Who is Joshua?

( February, 1997 )


Graduated from the University of Illinois, May, 1977.
Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science .


MAY 1977 - MARCH 1980

Computer Programmer/Analyst, Chicago
(Associated Mills, GTE Automatic Electric,
Sperry Univac, Northern Trust Bank)

MARCH 1980 - FEBRUARY 1981

Solarius, self-help metaphysical group
(In Chicago, full time volunteer, PR person,
self-help counselor, New Age Networker)

FEBRUARY 1981 - MAY 1985

Traveling through Chicago and California -
(Freelance New Age Networker, contact person,
traveler, musician, writer, speaker, self-help counselor)


J & S Aquarian Networking, California
(New Age Organization for lectures and publishing
of books ... started with Sandra Bowen and Jeff Cohen)

MAY 1986 - OCTOBER 1989

Computer Programmer/Analyst, Calfornia
(City of Berkeley, Berkely, California)


President, Non-Profit Foundation, Las Vegas
(President of non-profit New Age Foundation
called "FUND", networking, lectures,
Crystal Skull research, movies)


Computer Analyst/System Administrator (Chicago)
(Work for 360 Communications)

MARCH 1992

Created V J Enterprises with my wife Vera (Chicago)
(New Age organizations for metaphysical journeys,
lectures, workshops, manage New Age books)



Took trip to California on total Faith
(The beginning of my Spiritual Journey, the beginning
of working as a networker, collecting information and
contacts. Returned to Chicago in summer of this year)


Self-Published "Journeys of an Aquarian Age Networker"

MAY 1983

Saw first ancient Crystal Skull,
Amethyst Crystal Skull
(Art Gallery in San Jose, California)


Self Published second book,
"UFOs, Space Brothers & the Aquarian Age"

MAY 1986

Saw Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull
(2nd ancient skull at 1st International
Crystal Congress, Dallas, TX)


Saw Texas Crystal Skull
at Whole Life Expo in LA.


Self Published "The True Story of
Big Foot: Stan Johnson's Close Encounter"


Self Published Preliminary edition of
"Mysteries of the Crystal Skulls Revealed"
(with Sandra Bowen & F. R. 'Nick' Nocerino)

MARCH 1989

Self Published Professional edition of
"Mysteries of the Crystal Skulls Revealed"
(with Sandra Bowen & F. R. 'Nick' Nocerino)

JUNE 1989

Met Jose Iniquez at Mind Mint
in Las Vegas ( Jose was the owner of a
small ancient crystal skull)


Setup Research and saw Jose's
Crystal Skull (Las Vegas)


First Trip to Peru from California
(Worked with Peru Mystic Tours,vist Machu Picchu,
Nasca, Ica, Cusco and Lake Titicaca, gave
lectures for Peruvians, have reading with
Shaman on island of Lake Titicaca who saids
I will marry a Peruvian, Peru Mystic Tours
works with Vera for tours later)

JUNE 1990

Visit Brazil, speak at Metaphysical Conference
(Meet my wife Vera in Sao Paulo, speak on
UFOs and Crystal Skulls)


Meet Armandina of Ground Editora in Brazil
(Met the editor of Ground Editora at the Bienal
Book Conference, she decides to publish our
crystal skull book)

APRIL 1991

Saw "ET", a smoky quartz Crystal Skull and
met his Guardian (Los Angeles, Calfornia)

JULY 1992

Editora Ground of Sao Paulo, Brazil publishes
Portuguese version of our crystal skull book,
"Misterios dos Cranios de Cristal Revelado"


"ET" visits for Christmas
(The Guardian of ET visits us for Christmas,
permits "ET" to stay with us for four nights.
We take "ET" to see the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal
Skull in Indiana )

MARCH 1994

Began work with Online Computer Services
(Started membership with Compuserve, did
Crystal Skull conference in April, met contacts for
May lecture with "ET". This started a new process
of Global networking, recording key information and
led into Internet usage in May of 1994)

MAY 1994

Did Lecture with "ET" and three other skulls
(First presentation with an ancient crystal skull, Miami)


Story of how I met my wife in Brazil appears
in Brad Steiger's book called "Angels of Love"

MARCH 1995

Experimented with Web Site on Internet
(Through Bob Garth of Protree Services, we
decided to share information via Internet
on the World Wide Web)


With strong coverage of the Roswell
Autopsy Film, the V J Web Site begins to
draw many new readers and becomes known
as a good site for UFO information.


