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In this section I found a few more posting to Jan's mailing list which add some more insights into the mysteries of the Inner Earth. Apparently Jan has become quite a source of information, so lets see what else she has to share:


From: "Jan Lamprecht"
Date: Wed, 16 Aug 1995 21:08:42 +0200
Subject: Hollow Earth - upcoming expedition
Reply-to: pbs@iafrica.com


I've been facinated about the hollow earth since reading a book by that same name. I'm very much interested in the upcoming expedition to the North Pole following the footsteps of Admiral Byrd. I've wanted to trace his steps for many years. Please send me whatever information you can. BTY, I've subscribed to the list. Thanks!

Just say know!


That is probably Dr Raymond Bernard's old book you're referring to.

When I get a moment I'll post the ISCE's address (International Society for a Complete Earth) because you might like to contact them. The director is Dan Weiss (USAF Ret).

As you can imagine the problem with an expedition is: $$$$ MONEY $$$$. Major problem. I spoke to Danny some time ago and he reckoned it would cost around $2500 per person taking part. It would be a holiday with it culminating in an attempt to fly to the North Pole from the island of Spitzbergen. As yet there is no fixed date. What I merely did was pressurised Danny into giving me a time frame when he reckoned the ISCE would be ready for some action. He reckoned that he was confident that it would most certainly be done in 2-3 years time. You might be interested in joining the ISCE and getting their journal - which IMO is probably the best magazine dealing with the Hollow Earth. They also have a video out for about $20 - I've ordered it but not seen it. According to Dennis Crenshaw of "The Hollow Earth Insider" this video is pretty good. It gives a history of Hollow Earth research.

Finance is a big problem as I've said before. This is merely a small jaunt to measure the curvature of the earth near the North Pole to see if there really could be a hole up there.

My own R&D into this has lead me to believe that the point which should be 83 degrees north - appears to be 90 degrees north. So when you think you're at 90 degrees north its really 83. I arrived at this by checking various measurements from a photo I have, plus by looking at information provided by past explorers. Last year I was most surprised to find that I seemed to be dead on, because as you may remember an American and Canadian icebreaker sailed up north. At that time I was busy calculating the shortest distance for a possible fly-by to the north, and was taking a serious look at Port Barrow, Alaska as a possible starting point. At that time, by looking at normal maps the distance from Port Barrow to the North Pole was aabout 1,600 miles (if our maps can be believed). I nearly fell on my back when initial reports of the trip gave the distance as 700 or 800 miles from Pt Barrow to the Pole. This really got to me because by my own estimates I'd reckoned that that would be the distance if there was a hole. You will find that a distance of 700 or 800 miles from Port Barrow takes you to about 83-84 degrees north. The way I see it, the earth should depart from the normal curvature round about the 75-80 degree mark.

At that time I was on Compuserve and you could chat "live" with the 2IC of the American ship - which I did - believe me. He told me that "strangely" the gyroscopes on BOTH ships broke! He told me that they ended up sailing by GPS - which I might point out can be used to "fool" you - since it is computer s/w. Did the excessive latitude cause them to break? Or was there a bit of sabotage?

There is another way to get to the North Pole if you want - there's a travel agent in New York which will book you on a Russian ship which sails to the North Pole. It costs about $10,000 per person.

The way I see it, people are basically sailing/flying to the "lip" and saying "this is the North Pole". I watched (and taped) a most interesting BBC documentary made round about 1990, called: Pole-to-Pole. Sadly, I missed the very first part where the presenter stood at the "north pole". But then he got in a plane and flew off to Spitzbergen. The distances he gave from the North Pole to the northern most city in Norway was wrong. It was wrong by several hundred miles - too short.

Equally interesting, when he finally (after 6 months of travelling through Russia, Africa, etc) got to Antarctica the Americans were most unfriendly. Firstly, the BBC crew were booked on a South African ship sailing to the Antarctic. Now keep in mind that the BBC had to plan this entire documentary in great detail because it was a real-time 6 month adventure so the camera crew and Michael Palin (the presenter) could be at various places on time. So how did they manage to come from the North Pole, through Africa and then suddenly find no place for themselves on this ship? Were they just idiots? They then had to fly from South Africa to South America and then on to the South Pole. When they got to the American base at the South Pole they found the Americans there to be very unfriendly. Michael Palin commented on the fact that they felt they "weren't wanted there". In fact, the BBC crew had to sleep outside in the snow.

