New Additions

  • Biggest UFO Archive On The Planet!
    So claims Ron Bertino in Western Australia
    ( This site contains 20-25 meg of UFO related text files, also some UFO pictures, new age topics, prophecies, conspiracy theories and links to many other Web Sites. Check it out!!! )

  • The Area 51 Research Center
    (Attn: Glenn Campbell, HCR Box 38, Rachel, NV 89001) has their own Web Site for information related to Area 51 in Nevada at:

  • The Alberta UFO Research Association

  • UFO Researcher Stan Deyo
    Web Site of Australian UFO Researcher Stan Deyo, includes information from behind the scenes from all over the world.

  • Cosmic Connections WWW

  • Fortean Information Central
    A Web Site including Fortean Information about UFOs at:

  • UFO Watch
    A New Web Site for UFO researchers in Michigan and Illinois:

  • "ET" Web Site in England - Ben Rooney

    Reference to various UFO sites, provides Web Services including search capabilities

  • Site for Exo-Science / Alien Studies

  • Frelon Cyberspace

  • UFO Researchers Nelson Pacheco & Tommy Roy Blann

  • ISCNI Section of America Online - Michael Lindman

  • Web Site for Nexus Magazine:
    Nexus is a magazine published in Australia that also appears in the US and England covering UFOs, the Unexplained, Coverups and alternative technologies and sciences

  • UFO-New Age Web Site - Carol Wiggers

  • Citizens Intelligence Access - Steve Wingate
    Anomalous Images and UFO Files, Steve also has a BBS in the San Francisco Area with many UFO files as well

  • PLEIADES INDEX - Karen Lustrup (Norway)

  • Official Roswell Web Site - Joseph Sedillo (Roswell, NM):

  • UFO WEB SITE - Colonel Steve Wilson:
    Claims to have been involved with highly classified secret organizations involved in the UFO coverup in the US

  • UFOINFO - John Hayes (UK):
    (List of addresses of Global UFO resources and contacts)

    An abundance of UFO information, copies of their radio talk
    shows and also copies of postings to their newsgroups

  • UFO OnLine -Maurizio Verga, Italy
    From one of the best UFO Researchers in Italy, Nice WWW site devoted to UFOs, especially under an Italian perspective. A lot of info and pictures delivered. There is an English version.

  • The Ultimate UFO WWW Site -Andrew Page
    The One-Stop Web Site for all Amateur & Serious UFOLOGISTS

  • Lightnet - UFO information - Andre Eichner

  • The Millennium Matters - Judith Paulson, Michael Connolly
    The MILLENNIUM Matters web site is an ever-evolving repository for all things millennial; for information on, sources regarding, and personal revelations about the coming millennium period.

  • The Sanctuary (Sanctum VDN) - Lukas Bauermeister
    The SANCTUM (ANKH) Sanctuary! .. "Where Everything is Possible!" (in Spiritual & Scientific Aspects) (GEPACC) CSASRF HOMESITE CSASRF=The Cultures, Scientific and Anthropologycal Studies and Research Foundation.

  • The Ships of Nestor - Anthony J. Sanner
    Describes the beginning of 20+ years of encounters. Based on metaphysical experiences, unique channeling, and close encounters. Experiences continue in 1995!

  • Home Page of Summum - Bernie Aua
    Summum is a philosophy based on the Principles of Creation that underlie all phenomena. Summum addresses issues of existence, sexuality, death, and spiritual development.

  • Winifred Barton's Web Site

  • MUFON Web Site:

  • UFO Central Home Video
    Exclusivve distributor for hundreds of hard-to-find UFO movies, documentaries, and specials, is proud to annouce its new online catalog store

  • Exo-Science and Alien Studies:

  • SFHOME Web Site:
    Roswell Aliens Space Paranormal X Files ET Extraterrestrials

  • Roswell Data 1 Web Site:

  • MJ4's Area 51 and UFO Page:

  • Jorgen Westman Web Site (Swedish only):

  • UFO-Sweden's Web Site (Swedish & English):

    UFO-Sweden, Attn: Clas Svahn
    Founded in 1970, have 2.200 members and 26 local groups all over Sweden

