Definition of Key
Aquarian Terms/Words

Before we get involved with the actual material of the book, I thought we should have a section that discusses the meaning of certain Aquarian terms. One of the major problems one can have as they began to speak with others of many varied lifestyles or backgrounds, is agreeing on the meaning of certain words. What spiritual may mean to one, could have a totally different flavoring to another. They say on the Spiritual Dimensions, the beings communicate through telepathy. Not only sending thoughts but pictures and feelings as well. A picture is worth a thousand words, right? This of course simplifies matters.

However, here on Earth, at this time, our primary communication is with words and gestures. It definitely illustrates how words can limit us. For example, could you describe exactly in words, to another person what is the color blue or how a specific food tastes? The other person could comprehend if they had experienced these things themselves. The point I am trying to bring out is our dependency on words. Since this is a book and it contains words to communicate information to you, I thought it would be helpful if the reader understands perfectly what meaning I have behind my words. Thus, the following definitions are a personal interpretation, a synthesis of all information collected, books read, opinions of other individuals, personal experiences and inner clarification.

NETWORKING: A phrase being used to describe a powerful social transformation that is occurring all over the planet, to unify our world. There are many forms of networking. Your humble author calls himself a National/International Networker because he collects names and addresses of contact people in each city he visits or corresponds with. Local networkers collect information about activity in their respective city or geographic region, such as: dates of special events/meetings, interesting groups/individuals, directories or different types of services available. A group of individuals and organizations can form a loose cooperative network by sharing resources and mutual cooperation. This network can be local, national or international. Several networks could combine to form a larger one or just stay in touch. A network can be based on one specific area of study (i.e. - Health, business, Politics, New Age, etc ... ) or a very diversified set of interests.

The foundation of any type of networking is generally some form of information system. This can be a directory, computer, paper files or bulletin boards. Sometimes the information system is contained within one's head/memory. Thus, networking is attempting to bring people together, open up communication channels and give an awareness of what is happening all over our planet.

Let's take an example to illustrate. Suppose a person in Atlanta, Georgia, wants to find other New Age people in Atlanta but doesn't know where to look. So, he could consult a New Age networker in Atlanta or perhaps somewhere else. The networker would consult his files, his list of names and see if he has a name of a New Age person who fits the request. Perhaps he will have several. In any case, he sends an answer to our New Age friend in Atlanta and then it is up to the requester to decide what to do with the information. Another example. Let's say someone wants to start a network of people interested in dreams (this actually happened to me). So, he/she writes to either a local or national networker to see if they have any individuals or groups that have this interest. You see, it's easy!

Why do you know if you took just your own set of friends, you have a network. Imagine what kinds of things you could do with the combined resources and talents you possess within your group. Also, each one of your friends than has their own network of friends that could be tapped on to, and on and on and on ... If this sounds interesting, Chapter '2' discusses networking in much more detail.

SPIRIT/ONENESS: The cornerstone of a spiritual/Aquarian philosophy states: All particles of every conceivable reality, in all dimensions of existence, are a part of God, 'The All That Is' or the Holy Father/Mother. This means: you, myself, the paper this book is written on, a rock, etc ... are all part of 'The All That Is'. In other words, God is internal not external.

The Atlanteans believed that all matter was made out of the same substance, which they called Incal (their word for God).* The reason why one chemical element was different from another is due to the difference of the frequency of vibration of each element's molecules. Through their great scientific knowledge, they had devices that could change/convert the vibrational frequencies of one element into another, also called alchemy. This was a direct application of the Law of Universal Oneness. Thus, we are all brothers and sisters, what I do to another I am really doing to another extention of myself. If our world was attuned to this fundamental law, there would be no hungers no greed, wars, etc ... Now let us turn our attention to the concept of Spirit.

(* - From the book: 'A Dweller of Two Worlds" by Phylos the Tibetan)

Our true eternal essence is spiritual. Our physical body is merely our vehicle to experience the earthly plane. But, what is spirit exactly? Spirit is a state of consciousness that exists in another dimension of higher vibrational frequencies than our own. This is why we can not detect our spirit with our physical senses that are only tuned in to the physical reality. One must go within their own being to make contact with their spirit or inner self. It is a portion of our spirit, part of its energy or consciousness (creative life force) which enters and controls the body.

The idea of spirit is directly related to the philosophy of reincarnation practiced by the Hindus and Buddhist. One of the laws of our reality on this planet is there is a veil placed around our waking consciousness so we do not remember (consciously) our spiritual existence or any of our past lifetimes. Some of the very evolved beings do however. Most of us do not. Through one's lifetime, especially if they are following a spiritual path, it is possible that they will remember portions of other lifetimes since our subconsciousness remembers all. We can trigger it by experiencing a similar situation in our current lifetime.

I believe that all lifetimes (past, present or future) occur in the simultaneous 'Now' moment. Only in our reality does time and space have meaning. On the spiritual levels, these concepts are illusions. Further, the Buddhist believe the earthly life is illusion because our world is one of constant change. You are born, you live and you die. The world of spirit is eternal. Your spirit returns to the earth to experience life again.