Now let me point this out to you: The hole in Antarctica is in the same place as the "Ozone Hole". This area is marked on maps as "The Area of Inaccessibility". If the BBC crew had taken the South African ship and then flown from the South African base to the South Pole they would have flown into the "Area of Inacessibility". But, the *ONLY* way for people to get to the S.Pole (commercially) is from S.America and this leads you to the S.Pole base which exists on the side of the Earth facing S.America. People don't bother going into the Area of Inaccessibility - and that is where the real secret lies.

I have found an entry in the 1995 World Almanac of the longest ever flight into the Area of Inaccessibility. It reads: "1963 - on Feb 22 a US Plane made the longest non-stop flight ever made in the S.Pole area, covering 3,600 miles in 10 hrs. The flight was from McMurdo station S past the geographical S. Pole to Shackleton Mts, SE to the 'Area of Inaccessibility' and back to McMurdo Station."

I have never seen anyone mention this flight before - yet I ask myself if this isn't perhaps the deepest penetration yet of the Hole at the South Pole?

As I look at my World Almanac 1995, I see another interesting entry: "1991 - Twenty four nations approved a protocol to the 1959 Antarctica treaty, Oct 4. Amendments calling for various conservation provisions, including banning oiil and other mineral explorations for 50 years."

Letting loose lots of people in Antarctica would soon result in people finding out that something is not quite right there. As things stand, there is currently only about 3,000 people on the entire continent at anyone time, an area bigger than the USA, and most of these are scientists.

The only commercial flights there are run by a single company which flies from S.America. It is an American company. It flies about 20-30 people per month (during summer only) to the South Pole.

I'd like to add something else: During this BBC documentary in 1990 they waited for many days for suitable weather before flying to the pole. Most surprisingly, it turns out that there are no weather satellites which take pictures of that area. Weather reports could only be obtained by radio from people physically in Antarctica!

Danny Weiss from ISCE has promised me a list of about 40 Hollow Earth books - which I'm still waiting for. I'll have to jump on his case shortly! There are quite a number besides that written by Bernard. Bernard's is a summary of many others.

Back in 1914 an American wrote a very good Hollow Earth book and the Austrians were preparing a scientific expedition to check things out. Then WWI broke out and the expedition was cancelled and it was forgotten.

Danny tells me that there are at least about 35 people who want to go on that expedition and about 800 or so interested parties world wide who are watching with interest.

Re: Byrd....

Danny told me that he is in touch with Adm Byrd's daughter and asked her what she thought of the book "The Secret Diaries of Adm Byrd". She told him that her father did have a diary but it went missing. They don't know what was in it or what happened to it.

From: "Jan Lamprecht"
To: Subteranean.List
Date: Fri, 15 Sep 1995 21:43:34 +0200
Subject: 1# The impossible Polar Basin...
Reply-to: pbs@iafrica.com


That e-mail of yours about GPS got me thinking again. There's something that's been bugging me for a long time and finally I've found a way of expressing it coherently.

Ever since becoming interested in the Hollow Earth theory, I've been reading through Encyclopedia's, books, etc to see if there's something which I haven't considered. A reference I kept coming across was the north "Polar basin". This is the North Pole's version of the "Area of Inaccessibility".

While going through Wally Herbert's material regarding his expeditions to Antarctica in the 1960's (in Amundsen's and Scott's footsteps) as well as his journey across the north pole - he gives us a run down of Polar exploration. In this he mentions things which verge on Hollow Earth theory, but is too embarassed to spell it out. He tells us for example that many early explorers firmly believed in OPEN POLAR SEAS beyond the Ice barrier which surrounds the pole. In the beginning therefore, polar explorers kept trying to sail through the ice. They couldn't because their ships were too large and the ice too thick. Olaf Jansen and his father nipped through very narrow gaps in their tiny fishing boat. He also mentions 2 Austrians who went to Franz Josef Land and who then developed the theory that Franz Josef Land was part of a larger continent! He then put down these theories as a "misunderstanding of the true nature of the Polar Basin".

What is the Polar basin? It's name implies a DEPRESSION - a depression in the vicinity of the Poles. That's the best I can get from my Encyclopedias. When I asked around, people told me that the Polar basin referred to the fact that the Polar Ocean is LOWER than the surrounding continents - hence it appears as a basin. Others tell me that there is considerable flattening of the Poles - hence this, along with the surrounding continents would mean that the Poles are in a slight depression.