  • SMB/UFO Museum (Michigan):

  • Paranormal - Greg Barton:

  • Robert Morningsky's Web Page:
    The Story of Robert's Grandfather who had contact with aliens,
    also the Native American perceptions of ETs and UFOs

  • Ted Davis' UFO Page:


  • Jeremy's UFO Page

  • The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: (UFOs)

  • Operation Right To Know (ORTK)

  • The Psychology of Dreamland
    A very well written and researched article about the whole Dreamland/Area 51/S4 phenomenon. A must read. [Terry Hansen (]

  • UFO Related Organizations
    The list contains brief descriptions of each organization and information about contacting each one.

  • UFO Activity in Beligum
    A Summary of UFO Activity in Beligum during March 30-31, 1990. The Belgium governemnt has one of the most liberal policies with respect to making UFO Information available to the public.

  • Budd Hopkins' Napolitano Case
    The case includes the alleged abduction of a woman from the 12th floor of an apartment complex in New York and the involvment of high-profile UN officals. [taken from alt.paranet.ufo]

  • Pictures and a Description of Area 51
    Area 51 is the US military's high security, secret aircraft testing facility, located in the Nevada desert.

  • The Institute for the Study of Contact with Non-human Intelligence
    This is an organization that went "live" on December 5th of 1994. They offer a catalog of books, videos, and more. They are also reacable via Americal Online.

  • Pictures of the Groom Lake Facilities
    Groom Lake is an old lake in the Nevada desert which is near Area 51.

  • Pictures from The Gulf Breeze Sightings
    The Gulf Breeze Sightings is a book writen by Ed Waters and his wife detailing their alleged, repeated contacts with UFOs at and near their home in Florida.

  • NASA Astronauts who've seen UFOs

    This has been the subject of much debate recently. The "Face on Mars" and other allegations have refulled this debate.

  • Associate Press Report
    The Associate Press Report of the Air Force's New Explaination for Roswell. This is the "weather balloon" story that is simply a legend.

  • Popular Mechanics Pictures
    Some Pictures from an issue of Popular Mechanics which featured a "ufo" on the front cover.This is the January, 1995 issue.

  • Alien Contact Laws
    The U.S. Law that forbids contact with Aliens
    I'm told this is outdated, though I haven't checked myself. In any case, I make available for a historical perspective.

  • UFO Sightings in Michigan
    Transcript of a news report about UFO sightings in Michigan during 1993.

  • Bob Oechlar's Resignation This also taken from alt.paranet.ufo.

  • Extraterrestrials Disccusion List

  • List of UFO Books
    This is by no means complete, but it is quite a collection. If you know of books not on this list, please send me the info. I'd like to create a large, searchable database of UFO related books.

  • Hanger Umpteen
    Part of the 50 Greatest Conspiracies.
    A listing of relatively up-to-date publicized conspiracies and infomating about them. Submitted by: Jon Vankin on Dec 13th, 1995.

  • The X Chronicles
    A very new site with information about UFOs and many general paranormal topics. It features some information about an upcoming UFO & Alien Symposium. Submitted by: Rob McConnell on Jan 6th, 1996.

  • UFO Art by Jim Nichol
    Jim is a noted UFO artist who's art appears on "Sightings", various books, as well as national and international magazines. Submitted by: Bruce.

  • Yahoo's List

  • Entertainment:Paranormal Phenomena:UFO Information

  • Hastings UFO Society
    - Spoof (non-serious look) at paranormal phenomenal claims Text files,
    as well as PSICASTS (audio). Supports .wav, .8svx, and .au audio file requests.

  • List of UFO Products

  • Smitty's UFO Page

  • The BlueBook
    Unexplained UFO cases from the project bluebook files.

  • The UFO Guide

  • The Rutgers UFO Guide

  • The X Files

  • UFO Bibliography by neXus

  • UFO Directory and Forum - by Mark Hines

  • UFO Documents

  • UFO Information

  • Wiretap's UFO Information FTP Archive

  • UFO Phenomena [Spirit-WWW]

  • UFO's and Mysterious Abductions (wiretap)

  • FAQ - alt.alien.visitors

  • (UFOs) - WWW Virtual Library

  • Information from Usenet

  • Contacts Listed On Spirit-WWW

    Renč Mueller, Switzerland

  • WWW-VL: UFO - Jeremy D. Zawodny

  • UFO Stuff at Rutgers Uni.