Another idea discussed is if we had complete knowledge of all of our past lives, it would be extremely difficult to focus our attention on our current lifetime. Each lifetime has the potential to teach us specific lessons, to balance lessons we messed up in a past one. Thus, re-living past lifetimes in the now, would hinder our ability to accomplish this here. our subconscious and superconsciousness is our connection with our spirit. Because the subconscious retains events of all lifetimes, this is where our bad habits and erroneous ways of thinking are stored. That is why the hypnotist will talk about re-programming the subconscious. The superconsciousness lies on a higher non-physical level. It reflects more of our spiritual essence. The mind incorporates all these levels of consciousness and uses our physical brain as a tool to express itself in the physical octave. Through the development of our inner awarenesses, we can become more aware of our true spiritual self. We can break through the veil. Meditation is an excellent way to establish a better connection with the inner man as we close off our outer senses and focus on our inner senses.

PSYCHIC ABILITIES/INNER AWARENESS: For each physical sense we have, we have a complementary psychic or inner sense. These inner senses operate on another level of consciousness but we can learn how to tune in by flowing and keeping the logical mind at rest, be still and receptive. Intuition or inner voice is such an example. How many times have you gotten a hunch or idea that just popped into your head from nowhere? Which, when followed completely, worked out splendidly! Some other people see outward visions. Or, instead of hearing words, one receives an inner picture. Many creative artist will tell you they do not know where their art comes from or their music, etc ... It is just sitting inside of them.

I believe, everytime we imagine something in our mind, we are creating a thought form on another dimension which ultimately can manifest in the physical. We all have the potential to develop these inner talents not just a special few. But, it requires time and dedication. Some people are just born with them. Certain inner awarenesses will come easier than others. In my case the first two to develop were inner voice and inner feeling (perceiving energy levels). Inner feeling allows me to look at a perfect stranger and sense/feel his/her essence, who he/she is. If we just paid more attention to these inner senses, we could receive valuable incites into our daily lives. The longer one ignores the inner self, the harder it will be to develop these natural skills. Practice makes Perfect! Two keys I found in my own growth were - total trust in yourself and the ability to take risk.

MEDIUMS/CHANNELS: A medium or channel is a person who has the ability to allow information to flow through them from a spiritual source. However, these words represent two different types of spiritual activity. In the mediums' situation they will go into a trance or meditative state and allow another entity/being (disembodied spirit) to enter their body and control it to some degree. The extremes could either be just communication through speech or to be able to move the entire body which is called a full-trance medium. Thus, the spiritual being is able to speak with us on our level, person-to-person. When this occurs, generally you will notice a change in the medium's personality or/and voice. The consciousness of the medium (his/her spirit) must leave the physical body and move into one of their finer bodies, also called projection. Unless the medium decides to remain in the room in their spiritual form, they will not remember all that has transpired.

A Channel is a person who uses one or more of their inner awarenesses to receive information. A better way of viewing this would be to say the information is inspired, impressed upon. They do not lose consciousness or leave their physical body. As a matter of fact, we all are channels. Some times we will say something to a friend and not know why It just popped into our head in response to this other person.

This section of definitions, is a form of channeling. When I am ready to write the next line, my inner voice prompts me with one word or a phrase about the contents for this sentence. I hear the inner voice as my own thinking voice in my head. It is the spontaneity that indicates it is being inspired. Then, I try to express this idea as the personality of Joshua would write it. Channeling comes in all forms. It is totally dependent upon which inner awarenesses are developed. A pictorial representation of this process could be visualized as windows or openings in our brain or consciousness. This is our receptivity to the spirit world. The size of the openings will determine how much information can be passed and how clear it is. But, no matter who is receiving the information, it is still filtered through the person's consciousness. This is one of the reasons why so many channels will give different viewpoints on the same subjects.

Lastly, I would like to discuss some information about the kinds of spiritual beings that could communicate through mediums/channels. Any type of spiritual being can speak to us, positive or negative. Many channels/mediums use protective methods to insure the information to be received is of the purest essence. One of the type of entities that will try to take advantage of this situation are what we call ghosts. Trapped spirits who cling to the earthly plane rather than advance to their next level of growth. Some of these spirits refuse to believe that they no longer have a physical body. They will try any way they can to get back into a body. An unprotected channel or weak-willed individual are vulnerable. So, it is truly possible for someone to be possessed. However, the energy of a ghost is one of confusion and will be drawn to individuals of like-energy. Ignorance of spiritual laws and dimensions, contributes heavily to this potential problem. For those who have this understanding/awareness, there need be no fear. We have the power to prevent it and to help others who face this condition.

