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This is website definately worth a look if you're interested in finding out more about the HaleBopp.

I gave the following site info to Chuck Shammek, the fellow who took the picture of the Hale-Bopp companion (Saturn-like). However, I note he still is claiming that no major observatory has posted recent pictures of Hale-Bopp.

The following site is posted by the Canadian/France telescope in Haiwaii in Sept/96.

This commentary along with a diagram of the orbit of Hale- Bopp are posted at this website .....

Alink to a picture of Hale-Bopp taken in April from a telescope in Japan. You can check out the picture at: ---> It's kinda hard to tell which is the comet and which is the "object" but just the fact that there are two really bright lights instead of one is the important and exciting part.

I have put together a couple of animated gifs from Teide Observatory images showing Hale-Bopp forming jets and associated anomalous objects. They are: (September 1995) (March 1996) The stars appear as streaks in the images. Objects moving along with Hale-Bopp appear to be more spherical in shape depending on their relative velocity with respect to Hale-Bopp. The image arm-2.gif (first URL above) is particularly interesting. A large object appears to come very close to Hale-Bopp just before a huge jet appears. It appears that the object may have rammed into the comet, or at came very close.

 Check out this sight. There are photos of Hale-Bopp posted there. The photos were taken in the middle of November of this year. There are recent photos out there, just not any from the Hubble that I've run across. But there are observatories looking at it, evidently.

 Mr Schmuck certainly did make digital alterations to his image for the sake of publicity. As proof of his history of such stunts please see where you will find my diagram of the orbit of the comet. Then go to his home page and you will see that he STOLE this image, erased my name and inserted "copyright 1996 Chuck Shramek" were my name was. His own page is proof of his low-life digital plagarism. -- Dale Ireland

 "While Hubble and major observatories are not revealing recent pictures some astronomers in New Mexico took these shots on the evening of July 23, 1996 (exactly 1 year to the day after Mr. Hale and Mr. Bopp discovered the comet.) They reveal that Hale-Bopp's nucleus apparently divided! Theories that this could have been a background star or a flaw in their imager have been rejected. To see more of this and read the story go to:

 when you are on irc you sometimes get a hot tip: COMET STIRS UP TERRESTRIAL TEMPEST Believers hint at alien mystery; skeptics see flaws and fakery Hubble Space Telescope images of the Hale-Bopp comet: The one at right is said to show material being sloughed away from the comet. By Alan Boyle MSNBC

 New photo of Hale Bopp Companion. Better resolution. Full color

 Sorry to burst your bubble, but the so-called "perculiar anomoly" is not other than a diffraction effect in SAO 141894, a 9th magnitude star. For more information on this, see the following home page: How predictable! I was merely referred to the very web page which originally attempted to make Mr. Shramek look like a crazy person! Hardly a professional or realistic response to my questions. And notice, no information about the Hubble's involvement in photographing Hale-Bopp at all. And all the more suspicious considering that a horrendously vivid photograph of Hale-Bopp taken by the Hubble in October was mysteriously removed from the Jet Propulsion Laboratories web site shortly after this controversy began. But here is that very photo:

 You should read Astronomy magazine, which has several articles in the last year about Hale-Bopp and tracks the comet for amateur observations. They have a web site at

 According to, the comet's position

 I also note that the page showing the comet,, is somewhat conspiracy

 P.S. -- The actual page is at: There's a link to some sort of photo; I haven't been able to connect to it yet, though.

  At least one of the references I found seems to be a particularly devastating critique of his methods and astronomical explanations. I suggest anyone interested in knowing whether to take Sitchin's work seriously should visit this web page: The author has a BS degree in Aerospace Engineering (Texas A&M, 1979) and worked as a government contractor for NASA on the Space Shuttle for three years. Because he is not an archaeologist, his most pointed remarks relate to the astronomical and engineering aspects of Sitchin's speculations; however, he does cite contradictions between Sitchin and respected reference works on archaeology, including references cited by Sitchin himself.

Art Bell show reporting right now that an amateur astronomer has sighted a giant strange object visually near the Hale-Bopp comet. The object mysteriously appeared Wednesday night and resembles Saturn, but is "sefl-illuminating" with anomalously-even illumination, according to Chuck Shramek, an amateur astronomer in Houston. and The artifact looks like a normal star image with spikes similar to what you sometimes see if there is some obstruction in the light path. However usually those kinds of spikes will appear on all the objects in the image, and the comet itself doesn't have them. So that is puzzling.

A new website with information about the object reportedly seen near Comet Hale Bopp:

The following site gives a not so mysterious explanation for Saturn like Hale-Bopp companion.

Russell Sipe, publisher of HB (Hale-Bopp) magazine>

astronomers say at the site:

and said I could find recent Hubble pictures there. I did not find any. The address is:

Here are some recent observations of Hale-Bopp from; there is no mention of

Also, here is more on the analysis of the photo from

Actually the full version of the story can be found at...

 Good photos & info on Hale-Bopp at: Following the early evening announcement on 14 November 1996 of a photographed astronomical anomaly in the vicinity of the Hale-Bopp comet, The Farsight Institute assigned three pairs of remote viewers (one monitor and one viewer in each pair) the

 Great Comet Hale-Bopp picture with multple jets found at...

there are numerous other very recent pictures of Hale Bopp from other observatories: