Some Hale-Bopp Predictions

Date: 17 Dec 1996 06:28:30 GMT
From: drturi
Newsgroups: alt.alien.research, alt.alien.visitors, alt.paranet.ufo
Subject: HALE-BOPP

Dear Friends- On November 14/15, 1996 an UFO was sighted next to the comet Hale Bopp. This object is now close to the planet Saturn and is still pursuing the colossal Hale Bopp comet. This UFO is also referred as "Nibiriu" by some researchers.

1)- Many people have asked me if the object was a UFO or a celestial body on a specific course throughout the universe.

2)- Some of you also asked me if the Hale Bopp comet will hit the earth within a certain time.

1) Yes, the Hale Bopp comet is in a direct course with the earth. Such awful phenomena means certain death for all living things on earth. However, weeks before the disastrous impact the incredible mass, imparting the gigantic celestial ice and gas formation, would upon entering our orbit, immediately produce a serious shift in both our poles. Mostly, due to the comet unusual size and inconceivable gravitational pull.

2) Hopefully no! the UFO behind the large comet is actually closely watching the comet's direction. When "designing" our solar system, a "security system" was established by the Higher Order responsible for our existence in this circumstantial location within the milky way. Our solar system is well designed and I fully trust the extraterrestrials ingeniousness to take care of such an emergency. The purpose of this particular group of ET's (earth guardians) and their large mother ship is to trail closely by and with electromagnetic means, impossible for us to comprehend, alter the course of the gigantic comet, away from its direct trajectory to earth. Their delicate mission is to modify Hale- Bopp direction to such an extend that it will, in time and space, enter Jupiter magnetic field and attract it in its gravitational pull as experienced with the chain of small comet crashing on this "planet" in 1995.

Thus, have faith in "our Guardians" if you are into UFO the following dates will give you the perfect opportunity to catch them on camera. First, realize that ET's and UFO need a specific "energy" to manifest themselves into our dense physical world. They will not appear randomly but only when the higher vibration of Uranus (Uranium) and Pluto (Plutonium) "fuel they use" is available or coming down a higher source (Universe). They do take their "propulsive" energy not only from the Sun but from long lasting moving planets. There is much more to it but I have to keep it practical for some.

Dates to watch----Keep track of those dates!

Dec 24th - Jan 4th - Jan 23rd - Feb 1st - Feb 28th - Mar 1st - Mar 27th

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