Thus, when listening to the information of a medium or channel, one must use their own inner awareness to verify. It is just as easy for a confused entity to sound positive as any other. One way to tell if a positive being is speaking is the following. By the law of Free Will, the type of information that should be given should not interfere with another person's lessons. Suggestions or inspiration may be given or an explanation of spiritual philosophy or Universal Laws. Questions dealing with routine and mundane matters will have less success for a lengthy answer than a spiritual question, or asking for advice in your own growth. A positive being is able to shed light on these areas because a being existing on a faster vibrating plane can perceive all the slower vibrating planes below them.* Obviously, the physical plane is below the spiritual for we can not perceive the spiritual realms with our physical senses.

(* - from the book, 'Seth Speaks' by Jane Roberts)

METAPHYSICS: The study of phenomena beyond what physics or science can explain. Requires the acceptance of other realities or dimensions that can not be perceived by the physical senses. The study of the origins of our universe. Occult is another word sometimes associated with metaphysics, which only means secret knowledge. Secret in the sense that a select few have tried not to share this wisdom with others so they might have power over mankind. However, since the divine spirit is within all, this wisdom is contained within our inner self. All that is required is to seek and it will be found. Metaphysics studies the universal laws and tries to apply them to our earthly existence. A possible way of looking at the word 'SOUL' - Student of Universal Law'. Subjects covered by metaphysics include:

parapsychology, psychic abilities, coincidences, astrology, tarot, kabalah, gemetria, meditation, reincarnation, spirit, holistic health, UFOS, numerology, magic, etc ...

UFOs/SPACE (UNIVERSAL) BROTHERS: U.F.O. (Unidentified Flying Object). We have all heard stories about sightings of UFOs, or people who claim to have boarded their spacecrafts. We all wonder if this is really true. Chapter 3 tries to shed more light on this issue. I use the term Space (Universal) Brothers to signify that these beings come from all over the universe. Perhaps another planet in our physical reality or even another dimension, maybe one that is not physical at all. I use the word 'Brothers' to mean that they are our spiritual brothers. We all share the same source, God.

Through the messages being received telepathically, they have a better understanding of the Universal Laws and they are hear to help the planet through it's transition into the Aquarian Age. They wish to share their knowledge but may not do so nor help our planet unless the majority of the people on the planet request it. Again, the law of Free Will. I have seen UFOs as lights or clouds in the sky and once saw a craft near Lake Michigan. Chapter Three shares these experiences in more detail.

The Meaning of the
Term -- 'New Age'
(An Essay)

The expression New Age (or interchangeable with Aquarian Age) is being spoken quite frequently these days. But I wonder how many people truly understand its meaning? This is not to say that I claim a complete comprehension either but I feel the key concept of the Aquarian Age is mutual sharing. The more people who share their perspectives, the better a definition we can obtain. The definition I am about to present, comes from my observations of different parts of the country, many New Age individuals I have spoken to and attempting to live as a New Age person.

One of the places I visited, California, is considered by some to be the closest image of what the Aquarian Age might be like. Of courses there are also many New Age communities around the globe as well. I have found that many people place a New Age label on any new fad or activity. I believe we must look beyond this. I find the easiest way to define the term 'New Age' is to look at it in three parts. First, describe what are New Age groups and activities. Second, discuss the Aquarian Age philosophies and lastly, try to portray or outline what this Age might look like. After all, I should think we would all like to know where our world is headed!

ACTIVITIES/GROUPS: The most simple definition I can give is, 'Any activity or group which engages in the process to perfect either the inner or outer man (or both). By the inner man I am referring to our spiritual essence, our true self. The outer man is the costume we wear called the physical body. A sacred temple for the divine spirit to manifest itself in the physical. Something that should be cared for. To achieve total integration requires many trials and tribulations, many tests. With the passing of each one, we move closer and closer to the ultimate goal. The level of difficulty is a personal one, depends completely on who the person is and how dedicated they are. The main keys I have discovered on my search for Truth were: Gaining mental discipline - control over the body, emotions and thoughts which entered my mind and; Learning how to flow with the intuitive part, the irrational mind (or also called the feminine aspect of our being, that which is passive and receptive). As one becomes more and more attuned to their inner self, they will begin to receive answers to their questions. Either from within their own being or will be guided to the right person or place where the answer maybe found. Then, of course, new questions arise. In other words, you are your own guru or teacher. You do not have to have a physical, in the flesh teacher necessarily.

The study of holography, illustrates this point very nicely. Holography uses lasers to create a three dimensional image or picture. If a holographic picture is broken into several fragments, each fragment will contain the entire image of the original, just not as bright and clear. Now, the correlation between the holographic picture, God and the inner guru is as follows. God is represented by the holographic picture when it was whole. The breaking of the picture into pieces represents creation, as God casts out from Him/Herself fragments that all contain the divine within, represented by the fact that each piece contains the entire image of the whole picture. Thus, we could further say, each fragment corresponds to a person, that each person contains within all the knowledge/wisdom of the creator whether they are consciously aware or not. Further we could add that every particle in the universe no matter how large or small, contains all wisdom. This is our inner guru, appearing to us as we are ready to accept and understand the new knowledge.