Is this true? This bothers me, because *IF* the Polar basin is in anyway a deformity of the Earth from a proper sphere, if the Poles are FLAT or worse still, in a dip, a true "basin" then there's a big problem. The first major problem is that we can kiss our navigation to latitude 90 degrees goodbye. We thus have to go beyond 90 degrees, to somewhere in the middle of a flat/bowl-like depression - and the moment we do that, our normal navigation does not work.

But, let's go back to this flat/depressed area idea, as told to me by others who say there is no Polar entrance.

There was something about their statements that seemed to be an error - but I could not put a finger on it. Then a few days ago it hit me like a ton of bricks:

If you look at a map of the Polar regions, you will note the maximum latitude of the surrounding land masses, which supposedly form the "rim" of the Polar basin. The USSR/Norway ends at latitudes 70 - 75 degrees north (mostly near 70 though). Greenland at about 82-83 degrees, Canada/Alaska at 70-80 degrees.

Let us assume, for the sake of argument, that most land masses end at latitude 80 degrees to form this rim (70-75 degrees is more accurate), but let's use 80 as an extreme example to favour the non-Hollow Earthers.

Let's assume the world is spherical as the non-Hollow Earthers say. We can therefore calculate the VERTICAL difference between land at 90 degrees of a hypothetically spherical Earth and the land at 80 degrees.

Here's a diagram:

R- - - - - - - - - - - L
P = North Pole
L = Latitude 80 degrees
C = Centre of the Earth
R = Vertical distance of latitude 80 degrees from the centre

We wish to find the distance RP - the height of the Pole above the "rim" of 80 degrees latitude.

The Equatorial diameter of the Earth is 7926.5 miles. The Polar diameter however is CP. The Polar diameter (CP) is: 7900 miles The Polar flattening is 26.5 miles.

CR can be calculated as: 7900 x Cos (90 - 80) = 7780 miles

The distance RP is thus: 7900 - 7780 = 120 miles.

A mile, if my memory serves me correctly, is 1760 yards, which is: 5280 ft.

So we can turn 120 miles into: 633,600 ft (or 22.6 times the height of Mt Everest above sea level).

Now here's the problem: How can there be a "Polar Basin" with the sea level at 90 degrees north being LOWER than the continents surrounding it, situated at 80 degrees and lower? Remember, that 80 degrees north is the exception. Most land is at 70 - 75 degrees, which makes the difference even greater. The vertical distance from 70 degrees north to 90 degrees north is much greater. It is: 476 miles.

So what I'm saying is this: Even IF the poles are flattend by 26.5 miles, and even if the surrounding continents were at 80 degrees latitude, the POLE ITSELF could NEVER FORM A BASIN OF ANY KIND. And yet, Polar explorers, Geography texts, etc STILL keep on talking about the mysterious "Polar basin".

The only way you could have a basin is if there is an enormous depression - something beyond the 5000 ft height of the average continent, something deeper than 120 miles, something 22+ times DEEPER THAN THE DEEPEST OCEAN.

The Polar basin is a concept which I would like to find out more about, and which could be nothing less than a tacit acceptance of the fact that there *IS* a huge depression leading inwards. The question is: Do the Polar Explorers themselves truly understand the nature of that basin? It obviously has NOT escaped their attention - but what exactly IS known about it? Why is there so little written about it? It does not show up on relief maps. So where/what is it? Maps show nothing bizarre about the sea bed in the Polar regions either - except that the sea bed gets a little deeper near the poles. BUT, that is nowhere near enough to form a "depression" - and anyway - that's on the sea bed. Explorers OTOH, speak of something which affects THEM. They are, after all, merely "walking on water" by crossing the Polar ice, since the entire north pole is merely ocean.

A modification of the above idea is that the Polar basin is a "limited" depression only in the vicinity of the Pole itself. But the North Pole is in the ocean and having a depression in an OCEAN would be impossible (except if there's some huge gravity anomally perhaps). Is there a huge anomally which causes a depression in the sea? I looked at a gravity anomally map some time ago and saw nothing. So that brings us back to the Ocean-below-the-Continents explanation, which as I've shown above - makes no sense.

