A Quick Summary of the Most
Valuable Information Contained Within

1.   A vibration is being felt all over the planet to    
     begin to communicate more openly with one another, to  
     connect with all our brothers and sisters.  The  
     physical manifestation of this movement is called  
     networking.  Networking is a visible example of the  
     Aquarian Age philosophies put into practice. The key  
     to a well-run cooperative network is the mutual  
     sharing of all resources.  A central information  
     exchange system is the focal point for the members of  
     the network to meet each other.  
2.   For individuals interested in becoming a networker,  
     sensitivity to one's inner awarenesses is a great  
     help.  There are many Light Centers which offer  
     training to develop these natural abilities.  A    
     networker is sincere and willing to devote a large  
     amount of their time,resources and energy as his/her  
     services are badly needed.  
3.   Three suggestions for New Age/Aquarian/Spiritually  
     orientated people:  
     First, have total faith in God.  One who has total  
     faith, has no fear. A path of faith helps to build  
     inner strength which will be needed in the times  
     ahead. If you are doing God's work, being of   
     service to your fellow man, contributing toward  
     creating a world  of  peace, brotherhood and harmony,  
     you will surely be supported.  
     Secondly, become attuned to your inner self. It will   
     give guidance at all times. It will tell you where to  
     go and what type of work to be doing, no matter what   
     conditions prevail in the world.  Your inner self is  
     your channel to the Creator.  
     Last, view each life experience as a lesson that is  
     helping you with your spiritual growth. Take what you  
     have learned from this experience and move on.   
     Continue to seek the Ultimate Truth.  
4.   We can create the Aquarian Age this very moment if  
     man truly willed it. Each of us can play a role in  
     its emergence.  The Aquarian Age will be a time of  
     great beauty, harmony, brotherhood, freedom of  
     personal expression and attunement to spirit  
     (Universal Wisdom).  We will be living in total  
     cooperation with nature (the  Mother  Earth), our  
     fellow man and the entire universe.  Technology will  
     be used wisely as a tool to advance mankind.  The New  
     Age will occur in the near future, we are on the  
5.   A New Age activity/group is one that tries to perfect  
     the outer/inner man.  Our true essence is spirit, our  
     body is our vehicle to experience the physical  
6.   The group of beings known as the Space (Universal)  
     Brothers come from many regions of the universe, from  
     many different dimensions.  They are here to aid with  
     the planetary transformation.  They are  
     telepathically communicating with many spiritual   
     channels. One can use their inner awarenesses to  
     validate these channeled transmissions. The market is  
     being flooded by many books on UFOs, including many  
     pictures of their spacecrafts.  We are seeing more  
     movies and television programs based on the UFOS. The  
     Space Brothers wish to share great knowledge with us,  
     but they must wait until man is ready.  If mankind  
     openly invites them, they will make more direct    
     contact. They must not interfer with our Free Will.   
     They are here in peace.  
7.   Fear is one of our greatest enemies. Fear is  a   
     result of ignorance of Truth.  We should be careful  
     that it does not control us.  
8.   The concepts of 'Good' and 'Evil' are creations of   
     man.  On a universal level, they are merely the two  
     extremes of the same universal force, a balancing  
     effect. 'Evil' can be viewed as the desire to be  
     separated from the natural order,  God's Laws.  By  
     Free Will, man creates his own reality by his    
     thoughts and his belief systems. By choosing a path  
     of separation, he has created his own suffering and  
     hardships.  Painful experiences are reminders we have  
     wandered off the path of Truth. God has always given  
     His/Her children total abundance. We are co-creators,   
     made in the image of God's image of spirit and thus  
     have God-like powers. As long as we recognize the  
     'Oneness' in all things, strive to work harmoniously  
     with all realms, we will be in attunement with God's  
     Will.  Through mental discipline we can control our  
     environment. We are all Children of the 'Light'  
     (Truth). 'Darkness' has no power over the 'Light', it  
     is merely the veil that covers the 'Light'. For all  
     is one, there is no separation!  
9.   There are many factors contributing towards the birth  
     of the New Age. A sample of these factors include:  
     The balancing of planetary and individual karma,  
     Universal Brothers/UFOs, Star People,  Inner Earth  
     People, Ascended Masters, Vibrational Shift -  
     material-dense to etheric-dense, 'Light' vs. 'Dark',  
     Rapture/Teleportation,  more  earth changes, etc ...  
     The Star people are individuals who's home is not  
     the Earth. They come from other regions of  space.   
     They have chosen to be here either to assist the  
     Earth into the Aquarian Age using an earthly body or  
     to learn some specific lessons only the earth can  
10.  There exists a great number of spiritual channels.   
     This condition prevails in order to spread Aquarian  
     Age messages wide and far, across the planet from the  
     Divine Realms. All people have the potential to  
     become a spiritual channel of one form or another.  