  • Groom Lake Desert Newsletter

  • Art Bell's Site

  • Paranet

  • P.I. Secrets

  • alt.paranet.ufo Archive (gopher)

  • UFO Pictures: Beamships, Gulf-Breeze (ftp-site)

  • UFO Stuff: Astronaut-Sightings etc. (ftp-site)

  • UFO Text's - (Online Book Initiative)



  • #UFO
  • #Ascension
  • #PSI


    SearchNet (Glenda Stocks)
    NewAge, Conspiracy, New World Order etc.

    Lightwork, ET's, Self-Awareness

    UFO-L (Bob Garth)
    UFO discussion (will append soon infos)


    talk.religion.newage (sometimes)

    ( operated by Bob Garth )

  • PI UFO Page

  • UFO files offered by Enlow Corp

  • More UFO files offered on Protree

  • Flemming Funch Home Page - World Transformation/New Civilizations

  • KeelyNet: UFOs

  • UFO Files on the Net

  • The EINet's UFO Area

    This was given to me by Mark Hines (, who is a guest editor with EINet.

  • Josh's Home Page

    Josh mailed me with the address of his page. It contains many good references to SETI, Astronomy, and UFO materials on the Net. Check it out. [Josh (]

  • The Society for Scientific Exploration

    Contains the Jornal of Scientific Exploration, the only scholarly, peer-reviewed journal which discusses UFOs, other anomalies, and frontier science ideas. [Marsha Sims (]

  • Dave Schmitz's UFO Page

    Various information about Area 51 and pointers to lots of other UFO related information on the net. [Dave Schmitz (]

    files at:

  • The UFO Files repository at Rutgers

    An FTP site with info about sightings, abductions, reports, etc. Many of the files above came from there.

  • The UFO Secrecy Petition Page

    An online petition you can "sign" to support the cause.

  • Wiretap Gopher

    A Collection of Various UFO and ET related documents.

  • The Desert Rat Newsletter

    An electronic newsletter with info, gossip, and newsbytes about UFO info. Much of it specifically deals with the Groom Lake/Area 51/Dreamland area.

  • IUFOG UFO Links

  • IUFOG/Dave Schmitz --

  • UFO Hyperlink Page at IUFOG

  • Spotlight on IUFOG

  • Internet UFO Group Home Page

  • Pacific Northwest UFO Archive

  • The Road, Dean Kanipe

  • Smitty's UFO PAGE

  • Laurent's Flying Disks

  • MindVox UFO Archives

  • Paranormal Links and Sources


  • UFO Phenomenon


  • Swedish UFO Site/

  • Jarmo's Ufo-links

  • The Society for Scientific Exploration

  • Chris' UFO Page

  • UFO and Alien Images

  • The Bluebook

  • Rick's UFO Information and Links

  • UFO's and Related Phenomenon

  • The X-Files & UFO info

  • Keogan's UFO and Paranormal Page

  • Bonehead's UFO Information Center

  • The Crop Watcher - Dean Kanipe

  • UFO Sightings from around the World - Dean Kanipe

  • Levin-UFO Center

  • Fortean Times

  • IUFOG UFO reports

  • IUFOG Roswell Information & the Roswell Declaration Form

  • Point Survey UFO Sites:

  • Alien Autopsy

  • Crop Circle Connector

  • Illuminet Press

  • Operation Right to Know

  • Saucer Smear

  • Gonzo Links, Conspiracies, UFOs, fringe links

  • The Mars/Earth Connection

  • Abductees Anonymous

  • Dr. Bruce Coronet: A Special Presentation

  • The Extraterrestrial Biological Entities Page

  • Flying Saucer Review

  • Psychopy: Guide to Knowledge - Glen Campbell

  • SCHWA - Protection from Alien Abduction

  • The UFO Bibliography

  • The World Wide Times