Another way of viewing God is as one vast consciousness of which everything else is contained within this consciousness, is a piece of it. Even things like the cells in our body have a consciousness, an awareness of being. Each cell in our body is not aware of the human being it is a member of. Only its function within the body and possibly the environment it finds itself in, that there are neighboring cells also performing a similar function. What the cell represents to us in our body, we could also say we are the cell in God's infinite body. At this level of existence we do not know exactly what role we play in God's body nor do we know what His body is really like. Therefore, each person is a unique manifestation of God, there will never be a being exactly like you anywhere in the entire universe again. This is God's only chance to experience your unique life and experiences through your earthly life. I hope the two examples above have shed light on the Universal Oneness shared by all and how it is indeed possible to return to the Source.

The Christ Consciousness and God Consciousness are two inner levels of consciousness that all may obtain. Jesus was an example of a man who had reached the level of Christhood. The Christ Consciousness is seated within our heart chakra and represents the fastest, most direct path one can take to return to the Creator. The philosophy preached by Jesus was to give others guidance how to live this path in the material plane. Although, by Free Will, there are infinite ways to return to the Creator, they will just take longer and involved more difficult tests. This is why Jesus said, "I Am the Way". When one has reached the Christ Consciousness, they are inwardly experiencing the Universal Oneness, they are in communication with the Divine Will.

The God Consciousness, also called the 'I AM' presence, is the most evolved level of consciousness one can acquire. The words, "I AM" represent the recognition of the Divine within. Since God is all things, God can say, "I AM this, or I AM that", and this will be true. When a person says "I AM Love, or I AM peace", they are affirming that they chose to be these Godly qualities and set into motion the cosmic forces that will cause the statements to be true. It is possible to be a channel for the God Consciousness and there are people who are doing SO. To be so, one must totally give their will to the Holy Father/Mother, since the Creator in His infinite wisdom knows what is best for all of his children. The channeled material is very interesting reading.

As you can see, I have spent a few paragraphs on the philosophies of the inner man since it is the least understood of the two. We live with the outer/physical man most of the time (unless you day dream all day!). The philosophy of spiritual perfection is simple but trying to explain it can be difficult at times. I believe, one of the major objectives during our stay on Earth is to achieve perfect balance between the inner and outer man. If we spend too much time on our spiritual studies (inner explorations), our body could waste away. This would mean our spirit would have no way to express itself in the physical reality. Conversely, if we ignore our inner self, pretend it doesn't exist, forget who we really are, we lose some very powerful incites for our lives, making life more difficult and complex. But the Creator as always, gave each of His/Her children free will, to make their own choice how they wish to live.

We have been talking about the inner self so far. I have received an inner image that symbolically represents the relationship between the spirit and the physical body. There are information channels (like telephone cables or input/output lines in a computer) that extend from the spirit to the physical body, attaching themselves to various places on the body. The spirit is floating in the air above the body. These channels become blocked or the openings near the body become closed when any type of confusion or negative states of being enter us. When we are happy and joyous, there is a free flow but the person must tap into the channels to receive the information. If a person is not aware of the existence of these information channels, they just have the messages bounce off their body and return to the spirit. The spirit then makes a face of disappointment but keeps on trying. His physical self may not be receiving information from all of these channels but there may be one or two that are more accessible so the spirit will work with those and hope to give an awareness that there are many other lines to be tapped onto. So many people search everywhere for peace and harmony in their life, consulting all their friends and teachers, when this guidance is always sitting within.

Below is a list of topics/subjects that are associated with the development of the inner man:

Metaphysics, Meditation, Yoga (also physical), true teachings of the Great Teachers (Christ, Buddha, Krsna, Hermes, etc ... Pyramids, astral projection, healing with color & sound, chakras, telepathy, inner awareness development, communication with all realms of nature, 'OMing', mandalas, and on and on, etc ...

Finally ...., let's briefly discuss the perfection of the outer (physical) man. Now some surprises! The activities pertaining to the outer man are daily aspects of our lives. Sports, dance, arts, sculpture, music, poetry, writing, exercise, yoga, country hikes or anything which keeps the body in good shape and is an outward expression of our creative self. However, as Chapter '7' on Holistic Health points out, our thoughts and emotional stability plus the level of our spiritual growth are all inter-related to the physical body and its condition. So health is not just our outer activity, it involves our total being.

Well one might say, 'Gee Joshua, you have covered almost all parts of human life, is everything than "New Age"?' In a sense, yes! It depends upon your frame of mind. If you use these physical tools constructively or destructively. Your attitude about yourself and life in general, are equally important. To illustrate, I view life as an opportunity to investigate any portion of God's infinite universe I choose. Or, just to experiment doing different (wild & crazy) things. One of my own lessons is to constantly remind myself I am here to have fun. To be whatever I chose but to do things in a joyous way. So. the little comments found in the parenthesis in the book, is my way of sharing my comical side and giving me a chance to experiment. One will usually see this side of me when I am playing ad-lib songs on the guitar. Now, if you checked on my state of health, based on the viewpoints I have just shared, you'd find me fit as a fiddle. As a matter of fact, I have had a number of encounters with strangers who did not believe I was '27'. Life is what you make of it, everything can be seen in a positive light!

