wouldn't mind:) and thought you might be interested in her reply.

Lan:I notice that the "funnel" in the Japanese photograph is exactly aligned with the vertical axis of the image, so this funnel, I'm afraid, is nothing but an artifact of the camera or telescope optics. The "companion" object is probably just a bright star. I'm fairly confident that's what the Japanese astronomers who took the photo would say if asked."

Rebecca: just about exactly, but it sounds good! ) what the Japanese astronomer Wantanbe Junichi said. (I'm sure I misspelled his/her name). I checked an astronomy program one day this weekend to find out if a star was visible in the vicinity of HB on April 20, 1996 in Japan, and sure enough there was one. I think the offending star was SAO 1662232 (or something like that ).

OTOH, I have something else to report that I wouldn't post on the boards. One of my closest friends here in L.A., Andy Romano, is in the advertising business, and has been an amateur astronomer all his life. He has designed many ads for Louis Friedman and the Planetary Society located here in Pasadena, and he knows people inside mainstream astronomy circles. [BTW, this a different Andy from the one I shared the CE with]. Romano is in his mid-50's, conservative and is always the first to tell moi >I'm< too far out. Can you imagine that??? He wrote me 2 disquieting e-mails over the past couple of days about H-B. Andy says that more than one professional source had confirmed to him there IS a second object that has been appearing & disappearing and seems to be under intelligent control--AND the major astronomical community is all too aware of it.

He wrote in one of his e-mails:

Andy:There is something traveling along with H-B, and it is not on a natural trajectory. It is VERY large but has very little mass, which suggests it is probably hollow (similar to Mars' satellite Phobos). It is not a star which is being misread.

After reading his e-mails, I called him on the phone today and he re-confirmed all this, saying the object has been travelling close to the comet most of the time, hidden in the tail (perhaps the "eye" seen in the 10/95 HST shot). It's apparently been visible periodically, and he says that all major world leaders are conferring in secret right now, being briefed on developments with the comet + its companion, and are trying to figure out what the hell to do. Hope I'm not being too alarmist, and I am sincerely not rumor-mongering here, guys. If Romano were not one of my closest Brothers, I wouldn't be passing this along, and wouldn't even take it seriously myself. Maybe we should just keep it "classified" between us LoonBros for right now and see what develops. Thanks for your attention.

Regards, Mark

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