Finally, if there really IS a Polar basin, then what is the affect on navigation? How do Explorers know that they have reached the "top" of the world? Because the "top" of the world will be LOWER than the areas surrounding it. Everything ends in logical contradictions - no matter which way you look at it.


From: "Jan Lamprecht"
To: Subteranean.List
Date: Fri, 15 Sep 1995 21:43:55 +0200
Subject: 1# Arctic city
Reply-to: pbs@iafrica.com

Ok, I'm reading this book by Charles Berlitz about strange tidbits of of information and came across this:

The Arctic Metropolis

When archaeologists Magnus Marks and Froelich Rainey were in the Arctic for a second season of digging at Ipiutak in June 1940, they made an astonishing discovery. They had arrived just at the time when grass and moss in that location were becoming green - but not everywhere. Some areas of grass were higher and literally yellow, and the researchers noticed that the discoloration created a clear pattern of yellow squares. Further investigation showed that the yellow grass was growing over the ancient ruins of what Rainey called an "Arctic Metropolis."

Long avenues of yellow squares marked over six hundred houses, extending east and west along the north shore. Later digs showed that more than two hundred additional houses were also buried far beneath the sand. The town was almost a mile long and about a quarter of a mile wide. Rainey estimated that around four thousand people lived in the town - an incredible number of inhabitants for a hunting village in the Arctic.

Rainey and Marks discovered elaborate and sophisticated carvings at the Ipiutak site which show that the people were most likely not related to primitive Eskimo cultures. Instead, Rainey theorized "the people of this Arctic metropolis brought their arts from some center of cultural advance."

well, that's the whole entry about that, I just thought it was interesting.


From: "Jan Lamprecht"
To: rjoshua@sprintmail.com
Date: Sat, 30 Sep 1995 23:36:57 +0200
Subject: (Fwd) Those Martian Ice caps...
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From: "Jan Lamprecht"
To: Subteranean List
Date: Sun, 20 Aug 1995 23:13:50 +0200
Subject: Those Martian Ice caps...
Reply-to: pbs@iafrica.com

>>hmmm...isn't it interesting that the H.A.A.R.P. project in Alaska is
>>supposed to help gather data on underground phenomena!
Tell me more. I haven't heard of the HAARP project.

There are two other things I've come across which struck me as strange:

(a) That NASA has been working on a LONG RANGE REMOTELY CONTROLLED ROBOT WHICH SAILS UNDER THE POLAR ICE CAP! (Keep in mind the fact that nuclear subs have been sailing under the Polar ice cap since the first nuclear sub, Nautilus was build).

(b) Scientists from many nations have built arrays which detect particles which pass through the entire earth - IOW, they sort of X-ray the earth. This is to test certain theories. At the South Pole they've built a huge array where they "drill" holes 1 Km deep into the ice. Just detecting these odd particles is a major issue, but so far they have been successful. It seems there are particles which travel (faster than light would you believe) and which can pass through the earth from end to end (through the solid earth) without striking a single atom! The chance is billions to one that these particles will strike an atom - so the arrays that they build must be huge. Some are underwater (e.g. Mediteranean sea), but the American one is under the ice in Antarctica.

Re: Maybe it isn't there all the time...

You do have one point - from a satellite's point of view - that it's not always easy to see the hole.

There is a lot of cloud cover and fog up there. When I chatted to Commander Powers last year he told me that they almost never saw the sun - it was always hidden behind clouds. Of the 3 weeks he spent sailing there, 90% of the time the sun couldn't be seen at all. He reckoned it was very beautiful when the sun did shine on the odd day.

The Martian "ice caps" act just like ours in a sense. Keep in mind that Mars is a LOT colder than the Earth. It's average temperature is -53 degrees below zero. The ice caps, so we are told, consist of frozen carbon dioxide. Why? Because they "melt" so fast.

The Martian year is 687 days - a little less than 2 of our years. In 1/2 that time (about 344 days), one pole will grow and the other will shrink. In 344 days, a pole may go from being a tiny white dot, and cover an area which is huge. I haven't ever measured this increase in area, but we're looking at it growing to AT LEAST, about 10 or 20 times its smallest size. Then during the next 344 days it will shrink. Any picture of Mars will show that those Martian poles NEVER shrink less than a certain size - and they always form a perfect circle (about 400 miles in diameter I think).

There are occassions where they do get a little smaller, very slightly so, and when that happens, Astronomers have seen that small white ice cap surrounded by a BLACK AREA! They have "assumed" this to be water or something of that nature. What they are probably catching a glimpse of is part of the hole.

If we assume that the Aliens are telling the truth, and that there is life on Mars, Venus and other planets in the Solar system, then we could assume that the temperatures inside those Hollow Planets is much the same as inside our Hollow Earth - equatorial, warm and damp. Thus we can expect a huge cloud of fog to form at the Polar entrances, where great temperature differentials arise. These differentials will be even greater during the Martian Winter and hence the fog extends further. The very rapid ice cap "building" and "melting" is thus easily explained.

Note too that the Ice caps are pretty featureless. Note too, that side views of the ice caps show them to be very high - much higher than our Ice caps. We have more water, and our ice caps have been around longer - yet those ice caps which form in 344 days are physically bigger than ours in every sense of the word. In area and in height too.

The final nail in the coffin of the carbon dioxide theory, is the recent discovery that there are huge "ice cliffs" at the Martian poles, composed of WATER.

Mars is Hollow I tell you. There is plenty of evidence that Mars once held life. There are canyons there, carved by water which are larger than the Grany canyon. There is evidence of lakes, glaciation, etc. Yet, the Water has disappeared. Possibly, once upon a time (not too long ago) Mars was inhabited on the surface. Maybe one day when it settles in another orbit it will be inhabited there again. In the mean time, perhaps the face of Mars and other things are ruins of a time when some of the Martians lived on the surface.

Another anomaly is the discovery of frost on Mars. It was previously thought that frost could only form after dust storms because dust was needed in the air before frost could form. Oooops! Then they discovered frost when there were no dust storms. It seems Mars' atmospheric pressure is greater than they thought.

Here is an excerpt:

"Some of the more breathtaking features of the surface of Mars include views of such imposing features as the Valles Marineris, the so-called Grand Canyon of Mars, the largest natural feature in our Solar System, 250 miles across and stretching from end to end some 3,100 miles long, the distance from San Francisco to New York. Although Mars ia now a dry and dusty planet there is indisputable evidence of vast previous water flow which cut immense canyons, flowed around island features and left still visible shorelines. Possibly the most striking of all the singular natural formations on Mars is the magnificent volcano Olympus Mons, which is about 75-100 times greater than the biggest volcano on Earth - Mauna Loa in Hawaii - and the largest mountain yet discovered in our solar system. There are also great ice cliffs in the north polar region at the edge of the polar ice cap, which consists of water ice and not frozen carbon dioxide."

1."Ice cliffs of water on the edge of an ice cap which is formed in 344 days and proceeds to melt in another 344 days!

2. Canyons which make the Grand Canyon look like a baby, visible shorelines....plenty of water related river features, etc.

Oh, I nearly forgot, Mars also has signs of a Great Deluge which took place in the past, and craters of VERY RECENT origin.

A point I'm going to be coming back to, time and again, is that living on the outer surface of a planet may actually NOT BE THE WAY THINGS WERE INTENDED. The fools who do so, do so at their peril, because they face dangers of comet strikes, polar tilting, and many other dangers from space which people inside do not suffer from. Also, on the outside there are great temperature extremes, whereas inside all points are equidistant from the central sun and the climate is equatorial in all places. The inside may even be safe from earthquakes.

This brings us to an important Buddhist concept: The Earth as a School. Only one planet in any solar system could exist at a distance where life on the outside is possible. All others will be too near or too far. This means that the people who live on the outside of such rare planets will face many dangers which other more advanced races will not. It also means that life can exist pretty much anywhere - distance from the Sun (or even in interstellar space) not being an issue since energy is always supplied by a central sun. Planets which are inhabitable on the outside are thus great places to put primitive peoples for them to live and to struggle on. However, from time to time, enormous disasters beyond their ability to cope, will befall them. Hence the need for more advanced peoples to step in and lend a hand - lest all are destroyed.



* Hell was full so I came back...
* In the beginning there was nothing...then it exploded...
  (The Big Bang Theory)
* A man who acts as his own lawyer has a fool for a client
* Happiness is the planet Earth in your rear view mirror...