Today, I am sure most of you will agree, the majority of our world is not based on spiritual laws but Man's laws. Can you imagine what our planet would be like if there was more balance with spirit? Some of the primitive tribes in Africa and Australia, the Native American Indians are example of this type of living. Of course, this is leading up to the next topic of discussion, the Aquarian Age Philosophies. I am including these philosophies to share insights into the motivations of New Age minded people and communities. Perhaps, if any of this material makes sense to the reader, you may wish to incorporate parts of it in your own life. At present, this is my current task and it has gone very well so far. At times it has been difficult, especially when dealing with others who don't understand. One can tell people are beginning to become receptive to Aquarian Age thought by the large number of people participating in the peace movement. A movement for the brotherhood of Man!

AQUARIAN AGE PHILOSOPHIES: Aquarian Age is an astrological term. It refers to one of the twelve sections or constellations in the sky visible from the earth. When we speak of an Age, we are referring to the fact that our solar system spends approximately 2,100 years in each sign in the zodiac. Currently, we are in the last years of the Piscean Age, an age that has represented separativeness and the building up of man's ego. Being ruled by the logical rational mind. Separativeness in the sense that man has viewed the universe, his planet, mother nature and his fellow man as outside of himself rather than an extension of his own being. The building up of the ego signifying the importance of the individual rather than humanity as a whole, working together.

Conversely, the sign of Aquarius promotes service to humanity, brotherhood and spirituality. Tapping into the secrets of the universe, gaining understanding of man's place in creation. The sign is depicted as a man carrying water, the water bearer. Water symbolizing fluidness, a flowing process, more intuitive or non-rational. Another difference between Pisces and Aquarius lies in the elemental classification (Fire, Water, Air, Earth) associated with each sign. Pisces is water, which is interpreted differently than above. Water represents emotions and sensitive to human sentiment and artist expression. The sign of Pisces can be seen in the high emotions countries in the world show toward each other. Just take the Falkland Crises. The people in both countries are war crazed and exhibit hatred for each other. Aquarius is an Air sign, more mind or intellectual orientated. On the highest level of manifestation this shows as inventive and inspirational genius. The emotion would be under more control and people will communicate more from understanding and intuitively.

Thus, the foundation of the philosophies are spiritually based. The recognition that God is internal, resides within every particle in the universe. That all people are our brothers and sisters, extensions of ourselves. As man observes the world around him, whether this be the minerals, the plants, the animals, his fellow man, the clouds, the sky, outer space, the stars, the universe; he sees/senses the Divine in all. He discovers that each part of this infinite creation has a purpose and service to perform. That universal harmony is a result of all forces working together, each serving the other and visa-versa. That every component has an affect on every other component, no matter how small or large for by the Law of Oneness, we are all inter-connected. The objective of the Aquarian Age is to create this total harmony on the earth, to be a living example. I guess the Christ summarized this point the best when he said, "We are here to be of service to our fellow man with no expectation of return." Now, let us discuss some pratical application of the philosophy.

We have mentioned the Law of Oneness a number of times already but its most significant implication is that what you do to another you are actually doing to your ownself. In our society today, we have been brought up to complain and see negative aspects in others. To fight amongst ourselves for right causes or justice. This is probably one of the hardest parts of the philosophy to practice. But, if we are consciously aware when such thoughts come into our minds, we can pass them out of our system before they control us. It makes logical sense for man to adopt a policy of mutual sharing of resources, experiences or knowledge to help all. However, not all see eye to eye on this point. By the Law of Free Will, each person has the right to choose any lifestyle or philosophy as long as they do not interfere with the free will of another. Each of us decides our own path.

The Law of Cause and Effect, "What you sow, you shall reap" or called karma in Eastern Traditions, is the instrument of balance when free will is violated. And, it is not only our actions that affect karma but our thoughts as well. For example, you may think of harming another, or just imagine how you would do it but never really commit the act. Or you may place a judgment value on another, thinking they are very evil or a very terrible person. These type of thoughts are registered too, of course the action would probably be a higher karmic debt. Jesus told us, "Judge not." How can we decide what is right or wrong, good or evil for someone else? This can only be decided for by ourselves. This same type of situation is true when it comes to helping one of our friends. We can offer assistance but unless permission is given or the help was asked specifically, we must remain passive. This is one of the hardest things not to do but it would be looked upon as interference of Free Will. Consider if the situation was reversed. Would you want another to lend help that you deemed unnecessary?