Work with Crystal Skull caretaker,
Joke Van Dieten at the Body Mind Spirit Festival
in Sydney, Australia and continue to offer events
through the end of 1996 in the U.S. featuring
"ET" -- a human size smoky quartz crystal skull.


The V J web sites draws assistants to
help continue sharing information, the site changes
its appearance via several individuals contributions
(Especially thru Don Bright). Joshua and his
Vera offer many lectures including working with Ms.
Van Dieten ... V J covers the Varginha Case in Brazil
thanks to friend Pedro Cunha. The Introduction for
Crystal Skull Chronicles, Joshua new book is shared
online. Many alliances are created with other
organizations including the free network of Web Sites
called NA NET Global (for New Age sites) and UFO NET
Global (for UFO sites).


Trip To Brazil .. Joshua offers six
presentations in 3 cities ... interviews Claudier Covo
about Varginha ... his friend Antonio decides to offer
a sister Web Site in Sao Paulo known as "Cosmica". Claudier
Covo, Amaluz (New Age magazine) and Mario Diniz (visionary
artist who did the cover of Joshua's crystal skull book in
Brasil) express interest to support new web site and
Mario agrees to draw a picture of the Blue Crystal Skull.

Hello again. This is your ole' pal Joshua. Thought I'd throw this section in. Give you some background on who is putting this book together. How I got involved with the New Age. Some of the stimuli that caused me to begin my spiritual search. As you can see from the mini-resume, till about two years ago (1980), I was living what some would call a typical life. Went to college, obtained a degree, started to work as a computer programmer, making at the end - $18,000/Year, living fairly comfortably. However, I was bored and frustrated and never did care much for money. During the summer of 1979, I started to meet quite a number of people who had psychic or paranormal experiences. None of these individuals were acquainted with each other yet, many of their experience were very similar. These people did not seem crazy in the least either. There had to be some basis of Truth to what they were saying and I didn't understand how such phenomena could occur. So, I began my own search in Chicago. I consulted the Learning Exchange, an information referral system using paper files and tried to locate others interested in metaphysics, astrology, reincarnation, you name it. I began to visit different groups and investigate these studies. Through another service in Chicago called the 'Reader', a local paper that allows unedited ads to be placed and is free, I met Solarius.

Since about the age of 14, I have felt very uncomfortable with the explanations about creation given by the traditional Western Religions, Judaism (my upbringing) and Christianity. Especially since they seem to focus on the idea that Man on Earth is the center of the universe. I'll admit, we have an interesting place here but I figured there has to be other intelligent beings elsewhere in the galaxy who may have a totally different perspective of God. I joined Solarius because I wanted to devote my time more intensely to metaphysical studies and services. The business world was too political and cold for me. At the end, I literally had no enthusiasm for my work at the Northern Trust.

Since the summer of 1979, I began to read a great deal of metaphysical material and to talk to others every chance I got. I found that I grasped the philosophical and abstract concepts rather quickly, without too many reservations. Almost as if I already knew these things. I sensed this was the path I must follow, no matter where it takes me. As you will read within this book, I have been guided to some very interesting experiences plus, I really do have a much clearer picture of reality, I think. My whole attitude in life is a lot more positive and I feel great joy in being alive! The trip to California and the other western states (Spring - 1981), was the beginning of a new phase in my search. A chance to work independently, learn faith and how to be a networker. And, there are some mighty powerful energies in those states. Since July of 1981, my focus has been developing some creative projects that reflect the knowledge I gained on these trips and subsequent correspondences with other New Age people over the world. Writing articles, now a book, songs and performing at open mikes. It is hard for me to believe, sometimes, that this search has only been for about 2-1/2 years and there have been a great deal of changes. If you asked Me if I would do it all again, my answer would be, "How could you ask such a question, of course I would!" So here I am, writing a book on it now. Who knows what will be next! Oi-vay!!!