From: "Jan Lamprecht"
To: List
Date: Sun, 24 Sep 1995 23:45:52 +0200
Subject: 1# What Do I Mean By "Hollow Earth",
-- by Jan Lamprecht (fwd)
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> Jan,
> I am very interested by this whole discussion of yours however I know very 
> little about it. I just have two small questions.
> You mentioned that these holes could only be seen from space.
Correct. That's the only height from which you can view it in its entirety. While travelling along, into it while on earth, you'll have to use your savvy to check the earth's curvature, etc. I'd guess that the USA, from East to West coast is perhaps 2000 miles? If so, then imagine a hole that is 50 - 60% that size. If you we in Texas, you wouldn't expect to stand on a hill and see Florida now would you? In surface area is is very likely as big as the USA. That's a lot of territory.

> Has this phenonmenon been encountered before?
I don't quite understand this question. There has been speculation for at least about 200 years - maybe more - about this. It is only now that we can fly and go into space that we can really get a grip on it. Its really a nasty problem if you think about it.

To test out the theory back then, someone would have had to sail/walk to the North Pole, then down the other side, to see if he gets to Russia; Asia; etc. If not, then he'd have to come back and tell us. Considering that the "North Pole" was only finally reached in 1908 - the simple fact is that no one has really done that. The moment someone "found the Pole" it was considered to be all over. But the truth is, that no one really has gone there and down the other side to check for certain - no one private that is. The US and USSR may well have, but do you think the Military would dare divulge such a secret if it knew about it? They don't even acknowledge the existence of UFOs in spite of all that's been written about them. Do you think they would dare tell us where SOME of them come from? Not a hope in hell. People would be flocking to the Poles en masse - and perhaps too the Govts are too scared that it may cause friction with those on the inside. So, for the sake of everyone they keep it quiet.

> Also if these holes exist why is it possible to travel, say by sea, 
> around the world on the outside? Wouldnt we go halfway round then 
> through one pole and then out the other returning to our starting 
> point but totally missing out on half of the outside world?
Correct. This is only so of course if you go around the world from the North Pole to the South Pole. In "The Smokey God" Olaf Jansen claims to have done just that. He and his father sailed in through the North Pole in 1829 and out through the South Pole 2 years later. I'm not sure if anyone has truly circumnavigated the world from Pole to Pole and all the way back to the starting point. I saw the BBC documentary Pole-to-Pole which went from one pole to the other, but never beyond it. Navigation is the subject which intruiges me, and its something we'll discuss some more.

> I still find this whole idea fascinating and if you know of any 
> books with any relevant info on the subject could you please tell 
> me. Thanks very much. Hope to hear from you
> Martin Gottlieb
I got a number of books from Bodhi Tree Bookstore in LA. You can write or fax them and they'll send you books. Send them a credit card number and the expiry date and tell them whether you want it by surface or airmail. Airmail is a bit more expensive, but you'll get it within a week or two.

Bodhi Tree Bookstore
8585 Melrose Ave
West Hollywood
CA 90069-5199

Tel: (310) 659-1733
Fax: (310) 659-0178 (Fax them - it works like a treat)

Books I'd suggest so far are:

"A Journey to the Earth's Interior" by Marshall Gardner (1920)
"The Hollow Earth" by Dr Raymond Bernard
"The Smokey God"
"Our Mysterious Spaceship Moon" by Don Wilson (Hollow Moon)

Those 3 will give you a good grounding in the whole concept. I'm waiting for Dan Weiss to give me a full list of all 40 or so Hollow Earth related books. I received Dan's video today. I just need to take it to a place which will copy it to European format and then I'll watch it. I'll let you know what I think. Maybe I can arrange to have a copy made for you.

There are other books, but some are outright rubbish, and others like ("The Phantom of the Poles (1908)) do not have more info that the others.

There are also 2 newsletters which deal exclusively in this subject: The Hollow Earth Insider from Dennis Crenshaw (Florida, USA) ISCE Newsletter from Dan Weiss (California, USA)

Personally, I prefer the ISCE newsletter. It is much more"matter-of-fact" than Dennis's newsletter. Dennis is very deeply immersed in conspiracy theory - something which I do not bother too much with myself. I do not doubt that there are conspiracies, but whether they are so fantastic as to control every aspect of our lives, etc is not something I take too that easily.

Dan is also planning an excusion up to Spitzbergen in 2-3 years time anyway with the aim of measuring the curvature of the Earth, and testing the navigational aspects.