11.  From Chapter 5, a few of the key messages channeled:  
     Through a nameless group in Sedona, AZ., information   
     was received from the Spiritual Hierarchy represented 
     by Lord Gautama (The Buddha) and Lord Maitreya (The 
     Lord of the World), that on March 10th, 1982, the 
     Cosmic Christ energies would be sent to Earth. They  
     requested all Light Bearers on the planet to serve as 
     empty vessels through a planetary meditation, to 
     anchor this energy into the Earth. There are several 
     other dates in 1982 when the Cosmic Christ energies  
     will be firmed up.  
     From the New Age group called Golden Rays, near  
     Phoenix, AZ.  Messages have been received through 
     channel Lyara Triton that evacuation of the planet 
     could begin as early as the fall/winter of 1982/83  
     and be completed by early spring of 1983. It was 
     suggested not to change one's lifestyle unless you 
     receive your own inner guidance to do so.  
     The Homebringing Mission of Jesus Christ communicates  
     that Jesus will not return in a physical body.  He 
     will guide us from the spiritual planes.  There will 
     be many people who will claim to be Him.  
12.  The "I AM" Presence or God Consciousness can be 
     channeled by  all people. This ability requires 
     lifetimes  of  training.  God  is  internal not 
     external. For this reason, the statement, "We Are  
     One" is often spoken. We are all a part of the same  
     'One Consciousness', the Creator, "The All That Is".  
13.  There are four Archangels of God (Michael, Gabriel, 
     Raphael & Uriel) who have physical messengers on the 
     planet.  Each Archangel has a different portion of 
     the Divine Plan they are performing through these 
     messengers and from the spiritual realms.  
14.  Synchronicity or the study of coincidences is  
     one method our inner self uses to communicate 
     important information to us. It is suggested to  
     pay as close attention as possible to events occuring     
     around you.  The type of coincidences will be 
     individual, orientated to each personality.  
15.  There is a wealth of valuable and interesting  
     information to be found in books.  They serve as a 
     catalyst to help raise our consciousness and  
     remind us of things we already know.  You can   
     receive guidance  which books to read or perhaps 
     images or additional information while you are 
     reading (sort of reading between the lines!).  
16.  Holistic Health, alternative studies for well  
     being, is becoming very popular. These studies look 
     at health from beyond just a physical level. A total 
     integration of body, emotions, mind and spirit.  An  
     example of this type of approach was used in the work  
     of the well known English physician, Edward Bach. His  
     Bach Flower Remedies were developed to treat the 
     emotional and mental imbalances of his patients 
     rather than the physical  ailments.  Color and music 
     therapies are being administered by many Holistic      
     Doctors as they regard the human body as energy and  
     vibration.  Illness represents an imbalance of the 
     body's energy in a particular region. The Orientals 
     have long known the body contains lines of energy  
     called meridian lines, that flow from our head to our 
     feet.  Accupuncture is based on this information.   
     Herbs and natural plants have been very effective  
     medicines used by man.  The Native American Indians  
     are very well versed in this field. Lastly, more 
     attention is being given to nutrition and eating 
     proper foods.  
17.  There were six health products I discovered on my  
     travels which assist with body alignment to higher  
     vibrations: Spirulina, Aloe Vera Juice, Mineral Salt 
     Solutions (gold & silver chloride), D(S)Cells,  
     Bach Flower Remedies and OM-12.  
18.  The Native American Indians are struggling for the 
     rights to live their traditional ways. The Government 
     is hasseling them all over the country, trying to 
     swallow them up in the White Man's society.  Many  
     of the reservations reside on land of great mineral   
     wealth and the Indians are being forced to relocate  
     for mining purposes.  The Indians are horrified to 
     see what the White Man is doing to the mother earth,  
     destroying the natural balance. The Indians view   
     themselves as the protectors of the earth. The 
     Indians are asking for our help. In this regard, the 
     best thing we can do is share awareness of this  
     situation with as many others as we can. Get the   
     word out and perhaps form support groups. It is quite 
     evident that the government has no concerns for the 
     welfare of the Native Americans.  
19.  The Native Americans are an example of Aquarian or  
     communal living based on spirit, attunement with 
     nature and the earth.  By the Hopi prophecy, the 
     Indians (those of the Indian mind, not necessarily  
     of the red colored skin) will lead our continent into 
     a New Spiritual Age.  
20.  A Christed Being visited the Americas (North & South)  
     during the First Century A.D., teaching the same 
     Truths as Jesus.  Some of his names included: Wakea, 
     Kate-Zahl, Chee-Zoos or Quetzal Coatl (Indian names)  

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