Another important Aquarian principle is responsibility. Taking responsibility for your actions and to share with others spiritual knowledge. To assist those who are below your level of awareness if it is possible. To be of service to others when appropriate. However, we can not take responsibility for another. Each soul has chosen certain life lessons it wishes to learn. In order to learn these lessons, each person must go through the experience themselves. If another individual was constantly helping them with each difficult life situation, nothing would be learned. The helper could become a crutch that the individual would assume would always be there. It is perfectly permissible to ask for advice or assistance from others but the final steps or decisions are our own.

Sometimes when things are not working out like we would like, we will seek to blame others. Rather than take the bull by the horns and create some type of change appropriate to the situation. Again, only we can make a change in our own being. If we put it off, the problem situation would most likely persist. These ideas may sound very cold but please think about them. If I am feeling depressed or angry about some circumstance, perhaps I will get some emotional support from a friend but that doesn't eliminate the problem. I must convert my way-of thinking so I am not so susceptible. That doesn't mean I will be able to make an immediate correction, it will take time dependent upon my determination. So when one takes responsibility, they are not wasting time finding excuses to their problems, they attempt to create positive change by whatever means are available to them.

Now a message to all creative people/artists. The Aquarian Age represents total freedom of creative expression. No limitations, no restrictions. Just flowing and being receptive, allowing your creativity to come out. Be spontaneous, go with the first impression, thought or feeling. Be who you are. Don't expect to be perfect just so long as you enjoy what you are doing. If you allow your logical mind to have too much control, it might try talking you out of your work and make so many changes it will never get done. Have no fears of what others may say. If you put your heart and soul into your art, others will be receiptive. Of course, this way of thinking can apply to anyone, you do not have to be an artist. Maybe you feel like dancing or shouting for joy in the business section of your town at mid-day. This is a form of creative expression too. I find many people are afraid to be themselves because they think others will look at them like there is something wrong.

For myself, I will tell you that my goal is to become like Richard Bach's, "Jonathan Living Seagull", a book about a seagull that rebelled among his fellow seagulls and was thrown out of his tribe. Once he was free, through the continuing of his pursuit of Truth, he became free and evolved to a higher spiritual level. Then he returned to teach other seagulls his knowledge. The comparison is that I desire to fly all over the world and universe learning new things, never stopping myself. I have trouble at times allowing my crazy-ness come out. Well now is as good time as any. Hey readers, do you want to go to beach today? We could have a lot of fun, play Frisbee, chase the women in their bathing suits, build sand castles ... Well, I think I have said enough on this point, but truly I believe it is something to really consider. (OK, we bring you back live to a serious discussion on philosophy, so ... long ....., farewell ....., toot-a-lou..... )

Life could be viewed as a series of lessons our soul has chosen for some specific growth. Whether a life experience is very joyful or painful, if one looks at the experience by what was gained, that I believe is a key. Plus, it simplifies how to perceive life. Once we have this knowledge, then let go of the past and move on! Therefore, there is no right and there is no wrong. We make mistakes to learn. If we performed every task with perfection, we would not belong here on earth but would probably rejoin the Godhead. Unless there is an opposing force or some mountain to climb, we would stagnate, be bored out of our minds! So, don't be so frustrated at your mistakes, take it easy. You have another chance to improve. It is not life and death, right?

The Aquarian Philosophy stressed the concept of the 'Now' moment. Enjoy what you are doing this very second. Cherish being alive and vital. If we worry about things in the future, we just put stress on ourselves in the now moment. We do not have to create potential futures that probably will not occur. Things have a way of working out. Every day, whether we are aware or not, we are learning things about ourselves and our world. But, remember, the world is in constant change. 'We are in constant change. You ate not the exact same person you were yesterday. Why do you know that about every seven years, every cell in your body will change or be totally new ones. Many people I know live in the past. They assume that their friends stay the same. As it is said in the East, "The Past is Dust". It is done with, take what you have learned and apply it now. In each moment (this just came to me when I was re-writing this section) you are a composite of all your past experiences (and probably past lives too!).

Have you ever noticed the type of people that surround you or the environment you presently find yourself in? Good question, huh? I believe we draw to us these people and setting because it is exactly what we need for our spiritual growth. Thus, we can use this information as a barometer, take a reading and see how we are doing. The faults we see in our brothers and sisters are a reflection of things we wish to change in ourselves. We perceive these states of being because we are only too well aware of them. It is like the inner self reminding us we have work to do.

Likewise, I find the material possessions we own, mirror who we are. They are tools given to us by God to assist our growth as well. However, since God provides them, they should be cared for (like our bodies of course) and when we are done using a material possession, see if we could pass them on to another brother or sister who it could serve. An example of sharing, so numerously stressed by Aquarian philosophy. Through my travel I have met some New Age people who believe we should have no possessions. My feeling is that these tools are given to us like the beauty of mother nature, or food and they should be used for its highest good. Not to be hoarded but shared by all. How we use material possessions, is a nice test in itself.

And, lastly, we shall conclude this section with the most powerful force in the universe, "LOVE". Love which makes the world go round. The Christ said, "Love your fellow man as you would love yourself" (because your brother or sister is you and you are your brother or sister). Let's go a bit deeper though.