Dan Weiss
ISCE (International Society for a Complete Earth)
P O Box 890
CA 95018



From: "Jan Lamprecht"
To: List
Date: Thu, 12 Oct 1995 13:35:01 +0200
Subject: Hollow Earth Video & (finally)
--- The Smokey God....
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Hi All,

My apologies to all of you who've written so much excellent e-mail which I haven't rerouted or commented upon. All sorts of unexpected things have been cropping up in these last 2 weeks which have diverted me from my normal schedule. The good news is that I should finally have some time this weekend to chat to all of you - and I'm looking forward to going through all the lovely e-mail I've been sent.

I see there have been a few rather nasty earthquakes (Mexico & Indonesia) too.

Firstly, the ISCE's Hollow Earth video....

I finally received it and had it converted to a suitable format.


Here are some of my impressions regarding the video. I hope you don't mind the negative comments because its intended as constructive criticism and no more.

I was rather surprised to see no Hollow Earth photos! There was one in the background, but nothing explicit. To my mind, it would seem to be the first question anyone would ask regarding the Hollow Earth. If the Earth is Hollow, then why aren't there satellite photos? And of course there are, but.....you didn't show any of them. Dennis Crenshaw told me he had a great photo showing the aurora.

There were also no comments about the possible Hollow moon or the Apollo 12 seismic experiment.

Concentrating as much as you did on the Germans and the Hollow Earth, could be a problem. I say this for 2 reasons. Firstly, the disappearance of Hitler might not be as mysterious as it seems. One thing which I have noticed about the "Hitler" stories is that they all disagree with one another. There is contrary version after contrary version. To me that rings warning bells & makes me worry about post-WWII disinformation about Hitler, et al. I saw a British documentary a few months back wherein some Russian agents from WWII were interviewed. According to the Russians, they DID find the bodies of Hitler, Eva Braun and the Goering/Goebels (?) family. Among the film footage shown, was the body of a man who looked almost exactly light Hitler, but much younger. This body was surrounded by a number of Russian soldiers. According to the Russians, Hitler had a double. They say they were aware of this double because sometimes Hitler seemed to be in 2 places at once. The body in this video is the body of one of Hitler's doubles. However, Hitler's real body WAS FOUND TOO. The problem began with Stalin. Stalin was absolutely petrified of Hitler and utterly paranoid. Thus when he was told that his troops had found Hitler's body, he didn't believe them and thought it was a trick. It seems that the rumours of Hitler surviving & escaping, began with disinformation put out by Stalin, because he thought Hitler was still alive - quite contrary to the evidence of his own intelligence people. According to the Russians, they carried out TWO autopsies on both Hitler & Eva Braun, and buried them twice.

As a rule, I'd never believe anything told by the Russians, especially their intelligence people, but there was some interesting and hard-to-fake evidence from a device which used sound waves to map the density of the supposed burial sites. It basically showed that something had been buried there in the spots which these agents had pointed out as best they could from their memories.

Much of the story sounded very plausible and I think that for once, the Russians may have told the truth. There was no point in keeping the secret any longer anyway.

The other issue, is the letter from one of the people on U-209 (I think), one of the U-boats which you say ended up inside the Hollow Earth. The problem I have is that I know of no postal service between the Hollow Earth & the surface and thus that letter seems suspicious. It sounds like the sort of cheap disinformation trick one would expect. Truly, there are many suspicious things about what happened to the Germans & NAZIS - and when I consider some of the sources and so forth, I become quite convinced that the KGB is behind ALL of it. This of course raises the issue as to whether the KGB would know whether the Earth is Hollow, and I think it is quite possible. The KGB penetrated Western intelligence agencies even before WWII. If you will consider that Byrd flew "beyond the pole" in 1926, then the US Govt probably knew the implications of this already. And who knows whether the Russians haven't done a number of flights themselves? No one else would know. The Russians are well placed as regards such knowledge and considering that no one does more sailing at high latitudes than them, I see no reason why they wouldn't use such a story. I have noticed a similar "demonising" process as regards normal UFO sightings. The KGB would have a DEFINITE STAKE in trying to dissaude humanity from attempting contact with superior civilisations. In fact, it would be part of their plan for world domination - for how could they dominate the world if other nations suddenly had access to vastly superior technology? The Soviet interest in keeping people away from the truth & demonising it would be VERY IMPORTANT. I have investigated a certain UFO crash which supposedly occurred not too far from where I live - and the evidence eventually lead me to conclude that it was a KGB hoax (and quite an impressive one too).

