The Farsight Remote Viewing Sessions

Farsight Professional 4: Hale-Bopp

NOTE: All SRV sessions are conducted blind. The viewer does not know what the target is until the session is over.

The target cue for this session was "Anomalous object near Hale-Bopp comet/current time."

Soon into the session, the viewer heard clicking and whirring noises. The textures associated with the target site were grainy, smooth, and gritty. The temperatures were both hot and warm. The viewer perceived the colors of red, black, brown, white, and grey. There were metallic, rubbery, and dirty tastes present, and the viewer smelled dirt and machines. The viewer immediately deducted that the target involved some sort of spacecraft.

The viewer perceived movement associated with a hard, manmade object at the target location, and then sensed that the object was a vehicle in the air. The viewer heard a booming noise, and hissing, and sensed the taste of oil. The viewer then drew a picture showing a circular object radiating energy, with another object close by. (See sketch 1 below.)

The viewer perceived much energy and movement associated with a group of people. In the viewer's words, "some people appear to be partially artificial." The viewer then sensed that there was a metal object flying, and that it was shiny and occupied. The viewer deducted that the object was extraterrestrial. The viewer then focused on the center of the target site and heard a roaring sound. The luminescence at the site was bright and glowing, and the viewer sensed red and orange colors. The temperature was hot. The viewer then drew a sketch resembling a comet with a corona, and an object near it. (See sketch 2 below.)

The viewer sensed that there was a hard, manmade, mechanical object under intelligent, forceful, intentional control. The viewer then perceived a gathering having to do with the spread of information. Something hidden was moving fast. There was the sense that the target event was benevolent.

The viewer then moved to the target location and described: "It appears to be high above the land. It seems to have something to do with two locations." The viewer deducted that the target object was like a rocket in some way. "There are pieces of something in the air. The information gathered is unusual - you can't breath naturally here."

The viewer focused on the target object and perceived that it was moving. It had multiple entrances, and legs that were balanced and locked together. "The most important part of the object is the object within." The viewer perceived that there were two different areas involved. "One thing is making the other move. There is one part that is very small and intelligent." The viewer perceived wires, connectors, and intricate parts associated with the target object. "It is fit together very precisely. It won't return to its original place."

After focusing on the activity of the target object, the viewer sensed that it was pointed to intercept something. The viewer perceived that the object was involved in new information and searching. "Beings involved by the direction of an important body of government. One object is moving fast, and the other one is slower. There are no humans here - there are beings here.

The viewer then drew an analytical sketch of two objects, one resembling the Hale-Bopp comet, and the other the companion. There is a line of energy between both objects. (See sketch 3 below.)

The viewer perceived that the object was hard, pointy, and had metallic parts. "There appears to be a dark opening in the object. The small object is moving away from the bigger object. There is energy coming from the smaller object toward the very large object. An area of structure seems to be charged by the energy. The energy is making it behave erratically."

The viewer then probed on the source of the target object, and perceived that it was "very far away and unknown to us. The target object's origination is no longer present." The viewer then deducted that the target object was the Hale-Bopp companion. "It appears to be irregular in structure, with many openings and artificial surfaces. The object is confusing to humans." After focusing on the target object's cause, the viewer perceived that it was the "natural evolution of species." There was the sense that it was on a helpful mission. "Some may have forgotten the reason it is traveling since it has been a very long time."

The viewer sensed that the target object would "change course soon." In the viewer's words: "The object itself is intelligent. The beings here rotate jobs. It has honeycomb-like openings. Meetings are held here. Some here appear to be much like us, but there aren't any young of theirs. It's something like the concept of a huge seagoing cruise ship to us. It is spiraling as it moves. There is no direct relationship between the two objects - they will be together for a short time. The target object somehow has made the nearby object do what it wants."

After focusing on the relationship between the target object and the nearby object, the viewer perceived that the target object was in total control of the nearby object, and that the course of the nearby object could be changed by the target object. The viewer sensed that the nearby object was made in part by the beings controlling the target object. "When the nearby object becomes invisible due to lighting, the target object will change course." [Editors note: Perhaps this is when the Hale-Bopp comet is behind the sun.]

The viewer then focused on the target object's purpose, and perceived that it was benevolent, and here to intervene as humans need. "They are not going to force anything, it will be by choice. They will be moving humans back and forth to the object for instructions. They are coming for sure, and everyone will have to accept it."

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