How Does Networking
Equal Aquarian Philosophies?

(i.e. - Aquarian Philosophies = Networking?)

The very first line of this chapter stated that networking is a physical manifestation of the Aquarian Age. What I would like to do in this section is to further investigate this statement now that you have more examples of what networking is. The first concept we will examine is cooperation and mutual sharing.

No network can survive if the members are not working together, communicating openly and sharing their resources. The information system,the very heart center of the network is created by the mutual sharing and collection of many types of information from the members. This system can not exist without proper support. Thus the length of time the network will endure is directly related to the energy put into it. As people begin to connect with others, the creative forces begin to flow and this interaction manifests as expansion in human awareness, inner and outer growth. We as a race begin to blossom, our culture soars.

Networking is an attempt to unblock the restrictions man has placed upon himself. The information system provides extremely quick service in finding whatever resource one desires. Through this example of total cooperation, we can increase the joy and happiness for all people. We might imagine this situation as represented-by a man with chains covering his body. As the networking seed spreads throughout the land, the chains just fly off his body. In contrast to the Aquarian Philosophies, the basic tenet is 'Universal Oneness', the brotherhood of all men and women. Originally it was intended by the Creator that all kingdoms on the earth would be of service to each other since we are all part of the same essence, God. Networking lays a foundation that our current society can adopt so man can begin to be of service to his fellow man and his planet. By connecting different people, groups, networks, cities and countries, we are moving toward a unified world, the family of man, the Aquarian Age.

Each of us has some unique and valuable talents/skills we can offer our society. If we-were able to have total freedom of creative expression, as long as we do not interfere with the free will of another, think of what the world would be like! Everyone would be happy, have their place firmly rooted in their community and be an integral part. Some of you might be concerned that certain jobs essential to the survival of the society would not get done. There is always someone who enjoys doing that type of work. Also, many of the jobs we have today, through the sharing of our knowledge and technology, would be done automatically.

When we start to think about return for our service and are not just satisfied in giving the service in love, we start to restrict and limit not only ourselves but the receiver of the service. The ego comes into play, then our emotions, our logical mind and by the time you're done, we have complicated a very simple process. Continuing this discussion in regards to networking, if people have expectation of others and are waiting for others to make the collective network function, how will the networking process ever move forward with such delays? As we discussed in Chapter '1', each person can only take responsibility for their own actions. They are their own judge and jury. They know if they are participating in the process as fully as they can. Thus, we not only need to believe in ourselves and our worth but support and have faith in our brothers and sisters. Since we are all inter-connected, if one member of the-network is not doing their job, he/she can slow down or stop the whole process. Love and responsibility are two important factors for a successful network. Networking gives us an opportunity to practice these Aquarian Age virtues.

At the beginning of this chapter we discussed an open membership, no bias or prerequisites required. This implies we totally respect each individual's right to live whatever lifestyle they chose, to follow any religious or life philosophies they are comfortable with. We accept each individual for who they are. We do not try to convert them to our way of thinking. Obviously this is a definition of brotherhood and love. The dream of the Aquarian Age to see people from all parts of the globe working together in harmony with each other. Networking is the tool that is providing us with the chance to connect with other people around the world, learn more about their customs and ways rather than generalize from what we read or ignorance. Through mutual cooperation worldwide, the collective network system can spread. Make the world easily accessible. No cold wars, no East vs. West. Just one world of people.

The most important aspect of networking is that we can provide for others a very visible example of what the Aquarian Age is. Yes, these philosophies sound good on paper but can we really live them? By creating our networks, it will be easy to see the power of total sharing, selfless service, cooperation and brotherhood in action. All they have to do is watch the way the members behave and ask themselves, "Why are these people smiling and so happy? How can I do this?" Networking will demonstrate to people that they have an alternative way to live. It does not have to be a '9' to '5' job with a two week vacation or the housewife that just sits at home to watch the children! There is much much much more to life than this.

One very fine example of the New Age and a mini-network are the Spiritual/Aquarian Communities. There are quite a number in existence and more and more are starting each day. The three best known are Findhorn (Scotland), Sirius (Mass.) and 100 Mile House (British Columbia and I just remembered another, the Farm in Tennessee. The last section of chapter '6' has a list of them. Most reside in the country, away from the large cities. Perhaps those living in these cities might wish to form a co-op or communal house to provide this example for city dwellers. People interested in starting a network could look at the community as a model for their network. So you see, the marks of the Aquarian Age are already here.

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