First, it appears our society believes love is a strong emotional feeling. We love our mate (this relationship generally involves a physical attraction), our fraternal family, our children. The Aquarian perspective looks beyond this type of earthly love, more of a cosmic love. If you think about it, the force of creation was an act of Love, the first act. The Creator shows no favoritism, he is concerned for all His/Her children. The Creator hears THE PRAYERS from us. He speaks to us as the subtle voice within us.

On a more mundane level, Love is the total respect and acceptance of another individual. No matter what type of person they are. Love is having no expectations of the person you love. Just sharing your joy and warmth for each other. Love is to be able to be of service to a brother or sister. Love is the ability to forgive without holding a grudge. Love is the total merging of two beings on four levels, physical-emotional-mental-spiritual. A total sharing of two being's energy to form one being. Love is the recognition of Universal oneness. Love is the most powerful force in the Universe, the glue which holds everything together.

If one is sensitive to the inner realms, they can feel the Love that constantly surrounds us from nature and the spiritual planes. Have you ever tried sending love to a plant, a tree - it does come back you know. Another way of expressing love comes from the title of Mr. Jerry Jon Paulsky's book, "Love is Letting Go of Fear!" You see, to try to describe Love in words is almost next to impossible. It is something that must be experienced on many levels. All we can do is try to give a few examples of what it is. When we can truly learn to appreciate each other (or Love), that is when this world will become the paradise it was always meant to be. Let us conclude this paragraph by hearing from two musicians/lyricists, John Lennon and Woody Guthrie. From the song, "All You Need is Love" by John:

'All you need is Love ... (All Together Now) ... All you need is Love ... (Everybody) ... All you need is Love, Love ... Love is all you need'

From Woody, a writing entitled 'My Secret' from the book called, 'Born to Win':

'God is Love, God is really Love'; 'Love is all force';

'Love is all power'; 'Love is all energy'; 'Love is all fun';

'Love is all Eternity'; 'Love is here now'; 'Love is all there be';

'Love is all space.; 'Love ties all things together'; 'There be no space that is empty of love.';

'Love makes all things one thing'; 'Love gives you what you give to love.'

Well, these are the most important concepts I have come to know in my travels.. If one carefully studies what has been written here, you will undoubtedly see it is nothing more than a re-statement of the teachings of Jesus and other well-known prophets. These philosophies are simply the applications of Universal Laws and Universal Harmony as can be expressed on our level of reality. And for the last feat of magic, I will now try to give you a picture of what this wondrous age could be like. Ready gang?.....

A PICTURE OF THE AQUARIAN AGE: The following description is derived from inner images I have received when I ponder this question. Whether it is a true picture of the future or comes from the memory of past civilizations which reached a high level of technological and spiritual development, or are images being impressed by the spiritual realms, I can not say. All I can do, as always, is share this information.

I see a Golden Age. A period of high technology and tremendous artistic beauty. The technology solely used for the advancement of man, far surpassing anything we could imagine. There will be no limit to man's creativity. All people will have awareness of spirit, each at their own level of growth. The children will be taught how to use their inner senses right from birth so as they grow older they will not lose these natural talents. Al-so, the level of education will be much greater. Subjects taught in college now, will be taught to children of 6-8 years old. Technology will provided methods to learn whole courses in hours. Through our higher awareness of the subtle planes, we will understand more about our true essence of spirit and will experience more direct communion with the Creator. We will inwardly perceive and experience the Oneness of all creation, so there will be no doubt. The Earth will become a reflection of Universal Laws, Heaven on Earth.

The society will have very little structure. I see the basic unit as being a number of communities, all connected to each other through some kind of communication system similar to the computer systems we have presently. As a matter of fact, it is possible today to connect cities via the communication type of equipment we possess. Each community will be responsible for providing all the mundane needs of their people. Since all resources will be shared and with the advanced technology, this would be no problem. This will give people more free time to focus more on their inner and outer explorations. There will be no ownership. So current events of today such as wars, greed, hunger, hoarding, countries, inflation, money (barter instead), etc ... just will not exist. Each person will contribute to the community the services that they love to do more than anything else. Perhaps some will do gardening, cooking, teaching, be representatives for their communities, scientific studies, higher learning, whatever ... The central communication system for each community will store information about local or world events, services available in the community and other communities, other people interested in various fields of study or courses offered at learning centers. People will be able to freely travel anywhere in the world, there will be no barriers.

There will be unity with all kingdoms of nature. Man will be able to directly communicate with nature through his inner awarenesses. This will lead to a better understanding of nature and its purpose. There will be total respect and harmony as the entire planet will be working together. There will no longer be fears of the plants or the animals, competition will cease. Only Love, Joy, Peace and Truth will rule. Telepathy will probably become the predominate mode of communication among men as well. It is the form used by our Space Brothers.