The US Govt wasn't all that stupid either. One of the things which I stumbled across and which impressed me no end, was a letter from the Secretary to the US Navy to Dr Kane in 1853, impressing upon him the importance of establishing whether the Open Polar Ocean existed. Considering that the US Govt knew of some of this as far back as the 1850's, makes you think. The North Pole was "discovered" by none other than Adm Peary, and Adm Byrd played such a major role in Arctic exploration - it certainly makes you wonder. If the US Govt was aware of these things so long ago, then surely the Russians couldn't have been all that asleep either? What of all the mammoth tusks which seem to CONTINUALLY accumulate on those islands north of Russia, in spite of traders picking them up and selling them for the past 400 years? What of the fresh carcasses of mammoths encased in blocks of ice which come floating from the north?

I thought that the excessive focus on the Germans, Hitler & Hollow Earth ignored much of the other evidence which is more of a scientific nature, and which may be more reliable.

Apart from photos, what of MAPS drawn by Polar Explorers? I've been having a good look at the maps of Dr E Kane, and Capt Inglefield. What of people like Sir John Franklin & his belief in the Open Polar Ocean? What of all the evidence from ship's Captains, and the PROMINENT geographers of the 1850's who ALL believed that past latitude 80 degrees north they'd find an open ocean? What of the Dutch captain who nearly managed to get through the ice barrier and head for the North Pole in 1751?

I've been having a good look at these Polar explorers, and there seems to be a most fascinating and unevaluated story here. I intend writing about it on the weekend, because there seems to be a most valuable line of research here - especially as regards the maps drawn by mariners & explorers. The main question that arises though is this: If all these people saw open Ocean beyond latitude 80 degrees - then what has happened since then? Where is this open ocean now? After studying some maps, I think I see a most curious solution to the problem - a solution which no one seems to have thought of or mentioned before.........

On a positive note, I was most impressed by some things in your video which hit me with great force & which truly intruige me.

1. "Alone". Adm Byrd's winter which he spent alone at latitude 80 degrees south - in Antarctica - where you describe what appears to be a UFO sighting. The strange & very bright star that moved around. This truly amazes me.

2. The Dalai Lama of Tibet. The mention that the current Dalai Lama of Tibet, when asked whether Shamballah really existed - where he says that Shamballah (the capital of the Hollow Earth - where the King of the World lives) is a PHYSICAL PLACE. That intruiged me. I'd wondered whether anyone had spoken to the Dalai Lama about this. His public acknowledgement of that fact amazes me. I'd thought he'd try to ignore the question as other Lama's have done who wish to hide the physical existence of the place.

3. Mention of the many legends in Iceland (& other parts of the world) to do with the Hollow Earth & their amazing similarities.

The video struck me as very professional. Gary Argmanac did a great job of narrating it. How much does it cost to make a video like that if I may ask? It must cost quite a packet.

I think that the subject matter actually requires a longer video. There's just too much and one can only touch on a small portion of it in such a short time.

It was good to see you & the pilot on there.


The video I'm talking about is the ISCE's video about the Hollow Earth, which is available from the ISCE for (approx) $20. They also have an EXCELLENT newsletter which is without doubt the best on the subject available anywhere.

The Smokey God......

I think I've waited long enough for everyone to download "My contact with UFOs". I have deleted it. You can now download "The Smokey God" (TSG*.TIF) from /users/pbs/books. If you can't remember my FTP instructions, then send a message with the words GET FTP in it, & you'll get all the downloading instructions.

"The Smokey God" is a very old and very strange little book. It is really far too short. It's the sort of thing you'll whip through in about 2-3 hours - in a single sitting. But it is well worth reading. It is truly one of the most incredible tales of all time. It was written about 90 years ago, and concerns a voyage undertaken by Olaf Jansen & his father in April 1829.

Read through it, because on the weekend I want to post some truly amazing stuff I discovered at the library, & which has got me really fired up. As you will soon discover, Olaf Jansen & his father's voyage (which is described in great depth), has elements which add up with the observations of many of history's most famous explorers - names which you've heard before.

It amazes me what the human race has chosen to forget...........

Happy reading & see ya on the weekend.