Richard is my name at birth. Back in the summer of 1980, the members of Solarius began to change their names to spiritual ones. When I went within myself, the only clue I came up with was, it started with a 'J'.

I thought at first perhaps Joseph, no ... maybe Jason, hum ... Jacob or maybe Joshua. You'll notice most of these names are old testament hebrew. Then one day that fall, I began to have a desire to re-read the old testament and just opened the bible up spontaneously to the book of Joshua. Well, if one studies coincidences, you know there are no such things. Generally, they are some type of inner message. At this time, I didn't place any special meaning to it, just filed the experience in the old noggin.

Miki Cochinchia, the head of the Eurian Way, is a full-trance medium. There is an entity named Lessly, from a star called Euranise, which exists in another dimension, who speaks through her. This entity always addresses people by a spiritual name or oversoul type name. I had my first chance to speak with Lessly in February of 1981. Lessly is similar to 'Seth' who speaks through the medium Jane Roberts except, Lessly is, not closely associated with an earthly personality. Before Lessly spoke any words, I heard in my mind the name of 'Joshua', so it was no surprise when Lessly also used this name. I now understand that the vibration of the name Joshua fits more closely with the current New Age work I am performing. I have a feeling before I leave the earth, my name will be changed again.

During my stay in San Francisco (May, 1981), it was pointed out to me three times, Jesus' name in hebrew was Joshua. Selma Hephinger of San Leandro, a channel for over 27 years, gave me a copy of the Unity Church's Metaphysical Bible Dictionary and suggested I read the definition given to Joshua. In essence, Joshua is described as an individual who when given a task to do, sees the goal clearly, does not waver from his path and gets the job done in the quickest most efficient manner. A leader that understands how to motivate his fellow workers. I asked myself, what kind of work did I sign up for in this lifetime? Maybe I can reconsider my agreement??

One Saturday afternoon in Mill Valley (near SF, in Marin County, across the Golden Gate Bridge), I was visiting my dear friend Susan Douglas and we decided to do a joint meditation. Afterwards, she told me my eyes reminded her of one of the Ascended Masters, St. Germain. She showed me a picture of him from Church Universal and Triumphant, of which she was a member. Elizabeth Claire Prophet leads this group. No sooner had I seen the picture when I heard through my inner voice that St. Germain was present. I saw in my mind's eye, a powerful being surrounded and outlined by an intense light that was being emitted from behind him. When I see inner images I do not see colors just like I do not remember any colors in my dreams. St. Germain is associated with the violet ray. The purpose of this color light is to help transform our being into more attunement with our God self or 'I AM' self. St. Germain is also responsible for the manifestation of the Aquarian Age, he helps with the coordination. Lastly, he was the sponsor for our country and is one of our guardians. It is said that the United States will be the country that is to lead the way into the New Age.

Oops, we have wandered from the rest of my experience. As soon as I perceived St. Germain I went into a higher consciousness. Tingling and vibrating all over, surrounded by coolness. I was fully conscious of all of this. I felt termendous energy uplifting my spirit, total peace and calm. I heard within my being, that as of that moment, I should use Joshua at all times. Up to that point, I had been flip floping back and forth between Joshua and Richard. Besides, if you had an experience like this, are you going to argue? I discovered, when we change our name, and others begin to use it, there is a change in our vibration, who we are. We become a new person. People see us in a different light. Generally we are not given a more spiritual name until we are ready.

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