In terms of a life philosophy, there will be one encompassing philosophy based on Universal Laws, Universal Oneness. It will contain no dogmas or rules of restriction. People will openly and freely share their own experiences or beliefs with each other. An atmosphere of free exchange in all ways Not only will the Aquarian Age represent a time of unity of the planet Earth but also unity with the whole universe. I observe beings from other worlds, other dimensions, visiting the Earth, sharing knowledge. And we will have the ability through spacecrafts or spiritual projection, to visit their worlds or homes. This situation has existed before on the earth, during the times of Lemuria and Atlantis and even before that. However, the Space Brothers can only contact other beings who have the ability to understand them. In many ways, they are very advanced but most, long ago, have experienced existence as we know it. Thus, our horizons will open greatly - a wonder to behold.

The level of consciousness that the people will be operating from in the New Age, will be of the Christ Consciousness. Jesus demonstrated to us the potential we all have. And did he not say, "Ye are Gods, what I can do, you can do and more?" We will use our minds more to create and manifest material things around us. We will have the ability to control our own bodies and the environment around us. Health will vastly improve as we will live much longer, perhaps thousands of years and stay youthful. Though the understanding of the cosmic laws, we will be able to use the life force energy more directly. Miracles of today will be common place tomorrow. We will truly be the children of God. Through the telepathic communications spiritual channels are receiving from the Space Brothers, they discuss such conditions on their home planets. To some of the readers, this may sound too incredible. Yet I encourage you to keep an open mind and just try to be open to your own inner guidance for validation.

Such types of Golden Ages have occurred on our planet before. The book called, "Unveiled Mysteries" by Godfre Ray King, discusses several through the assistance of the Ascended Master, St. Germain. Most of these Golden Ages were initiated by great beings of Light, who lived among the people to teach them the Universal Laws. However, within a few short years after they left, man became selfish and power hungry again and lost his way. Man was not willing to take responsibility so he let things slide. The Beings of Light were used as a crutch and since they were no longer around, people felt helpless. This will not be true of the Aquarian Age, for only those of sufficient spiritual evolution will graduate to help build the new Earth. One of the reasons we have not seen a man such as Jesus, in this time of great change is people must learn they are Divine. They have the same potentials as Jesus. Not to follow another man for Truth but to look within their own being, find their own God self, which speaks to man constantly. The inner word talked about in Christianity.

Through many mediums and channels, we are told that ancient civilizations of the past, like Atlantis or Lemuria, have secret hiding places buried in the earth, containing great technology and knowledge, waiting for the day when the Aquarian Age dawns and man might use these discoveries for his advancement. At this time, if re-discovered, our world leaders would use the devices most likely for warfare and conquest. To ensure the proper timing, there are energy forcefields which will not permit an unauthorized person to find them or enter these hidden chambers. The Space Brothers, in addition to helping to safeguard these treasures, are also very anxious to share information with their spiritual brothers and sisters of the earth. So, the technology for the New Age is but awaiting for man.

Thus, you have my sensing for what I feel lies in store for us. In my heart, I feel that I have not even described one tenth of what we will see in the Aquarian Age. Besides the book already mentioned, another one that gives an interesting description of a future civilization based on spirit and helped by a large master computer is called, "2150 A.D." by Thea Alexander. I had a friend who knew the author and asked her if the book was really fiction or a possible projection of the future. Ms. Alexander only shrugged her shoulders. I find it fascinating to watch what type of fictional-scientific-mystical books are flooding the market these days. Any form of creative art can be a source of channeled information, one way or another.

One may ask, "Well, when is this fantastic age going to begin? How will the planet ever see such a world with all of the problems we face today?" Chapter '4' contains another spiritually guided summary on how the manifestation of the Aquarian Age could occur. Basically what I did is take different sampling of materials be written all over the country and using inner feeling and intuition, tried to pick out the information that felt the most accurate. I divided the chapter into three parts after an initial introduction and preparation material.

The first section briefly discusses current world conditions, listing reference material for personal investigations. Next, a discussion on the different types of spiritual beings who are assisting the planet and lastly, the potential struggles of the future. My inner awareness tells me that the New Age could began within the next 10-50 years if not sooner. A deciding factor of the timing will be determined by man's action. There are a tremendous amount of mediums and channels who have received information on this question and state that 1982 is a pivotal year.

0ne thing I think we should remind ourselves is that man, not God, has created his current predicament. If many were willing to take more responsibility for their own lives and their society, a willingness to cooperate and work together - sharing our resources unselfishly, we could turn the world around this very second. But, how many people of their own free will could. change this quickly in their thinking and their actions. There is still time to make positive changes but I feel not enough to change the planetary cleansing that is necessary for the New Earth to occur. This is explained in more detail in Chapter '4'. The amount of people involved in the New Age movement, which is increasing more and more every day, is definitely an indication people want to see change and are willing to work for it. There are many positive things occurring on the planet. We just don't hear enough about it on the news. So, like all the rest of us, we are watching, paying attention and waiting to see what it is we must do next.

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