Tips on a Being
a (Good?) Networker

I found it was very important for a networker to use their inner awarenesses to guide him/her. For myself, my inner voice was the key. The very subtle voice one hears in their head that sounds like their own mind thinking yet at times it just seems to come up with these brillant suggestions, out of the clear blue sky. Some call it intuition but we know better. When deciding who to meet next, since generally a networker only has a certain amount of time to spend in each place, if the inner self is consulted, an answer may come. The answer could be a certain person's name on your list has a pleasant feeling to it or it reminds you of something that has a special meaning to you. For example, in Los Angeles there is a place called Hermes Bookstore. Well, I just happen to feel a strong affinity with this great teacher of the past. Or, perhaps the person's voice over the phone sounds wonderful, the number of the address is personally significant or you remember what another friend told you about a certain person and their name pops into your head. It is important to have total trust in yourself when you receive these insights. Plus the examples I am quoting are related to my own unique inner awarenesses that are the strongest. For someone else,it can come in a totally different way. The key is to pay attention and be very observant.

Now a few suggestions on the procedure of meeting others. First look through your list of names and see if there are certain people who live fairly close together. Thus, when you make a trip to a certain part of the city your in, you will do less running around and can meet more people in a short time. I used to call these appointments my daily excursions. I felt more comfortable meeting people face to face, then just talking over the phone or by a letter. It helped me to establish a closer bound with that person. Makes letter writing easier afterwards, you have a face to associate with. Once you meet these people, use your inner awareness for discrimination, to see who is geniunely speaking from the heart (Truth) and who is trying to snow you. This is perhaps one of the most difficult tests any networker will face. There are many people that speak about New Age Awareness, World Peace and Brotherhood, who on the surface appear very positive but they are not living what they preach. It is not our objective to be judgemental about another's life or values, this is their own individual choice. However, when you are collecting information and organizing networking activities, it helps to intuitively know who can be counted on. Thus, if one can truly develop their inner awareness, with this tool at your disposal, you will always know the type of people you are speaking with.

Lastly, when making contacts, do it in a nice friendly and open manner. Let your new acquaintance know how you obtained their name and number. I have found that if you mention a familiar name to this contact, many road blocks are open. In our society, today, people are a bit suspicious of strangers calling them up or knocking on their door. Plus, be prepared to meet any type of person under the sun. This is the most interesting part of networking, I think. How about you?

Let's see, I can come up with a few more observations about the strategies of a networker. I found, one should not plan too far in advance. It was better to flow and let events guide you. If you make certain plans and something else comes up, a wee bit more important, it is a good idea to call your original appointment(s) and explain, be curtious. If one does not take responsibility for 'their actions, you could come across too flakey and very few people will wish to deal with you. I personally had more days than I could count where I thought, "Oh, I can meet these people today", only to make a few phone calls and have my day turned around, '180' degrees in the other direction. For example, I initially thought I would stay in San Francisco between one and two weeks. It was more like seven to eight weeks! While in San Francisco, I hoped to just make a few key contacts not call four networking meetings on local coordination. If one is really attuned to Mr. Inner Awareness and flowing, every day becomes a new adventure.

Another import concept that was helpful was not to have any expectations. Accept things as they are. Don't create potential futures that will never be. When you put out a message to another, wait for a response. If it is meant to be, at the right time, it will be answered. Once the message is delivered, let go of the situation. It does no good to constantly pursue the same contact or worry about it. You could be wasting valuable energy that could be spent on more appropriate activities. Why I have had some letters that were not answered for six months!

My last comment is a generalization based on the many networkers I have encountered. Most of them seem to have fabolous memories. Like they were walking computers. You mention a specific area of interest and almost instaneously they will poke through their list and come up with a name. Also they seem to be able to keep track of ten different goings-on at the same time. Jack of all trades!

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